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Calvin Klein is a fashion brand situated in Manhattan, New York. It was founded in the year 1968 by fashion designer Calvin Klein. Now, it is acquired by Phillips Van Huesen. Calvin started its fashion house by taking loan from a friend and within a few years, it became a symbol of class and chosen by people to get not any specific product but a line of products. Whether it’s about getting a pair of jeans or buying a stylish watch, Calvin Klein products became the only choice of customers! Calvin Klein played an important role in modernizing the clothing industry. With this, it also changed the façade of advertising with its cool advertisements. The brand appeared with youthful dresses and coats. After 2-3 years, it added lingerie, blazers and sportswear to its collection. With time, Calvin Klein also launched accessories like belts, sunglasses, scarves and other stylish things.

Calvin Klein perfumes also got introduced and became very popular being long-lasting. Calvin Klein eternity, Calvin Klein Euphoria, obsession perfume and CK One are some of the popular perfumes of the brand. The main thing that distinguishes Calvin Klein brand from others is its success in whatever it has manufactured. CK not only excels in one or two segments but it garners the appreciation of customers in many products. It was started focusing on women’s fashion and with time, it entered into menswear, watches, accessories and more. Whatever the brand did got engraved in the memory of people due to creativity. Whether it’s about Calvin Klein jeans or dresses, the brand crossed the boundaries of fashion. Even today, after so many years, Calvin Klein has retained its magnetism to pull customers. The one man operation is now a big brand which sells high-end products! Where Calvin Klein watches are considered as exclusive ones, Calvin Klein perfumes fall into the category of classy fragrances. Talking about Calvin Klein bags, they are emblem of peerless style and durability. Every product of the brand has made its unique identity, which is why they stand steps ahead in the lieu of fashion brands.

The brand is a success since inception due to top-notch craftsmanship and ability to come out with ‘out of the ordinary’. The brand is winner of many awards as well as many hearts. Calvin Klein can also be called as an addictive brand. If you try its products, you would not like to try products of any other brand. If you are also addicted to Calvin Klein dresses, jeans, watches, perfumes and any other product, then you share interest with millions of people. And, looking at the burgeoning desire of people, we have made available Calvin Klein online at Bagittoday. You can check our exclusive range of CK products and buy your favorites from the collection. Not only placing an order on Bagittoday is trouble-free but the delivery of products is also commendable, which makes shopping at Bagittoday really delightful. Besides, you can also enjoy whopping discounts at branded products!