5 Best Cargo Pants For Men in India With Buying Guide August 2021

Best Cargo Pants For Men’s
Best Cargo Pants For Men’s

Gone are the days when cargo pants were a pure invention of the men in the Armed Forces, and the fact that they are now looking stylish in the present scenario is a strong evidence of that.

These pants are available in such an array of hues and patterns and designs that it is not difficult to find the one that suits your personality or your taste.

Most of the cargo pants available in the market today are made from a mix of cotton and polyester, which is why they are highly comfortable as well as durable.

The best thing about them is that they will not give you a feeling of being suffocated because of their lighter weight. Unless you go for the single color or solid colored ones, you will have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

The cargo pants are available in multiple pockets, which makes them extremely convenient to carry around things like cell phones, wallets, car keys, etc.

These pants are not just versatile but also extremely functional, making them a highly popular choice among men.

They are available in such a wide range of colors and designs that it is not difficult to find the one that will make you look trendy and cool without compromising comfort at all. There are many brands that make good quality cargo pants for men.

We have done intensive research on these brands by checking out their websites to know more about their product line and also to see if we can find some good customer reviews and testimonials that will help us make a better choice.

We have also checked out various review sites to get a first and idea about what people have to say about these brands, and we have also come across some online forums where we found valuable information that helped us narrow down our list to just 5 brands.

After all this research work, we came up with this list of the Best Cargo Pants For Men in India With Buying Guide.

Here’s The List Of The Best Cargo Pants

1. Carhartt Ripstop Relaxed Fit Work Pant
2. Wrangler Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pant
3. Dickies Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant
4. UNIONBAY Cotton Survivor IV Cargo Pant
5. Vbirds Cotton Cargo Pant

Carhartt Ripstop Relaxed Fit Work Pant

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Carhartt Ripstop Relaxed Fit Work Pant

Carhartt Ripstop Relaxed cargo pants are designed for extra robust comfort. It is made with Cotton fabric and able to withstand in wear and tear situation. It comes with Cordura -lined front ledge pockets and Cordura -lined back pockets which makes it rugged.

It comes with 2 large size pockets where you can store your all stuff easily.

Key Feature
100% cotton fabric
It is machine washable
Your thigh will get extra comfort


  • Sports regular fitting
  • 100% cotton fabric material
  • Comes with belt loops


  • Not comes with a belt
  • Needs to get more straight leg cut

Wrangler Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pant

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Wrangler Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pant

Wrangler Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pant were designed by professionals forgiving you movement and sits comfort. Wrangler Straight fit cargo is made with 100 % cotton fabric material comes with 8 pockets, 4 flap pockets, 2 slash, and 2 back pockets which allows you to store your many stuff.

Key Feature
100% cotton fabric
Comes with heavy-duty zipper and button closure


  • Stylish design
  • Great comfort design
  • Machine washable cargo


  • Not comes with a belt
  • Pockets were small
Editor Choice

Dickies Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant

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Dickies Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant

Dickies Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant is made from pure cotton for your comfort. It has straight leg fit with extra room on thigh side and comes with 2 cargo side pockets.

It comes with Zip fly and button closure you can wear it for your regular outdoor activities.

Key Feature
Value for money
Gives you quality comfort
Classic design


  • Made with 100 % cotton material
  • Gives you a relaxed fitting
  • Comes with pleated cargo pockets


  • Not a machine-washable cargo

UNIONBAY Cotton Survivor IV Cargo Pant

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UNIONBAY Cotton Survivor IV Cargo Pant

UNIONBAY cargo is made with 100 % cotton and comes in 11 different colour shades. It is a classic cargo pant comes with side placed pocket and belt loops with belted waist.

It has quality zip fly and button closure. It is comfortable from thigh ends and you can wear it on casual occasions.

Key Feature
Classic design
100% cotton cargo
Comes for 28 to 50 waist size


  • Available in 11 color shades
  • 100 % cotton fabric cargo
  • Comes with belt


  • The pocket-size was small

Vbirds Cotton Cargo Pant

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Vbirds Cotton Cargo Pant

Vbirds Cotton Cargo Pant comes with regular fit design and made with 100% cotton fabric.It has 2 side pockets and you feel good comport to sits at waist by its straight leg cut loose fitting.

It comes with 28 to 40 waist size and great thigh comfort.

Key Feature
100% cotton fabric material
Zip fly and button closure


  • Regular fit comfort
  • 100 % cotton fabric material made design
  • Value for money
  • Comes with belt


  • Not a machine wash cargo
  • Pockets size were small

Best Cargo Pants For Men-Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best cargo pants for men in India, you will find a plethora of options in the market. 

However, the quality of these pants is often questionable. The quality differs from one brand to another. Hence, it is important to keep in mind certain factors while shopping for the best cargo pants for men in India.

These factors include:


when buying cargo pants, ensure that the fabric is soft and non-irritating. It should be durable, breathable and flexible. Avoid buying cotton material as this is likely to shrink after washing. Instead, opt for nylon and polyester which are more durable and comfortable to wear.

Fit – 

If you are buying cargo pants online, you can check out sizing charts online before buying them. However, if you are buying from physical stores, ensure that you try these pants on before buying them. 

Make sure they are neither too loose nor too tight. The length of these pants should be such that it covers your entire ankle bone. Also, ensure that the waistband is neither too tight nor too loose.

Suspenders – 

If you tend to have a big belly, buy a pair of cargo pants with adjustable suspenders to support it. It will help in keeping your shirt tucked in the pant and prevent it from riding up your belly.

Pocket design – 

Cargo pants generally have at least 4 pockets. These pockets are usually divided into two large side pockets and two smaller front pockets. 

Ideally, the waistband should be high enough so that the pockets do not sit on your thighs. This will help in keeping your hands warm when they are kept inside the pockets.

Zippers – 

Cargo pants with a zipper fly are best suited for men with large stomachs or those who tend to overeat. 

A zipper fly allows you to sit comfortably without having to worry about your zipper getting stuck halfway down or not reaching up in time after an important meeting or an event.

Waistband – 

There are two kinds of waistbands available in cargo pants- elastic waists and non-elastic waists. Elastic waists can easily adjust to suit your waist size without having to worry about being uncomfortable or constricted while moving around in these pants. 

However, elastic waistbands can also lead to sagging and bagginess after some time. Hence, if you wear cargo pants with non-elastic waists regularly, then wash them after every 4-5 wears instead of washing them after every wear.

Best Cargo Pants For Men-FAQ

Q.1 : What is the difference between short cargo pants and regular cargo pants?

Ans. : The short cargo pants are just like the regular cargo pants but with a shorter length, while the regular cargo pants have a longer length than the short.

Q.2 : What is the difference between combat pants and cargo pants?

Ans. : Both the combat pants and cargo pants have similar features and design, but there is a slight difference between them, which is that combat pants have a single pocket on each leg, which means there is no double pocket, while on the other hand, the cargo pants have double pockets on each leg, and this is why they are called cargo pants, since the pockets have been designed to carry heavy loads or weight.

Q.3 : What is the difference between cotton and denim?

Ans. : The only difference between cotton and denim is that denim fabric has a tighter weave than cotton fabric.

Q.4 : What are the different ways to wear cargo pants?

Ans. : There are different ways to wear cargo pants, and some of them are:

  • Wear them in ways similar to jeans or shorts with t-shirt or tank tops;
  • Wear them for work with a shirt;
  • Wear them for hiking and camping with a pair of long socks and hiking boots;
  • Wear them with sneakers or boat shoes.

Q.5 : Can you wear cargo shorts?

Ans. : Cargo shorts are also available, and they are almost same as cargo pants, except that they have shorter length. But the best thing about them is that they are easily available in stores and online shops at a very affordable price range.

Q.6 : What is the best way to maintain cargo pants?

Ans. : Here are some tips on how to maintain your cargo pants:

1. It’s always good to check out the washing instructions on any type of clothing before you decide to wash it for the first time, as some types of clothing require special care while washing. In case you find that your cargo pants require special care while washing, then make sure you follow the washing instructions properly along with taking care of other things like cleaning your washing machine after every wash so that it doesn’t affect other clothes you wash later on;

2. If your cargo pants have been stained by any type of food or drink or sweat, then make sure you clean it immediately by using a mild detergent and warm water; if the stain is really stubborn then try cleaning it with white vinegar and hot water or use a stain remover as well;

3. If you don’t want your cargo pants to lose its colour or get discoloured then make sure you don’t wash it often as it can damage them; instead try hand washing them as this will help you keep them intact for a long time;

4. In case your cargo pants get ripped by accident then make sure you repair it before wearing it again; you can easily do this by using an iron.


Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed by us so you can suggest our experts more cotton cargo for men which you were using and getting a great comfort which are available in the market.

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