Updated: December 21, 2020

5 Best DSLR Cameras In India With Buying guide October 2021

Written by Sumit Pandey
5 Best DSLR Cameras In India With Buying guide October 2021
5 Best DSLR Cameras In India With Buying guide October 2021

DSLR cameras have just been one of the top options for each photographer who have either quite recently begun their voyage or have been doing it for quite a long time. Cell phone cameras have without a doubt advanced throughout the years but can’t beat the amazing quality of a DSLR camera. If you are in the search of an amazing DSLR camera, then we have outlined everything you need to know to select the best DSLR camera!

From section level to full-outline DSLRs, there are shifted alternatives focused on various clients relying upon the financial limit encounters. So experience every one of the alternatives and settle on the correct decision.

Purchasing Guide For Best DSLR Camera In India 

In this article, we have mentioned 5 best DSLR cameras in India, but before jumping to that section, let’s go through the features that you must consider. On the off chance that you are a beginner, you may not comprehend the specialized terms and which is the reason we have caused a general rundown of components you can consider before purchasing a camera.

Look at the Factors here: 

1. Picture Sensors 

This is a significant piece of the camera. It catches light and records pictures onto the DSLR camera. There are various sorts that are viewed as normal among the rundown you have seen previously. 

Practically every camera, by and large, utilizes the CMOS sensor type. They are less expensive and consume less force than the other sensor types. Additionally, you would discover cameras with full-outline sensor measures just as the edited ones. In the event that you are a sports photographer, then you can consider the trimmed sensor estimate. To capture compositional photos, a full-outline will provide more space and comfortability to you.

2. MegaPixels 

The quality of a photo would depend majorly on the number of pixels. A larger number of pixels or high resolution are the intricate details present in an image. It doubtlessly somewhat relies upon the number of pixels.

High resolutions in cameras give more detail to the pictures and are less grainy. On the off chance when you anticipate printing these Images, the quality would be good and ultimately, there would be less hard work while taking pictures. 

3. Weight 

Regardless of how moderate the camera is, it should be minimal and simple to utilize. You should think about the heaviness of the camera, since being a photographer you need to carry it with you regardless of whether you are a learner. 

For individual use as well, a lightweight camera would be handier, whereas, the heavyweight camera can be a little trickier to carry around.

4. ISO Range 

The ISO range determines the image senor’s sensitivity. When facing low light, you must increase the ISO for a better quality of images. The greater part of the purchasers searching for a camera emphasizes majorly on those models who are equipped to capture images in low light too.

Your camera can extend from 100 to 25600 ISO and can be expandable to a significantly higher number. Yet, it should be considered that as higher you move, it might get noisy. Be that as it may, a few cameras have a bit of freedom over this that go on a higher ISO which gives ideal pictures in low light and other light variety. 

5. Connectivity 

With various availability of options in a camera, you can quietly catch and send pictures legitimately to your cell phone. Pretty much every camera has features like Wifi, NFC, Bluetooth, and GPS innovation. 

Utilizing the Wifi and Bluetooth, interface your perfect gadgets with this camera and share pictures even in a hurry. The inherent GPS will help you naturally label the areas to the pictures when you click it.

Attachments To Be Bought Along With DSLR

There are a lot more gears which could be easily fit on to your DSLR and some of them are given below:


A decent camera bag that could be able to keep your camera as well as a minimum of two lenses with it. It should be a professional bag that would be able to carry along the charger, a side pocket to help you keep extra SD cards.

Extra Battery:

An extra battery so that you do not completely drain out of battery.

Cleaning kit:

You should carry a lens cleaning kit along with you which includes microfiber cloth, a cleaning fluid that helps to clean your gears.

Focal lenses:

If your photography revolves around capturing a variety of shots, then it would be easier if you buy two different size lenses. The most commonly used lenses are short-ranged lens and a wide-ranged lens. For more quality photos, you can consider wide-ranged lens too.

Tripod for support:

For most of the shots, photographers are supposed to hold the camera for a longer period of time. In such cases, you must buy a camera tripod stand along with the DSLR to get stable captures. With a tripod stand, there won’t be any scope of blurry photos.

Memory card:

A SD card in any event with an 8GB memory limit.

Here’s The List Of The Best DSLR Cameras

1. Nikon D5600
2. Canon EOS 80D
3. Nikon Coolpix P900
4. Canon EOS 200D
5. Nikon D5300

Nikon D5600

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Nikon D5600

The Nikon D5600 is gooThe Nikon D5600 is good compared to other DSLR cameras that you could ever go over. In the series of Nikon D5000 DSLR cameras, this model offers an affordable cost yet surplus facilities.

This Nikon camera comes with a touchscreen 3.2-inch contact interface, which allows managing the zoom functions with your fingers. The facility of  24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensors helps to capture high-resolution images giving a progressive point by the point picture quality. In the case of the heaviness of the camera, it isn’t too light-weight nor excessively heavy. In this way, it would be easier to carry it around while working.

Along with other Nikon camera models, this camera also has a similar image processor, Expeed 4. Also, the processor also equips in providing a video quality of 1080p. It is most likely a bit eye-opening as the different cameras of the same series have the same num of different cameras that have just been furnished with a 4k show.

In the event that you are a YouTuber or wanting to purchase a camera to record your videos, well this camera could be an ideal decision. It has a little work in the receiver, which you can prove to be useful while recording. 

In addition, you can interface every single keen gadget, for example, cell phone, PCs, printers, with the camera. It has different availability alternatives, for example, WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth. This bundle incorporates Digital Camera D5600 BK In 18-55 VR and 70-300 VR Kit, DK-25 elastic eyecup, BF-1B body top, EN-EL14a battery-powered Li-particle battery (with terminal spread), A DC3 tie, and an MH-24 battery charger. 

SensorAPS-C CMOS Sensor 
Pixels 24.2 MegaPixels
Focal point mountNikon F
Picture ProcessorExpeed 4 
ISO100-25600 sensitivity extend
AvailabilityWiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth


  • Huge touchscreen interface
  • Reasonable value extend
  • Numerous availability alternatives
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Just 1080p display
  • No in-body adjustment feature

Canon EOS 80D

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Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is one of those cameras holding the first APS-C CMOS sensors. This sensor excels in using double pixel sensors for better speed and capturing images at low light.  Being the successor of EOS 70D, EOS 80D has a 45-point half and half AF framework with the full focus being cross-type though 70D had just a 19-point AF framework.

This Canon model likewise has a point touchscreen LCD, that will assist you with catching numerous photos from various edges. The touch interface gives simple access to manage the settings. This camera is unique in terms of furnishing 100% spreads with the Intelligent Viewfinder.

Proceeding forward, we have 24.2 MP resolutions that are a normal number found in the majority of the cameras nowadays. The refined individual pixels empower the ISO speed of 12800 territories which can climb to as high as 25600. This will guarantee that you can catch beautiful pictures even in low light. 

Groups double pixels sensors have been ended up being conveying quick and high-resolutions pictures consistently. Likewise, it exceeds expectations in the nature of recordings also. The DIGIC 6 Image Processor alongside the sensors ready to catch top-notch recordings and pictures.

This DSLR camera has a burst speed of 7fps with the nonstop shooting. Along with other facilities, it also includes WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth assistance.

SensorAPS-C CMOS Sensor 
Pixels 24.2 MegaPixels
Focal point mountEF-S 
Picture ProcessorDIGIC 6 
ISO100-12800 sensitivity extend
AvailabilityWiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth


  • Phenomenal Battery life
  • Staggering Images in low light
  • Live-see for shooting and recording
  • Contact screen interface
  • Climate fixed body


  • Costly for amateurs
  • Poor Dynamic Range

Nikon Coolpix P900

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Nikon Coolpix P900

The Nikon Coolpix P900 is yet another amazing DSLR model on our rundown! This one holds a special position among other models of Nikon with surplus qualities and amazing features. With affordable prices and handy camera settings, this camera could be the best option for you if you have a low budget.

The best feature of this camera is the 83x Optical Zoom. With this feature, you will be able to click high-quality images even from a distance. The 16.1 MP BSI-CMOS sensor plays the main role in leveling up the quality images. In a strict sense, these sensors increment the measure of light caught along these lines improving the image quality in low light.

The P900 accompanies a 3-inch point TFT LCD screen. With various edges, you can shoot high just as low point shots utilizing this touchscreen as the AF framework.

The electronic Viewfinder gives 100% inclusion for wide points shots. It is naturally exchanged between the screen and viewfinder shooting, which uses the inherent eye-sensor. The weight of the DSLR camera measure around 898g, which is double the size of Canon EOS 80D. This doubtlessly isn’t a perfect alternative in the event that you are an enthusiastic traveler. 

In CoolPix variation cameras, Nikon has furnished it with Expeed C2 Image Processors. It has a totally unique innovation and diverse firmware. Most importantly, it is a lot less expensive than any other camera making the general expense of the camera entirely sensible. You may get baffled with the ISO extent that has the most extreme farthest point to 6400. In spite of the fact that it gives a reasonable picture yet delivers better photos in low light too. 

TTo click sharp photographs and recordings, you can use Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction, where shots are settled at a screen speed of around 5.0 for improved haze decrease exactness. For availability, it has a GPS work that will remain associated with consistency and mark your areas, alongside Wifi and NFC associations.

SensorBSI-CMOS Sensor 
Pixels16.0 MegaPixels
Focal point mountNikon F 
Picture ProcessorExpeed C2 
ISO100-6400 sensitivity extend
AvailabilityWiFi, NFC, and GPS


  • Moderate and Sturdy structure
  • Ideal for Wildlife photography
  • Great Image adjustment
  • Useful for amateurs


  • Overwhelming Body
  • Poor client care service

Canon EOS 200D

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Canon EOS 200D

The Canon EOS 200D is another expansion to the rundown of the best DSLR camera in India. This camera is a complete package of better facilities, great camera quality, and much more. For instance, you will get some settings like EOS 200D Body, EF-S18-55 IS STM, EF-S55-250 IS STM, Battery Pack, Lens Cap, Battery Charger, Eye Cup.

It has a stunning shading mix that makes it look crisp and tasteful. It is lightweight and smaller, ideal for you to grab it around for your traveling purposes. This was most readily accessible around two years back and still serves to be the best DSLR camera in India. The combination of the image processor and sensors cooperates to give better video recording, shooting, catching sharp pictures, and so on.

It includes an enormous 24.2 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 7 Image Processor. This camera is famed for clicking magnificent photos in lowlight and indoor shoots. The ISO speed ranges from 100 to 25600, also, it can be adjusted up to 51200 according to your requirement. Likewise, you can handle every setting by going over the LCD touchscreen, which also allows you to manage Zoom in and out options.

Moreover, the most exciting feature of this camera is that EOS 200D allows the shooting of motion pictures! The Full HD 60p/50p mode is perfect for clicking some warm moments with your pets, loved ones, and family.

If you love clicking your single shots or selfies, you can manage it on this camera as well! Just turn the LCD screen by pivoting it up to 3-inch and click an post-worthy shot. Also, you can undoubtedly associate and move the video and images on your cell phone through Bluetooth.

SensorAPS-C CMOS Sensor 
Pixels24.2 MegaPixels
Focal point mountEF-S 
Picture ProcessorDIGIC 7 
ISO100-25600 sensitivity extend
AvailabilityWiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth


  • Brilliant Battery life
  • Less clamor
  • Too Lightweight
  • Genuinely Affordable
  • Impeccable low light Images


  • Lower AF focuses.
  • Littler in-assembled Flash

Nikon D5300

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Nikon D5300

The Nikon D5300 is a blend of everything a person would ask for! It is flexible, moderate, and in addition, ticks out everything in the rundown for an ideal camera you could imagine! D5300 is a suitable choice for beginners since it has minimal weight and small size.

It includes a 24.2 MP DX-position CMOS sensor which encourages you to take astounding pictures. This sensor is utilized particularly by Nikon which is a lIt includes a 24.2 MP DX-position CMOS sensor for better quality pictures. This sensor is utilized particularly by Nikon which is a littler sensor at 24x16mm. D5300 is a strong camera with a 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen to manage every setting on a single touch. Also, to click photographs from different and quirky angles, control the AF framework from the settings.

The camera includes the quickest image processor with a 39-point self-adjust, Expeed 4. The Nikon D5300 has an optical low-pass channel, which lets you click the minor and intricate details in one go. The ISO ranges from 100 to 12800 to keep low disturbance, which can be extended further to 25600 to click quality photos in low light.

On the off chance that you have been searching for a camera suitable for fulfilling your requirements for photography, sports, or motion pictures, Nikon D5300 would be an excellent choice! The 3D Tracking mode helps in clicking strong recordings and keep the item in center flawless. You can browse an assortment of AF region modes to be specific, Wide-Area AF, Face Priority AF, and Subject Tracking AF.

Moreover, you can without much of a stretch exchange pictures interfacing your cellphone to wifi and camera, Also, while venturing to every part of the inherent GPS will prove to be useful to stamp your photographs with the area.

SensorDX-Format CMOS 
Pixels24.2 MegaPixels
Focal point mountNikon F 
Picture ProcessorExpeed 4 
ISO100-12800 sensitivity extend
AvailabilityWiFi, NFC, and GPS


  • Moderate
  • Reduced and lightweight
  • Extraordinary for apprentices
  • Great battery life


  • Conceivable warming issue
  • Littler edits


I am almost certain that you may have settled on your decision for the best DSLR camera in India. We didn't make a rundown of over 10+ cameras as they are substantially more confusing with regards to choosing one alternative. So a little but exceptionally evaluated and a curated list has been referenced. 

If after this, you are uncertain and can’t settle on your own, contact us and we will reach out to you soon!

Written by Sumit Pandey

My name is Sumit Kumar Pandey and I’m a content writer and blogger who specializes in writing about technology, web design, and online marketing.

After working as a research scholar in the engineering field for many years, I’m now a full-time content writer, helping people get more exposure and generate more leads for their businesses.

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