Updated: January 15, 2021

5 Best CCTV Cameras In India With Buying Guide October 2021

Written by Sumit Pandey
5 Best CCTV Cameras In India With Buying Guide October 2021
5 Best CCTV Cameras In India With Buying Guide October 2021

Best CCTV Cameras are the security device that is widely in use for home and commercial security.

But do we exactly know which CCTV camera is best for your home or office?

Let us take a look over our listing of the 5 best CCTV Cameras In India with pros and cons and a buying guide.

Here's The List Of The 5 Best CCTV Cameras

Sricam SP Series Wireless CCTV Camera (Best Overall)
ThinkValue Wi-Fi CCTV HD Camera (Highest Rated)
D3D Wireless Full HD CCTV Camera
Sricam SP018 2.0 MP Wireless FHD Camera
FINICKY-WORLD V380 HD CCTV (Budget Choice)

Sricam SP Series Wireless CCTV Camera

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Sricam SP Series Wireless CCTV Camera

Sricam SP Series CCTV camera can be controlled with Wi-Fi through a smartphone by installing the specific mobile application of Sricam.

You can install this CCTV for your home and office security. This CCTV Camera has an in-built microphone that enables you to listen to what is happening inside or outside of the room.


  • Easy to use
  • Value for money product
  • It comes with a motion detection feature
  • It can be controlled by a remote location


  • The quality of this CCTV depends on Wi-Fi signal quality

ThinkValue Wi-Fi CCTV HD Camera

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ThinkValue CCTV Wi-Fi camera

ThinkValue CCTV Wi-Fi camera comes with a fast Wi-Fi setup that enables you to operate it with your mobile phones even you are in a remote location and ensure that your loved one is safe.

This CCTV camera comes with an Alarm recording feature that enables the camera to record video when they detect any motion, or you can also use its 24x7 recording feature.

This CCTV has IR night vision technology that enables you to use it from 16 feet distance even in dark night.


  • IR imaging sensor CCTV camera
  • It comes with a remote control feature
  • Motion sensing feature


  • It comes with 128 GB memory which is not enough if you use its 24x7 recording feature

D3D Wireless Full HD CCTV Camera

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D3D Wireless Full HD CCTV Camera

D3D Wireless HD CCTV Camera comes with a cloud recording feature that enables this camera to record videos and save it on an FTP server.

The mobile phone application of this CCTV allows you to control this camera even from a remote location.

This CCTV camera comes with an IR lens that enables it to record crystal clear videos even in a dark environment.


  • It comes with remote control features
  • It stores videos on an FTP cloud server
  • It has an in-built microphone


  • It is not having a fast-forwarding option in the video player

Sricam SP018 2.0 MP Wireless FHD Camera

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Sricam SP018 2.0 MP Wireless FHD Camera

This is the second CCTV camera from Sricam SP. This CCTV camera captures images with 1080p.

It comes with PTZ features that enable the camera to capture large areas. You can tilt the camera up to 355-degree horizontally and 120-degree vertically. With its application, you can browse recordings on your phone from anywhere in the world.

This CCTV camera comes with IR night vision technology and motion detection feature.


  • FHD recording CCTV camera
  • It supports a 128GB storage card



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Finicky World V380 CCTV Camera is easy to set up and ideal for home and office use. You can easily control this with your smartphone with its mobile application.

This CCTV camera supports a 64 GB SD storage card. The IR night vision lens of this camera allows it to capture images in a dark environment also.

To communicate with your loved one this camera has a 2-way audio function. This is a PTZ camera that has an in-built rotating motor.


  • It comes with a Wi-Fi feature
  • It has an in-built rotating motor
  • It has IR night vision technology


  • 64 GB memory is less as compared to other CCTV cameras

Things to look for in a CCTV camera

  • The CCTV should have a good colour display, with a wide range of brightness and contrast.
  • You should be able to see the image clearly even in low light (or dark).
  • The CCTV should be sensitive to infrared and visible light, so it can be used in places where other cameras cannot.
  • It should be able to record both stills and video.
  • The CCTV should be small enough to fit into a pocket or briefcase.

Benefits of CCTV Cameras

The first cctv cameras were introduced in the 1970s and were very simple devices. They were mainly used for monitoring security at airports and railway stations. Today, the cctv camera market is growing rapidly with many new types of cctv cameras being introduced every year. Cameras can be used for many different purposes, such as:

Police surveillance - 

The police use cctv cameras when patrolling areas, such as shopping centres or prisons. They can also use them on trains, buses or planes to monitor people on board. Some police cameras are mounted on the roof of vehicles, so they can keep an eye on the road and the people who travel through the area. In some cases, police have special cctv cameras that are called supercams. 

These cctv cameras are mounted on the roof of vehicles and have a special software that enables them to take pictures from all angles in real time. They are able to see people in all possible directions at the same time and are also able to record any movements in front or behind the vehicle.

Military surveillance - 

Cctv cameras are sometimes used by military forces when they want to monitor or control a large area, such as a city block or whole town centre.

The military use cctv cameras because they are more effective than other surveillance methods, such as closed circuit television (cctv) television or radars, since they do not distort the images or obstruct them from view. They can also monitor traffic patterns more easily than other means of surveillance. 

A typical military cctv camera is called a thermal imager (or thermal imager camera). It uses a special infrared light to detect heat coming from objects in the area that it is attached to.

The distance between the object and the heat detector is usually about 10 metres (about 33 feet). This allows the thermal imager to determine if there are people with warm bodies in close proximity to it. When this happens, a small computer inside it sends out small beams of infrared light to identify them as people, so they can be followed with more tools like police cctv cameras, police cars and police dogs when needed.

Security - 

Security systems designed for businesses must have an alarm system that can alert staff and owners if something happens outside their premises. It is also important for security systems to detect when something has happened inside their own premises.

This means that they must be able to see what is going on inside their premises without needing special equipment (such as night vision cameras). 

Cctv cameras are used in this way too because they do not need night vision equipment in order to record images normally seen at night time when a street light is not employed as a light source for security systems.

Urban surveillance - 

In order for an urban community to work efficiently, it must have a way of monitoring its streets and surrounding area from inside its homes or office building entrances (or even inside its houses).

This can be done by using dashboard cctv cameras which are mounted on vehicles so that they can monitor traffic patterns along certain streets at night time. 

These dash cctv cameras are usually not very expensive, so they can provide important information for urban community management officials when there is an emergency such as a fire or accidents on a busy road at night time. 

Some of these dash cctv cameras are mounted on trucks that can follow traffic patterns inside urban areas at night time and collect information about pedestrians as well as accidents that occur there during day time hours too.

This way, urban community officials can learn about road safety issues (especially pedestrian safety issues) before accidents happen, so that they can take proper action before someone really needs emergency medical help! 

A local council may also install these dash cctv cameras if it wants to monitor the local roads during daytime hours too, so it can gather information about accident rates there too before making any major decisions about road safety improvements!

Which one is better: Wired CCTV Camera or Wireless CCTV Camera?

Advantages of wired CCTV Camera:

  1. The output quality of the wired CCTV camera is good.
  2. No need to monitor its connectivity again & again.

Disadvantages of wired CCTV Camera:

  1. It requires a continuous power supply.
  2. It needs regular maintenance.

Advantages of wireless CCTV Camera:

  1. It has an excellent image capturing quality.
  2. Easy to install anywhere.
  3. It provides you 24x7 security.

Disadvantages of wireless CCTV Camera:

  1. The interface is not good.
  2. A bit of an expensive CCTV system.


You can buy any one of the listed CCTV cameras from the above listing because they all come with IR night vision technology and HD recording feature. If you are still confused you can comment us below we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Written by Sumit Pandey

My name is Sumit Kumar Pandey and I’m a content writer and blogger who specializes in writing about technology, web design, and online marketing.

After working as a research scholar in the engineering field for many years, I’m now a full-time content writer, helping people get more exposure and generate more leads for their businesses.

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