5 Best Car Jacks In India With Buying Guide August 2022

Updated: September 3, 2021
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If your work includes the usage of cars then you most likely know the value of appropriately working carjacks.

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With regards to picking the best floor jack, it can end up being a troublesome choice when you have such a significant number of brands. Ask yourself these questions: 

Do I need a floor jack that is lightweight and essentially for light-obligation employment? 

Do I need a floor jack that is greater and heavier for rock-solid employment? 

Would it be a good idea for me to pick steel or aluminum in a floor jack? 

What amount am I ready to spend on a car floor jack? 

By answering these inquiries first, you'll get an insight into the flor jacks suitable for your needs. Unequivocally, it can be a costly purchase but it’s going to serve you for quite a long time. 

Ditch the ordinary car jacks found in the storage compartment of your vehicle and get the best car jacks that can vehicles safely in seconds. This article covers 5 of the best car jacks with a buying guide that will solve your inquiries and contemplations. 

Best Car Jack Brands In India

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KOZDIKO- View On Amazon

Yashvin- View On Amazon

autokaar-View On Amazon

MAMMOTH-View On Amazon

Here’s The List Of The Best Floor Jacks

JEGS Performance Professional Series 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack
Neiko Pro 3 Ton 20272B Aluminum Floor Jack
Hein-Werner HW93642 2 Ton Floor Jack
Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack 
Arcan XL2T Black 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack 

JEGS Performance Professional Series 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

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JEGS Performance Professional Series 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

In this enlistment of car jacks, JEGS Performance Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is our first pick. This floor jack is the perfect deal with a wide margin and affordable cost. Along with that, how can we not mention the fundamental specs this car floor jack brings to the table. 

The unique factor about the JEGS floor jack is a general weight. By a decent edge, this floor jack is the lightest at 22.22 kgs for the entire bundle. Despite the fact that this is basically because of the all-aluminum development, it's fit for lifting as much as 2 tons (4,000 lbs). 

Utilizing the cushioned siphon bar, this lift will raise your vehicle from as meager as 3.5″ crawls to as much as 19.25″ inches. With the cushioned seat, it shields your vehicle’s paint from getting scratched. Security is additionally very acceptable with a general wide from wheel to the wheel of 13″ inches. 

Editor Choice

Neiko Pro 3 Ton 20272B Aluminum Floor Jack

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Neiko Pro 3 Ton 20272B Aluminum Floor Jack

Neiko Pro Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is exceptional in light of the fact that it's intended for hardcore use. However, it gauges a significantly lower sum than its opposition (under 60 lbs).

From as low as 3.5″ crawls to as high as 19.25″ inches, you can lift up to 6,000 lbs. The position of safety configuration enables it to be slid underneath lower ground leeway vehicles a lot simpler. 

Like we referenced above, it's made of aluminum permit to decrease weight however the structure itself is still fixed and enables you to lift as much as 3 tons. The elastic cushion pad situated on the seat enables you to lift any vehicle without scratching the casing or squeeze weld territory. By and large, a good floor jack for almost any carport. 

Hein-Werner HW93642 2 Ton Floor Jack

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Hein-Werner HW93642 2 Ton Floor Jack

For insane great inflexibility and solidness, the Hein-Werner HW93642 is the best deal for carjacks. Made in the United States of America, this unit, specifically, is in no way, shape or form light. Tipping the scales at just shy of 100 lbs, the lift arm and siphon base is made altogether of cast iron. 

This jack, specifically, is evaluated at a higher cost than normal. This Hein-Werner’s model allows you to lift the vehicle between 4.5″ inches and 20.25″ inches and weight cutoff to around 4,000 lbs

The last significant component and included advantage you'll get is a more extensive casing for expanded strength (roughly 11.75″ inches wide and about 6.75″ inches high when not raised). 

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack

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Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack

Since we've investigated Arcan's position of safety floor jack above, we're currently going to cover their ordinary aluminum floor jack.

The Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum floor jack is fit for lifting 3 tons (or around 6,000 lbs). It includes a strengthened lift arm to include support, just as case torsion control and solidness. With the double siphon comes a lot quicker lifting, you can go from as low as 3.6″ inches to as high as 19.4″ inches

For the situation you're regularly lifting more than its appraised for, the detour and over-burden valve forestall over-augmentation of the hydraulic driven arm (an incredible included security highlight). Much like Powerzone in looks, this floor jack, specifically, looks outwardly dazzling and won't feel strange. 

The last significant part about this unit is the general load of 56 lbs, utilizing the implicit handle to convey it. In the event that you need strength, lightweight, and medium to hardcore use, it's worth it. 

Arcan XL2T Black 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack

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Arcan XL2T Black 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack

One of the most effective carjacks is the Arcan XL2T Low Profile Steel Floor, Jack. Sleek in looks, it slides underneath the vehicle without any issues at all. This is most likely the floor jack you can get for low (or brought down) vehicles, stature going from 2.75″ inches to 24″ inches. With the inherent double siphon, you're ready to lift 2x quicker

An inconvenient factor can be the general load of almost 100 lbs. For anything that can make your life simpler moving this thing around, it would be a level surface floor. The undercarriage limit is to reach over  32″ inches

Also, it's simple enough to move around utilizing the casters. On the off chance that you have a low vehicle, this floor jack is unquestionably worthy.

Best Car Jacks: Buying Guide

A good car jack is a must-have to handle repairs and maintenance on vehicles. These devices are used to lift the vehicle body off the ground for a variety of reasons.

For example, they can be used to change tires, remove body panels for repairs, or change the position of a vehicle. When buying car jacks, it is important to consider certain factors so that you make an informed purchase decision. 

Here Are The Factors To Consider:


You will find that carjacks are designed for a broad range of vehicles, and there are many specialized jack stands for trucks and vans. 

You will also find that there are different types of jacks, and knowing how to fit them to your vehicle is vital. You will find that there are a number of different types of jacks in the market, but here are the most common ones.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are used to support the weight of your vehicle when you are working on it. They also help reduce the stress on your vehicle’s suspension components. 

It is essential that you use jack stands when you work on your vehicle, and you should always have at least two. 

You should also use jack stands when changing tires or performing other maintenance work.

You should always have enough jack stands to support the weight of your vehicle if you need more than one, but you should never try to lift your vehicle using only a jack stand. It is not safe to do this, and it is illegal in many states in the US.

The type of jack stand you buy depends on the weight of your vehicle, and you must use the correct jack stand for your vehicle. 

The weight capacity of each jack stand is listed in the instructions, and it is important to use the correct one for your vehicle. 

This is because if you do not use the correct jack stand for your vehicle, it could be damaged or even fail completely.

The majority of car jacks are hydraulic. A hydraulic jack works by forcing oil through a pump into a tube that has a piston at the bottom end with a lifting arm attached to it. 

When the piston pushes against the oil, it creates pressure that is strong enough to lift the weight of your vehicle without it breaking down under the pressure. 

Hydraulic jacks normally require more effort to operate than an electric jack, but they are far more effective at lifting heavyweights.

Electric Jacks

You will find that most electric jacks are lighter and less expensive than hydraulic jacks, and they do not require any type of lubrication while they operate. 

However, they do tend to be more dangerous than hydraulic jacks because there is nothing stopping them from dropping your vehicle if they collapse under the weight. 

They also tend to be less effective at lifting heavy weights because they do not create nearly as much pressure as a hydraulic jack does. Electric jacks can be powered by batteries, but some can also be powered by a 12 volt cigarette lighter outlet.

There are also hydraulic jacks that are powered by air instead of oil, but they work in exactly the same way as hydraulic jacks powered by oil do. These jacks tend to be easier to control than hydraulic jacks because they do not require as much effort to control while working on a vehicle. 

However, they tend to be less powerful than hydraulic jacks and cannot lift as much weight as they can either.

Size And Weight

You should consider size and weight when buying car jacks because you do not want to buy a heavy or bulky device when it is only for personal use.

A small device that is lightweight will be more convenient for home use especially if you do not have storage space for a large device.

There are lightweight devices that can still handle up to 1 ton of lifting capacity and this makes them ideal for home use as well as commercial use if needed in an emergency situation such as during a natural disaster or similar situation. 

Lift Capacity And Speed Of Operation

The lift capacity is measured in pounds and indicates the maximum amount of weight that the vehicle jack can support before it fails or breaks apart under stress from the weight being lifted by it.

The speed of operation is typically measured in seconds to indicate how fast your vehicle jack can raise your vehicle off the ground.

Best Hydraulic Jacks For Car-FAQ

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about hydraulic lifting jacks you may have in mind. Here are some of the common questions we get about the best hydraulic jacks.

What is a Hydraulic Jack?

A hydraulic jack is a mechanical device that is used for lifting and lowering heavy loads. It is commonly used by people to lift vehicles when performing routine maintenance. It has a cylinder that stores pressurized fluid. When a force is applied, the fluid is forced, through a narrow passage, into the piston head.

What is a Hydraulic Jack used for?

A hydraulic jack is used for lifting and lowering heavy loads. It is commonly used by people to lift vehicles when performing routine maintenance.

How do Hydraulic Jacks Work?

A hydraulic jack works when fluid is forced, under pressure, into a cylinder which allows the cylinder and attached load to raise or lower.

What are the Types of Hydraulic Jacks?

There are two types of hydraulic jacks: There is the scissor jack and the bottle jack. A scissor jack moves in straight lines whereas the bottle jack moves in a circular motion.

How much does a Hydraulic Jack Cost?

A hydraulic jack cost between 3000 to 30000 depending on the model you choose. The price also depends on the material used to make it, whether it is made of metal or plastic. The cost can also vary depending on the brand you choose and where you buy your product.

How much weight can a Hydraulic Jack Lift?

The amount of weight your jack can lift depends on your model and whether it’s a scissor or bottle jack. Some can lift up to 3,000lbs while others can lift up to 6,000lbs or more.

What does a Hydraulic Jack weigh?

A hydraulic jack weighs anywhere between 22lbs to 54lbs depending on its size and design.


All these car floor jacks listed here are of good quality, but before selecting it go through the weight details of your car then it will be helpful for you to choose the right jack for your car.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed by us.

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