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Putting together a smart wardrobe for child is of topmost priority for parents. This priority results in fabulous looks of adolescents. If you have a kid at your home and you feel like keeping him/her clean and tidy all the time, Bagittoday brings to you disposable diapers. The baby diapers we present to you are sourced from word famous brand, Pampers. Pampers is the brainchild of Victor Mills, an American chemical engineer, who while working with Procter & Gamble Co. i.e. P&G, decided to revolutionize child care products. He was the first one to come up with such an idea of disposable diaper in 1950s. As a test subject, Mr. Mills used his grandchildren and assured that disposable diapers are safe and hygienic to use for children. He was the only one who brought design of diapers into use. Diapers are among the most important things that parents need to get for their newly born child. Starting from birth till 24 months and even more, kids require diapers for enjoying sound time in dryness. Skin of your baby is soft and smooth, which needs to be taken care of. This delicate skin of your little baby is so receptive to skin issues that there is immense need of baby skin care products. When infants grow they learn how to convey their needs to you and this is only the time period when you make them learn things regarding their daily needs. This process of learning includes toilet training.

Till the time your child does not learn toilet manners, baby disposal diapers are the best option which will help you in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of your kid. Select diaper as per the size of your child’s weight and let him/her enjoy play time in soothing comfort and dryness. Designed with a breathable technology, our diapers from Pampers feature a protective layer for keeping those little baby bums soft and irritation free. These diapers are skin friendly, thus do not cause any kind of rash. As a mother, you must be most worried about your baby. And we couldn’t agree more. So, here is the collection which you will not like to miss out. Same diapers from Pampers just at ease of one click. Shop Pampers India on Bagittoday and place order for disposable diapers online in order to get your hands on discounted deals. Explore our entire collection and buy diapers from comfort for your home. This will help you avoid hassles involved in visiting different stores physically with your kid or even pram. Select diapers as per the age and size of your kid and pay for your purchase using your debit or credit cards and net banking. Hurry, stock might not last for longer as nobody can beat Pampers and every parent is looking for the best of it.