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10 Best Bed Sheets In India With Buying Guide October 2021

Written by Sumit Pandey
10 Best Bed Sheets In India With Buying Guide October 2021
10 Best Bed Sheets In India With Buying Guide October 2021

A bedsheet, or more commonly called a bedspread, is a rectangular piece of cloth or fabric that is placed on a bed to provide warmth and protection to the mattress. The word sheet refers to the size of the sheet which is generally large enough to cover the width and length of a double (twin) size best mattress

Bed sheets are very versatile pieces of fabric that can be used for many different things such as swaddling babies, creating curtains, covering furniture or even making clothing. The versatility of bed sheets however are not limited to this list because they can be used for many other things.

Bed sheets have been around for thousands of years but were primarily utilized in Europe during the early 1500s for the purpose of providing warmth to people who lived in cold climates at the time. 

They were also used extensively in Japan during this time period which goes to show how much they were valued even then. During this time period bed sheets were made out of cotton and linen due to their strength and durability; however, most people had only one set and would wash it daily if not every other day just out of necessity because there was no washing machine at that time. 

Bedsheets have changed over hundreds of years but have always remained highly valued by almost everyone all around the world except a few cultures who wear nothing at all on their beds as you can imagine it would get very cold without something on top.

A large number of us imagine that it's simply top-notch sleeping pads are necessary for sound sleep, be that as it may, bed sheets are similarly significant. Since there isn't as much data about them, in this article we will clarify with our buying guide that how you can pick the best bed sheets for yourself, and furthermore give you a rundown of the best 10-bed sheets you can purchase online. 

Here’s The List Of The Best Bed Sheets

1. Solimo Jasmine Zest 144 Amazon Brand
2. Pizuna 200 Thread Count
3. Microfiber Sheet Set AmazonBasics
4. Loreto 144 TC 100% Cotton
5. Home Candy 3-D Elegant Floral
6. SheetKart  Cotton Grace 160 TC
7. Fab Nation  Elephant Print Jaipuri Traditional
8. Bombay Dyeing Cotton Double 120 TC Bedsheet
9. Ahmedabad 160 TC Cotton Comfort
10. Trance Home Linen 100% Cotton 210TC

Solimo Jasmine Zest 144 Amazon Brand

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Solimo Jasmine Zest 144 Amazon Brand

The best bed sheet you can purchase online in India is Solimo Jasmine Bedsheet. It is a 100% cotton level sheet with 144 string checks and is both tough and moderate. We enthusiastically prescribe this to those who're searching for reasonable choices for summer months, when you sweat much more and need something that is really breathable. 

It nearly feels like polycotton at first, since it appears to be too luxurious to even consider being cotton, in any case, after you've washed it once, it'll feel delicate and agreeable, exactly how great cotton should feel like. The hues likewise don't blur effectively, so you needn't stress over washing it independently, and it looks similarly as crisp significantly following 8 months of utilization! 

Pizuna 200 Thread Count

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Pizuna 200 Thread Count

This 100% cotton fitted sheet has a 400 string tally, which is one of the most noteworthy strings available in India. It feels like the sheets they use in lodgings, as it's thick, delicate, and agreeable. It tends to be utilized on a 6 feet by 6 feet sleeping cushion, and since it has profound pockets, regardless of whether the bedding is 30 cm thick, it shouldn't have any kind of effect on the fit. 

Despite the fact that it might appear to be an extremely costly item at first but it is worthy. The pure cotton and other arrangements will ensure sound and happy sleep. 

Microfiber Sheet Set AmazonBasics

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Microfiber Sheet Set AmazonBasics

A standout amongst other microfiber sheets set to put resources into, this accompanies a fitted sheet, level sheet, and 2 cushion covers, so you get all that you have to make your bed look delightful! These sheets are large enough for jumbo sleeping pads, and the fitted one functions admirably for even thick beddings since it has profound pockets to guarantee an ideal fit. 

Since these sheets are made of microfiber, they're a lot hotter than cotton ones and are prescribed for use during winter months. They're likewise extremely delicate and agreeable, so you won't feel uneasy while resting on them. Besides, the hues don't blur, and the sheets are anything but difficult to keep up as they don't have to be pressed.

Loreto 144 TC 100% Cotton

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Loreto 144 TC 100% Cotton

In case you're searching for a reasonable, 100% cotton bed sheet, to assist you with remaining cool during summer evenings, at that point, this is the one for you. It is the most prudent choice available and strongly suggested for those with touchy skin, or the individuals who get extremely hot while dozing, as it's made of pure cotton, which makes it extremely agreeable and breathable. 

This level sheet has a string tally of 144 however, so it might appear to be somewhat more slender contrasted with some others, and it wouldn't be extraordinary for use in winter months. The hues are additionally lighter than how they show up in the pictures, and they blur a small piece after around 4 to 5 washes, so in the event that you're not alright with a less brilliantly shaded sheet, at that point this isn't the correct one for you.

Home Candy 3-D Elegant Floral

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Home Candy 3-D Elegant Floral

Those searching for a twofold bed microfiber sheet for a 6 feet by 6 feet sleeping pad, will cherish this sheet. It has 152 string checks, which makes it extremely strong, so it won't tear following a couple of months. It is an extremely agreeable and delicate level sheet, prescribed for use in wintertime, as it helps keep the bed a lot hotter than cotton sheets would. It's smarter to wash this sheet independently however, as the hues do will in general drain, and could move onto different cloths. 

SheetKart Grace

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SheetKart  Cotton Grace 160 TC

This pure cotton bed sheet with a 160 string check is extremely agreeable and breathable, which makes it totally ideal for summer. The size is large enough for extra-large beds, and it has a straightforward customary print with dynamic hues. Since it has an extensively high string check, it is likewise very tough and doesn't tear after a couple of washes. 

The colors are vibrant and make sure you wash it separately. Furthermore, since this is a level sheet, you may once in a while need to forget about the edges, however, all things considered, this sheet would look the best, as the edges are not sewed and look somewhat harsh.

Fab Nation Elephant Print Jaipuri Traditional

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Fab Nation Elephant Print Jaipuri Traditional

In case you're searching for a cotton bed sheet with customary Jaipuri square print, at that point, Fab Nation bedsheet is the one for you. In spite of the fact that it doesn't plainly state if it's 100% cotton, it feels like pure cotton and could be contrasted with how khadi feels. The size is large enough for extra-large beds, and it's extremely breathable, so it's prescribed for summer. 

The sewing is sufficient and the prints remain as new as ever. Moreover, the white color is smooth and maintains the aesthetics of the room. 

Bombay Dyeing Cotton Double 120 TC Bedsheet

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Bombay Dyeing Cotton Double 120 TC Bedsheet

This pure cotton bed sheet is ideal for summer months, as it keeps you cooler and feels extremely good. The print is not quite the same as the typical botanical sorts, and the hues don't blur much after a few washes. Since it is a level kind sheet, it is extremely simple to press, and furthermore helps to store, as it doesn't take as much room as a fitted sheet. It is a costly buy but good for cost value. You should be careful with the texture and use it gently. It might fit a 6-7 feet bed. 

Ahmedabad 160 TC Cotton Comfort

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Ahmedabad 160 TC Cotton Comfort

This 100% cotton bed sheet is totally awesome for those searching for delicate, breathable alternatives for late spring. This has a string tally of 160 and is amazingly agreeable, so you won't awaken all damp with sweat in the night. It is a flatbed sheet with a straightforward print, so you don't need to stress over the size to such an extent, as long as you don't purchase a size excessively little. In spite of the fact that this has an okay string check, the sheet feels truly strong and the print has the greatest quality. 

Trance Home Linen 100% Cotton 210TC

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Trance Home Linen 100% Cotton 210TC

This fitted sheet is ideal for the individuals who have beds and sleeping pads of unordinary estimations, as you can get the size that meets your requirements. Since it tends to be very elusive sheets, particularly fitted ones, on the off chance that you don't have a standard size bed, this could be an incredible arrangement. The sheet is extremely delicate and agreeable, so you would have no bad things to say there. 

Nonetheless, being a 100% cotton sheet of 200 string check, the bedsheet is tender and strong. Moreover, the shading might mix up, so we suggest washing this sheet separately..

Best Bed Sheets: Buying Guide

What To Look For When Buying Bed Sheets

Choosing a good quality sheet set is paramount for a restful night's sleep. With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to find sheets that are right for you. There are numerous factors to consider when making your selection, including thread count, material type, and even color. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when shopping for bed sheets:

Thread Count: 

This number refers to the number of threads per square inch that have been used in the manufacturing of the sheet set. 

Sheets with higher thread counts generally feel softer and smoother than those with lower thread counts. That being said, not all high-thread count sheets are superior – you should investigate further before buying. 

High thread count sheets that are 100% cotton tend to be more durable than their synthetic counterparts. Some synthetic blends can also be very soft and comfortable, so it's important to look into the specifics before making your final decision.

Material Type: 

There are three main types of materials used in making sheets – cotton, microfiber, and polyester blend (polyester is a type of manmade fiber). What's right for you will depend on personal preference as well as budget constraints. 


Cotton sheets feel soft against the skin and breathe well during warm weather months, but they may become uncomfortably warm during hot summer days or nights (despite being 100% cotton). 


Microfiber sheets have become increasingly popular over recent years due to their extra softness and durability – they also wick moisture away from the body while still providing excellent breathability due to their open-weave design.


Polyester/polyamide blend sheets offer an affordable alternative if you're looking for affordable bedding material (they're not as soft as cotton or microfiber), while still retaining some of the luxury properties of higher-end material types (breathability, moisture wicking properties). 

Some people may be allergic to certain fiber materials; if this is a concern for you (or if you have sensitive skin) it's best to do some research before purchasing your new sheet set.


1. It should coordinate with the rest of your room. If you have a very light color in your room, you might want to go with a light colored bed sheet. If you have a very dark color in your room, you might want to go with a dark colored bed sheet.

2. Bright colors are often used as a focal point on the wall, so having a bright colored bed sheet can be an element of contrast.

3. Maroon and burgundy red are popular colors for the holidays. They can also be used to create a very elegant feel in your bedroom.

4. Bed sheets are often used as a way to express yourself. If you like a certain sports team, having their logo on your bed sheet is a great way to show off your fandom while you sleep.

5. You can always choose to go with the classic look and buy white colored bed sheets. They go with any type of décor and work well if you want something simple that will match anything.


The price-point at which bedding falls can vary greatly depending on its characteristics – some brands offer luxury linens at moderate prices while others charge more but provide less value overall due to substandard materials (in general though there tends to be an inverse relationship between price point and quality). 

You should always do research into what you're buying before committing yourself financially – try looking online for product reviews from previous customers first.

If all else fails ask family members who regularly buy new bedding products which brands they recommend; make sure they offer free shipping though. 

Most importantly don't spend more than what's reasonable on what should otherwise be an afterthought item.

Thread Stitching: 

This particular characteristic refers mainly to how smoothly fabric sewn together feels against bare skin; obviously thicker threads produce rougher seams which can lead to unnecessary discomfort during sleep . 

Thinner stitching however does tend to lend itself better towards longevity than thicker stitching does so take this into account when making your final decision . 

It's also worth noting that some manufacturers use topstitching techniques in order to give their bedsheets a more luxurious appearance - this process involves taking thick thread and sewing over certain areas such as corners where two pieces meet - done properly topstitching can add visual appeal without adding much weight or thickness . 

Needless to say, topstitched seams aren't perfect either , so make sure t o investigate further before purchasing anything . 

How to Wash and Care For Your Bed Sheets

Bed sheets can be very expensive. Not only are they expensive to buy, but they can also be expensive to maintain. The cost of dry cleaning can add up, and so can the cost of ruining a bed sheet because you washed it with your jeans or accidentally bleached it because you forgot that you put your shirt in the wash with the bed sheets. 

This section will teach you how to avoid these common mistakes by teaching you how to properly wash and care for your bed sheets.

If you do not see a care tag on your bed sheets then simply follow these steps:

  1. Fill up the washer with warm water (hot water can shrink fibers).
  1. Add in either the recommended amount of detergent or two tablespoons If it does not come with a recommended amount. Do not overload the washer; otherwise, this could ruin your bed sheets and void your warranty. A full washer may also cause detergent residue in future washings so make sure not to overfill it.
  1. Add 1/4 cup white vinegar if you would like to remove any soap build up or unpleasant odors from previous washings. 
  1. The vinegar will also help extend the life span of your bed sheets by keeping them looking newer for longer periods of time by eliminating any leftover detergent residue that may be left from previous laundry cycles.
  1. Let them soak for about 15 minutes before beginning another cycle with fresh water at an appropriate temperature (usually hot).
  1. Continue washing with fresh water until all stains are removed from your sheets and towels. Bed sheet manufacturers recommend at least 3 changes of fresh water before finishing with a cold rinse cycle and spin dry cycle (spin drying removes excess moisture without causing fabric shrinkage). 
  1. Remove them from the washer after spin-drying is finished and place them in an airy area until they are completely dry before folding and storing them back into their linen closet or dresser drawer where they belong. Never store wet items as mold can quickly develop if left damp for extended periods. Also, avoid storing silk sets in plastic bags as this will make them grow mold over time.

Best Bed Sheet Brands In India

Bombay Dyeing

Portico New York





Home Candy


D Decor



Divine Casa


Best Bed Sheets: FAQ

Can I use bleach on my bed sheets?

A1: Yes, you can. However, most experts advise that you do not use chlorine bleach for more than a few times because it can damage the fabric of your bed sheets.

How often should I wash my bed sheets? 

This really depends on how dirty they are or how long you have been using them. You can wash them a few times a week or wait until they are very dirty and then wash them all at once. Just make sure that you know for a fact what is most comfortable for you.

What is the best way to dry my bedsheets after I have washed them? 

The best way to dry your bedsheets is to hang them outside in the sun or in front of an air conditioner so that they dry quickly and do not wrinkle too much. If you must use an electric dryer, make sure that it's only for 5 minutes at high heat and then hang your sheets out as soon as possible after taking them out of the dryer.

What is the difference between Fitted and Flat sheets?

Fitted sheets have elastic around the edges to keep them in place and flat sheets do not.

What are thread count sheets?

Thread count refers to how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric.

How much should I spend on bed sheets?

It depends on your budget and personal preference but remember you get what you pay for.

What does Egyptian Cotton mean and is it better than regular cotton?

Egyptian cotton refers to the long staple length of the cotton fibers which makes it stronger, softer and more durable. So yes, it is better than regular cotton but not necessarily better than other types of cotton (such as Pima, Supima or Sea Island Cotton) with a higher thread count.

Are there different types of bed sheets?

Yes, there are. It’s important to know that bed sheets come in many different sizes, colors, materials and textures. Some are designed for warmth and others for coolness.The choice is yours and the options depend entirely on your needs.

What’s the best material for bed sheets?

That depends on you and your preferences. You should consider what you want your sheets to be made out of before making a purchase as it will have an effect on its durability, softness, breathability and price tag. 

If you want something that will keep you warm in the winter than cotton is probably not a good option for you. If you want to keep cool at night then cotton may not be right either as it tends to absorb moisture which can make you feel hot at night when sleeping under it.

What size do I need?

For most people a regular sized sheet will suffice but if you want more coverage then opt for extra long or queen sized ones instead.

Can I use fabric softener with my new bed sheets?

Absolutely. Fabric softener is great for making clothes softer but it can make them less absorbent so use it sparingly when washing your new set of bed sheets especially if they are made out of cotton or linen as these fabrics tend to lose their durability when treated with fabric softener too often.


Purchasing bed sheets online can be a tough task, since it's anything but difficult to be overpowered by the number of options, just as the quantity of audits on the web. Be that as it may, in the event that you know every one of the focuses you have to remember, you won't have anything to dread, and you'll have the option to choose the best bed sheet for yourself.

Written by Sumit Pandey

My name is Sumit Kumar Pandey and I’m a content writer and blogger who specializes in writing about technology, web design, and online marketing.

After working as a research scholar in the engineering field for many years, I’m now a full-time content writer, helping people get more exposure and generate more leads for their businesses.

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