9 Best Air Coolers In India With Buying Guide January 2021

Best Air Coolers In India
Best Air Coolers In India

In the event that you are attempting to beat the late spring warmth, and yet need a reasonable and compelling approach to do it, at that point air coolers will be the best alternative for you.

Today a wide range of kinds of air coolers from different brands are accessible. There are various kinds of coolers accessible in the market, for example, room coolers (utilized for rooms, little workplaces), pipe coolers (utilized for focal air cooling), enormous coolers (utilized for huge lobbies, greater workplaces), and so on depending on the region they cool. Be that as it may, the essential rule of working continues as before for every one of them. 

It is a typical misguided judgment that air coolers ought to be set in shut spots for working productively. That is a trick. Air coolers do their work based on dissipation. The tourist is gone through the cooling cushions. The cooling cushions are absorbed water. Subsequently, for cooling, a smooth wind current is fundamental and not an encased domain. 

Best Air Coolers Brands In India






Different Kinds of Air coolers 

The desert cooler and room cooler are the 2 sorts of an air cooler. The two kinds of coolers work similarly. Be that as it may, there are a few highlights which set them apart. 

Desert cooler 

It takes noticeable all around from outside and is generally fitted outside a window. The Fan in Desert cooler is utilized as a fume. However, it requires more power, water, and space contrasted with room air coolers. On the off chance that one is searching for an air cooler to battle good warmth, at that point, the desert cooler will be a perfect alternative. 

Room cooler 

It is less incredible than the desert cooler. It is put on a trolley for moving it around. It is kept inside the room. The air is constrained by the fan in this cooler. The Room cooler is perfect for little rooms, this sort of air coolers are commonly utilized in family units. 

Presently, one more likely than not acquired information about choosing the best air cooler for their family unit. Why stand by at that point? You should think about purchasing an air cooler at this point.

The air cooler is a mechanical innovation made to have cool air in a room, office, shop or any zone. One ought to have the option to mix in with the advanced universe of innovation. The air cooler is an exceptionally helpful development and everybody must utilize it. 

Purchasing Guide For The Best Air Cooler 

Variables to be considered before purchasing air coolers are… 


For a cooler to work proficiently it is essential to utilize a cooler having the right size according to the size of the room you need to cool. The measuring of coolers is dictated by a unit called CFM, Cubic feet every moment. The CFM is a unit that is utilized to quantify the wind stream. The higher the CFM implies the fan is moving more air into the room. There is a basic count that will assist you in finding the correct size of the cooler you need. 

An air conveyance or Air removal (in CFM) = Area of room in square feet x stature of your room/2 

(The calculate 2 the denominator indicates that the air in the room is changed once in like clockwork) 

Viability of Coolers in different temperatures 

Air coolers work best in hot and dry atmospheres. The working of the air coolers relies upon the vanishing of water into the climate. Subsequently, if more water vanishes, the air will be cooler. Be that as it may, there is a point of confinement to the air holding limit of the air, so if the air is as of now sticky, it won’t have the option to hold more water and thus, the air isn’t cooled to the degree it would cool in drier atmospheres. Thus higher the mugginess, the lesser will be the impact of the coolers. These days producers are making coolers with a component called ‘Mugginess Control’ to defeat this downside. Many driving brands, for example, Bajaj and Symphony produce models having exceptional highlights for controlling mugginess and can be utilized in damp seaside locales also. 

Power Consumption 

The Power devoured by the air coolers is exceptionally less when contrasted with climate control systems. A 1-ton AC would devour 0.8 units in an hour though an air cooler for the equal size of room would just expend 0.1 units in 60 minutes. Correspondingly, a 1.5-ton AC would devour about 1.2-1.3 units in an hour while an air cooler for the identical size of room would just expend 0.12 units in 60 minutes. Higher vitality utilization means higher power bills. Consequently alongside being eco-accommodating, coolers are additionally pocket-accommodating! 


Another factor to be considered is the material used to make the cooler. Fiber body coolers look more exquisite than their steel body partners however have littler cooling cushion zone. In this manner, fiber coolers have lesser cooling proficiency when contrasted with the steel body coolers. Aroused steel body offers insurance against rusting and henceforth will give longer life to the coolers alongside expanded productivity.

Here’s The List Of The Best Coolers

1. Symphony Hicool i
2. Cello Osum+
3. Symphony Diet 12T
4. Symphony Diet 22i
5. Crompton Mystique DLX 
6. Crompton Ozone Desert Cooler
7. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H
8. Symphony Sumo
9. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109

Symphony Hicool i

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Symphony Hicool i

We will kick this rundown off from an unpleasant and extreme air cooler that additionally has the essential dash of class to give all of you the best highlights that you ought to anticipate from an individual cooler. 

One of the best cooling machines in the present market, this cooler is best reasonable for cutting down the temperatures of little spaces. It accompanies a tank limit of around 31 liters which is all that anyone could need or most close to homerooms or in any event, for spot cooling a specific region.

This cooler is irrefutably perfect for a little to a medium-sized room of around 175 square feet roughly. 

The Symphony Hicool I 31 Liter Air Cooler uses advanced remote control innovation that utilizes dura siphon with honeycomb cooling cushions and stickiness control. Coming in at an all-out weight of around 9 kgs, this is a respectable cooler to have on the off chance that you are hoping to move your gadget to various rooms. 

The lightweight body alongside the wheels makes it exceptionally versatile and extremely simple to ship both for long and just as short separations. The blend of keen innovation and the viable cooling instrument has given this air cooler gleaming notoriety that has moved it to the bleeding edge of the market. The cherry on the cake for this air cooler comes as a great ice chamber that it is furnished with. 

This warranty the cooler can carry out its responsibility honorably regardless of rising temperatures and keep you cool for the duration of the day. For an air cooler of this size, it expands moderately limited quantities of intensity thanks at around 185W

It will likewise give you the additional advantages of a large group of various highlights, for example, mosquito and residue defender, auto louver development, framework reestablish work, multi-directional wheels, rest clockwork. The dura-siphon innovation warranty long haul sturdiness and you can likewise control the speed of the gadget through setting a clock to make the gadget auto-switch itself off as and when required.

Editor Choice

Cello Osum+

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Cello Osum+

The third expansion on this rundown is another case of a particular and exceptionally utilitarian air cooler that is broadly being viewed as truly outstanding in the market as per current market models. 

Cello Osum+ has figured out how to make a faithful and devoted client base inferable from its inventive and multifaceted creation systems that give you high performing air coolers as well as at an entirely sensible value attributable to the bringing down of generation costs. 

With a water tank limit of around 50 liters, this air cooler is more than fit for cooling huge spaces crossing a separation of around 700 Sq Ft roughly. 

It figures out how to advance the measure of water in the tank and circulate it satisfactorily all through the whole light and broadness of the room with the goal that you can get a conventional encouraging temperature that enables you to place in the best work or get the best nature of rest in the solace of your own home. 

This Desert Air Cooler is the perfect decision for individuals who need the impact of cooling at a sensible cost but at the same time are stressed over the factor of high force utilization. In spite of the fact that this is a ground-breaking cooler, it is incredibly amicable with regards to control the use and along these lines doesn’t take steps to leave a vast opening in your pocket toward the month’s end when you get that power bill. 

One of the most featuring highlights of the specific cooler is its focal point of styling and plan that makes certain to leave your room looking significantly progressively tasteful and will fit inconsistently with an energetic foundation structure or divider shading. The styling depends on global principles that are perfect for admirers of feel. It has powerful honeycomb-style cushions for cooling and is additionally furnished with a water bay structure the posterior just as implicit castors. 

The speed of conveyance is additionally very amazing at around 5000m3/hr with 3-speed engines and a similarly incredible air thrown that packs a huge uppercut and sends the air up to a stature of around 54 feet roughly.

Symphony Diet 12T

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Symphony Diet 12T

The following cooler on this site is from Symphony. To some degree a newcomer to the market on relative terms, this brand has made a significant name for itself in almost no time and is currently viewed as probably the best producer of air coolers in India. It is an individual cooler that is very appropriate for solo use for any person for his/her very own room. 

It is the perfect decision for any individual who is searching for a fair nature of spot cooling or even to cool up certain little spaces in their rooms without hardly lifting a finger. Coming in at the limit of 12 liters, it is certainly conservative and this encourages it a lot in being versatile and simple to move to start with one spot then onto the next. 

This sort of a tank limit is, for the most part, supported for little to medium spaces. It is all that anyone could need for a room having the estimations of 28 m3/1000 ft3. The significant thing to recollect with this cooler is that you should leave a limited quantity of space for cross ventilation generally the cooler won’t work appropriately and you won’t feel the best impacts of cooling. 

We previously talked about its minimal structure and its successful compactness. This is supplemented by the multi-directional wheels which are incredibly valuable in moving it through tight spaces without smashing it into close by furniture or gear. 

The honeycomb cushions are likewise very much planned dependent on smart innovation that is utilized to move the air in various activities. Tipping the scales at around 7 and a half kilos, it is effectively reasonable for a solitary individual and goes about as a good transferable cooler. 

The dura-siphon innovation is likewise good for overseeing air quality and managing the cool air in various ways. The Symphony Diet is additionally ready to easily run on an inverter, so you have one less thing to stress over during a force cut. It has a normal force utilization of around 170 W.

Symphony Diet 22i

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Symphony Diet 22i

As you can figure from this rundown, the ensemble diet is an incredibly famous brand in the realm of air coolers in India and the most recent model on our rundown is 22i 22 Liter Air Cooler with Remote Control

Proceeding with the long queue of amazing air coolers, this one accompanies a water tank limit of around 22 liters and is most appropriate for a little to a medium room which goes about as outstanding amongst other shrewd cooling gadgets for residential purposes. 

The high stockpiling limit is good in light of the fact that it doesn’t request that you attempt the awkward undertaking of topping off it over and over. It is an ideal choice to have on a hot day as in addition to the fact that it is an incredible cooler when all is said in done, yet it additionally has an ice plate which consistently guarantees better cooling inside minutes. 

In spite of its strong casing, it is generally light in weight and comes in at around 8 kgs in weight which is sufficient for contemplations of compactness and move. 

The cool wind of this air cooler can be felt from a separation of around 30 ft and you are additionally at freedom to change the speed of the fan by getting to the cooling level alternative. Moreover, the ultra-proficient honeycomb innovation plays out an excellent errand of engrossing the warm air in the room. 

You additionally get an auto louver development alternative supplemented with an auto-swing choice that encourages it to spread the cool air consistently all through the room every which way. It is certainly one of the most complete air coolers in this value go that you can want to discover.

Crompton Mystique DLX

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Crompton Mystique DLX

The Crompton Mystique Dlx, coming in at number 6 on our rundown is an ideal case of cutting edge air cooler that is splendidly appropriate to medium measured rooms with a normal territory of around 180 Sq Ft

The ideal solution for the brutal and unforgiving warmth of summers, the 34-liter water tank is profoundly helpful as it gives you extended periods of time of continuous cooling without having to continually top off the tank. 

Utilizing the innovation of flat wind stream which guarantees the consistent flow of cool air that really utilizes the outside air rolling in from outside to accomplish the cooling impact. Ensure that you an outside source clear in the room else you probably won’t get the best cooling experience. 

Conveying the air at a speed of around 1450m3/hr, it figures out how to cool a little room quickly and furthermore by devouring generally low measures of intensity.

Crompton Ozone Desert Cooler

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Crompton Ozone Desert Cooler

Crompton Greaves makes the number 7 spot on this site its very own gratitude to this Ozone 55 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler which is truly outstanding in the market for medium to enormous estimated rooms of around 550 Sq Ft

Providing a steady air conveyance speed of about 4500m3/hr alongside an air toss tallness of up to 50 Ft. It is likewise practical winters of its capacity utilization as it expends around 190 Watts with a working speed of around 230v. On the off chance that you are searching for an all-around estimated steady air cooler for greater surface regions, this is certainly a decent decision that benefits thought.

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H

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Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H

Orient Electric brings to you item number 8 on this site with its 20-liter water tank that is in a perfect world appropriate for cooling a room of around 150 sq. ft. Furnished with an elite engine, this profoundly productive air cooler has an air pushed the limit of 1300 m3/hr with the special reward of a four-way cooling impact. 

The body is verified with the extra security of rustproof High Gloss ABS body that fundamentally expands its general solidness. Besides, it additionally accompanies a residue channel that is phenomenal for guaranteeing the progression of cool clean air without undesirable aggravations like residue and dust. 

Symphony Sumo

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Symphony Sumo

The Symphony air cooler on this rundown is another tasteful one from Symphony. The Sumo 45-Liter Air Cooler is equipped for continuous consistent cooling for expanded periods and components of dura-siphon innovation along, work superbly pair with the cool stream container and an incredible air toss to give you the best cooling impact you can consider. It additionally accompanies a ground-breaking 16-inch fan that spreads the cool air consistently all through the room. 

Best of all, this accomplished with moderately low degrees of intensity utilization at around 160 watts. Outfitted with multi-directional haggles of the best this air cooler gives all of you the basic highlights that you may require and that too at a truly moderate cost. 

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109

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Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109

The Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109 is the epitome of class and eminence as its 4-liter water tank is appropriate for amazing and predictable air cooling. 

Most appropriate for cooling medium to huge measured rooms of around 600 sq ft. roughly it conveys a substantial velocity of around 3100 m3/hr all things considered remembering that you can pick one air peed structure three unique levels. 

For an air cooler of its size and limit, it expends an unassuming 165 watts of intensity with a working voltage of around 230-240 V. Profoundly solid adaptable and convenient, this fine air cooler is appropriately viewed as truly outstanding in the market by current norms and is likewise accessible for buy on a truly reasonable cost.


We trust that the above data will assist you in picking the best air cooler for your homes and workplaces. Air coolers are progressively prudent when contrasted with climate control systems. Notwithstanding, note that the cooling isn’t as productive as AC. 

Consider your necessities and afterward guarantee you go for an air cooler that matches with those prerequisites. Tail us for purchaser controls on more items.

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