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Eastman Kodak Company, commonly known as Kodak, is an American multinational company founded by George Eastman in 1888. It primarily deals in imaging, photographic equipment, materials and services. Kodak is best known for photographic film products. When the word ‘Camera’ referred to SLRs i.e., Single Lens Reflex Cameras, Kodak’s ubiquity was such that it referred to ‘Film’ automatically. During the 20th century it held such a dominant position in the photographic film market that its tagline "Kodak moment" had become synonymous to describe a personal event that demanded to be recorded for posterity. Delivering excellent photo quality on and off film, Kodak literally ruled the imaging market for more than half a century. With technical innovations in the market, the introduction of DSLRs happened. Hence, clicking a photograph did not involve a film roll, but a battery and a digital card instead. Kodak has adopted this innovated technology perfectly to introduce a wide range of Kodak’s Digital Cameras, Digital photo frames and Mini Pocket Cameras. The products are designed to ensure maximum repose during clicking a picture against all odds of the earlier cameras. These products are not only handy but also extremely affordable.

The exclusive range of digital cameras on the brand’s list includes Point and Shoot Digital Cameras. With features like blur reduction, High ISO mode and in-camera charging, the KODAK DC Series is more of a consumer oriented budget line of digital cameras. On the other hand, the KODAK DCS Series belong to the more expensive professional-specific series from the brand. These products have further detailed specifications in terms of their F-stop, Optical Zoom, and Image Processing etc. Behind every photograph, there is one common motive i.e., to capture that moment for a lifetime. This motive is often neglected as photographs are dumped in a corner of your drawers and are rarely taken out for display. Kodak offers you a way to preserve your photographs even when on display. Presenting an array of Digital Multimedia Frames from Kodak that makes displaying pictures less of a task for you. No more printing or framing, just insert a memory card and there you go! All your pictures on display without any fuss or worry.

Sometimes, life brings to you amazing moments at completely unexpected times. There are several occasions when you are unable to find a hefty camera to take a picture or record an incident! Kodak presents to you handy Pocket Cameras i.e., Kodak Zx 3 Digital Video Recorder and Kodak Mini Digital Camera which are point-and-shoot and easy to carry at the same time. You would not miss any moment worth capturing now. Just Switch On and Shoot. brings to you all Kodak products at really exciting prices. Buy authentic Kodak products at mind boggling offers. Log on to and see for yourself. Be it your kid’s first step or his first day to school, your last day at work or a family get-together, capture every moment for lifetime. After all ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and with Kodak, every picture is a ‘Kodak Moment’.