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Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG is a private Germany based audio company that specializes in the design and production of both high utility and consumer products, including microphones, headphones, telephony accessories and avionics headsets for consumer, business and professional applications. Founded as Labor W in 1945 and family-owned since then, Sennheiser has 2,183 employees, most of them employed in Germany. Other companies of the Group include Georg Neumann, which builds a wide range of studio microphones, and Sennheiser Communications A/S has been manufacturing headsets for offices, PSs and call centers. It is to this regard that today any studio or sound box set up is considered incomplete without the usage of the brand’s products there. Sennheiser has been creating the greatest and most exciting sound experience for people all around the world. Be it at home or outdoors, on stage or behind the console; in a museum or in a concert. It has been the brand’s aim and ambition to enable people all around the world to enjoy a unique sound experience. All Sennheiser employees work as a team around the globe to fulfill this promise.

For more than 60 years now, the brand name Sennheiser has held the highest quality products and customer specific solutions across all areas of sound recording, audio transmission and sound reproduction. As one of the world’s leading brand of integrated electro-acoustic solutions, systems and services, Sennheiser constantly set itself for the challenge of developing creativity as an answer to satisfy the requests and requirements of their customers. A series of groundbreaking innovations has given the company and their products its much awaited global reputation. The innovations witnessed included introduction of the shotgun microphones, development of open headphones, infrared transmission technology and multi-channel RF wireless transmission. Head-related surround sound systems were the highlights of the company’s series of technical innovations and as a result intelligent audio information systems were launched in the new millennium. The product list includes Wired as well as Wireless Headphones, USB Headsets, In-the-ear Headphones, Earphones, Ear buds, Noise Cancellation Headphones, Audiophile Headphones, Bluetooth Headsets, Stereo Bluetooth Headsets etc. Sennheiser enjoys plenty of scope as long as creativity is concerned, in order to ensure that the future of the brand will continue to be characterized by the key words of ideas, innovation and uniqueness which would help it stand up to the status it has set for itself. Sennheiser products have been critically acclaimed not only by individuals but also by professionals of the audio industry all around the globe. is an online shopping site that brings to you a wide range of products. With the country’s leading brands as its vendors, it offers a wide array of authentic quality products to choose from. Visit today and find genuine Sennheiser products at exciting prices. Genuine products and exciting discounts added as a bonus only for you. Visit and get an excellent acoustic experience with these ultimate Sennheiser products. The one that is stylish and completely IN VOGUE…!!!