7 Best Cricket Kits In India With Buying Guide January 2022

Updated: May 10, 2021

Welcome to my blog: Best Cricket Kits in India.

Cricket is the favorite sport in India. Since childhood, most of us have been playing cricket and know the struggles with getting a proper cricket kit.

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We get that many cricket kits seem the same. Hence, it may be exceptionally testing to know the contrasts between each dependent on its presentation.

You must realize how to gauge your choices, how frequently you intend to play cricket, and your financial limit. Here, we will give the most solid purchasing tips and the top 7 best cricket kits accessible in India.

Things to consider before purchasing

  • Examine a purchasing guide about cricket kits 
  • Know your motivation for purchasing cricket kit bags
  • Set a budget
  • Join online gatherings about cricket sports 

As far as picking your cricket kit, you will likewise need to search for the one that matches your requirements and needs. It's essential to match your body's correct shape and size since your physical edge matters.

Remember that not all cricket kits are similar. Be that as it may, most of the cricket gear secure the batsman.

The appalling date of an Australian cricketer, Philip Hughes, kicked the bucket when a ball accidentally struck on the head. You must pick the correct cricket kit that could give you the most exceptional safety.

In The Cricket Kit, You Will Find These Essentials


As far as picking your cricket ball, it would help if you know whether you're searching for preparation or training ball. Notwithstanding that, search for a ball that is water-proof and made with quality materials.


Presumably, the most costly thing in your cricket kit is the bat. Its weight ordinarily extends from 1150-1350 grams. Please search for a bat that has a stronghold so it can furnish you with additional insurance.


Wearing a Helmet is mandatory since it diminishes the danger of head damage while playing cricket. That is the reason you must pick a strong head protector.

It is a standard guideline that each cricketer must wear a Helmet when they are playing. Regarding purchasing your cricket protective Helmet, search for something that fits well and remains stable when you're running.

Something else to search for is a helmet that has expertly finished the necessary well-being assessments, so you can have true serenity while in it.

Most cricket protective Helmets accessible in the market have a few changes that you can play on for your solace.

Each cricket helmet has nut settings; this can undoubtedly be repositioned or corrected, so you can avoid getting hit by a cricket ball. The alteration settings permit more precise and better fitting.


While playing cricket, we need better cricket pads for safe and comfortable running. Picking the most appropriate Pad size will permit you to move quickly and productively while at play. Misunderstanding the size will prevent you from performing the best in your game.

Your batting position must permit you to adequately hit the ball, ensuring that you get the correct size of Pads that suit your body profile. Ensure that your leg protection size is right and justified about the center of the knee roll.

Abdo guard 

The Abdo watch additionally alluded to as a "box" is a defensive apparatus to the crotch. It's one of the most fundamental necessities of a cricket kit to give you ideal assurance.

However, much as could be expected, never go out to bat without wearing an Abdo protect and don't expect that you can undoubtedly get from your co-players since a kit usually contains one Abdo guard.

Thigh Pads 

Most cricket players loathe wearing thigh Pads basically because they limit active development.

This is essential gear to forestall and limit wounding when you hit the ground while sprinting. You can wear it inside your pants to limit body development limitations.


Wearing a chest guard adds to your wellbeing and assurance. For a few, it's somewhat agreeable and includes a smidgen of weight on them while playing, yet it can really be justified, despite all the trouble when you do quick bowling consistently and when you play on the odd dodgy pitch.


For most cricket players, they feel like arm watches are not worth wearing, for they can be genuinely prohibitive while playing.

In any case, on the off chance that you are a continuous bowler and you need to ensure your arm, you should put resources into getting an equipped armguard.


As far as picking the gloves, it must be a fitted pair of cricket gloves. Remember that the better the fit is, the better the insurance it can give.

Cautiously, check the gloves before purchasing your cricket kit, ensure that you get one right glove, and one remaining glove.

Here’s The List Of The Best Cricket Kits

1. GM Complete Kit with Helmet 
2. CW Academy Cricket Kit  
3. Sports Hub 1448 Full Cricket Kit 
4. SG Economy Cricket Kit 
5. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit 
6. SG 7PCS Cricket Kit
7. Cricket World Junior Red 7 Without Cricket Bat Sports Kit 

GM Complete Kit with Helmet

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GM Complete Kit with Helmet

GM Complete Kit with Helmet is our top quality kit for players who have planned out big budgets for the cricket kits.

It accompanies a protective helmet as of now, so you don't have to buy it differently.

GM is an excellent brand that produces superior tools that ensure solace, strength, and durability.

This cricket bag kit is perfect for both beginners and experts both. It accompanies a sturdy and pleasantly planned protective helmet.

It also has a batting leg guard, a bat, chestguard, armguard, thigh pad, a GM duffle bag, and gloves.


  • Hardware is solid
  • Good for proficient players and furthermore for novices
  • The kit is anything but difficult to utilize
  • Respectable brand

CW Academy Cricket Kit

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CW Academy Cricket Kit

CW Academy Cricket Kit is the perfect cricket bag kit to practice cricket. This package accompanies a Kashmir Willow bat, including a short handle for hitting fantastic shots effortlessly. The helmet and guards guarantee total security in an ideal manner for any cricketer.

It additionally accompanies sturdy gloves made of cotton, which ensures smooth movement with better ventilation.

Also, the wheel-based extensive kit guarantees sufficient space for conveying every one of your possessions alongside the bat in the side compartment.

The kit incorporates a Kashmir Willow bat with a short handle. It accompanies a wheel-based enormous bag with a side bat compartment. The pair of leg guards are made of PVC and accompany light-weight padding.

The cowhide ball is hand-sewed and completely waterproof. The helmet offers full head security, and it accompanies fixed barbecues with ties. The batting gloves are a mix of PVC and cowhide.


  • The kit kit offers a ton of extra room.
  • The gloves with cotton filled finger rolls, and thumbs accompany work for ventilation.
  • It accompanies stomach, leg, and arm watches for complete security.

Sports Hub 1448 Full Cricket Kit 

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Sports Hub 1448 Full Cricket Kit

This cricket kit is appropriate for all age groups as it is accessible in various sizes. It also incorporates all the rigging required by you to play the sport of cricket, including Spordy Stumps.

The things are made of acceptable quality material that additionally makes it sturdy and wear-safe. The Kashmir Willow bat additionally accompanies a cover to keep it secured consistently.

It incorporates Kashmir Willow cricket bat with cover, batting gloves, protective helmet, leg guard, chestguard, arm guard, and a bag kit. The kit sack is made of hardcore nylon material. Accessible in various sizes. It likewise accompanies stumps.


  • Every one of the things are of acceptable quality.
  • Incorporates all the necessary rigging.
  • The diverse size accessibility makes it perfect for all age gatherings.

SG Economy Cricket Kit 

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SG Economy Cricket Kit

If you need a superior quality cricket kit for your children, this one's for you! The extras included in this cricket kit will help guard your children while playing the game.

Ensure that your children have the correct protection gear before playing the game since cricket can be unsafe.

Even though the extras are made of plastic, they are entirely robust and will keep going for quite a while. There is no helmet in this set, so you need to make a different buy for it.

Quality zipper on the sack and sturdy cricket frill keep the tools safe. It accompanies batting pads, thigh pads, chestguard, batting gloves, cricket bat, cricket helmet, and cricket kit bat. It is made of high quality plastic and offers a smooth gaming experience.


  • Incredible for kids who need to rehearse the game
  • Accompanies strong security gears
  • Appealing structure
  • Sensible cost for the quality
  • Made of sturdy plastic


  • Protective helmet excluded

Klapp Champion Cricket Kit 

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Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

The Klapp Champion Cricket kid is a reasonable decision for those who have started pursuing cricket. The kit accompanies a Kashmir Willow bat that comes in various sizes alongside a decent hold.

The cricket bag kit is durable and can hold all your equipment, including the batting gloves, thigh pad, arm guard, bat, and chestguard.

The helmet additionally guarantees assurance with its steel appliance, polypropylene shell, and safe experience.

The kit incorporates – 1 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, pad, batting gloves, Cricket helmet, thigh pad, armguard, chestguard, and a kit sack. The gloves are produced using PVC and cotton.

The kit sack is made of matte material and highlights one primary compartment alongside four pockets.

The helmet is produced using a polypropylene shell and accompanies a movable steel flame broil for unrivaled assurance. Leg monitor is made of PVC material with cotton filled knee rolls. The bat accompanies size alternatives. Appropriate for Intermediate level.


  • Bat guarantees a decent hold.
  • Leg protect accompanies wear-safe benefactor.
  • The helmet is sway safe and sweats retentive for comfort.
  • Every one of the things are made of acceptable quality material.

SG 7PCS Cricket Kit

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SG 7PCS Cricket Kit

This kit is as of now at a significant expense range, and you will get some genuinely high-quality gear at this range.

SG Cricket Kit gives the best quality cricket gear that will assist you with improving your presentation. It comes with a large portion of tools required when playing the game.

Batting gloves have palms produced using PVC and cotton, which unquestionably makes it agreeable.

It lets you hit the cricket ball genuinely hard. By and large, SG is a good cricket brand that you can absolutely rely on.

This kit accompanies an extra sturdy base sheet and rock solid nylon tapes. The durable cricket kit keeps the cricket tools safe.

The gloves are splendid with their palm shape and with PVC and cotton material. PVC finger rolls and cotton back helps in movement and ventilation.


  • Agreeable gloves
  • Gear made of value materials
  • Hard core nylon with additional fortification for toughness
  • Incredible for players maturing 18 years and up
  • Accompanies a protective helmet

Cricket World Junior Red 7 Without Cricket Bat Sports Kit

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Cricket World Junior Red 7 Without Cricket Bat Sports Kit

This cricket kit is the perfect choice for players who are of 13 years or more. It accompanies the essential accessories required in playing cricket. There is a cricket helmet with the kit, so you won't need to purchase a helmet separately.

Different embellishments included are batting leg watches, arm guard, thigh guard, batting gloves, and a chestguard.

They are waterproof and made with sturdy material. This kit is really the right decision if you need quality hardware for your cricket experience.  

This set accompanies leg guards, armguards, batting gloves, chestguards, thigh guards, and a cricket helmet.

The batting hand gloves are made of top-notch cotton palm, whereas batting pads come in red shading and are made of high PVC layering. Cricket helmet comes in naval force blue shading, great for training, school matches, and preparing.


  • Accompanies a head protector
  • Frill are made of top notch material
  • The sack has long side compartment to keep a cricket bat
  • Gloves have cotton filled finger rolls and thumbs for comfort
  • The kit has various compartments for arranging the gear appropriately

Buying Guide For The Best Cricket Kit 


Guarantee that every one of the things of your cricket kit is made of good quality material. The guards and the gloves should be of acceptable quality PVC and cotton padding.

The apparatus ought to be wear-safe with the goal that it endures long. In this way, the solidness of the kit is a fundamental factor for you to consider.

Handle Type of Bat

The handle of the bat is additionally essential as it helps in making those mind-boggling shots. A short handle will assist you with doing only that as it permits you to go for the great hits. Guarantee that the handle accompanies a decent hold, so it keeps the bat from slipping from your hand. Pick a bat size dependent on your age and prerequisite.

Common completion 

The bat or ball should accompany a typical completion to give it a provincial look. The ball ought to be made utilizing cowhide and should offer handgrips around it for better effect.


As far as purchasing your cricket kit, fitting is the main factor you ought to consider deliberately. The cricket protective helmet, gloves, and pads must be an ideal fit so that it won't limit your development and vision.

Remember that when the hardware is excessively free, it naturally disservices your degree of wellbeing and security. The fitting must not be overly loose or overly tight.

Player's profile 

Your body outline matters, too. You'll need to pick the correct pads that are ideal for your size. Significantly, you consider your tallness and body structure to get the right pads, protective helmet, bat, and gloves.


There are cricket kits ideal for experts and beginners. Remember that the style must be something bubbly and vivid as far as purchasing a cricket kit for kids. If you're an experienced cricket player, go for some smoothly and intelligently structured cricket kits.

Features of adjustment

You can't disregard ensuring that the things you're going to purchase have modification highlights and nut settings. This will improve your presentation in the game and will permit you to play serenely.

Cautiously check things that are not difficult to modify. Having the option to make fast changes ensures that hardware will fit you fine.


You can't disregard checking the nature of the cricket kit. It must have effectively passed the security and wellbeing assessments, so you can easily play cricket.

You can direct personal research about the item's image and search for user surveys if you are thinking about how you could locate a sturdy cricket kit.

Top-quality groups will give you the best and the most solid gear to play cricket.

Spending limit amount

Significantly, plan out your budget before purchasing a cricket bag kit. There are many cricket kits that you can buy around INR 2,000 to INR 3,000.

Setting spending limits will assist you with narrowing down your decisions. If you intend to play cricket sports professionally, you should consider contributing a robust amount in buying a cricket kit cost.

Many cricket kits are accessible out there, and it's critical to remember that not every one of them is made similar. In this purchasing guide, the cricket kits range around INR 1,000 - INR 4,000 or more.

Again if you intend to play cricket sports all the more regularly, at that point, put resources into the kits that offer surplus services. This will ensure a safe and secure game while playing cricket.

Motivation behind purchasing 

It is necessary to analyze the reason for buying a cricket kit. It will assist you with coming up and break down different variables that you have to consider. For professional practice, cricket kits must be furnished with excellent qualities, whereas, for your usual interest, you can rely on a normal cricket kit.

Best Cricket Kits In India-FAQs

What is the difference between the bat and ball?

The ball is made of cork and is hard while the bat is made of wood and is soft. The ball is covered with leather and it is used to hit the ball.

What is the difference between Batsman and Bowler?

A batsman in Cricket is a player who faces the bowlers, controls the strike, and plays in a batting position. A bowler or a “fast bowler” is a player on the fielding team who bowls the ball at the batsman in order to dismiss him/her. A spinner (or slow bowler) is a bowler who bowls the ball with an action that gives it rotational spin, causing it to turn from its expected direction of travel.

Do I need to wear protection gear when playing cricket?

Yes, you need to wear protection gear when you are a beginner. You should wear a helmet, mouth guard, thigh guard, leg guard, and gloves while playing cricket.

Why do I need protection gear?

Protection gear can help prevent injuries while playing cricket. It can also help in reducing the severity of injuries if they happen.

What materials are used to make cricket bats?

The most common materials used to make cricket bats are wood. Bats made of wood. Wood makes cricket bats light in weight and provides more power when hitting the ball.

Are there specially designed cricket bats for women?

Yes, there are specially designed cricket bats for women. These are smaller in size than normal cricket bats since women have smaller hands than men; therefore they are easier for women to handle. 

Women's cricket bats also have lighter handles since women have lighter hands as well than men therefore they can’t handle heavy-duty cricket bats with stiff handles. Finally, women's cricket bats have thinner edges for better contact with the ball because women can’t generate enough power in their hits like men.


It is critical to purchase the best cricket kit for proper training and practice. We have recorded the main nine cricket kits, and we trust that will make your pursuit less complicated. Our top picks would be GM Complete Kit with Helmet, SG Economy Cricket Kit, and Klapp Champion Cricket Kit. Comment below which one you like the most.

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