Updated: September 15, 2021

5 Best Dining Table Sets in India With Buying guide October 2021

Written by Robin
5 Best Dining Table Sets in India With Buying guide October 2021
5 Best Dining Table Sets in India With Buying guide October 2021

The dining table is where loved ones meet up to invest some energy and appreciate homemade food. Take as much time as is needed to research and purchase the correct one, as the Dining table is a costly venture.

The Dining you pick should be reliable, ought to have an excellent dining limit, and should suit your room size. Check underneath the purchasing guide before you settle on a choice.

Total number of members using the dining table 

It's a period of present-day families, carrying on with bustling life, with lesser dispersed homes.

The savvy choice is to search for a Dining table, dependent on how frequently you find a good pace.

Remembering which, we have placed in our rundown two, three-seat and seat, and four-seater dining tables, that take less space, looks beautiful, and keen because they are made of best quality wood.

Which table would complete the stylistic theme of your house?

You can either go for a shiny or matt completion tabletop; both looks have their part of tastefulness. Matt's completion furniture adds warmth and surface to your Dining space. A polished Dining table set makes a crisp, open, and current dining setting.

On the off chance that you are searching for a matt-finished wooden Dining table, at that point, something like DeckUp Dining set is exactly what you need.

For the reflexive completion, we would propose Shree Jeen Mata Enterprises Dining set from our rundown, or you can even search for a sly plan like RjKart from our review of 'Best Dining Table Sets'.

What state of tabletop suits your insides? 

Round or Oval molded dining sets are generally for social purposes. Which is the reason you find round tables in eateries or cafeterias the most?

Square formed tables give a progressively open and extensive sort of feel, and have a lot of choices. They can fit in a little corner effectively.

Rectangular formed dining space is the thing that we suggest. As they are roomy, they are an incredible match with Dining seats, and they can provide space for more seats if someone comes suddenly.

How to Choose the Right Wooden Dining Table? 

Regardless of whether you wish to put your Dining table near the window, verandah, or in a shut space, you do need to pick the right wooden Dining table. One that won't douse dampness and begin wearing off or structure splits too effectively. 

Warranty, every one of these criteria referenced here, is met. 

Maintain a strategic distance from Thick Veneer 

When searching for a wooden dining table, avoid thick facade, since it will strip off from the base at some point or another. How would you know whether the facade is more abundant – the tabletop will feel plastic-like. 

Another conspicuous thing to see is the creases that associate the corners. 

Comprehend the Difference between Hardwood and Composite Wood 

Continuously choose hardwood, for example, Sheesham, rather than composite wood-like compressed wood, hardwood solids, and MDF. 

Composite woods are a blend of hard and delicate wood bits that compacts into the board even though they are strong yet not as sturdy as hardwood. 

And keeping in mind that MDF may stay relentless for the present moment, your hardwood furniture will truly last more. 

Avoid Wooden Table with Removable Legs 

Dining tables with removable legs are frequently made of fiberboard, a material determined out of squeezed wood scraps. 

We would recommend you to stay away from these wooden dining sets, as they will never keep going long.

Why Wooden Dining Tables are the Best? 

A wooden dining table set is a blend of stylish intrigue and auxiliary respectability, something that no other material can give. 

Here are some reasons why you ought to be paying a unique mind to wooden dining tables: 

Strength and Durability 

Wood is a natural crude material, which makes it durable and vigorous. Subsequently, it's an ideal decision for a purchaser searching for a life span. 

Whether it is a hardwood (wood from broadleaved trees, for example, oak) or a softwood (wood from conifers like pine trees), there is an intrinsic steadiness that is normal in tree woods. 

Steadiness and sturdiness likewise Warranty simple upkeep. You just need to wax, clean, and oil your Dining set every so often. 

Look and Feel 

Wood, whether light shaded or dull, adds appeal to your home style. What's more, when created by a gifted craftsman, they transform into genuine showstoppers regarding structure and advancement. 

Additionally, on the off chance that you remain in high thickness condo, amidst city center pal, at that point, you may wish to cultivate a feeling of inherent nature in your living space. 

A wooden dining space is an ideal method to accomplish this, through its wide shading range and intriguing examples of filaments. 


Wood comes in an assortment of hues and tones, which is the thing that changes up Dining table styles. 

The unpretentious, yet recognizable contrast in surfaces means the assortment remainder. 

Aside from the conspicuous surface and tone assortment, wood can be cut and finished in a variety of ways that you won't get in glass dining table sets. 


A wooden Dining set goes with any home setting and is likewise perfect for homes with kids. There are lesser odds of mishaps. 

The adaptability of wooden furniture reaches out to the outside as well. You can utilize the seats to sit in your galleries or verandas, as there is no dread of rusting.

Best Wood in India 

The more significant part of the wooden dining sets that we remembered for our rundown of '7 Best Dining Table Sets' is made of Sheesham or Rubber Wood. 

We are sure you will need to know why Sheesham or Rubber? 

In this way, here are a few reasons why Sheesham is viewed as the best for home furnishings: 


Accessibility – Sheesham is a deciduous tree found in India, henceforth the wood is anything but difficult to benefit. This is what makes Sheesham one of the most looked after choices in the Indian furniture industry. 

Best Carving Alternative – Sheesham is the best hardwood for desiring, according to specialists. 

Additionally, it has a medium-coarse surface, which Warranty that the wood doesn't twist or break during cutting. 

Prudent – Since Sheesham is anything but difficult to profit, there is no additional exportation cost for makers, which diminishes the assembling value, making Sheesham Dining tables moderate. 


Even though elastic wood isn't on a par with Sheesham with regards to assortment, however, this one is a durable wood, and can likewise be profited at a lower cost. 

One more significant nature of Rubber is that it very well may be human-made. A material built by joining a few pieces to give it a superior look. 

We at bagittoday, prescribe Sheesham for the best quality dining table set.

How to Protect a Wooden Dining Table? 

Indeed, wooden Dining tables are enduring, yet they are likewise presented to measure brought about by your pets and children, daylight, and harsh use. 

Most dining tables are inclined to dampness, defacing, warmth, and synthetic substances since they remain inside. 

Furthermore, if you wish to keep the Dining set outside, they ought to have the option to withstand daylight, downpour, and wind. In this way, purchase your Dining set, yet also, realize the best approach to ensure it. 

Here are some straightforward suggestions that you can take to defend your wooden dining table set: 


While moving your dishes, glasses, or jars, please don't hurry, instead get them and put at the other spot. 

Additionally, if you are getting any stoneware, lights, or things on your table, join a felt cushion at their base for simple development. Use cloth, cotton, or placemats while you sit to feast. 


Wipe fluid spills promptly, provided that left unattended, can harm the wood finish, and in the long run, the wood itself. 

Search for singular napkins; they will monitor your dining tabletop from water rings. 

Another excellent method to ensure your wooden dining set is to request a custom clear glass that fits the tabletop. This will secure the whole wood surface.  

Additionally, don't utilize synthetics, such as fingernails clean, as though they spill, then the stain won't go smoothly. 


Abstain from keeping hot containers and dishes straightforwardly on your wooden table. 

Put a heated cushion, or container/pot remain under each hot dish, or better despite everything spread the total table with a defensive cushion, intended to fit the whole table. 

If your wooden Dining table for inside use, move it out of direct daylight, as the UV beams may blur or fade the wood. 

If your dining zone is in a shut space, keep up a room temperature of 70 to 75-degrees Fahrenheit and a mugginess level of 50 to 55 percent to help the wood not dry. Since dried-out wood split or brake effectively. 


Apply a new layer of paint, stain, or water-repellent sealant, to shield you outside the Dining table sets from enduring. 

If you don't make these essential strides, at that point, your wooden set will blur, spoil, or rot soon. 

Likewise, spread your outdoor dining tables with canopy, porch, or rooftop umbrella to give that extra insurance against standard components. 


While cleaning your dining table-use build-up free tidying fabric, that is hosed with a wood furniture finish—this aide in expelling residue and earth particles from your wooden tables. 

When you clean the tables on a week after week premise, it evacuates oil, residue, and grime and over-the-top form-ups. 

We propose you to abstain from utilizing dry fabric to clean the wood furniture, as that will pound the residue down into the wood, causing minuscule scratches.

Here’s The List Of The Best Dining Table Sets

1. Furniture World Dining Table Set
2. Corazzin Dining Table Set
3. Mamta Decoration Dining Table Set
4. RjKart Dining Table Set
5. Shree Jeen Mata Dining Table Set

Furniture World Dining Table Set

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Furniture World Dining Table Set

Much the same as its 2 Seater Dining table set, that looks exquisite and takes insignificant space. An uncommon blend that each contemporary Indian family unit needs today. The wood utilized is Sheesham. One that can be considered at standard with oak and teak yet comes at a less expensive rate.

More advantages that you get from Furniture World are: 

  • Its advanced look will mix well with an inside stylistic theme 
  • The seats weight a unimportant 9kgs and the table 40 kg, that makes it simple to deal with 
  • The total set is carefully assembled and hand-painted giving it a bit of genuineness 
  • The stature of the table is 30-inch and the width is 45-inch, and the seats are 34-inch long and 17.5-inch wide. This implies the dining set can be effectively obliged in a room that is littler than a normal 10-by-12 feet lounge area. 
  • Warranty: All Furniture World items accompany a 1-year Warranty 
  • Generally, a great dining set to choose, on the off chance that you have a minimized level, or you wish to have a comfortable Dining space set up. 


  • An exquisite and valid dining set
  • Accompanies 10 days returning strategy


  • You would need to assemble the item yourself

Corazzin Dining Table Set

View Price On Amazon

Corazzin Dining Table Set

Standing consistent with its promise of offering adaptable furniture sets, this darker shaded Corazzin 4 seater Dining set will fit well with both light and dim-hued insides. 

The item additionally parades the best quality, as composed of Sheesham wood, a sort of hardwood known for its toughness. 

Some more purposes behind us to put Corazzin Dining set in our rundown of best are: 

  • You get numerous Dining choices right now 2,4 and 6 seaters. 
  • Sheesham wood is anything but difficult to profit in India, bringing down the assembling cost, along these lines a decrease in by and large expense. 
  • The table wears an upper clean which shields it from water spills. 
  • The components of the two-seater Dining set is like Furniture World – 45-inch long table, which is 30-inch wide. Seats are 17.5-inch long and wide, making it perfect for little space. 
  • Warranty: a year Warranty against assembling absconds. 
  • Generally speaking, a great looking Dining set with plugs appended at the base of the legs of the table and every one of the seats, making it simple to move, and expands the item's sturdiness. 


  • Makes for a good expansion to home
  • Ergonomically planned seats Warranty more prominent solace


  • You would need to gather the item yourself

Mamta Decoration Dining Table Set

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Mamta Decoration Dining Table Set

It is an interestingly planned furnishings. The seats have long streaming, bent-back help that looks modern, and gives sufficient solace. 

Rather than the past two, Mamta Decoration is offering a four-seater dining table set. 

The seats accompany connected pads, and subsequently can be utilized for numerous reasons like in family rooms, or while sitting and working. 

We can likewise ensure the quality and solidness of the furnishings, as it is made of Sheesham wood. Perhaps the best hardwood found in Indian soil. 

Some different advantages that you will get when they purchase this dining set are: 

  • The set has an amazingly current and contemporary look that will breathe life into any vacant space. 
  • You have a decision in the conceals of the wood from Dark Walnut to Honey Teak Brown. 
  • Indeed, even the pads come in an assortment of hues like Teal and Cream. 
  • Contrasted with Furniture World and Corazzin, both the table and seats of Mamta Decoration Dining Set are more extensive. The table is 40-inch long and 40-inch wide and 30-inch in stature. 
  • The seats' Dining stature is 18-inch, which is inside the normal Dining tallness of dining seats (18-20 inch). 
  • Warranty: year Warranty against assembling surrenders 
  • In general, an incredibly exquisite and present-day looking Dining table set, that you will love to claim and parade. 


  • Gives abundant hand-space while you sit to eat
  • The item is actually the manner in which it glances in Amazon picture


  • You would need to gather the item yourself

RjKart Dining Table Set

View Price On Amazon

RjKart Dining Table Set

Notwithstanding the plan, this four-seater offers padded seats, causing you to feel completely good when you sit on them. The state of the table is square, which implies the whole set will consume less space

Aside from plan and solace, what RjKart additionally offers is supportability. The wood used to make this piece is Sheesham, and like we realize it is the best quality wood accessible in the Indian market. 

Some other valid statements that we noted were: 

  • Its nectar finish makes the dining set look brilliant and lovely. 
  • The cut structure adds to the excellence. 
  • Another advantage is that you can likewise utilize the seats for your lounge. 
  • The stature of the table is 30-inch and seats are elevated 36-inch, an even extent permitting you to get to the tabletop easily. 
  • The length of the table is 35-inch and width also is 35-inch, useful for Dining four individuals and pleasing their dishes too. 
  • The length of the seat is 18-inch and width is 18-inch, giving enough space for you to move and modify effectively on it. 
  • Warranty: a half year Warranty against assembling absconds 
  • In general, we give this Dining set full checks for being both gorgeous and agreeable simultaneously. 


  • Great wood quality
  • Has an unmistakable wood table-top


  • You would need to amass the item yourself

Shree Jeen Mata Dining Table Set

View Price On Amazon

Shree Jeen Mata Dining Table Set

Shree Jeen Dining Set is a structure of 3 seats and a bench that joins the shiny tabletop, making the set look up-to-date and smooth. This Honey Teak Brown dining set is cut out of Sheesham wood. The best with regards to making enduring furnishings. 

Some different advantages that we liked you to note are: 

  • The lustrous tabletop doesn't allow residue to settle or water leak inside the wood 
  • Additionally, the shine finish makes it simple to clean and keep up 
  • The seats have a more extensive base, thus does the seat 
  • The seat is 58cm long to give enough space to you to sit and move around easily. 
  • In contrast to the rest, the Shree Jeen dining set offers the conventional rectangular table, which gives enough space to keep everything together on the table – nourishment bowls, dishes, glasses, and so forth. 
  • Warranty: 1-year Warranty against assembling abandons 
  • Generally most appropriate for contemporary, modern insides. You can likewise utilize this dining set for business reasons. 


  • Eminently created
  • Makes a delightful impression


  • You would need to amass the item yourself


A dining table is a long haul venture, consequently, you found a good pace when getting one. While there are various components that should be thought about you can peruse it in our purchasing guide. Offer your involvement with the case you have just purchased any of these items. Pick the best dining table from our rundown!

Written by Robin

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