5 Best Electric Guitars in India January 2022 with Purchasing Guide

Updated: July 22, 2020

Electric guitars are an essential part of jazz and rock music. When it comes to music, it offers energetic beats that you can't avoid. Moreover, musicians are ready to invest a hefty amount for these electric guitars just to get proper design, structure, and music.

But how can you find out the best electric guitar? In today's time, you will come across a wide variety of electric guitars offering different styles, colors, and service. This article mentions it all! We have lined out probably the best electric guitars in India with significant highlights and various kinds.

Purchasing Guide For The Best Electric Guitars 

Various factors you have to consider before buying the electric guitar are:


You can discover various knobs in any electric guitar, which are significant for tuning them. This can incorporate choices like a volume knob and a tone knob. It permits you to change the volume, just like its sounds. 

Guitar Type:

Various shapes and types can characterize electric guitars. Strong body, semi-empty body, and a hollow body. The most popular alternative is the strong body, which is useful in a wide variety of music classes. 


The pickups of an electric guitar are very significant for its working. A guitar can have various pickups to offer different sounds with different techniques.

You can go through the following Purchasing Guide for electric guitars right now. Accordingly, you can essentially skim through this article and pick the best electric guitar for you. 

The Basic Components of an Electric Guitar 


Present underneath the strings and on the body of the electric guitar, pickups act as an attractive field. When you play the metal strings, they vibrate and produce a presentation that the pickup to the guitar link and the speaker transmits. This may be only a single pickup in a guitar or 3 to 4 pickups relying upon the guitar. 

Volume Knobs

There are 3 volume knobs present on an electric guitar. The knobs permit the player to modify the yield volume of the guitar. 

Tone Knobs

Tone knobs present on the guitar permit the player to move among high and low frequencies in the pickup. Guitars having numerous pickups have different tone knobs. 

Selector/Cut Off switches

The selector switch gave to choose singular pickups and actuate them while cutting off others. 

Yield Jack

The yield jack is available on the backside of the guitar. To plug the guitar to the speaker, use a jack.

Electric Guitar Body Type 

There are three primary kinds of electric guitar body styles – strong body, empty body, and semi-empty body. 

Strong Body

Solid-body electric guitars use a solitary bit of wood, and they are profound and robust. There is no reverberation bore in strong body guitars, so they should be stopped to speakers. Strong body guitars have an assortment of pickups and electronic alternatives, which make them reasonable for metal music, jamming, punk, and so on. 

Empty Body Guitar

Hollow body guitars are vacant within the body. Even though there is no solid opening in empty body guitars, they have various pickups, which makes them appropriate for playing jazz. They have a profound and warm mid-go. 

Semi-empty guitar

This is a crossbreed model with a pattern structure with a little empty part in the body. These guitars have light and brilliant tones that make them ideal for bluegrass music and people rock. 

Scale Length

The scale length of a guitar alludes to the length of the strings, and it estimates from the nut to the scaffold. Guitars with longer scale length have more tightly string pressure with a more splendid tone and well-characterized low end. Guitars with shorter scale length have less string strain, which allows simpler twisting of the strings and offers hotter tones. 

Neck Construction

The neck portion of the guitar incorporates the fretboard and headstock, also, you can find tuners here. The width and profile of the neck influence the playability of the guitar. Most necks are either "C" or "U" molded. As a rule, the fretboard is produced using a thin layer of rosewood or dark, yet a few guitars have maple necks. The fretboard has position dabs and other trimmed markers that help the player. There are commonly three kinds of necks – jolt on, set neck, and neck through. 

Jolt on

The jolt on the neck appears on the guitar body. This kind of neck is anything but difficult to supplant and fix, yet it offers less in general reverberation contrasted with set neck and neck through guitars. 

Set neck

This sort of guitar neck is placed into the body of the guitar and stuck into the spot. You can crosscheck its strength by securing the neck to the body. 


This kind of neck stretches out through the whole length of the body of the guitar. The wings stuck to the side of the body. 

Tone woods

The wood of the guitar impacts the sound of the guitar majorly. The vibration from the wood determines the extent of the wave of strings and the state of their movement. Mahogany, maple, or debris are the most common wood used to make guitars. 


The reliable and thick wood of mahogany is used to make the guitar body. It is a profoundly thunderous wood that builds the support of the guitar. 


Maple is, for the most part, utilized for the guitar neck. It is a hard and thick wood that gives a brilliant tone and upgrades the trebles in the sound of the guitar. 


Rosewood is utilized for making the fretboards. 


Ash is the standard wood used for the body material of strong body guitars. It is exceptionally loud and gives a splendid tone to the guitar. 

Electric Guitar Tuner

the tuner is mounted on the guitar's headstock, and it holds the strings set up and allows the player to tune the instrument by altering string pressure. The knobs present on the tuner are tuned to change the string strain. 

Scaffolds and Tailpieces

These two pieces of the electric guitar work to control the tone and playability of the guitar. The structure mounts on the lower part of the guitar. The strings direct over the scaffold before closure in the rear end. Extensions help to tune the strings of changing length, thickness, and metals, and permit simple modification of the string length. 

A few scaffolds permit the presentation of vibrato into the sound utilizing a moving vibrato arm which moves the extension here and there. This capacity is called tremolo. 

Tremolo System

A tremolo framework permits the player to move the scaffold here and there and alters the pitch and notes of the guitar. This system is known as a drifting scaffold.

Here’s The List Of The Best Electric Guitars

1. Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-String Right-Handed Electric Guitar
2. Fender Squier 0370005506 6-Strings Right-Handed Electric Guitar
3. Vault RG1 Soloist Maple Fretboard, Transparent Black Electric Guitar
4. Ibanez GRX 40 TFB, 6 Strings Right-Handed Electric Guitar
5. Jackson JS Dinky Arch Top JS22 Metallic Blue Electric Guitar

Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-String Right-Handed Electric Guitar

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Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-String Right-Handed Electric Guitar

First on our rundown is Juarez JRZ-ST01, a six-stringed electric guitar. Juarez has been an established name in the realm of strings and sounds. It has bid crowds everything being equal and ranges with its quality instrumentation and completely shoestring spending models.

An essential electric guitar, the Juarez JRZ ST01, is a perfect guitar for learners and has a 38 inches tallness by and large. The six-stringed magnificence has ergonomics, which are ideal for right-hand use. It comes in brilliant red, sunburst, and dark hues and has a smooth plan cut.

The guitar is made out of incredible quality Linden wood and has 18 frets altogether, enough and ideal for amateurs. While the fretboard is black wood, the fingerboard is made of rosewood, and the guitar's neck is made out of maple wood. All the assembled material utilized is of sound quality (no word play proposed!)

This guitar has a chrome bite, the dust cast machine head, tempered steel strings, and the equipped tuning is linden wood outline, official. The casing and the string set up of the guitar are of high caliber, and with this, the exhibition of the guitar is of incredible quality.

Going to functionalities, it has a five-way PU selector switch, which gives you enough tonal exchanging conceivable outcomes. It has the standard volume and tone control handles. The connector link which accompanies it is additionally of not too bad quality, yet the pack is non-padded. So please take some additional consideration while putting away the guitar.

In general, we can conclude that this guitar is a value-for-money product and an ideal pick for individuals who love the plan and wish to figure out how to play the instrument.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Perfect for fledglings
  • Incredible execution
  • Smooth Design
  • Incentive for Money


  • Has no warranty

Fender Squier 0370005506 6-Strings Right-Handed Electric Guitar

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Fender Squier 0370005506 6-Strings Right-Handed Electric Guitar

Fender is a renowned name in the guitar business catering to the successful rockstars of our nation, from Eric Clapton to Jeff Beck. Fender's Stratocaster has accumulated a religious following since they started their journey in 1950.

Fender Squier Bullet Fat Stratocaster is a six-stringed electric guitar with ergonomics appropriate for right-handed players. This guitar has a white body with a dark polyurethane finish on the board.

This guitar has a basswood body and uses maple wood for the neck area. The fretboard is rosewood and has 21 medium fusses, with each having a 9.5 span of the fingerboard. It has good quality and provides effective execution.

Furthermore, there is the HSS design. Considered as the most flexible arrangement for pickup, the HSS offers incredible tones. The H/S/S humbucker span pickup is stout and provides an upgraded low-end crunchy sound for better yield.

Yield sound nature of the guitar is terrific, because of the double loop humbucker pickup. Splendidly put next to the tremolo. From an amateur to an experienced player, this is a great and exact fit.

The item is budget-friendly as the more significant part of such standard electric guitars is mid-high, making this reasonably extended. Moreover, it has one maker's year warranty for any item related harms.


  • Basswood Body for better form quality
  • Strings are agreeable for the fingers
  • The quality yield of sound and tone
  • HSS design
  • 1 year constrained warranty


  • Little buzz sounds while playing at low volumes

Vault RG1 Soloist Maple Fretboard, Transparent Black Electric Guitar

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Vault RG1 Soloist Maple Fretboard, Transparent Black Electric Guitar

A guitar with huge frets and excessively smooth plan and shading blends, the RG1RW electric guitar is the dream guitar for many.

This guitar has a machine head made out of tuners and has a bracket bar with double activity. The dual activity bracket pole empowers fortified execution of the string of the guitar while the tuners have 16:1 tuning, something that is just accessible in premium quality guitars.

The HSH pickup builds the nature of the yield sound. This quality produces clear sound quality while using high volume sounds. The frets utilized in the guitar are made with thicker wires for better convenience and ergonomics. The guitar is perfect for right-handed users.

Vault Soloist guitar is made out of basswood while the fretboard is made of rosewood and the neck is made out of maple wood. The Strings utilized are tempered steel and are light in weight. Henceforth no press pressure while playing. The fabricate materials expel any uncertainty or inquiries concerning the nature of the item.

Sharktooth trims of the guitar add to its tasteful and playability request all in all. The whammy bar of the guitar has smooth vibrato capacities so you can change the pitch of your strings effectively. Concerning the guarantee, this guitar accompanies a producer's warranty of 1 year.


  • Double activity support pole
  • Huge Jumbo Frets
  • HSH Pickup
  • Incredible plan
  • Incredible form of quality
  • Smooth vibrato work because of the whammy bar
  • 1 Year maker's warranty


  • Could enhance the tuning particulars
  • Could improve the volume yields

Ibanez GRX 40 TFB, 6 Strings Right-Handed Electric Guitar

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Ibanez GRX 40 TFB, 6 Strings Right-Handed Electric Guitar

Ibanez is one of the leading guitar brands amongst the beginners and established guitarists. It accompanies an advanced tuner to assist you in making your tuning simple.

The guitar body is basswood, the neck is maple wood, while the fretboard is pure rosewood. The frets are large, like the Vault RG1RW Soloist Electric Guitar.

The guitar's neck area accompanies a white speck trim over it. A standard DL tremolo whammy connection speeds up the destroying and playing of discrete strings at a quicker rate. The HSS pickup setups are attached to a single volume control handle, which gives you an unrivaled sound yield control.

Because of the HSS setup, the guitar will, in general, give you a prevalent sound yield even with the nearness of a single curl. The item has a maker's warranty of 1 year and is perfect for moderate to star-level players on a spending chase.


  • Kind sized fusses
  • Incredible vibrato framework
  • HSS design
  • A prevalent form of quality
  • Free advanced tuner as a frill
  • Incentive for cash


  • Could enhance the user assistance

Jackson JS Dinky Arch Top JS22 Metallic Blue Electric Guitar

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The one thing that differentiates the Jackson JS Dinky Arch Top electric guitar from all of the above in the rundown is its uniqueness. The vibe of the guitar in your grasp gives you an unmatched playing experience.

Aside from the attractive looks, the Jackson JS Dinky curve top accompanies seven unique strings. The extra seventh string is ordinarily utilized for tuning an overwhelming D Drop or a C drop. A tuning generally appropriate for hard and metal stone variants.

The select switch is 3-way and has a tone and volume control choice to it. The sound is substantial and is perfect for any thick and hot mutilation tunes.

The archtop guitar is made out of basswood and has a neck made by maple wood. It offers good vibration and sound quality. The two humbuckers exist for continuing the tone of the guitar.

Jackson gives you a lifetime manufacturer's warranty for the item to supplant any pieces of the thing. This adds to the trust and simplicity of the playability of the guitar.


  • 7 Strings
  • 3-way select switch for more noteworthy volume control
  • A good form of quality
  • Boss structure and shading quality
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Can be somewhat messy by the tone when in clean mode


Electric guitars have become an essential trend for musical bands across the world. It can be costly but serve as a good value. Juarez JRZ-ST01 6-String Electric Guitar beat our rundown of the best electric guitars in India with prevalent sound quality, fantastic form, and budget. 

While this was our rundown with our exploration and picks, we might want to hear it from you. What do you believe is the best electric guitar? Did we pass up any magnificent items? Do you have any specific inquiries concerning an electric guitar? Assuming this is the case, don't hesitate to keep in touch with us in the remarks area underneath.

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