5 Best Fire Extinguishers in India With Buying Guide August 2022

Updated: September 2, 2021
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Consider the possibility that you could forestall a fire danger even before the fire department shows up. A touch of pre-arranging may very well save your lives and hours spent on pursuing the insurance agency. Be it your home or workspace, fire extinguishers are an irreplaceable security measure. 

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As indicated by the Fire Triangle, the communications of 3 components cause a fire – Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel.

The fire can be halted by killing at any rate one of these components. The fire extinguisher does precisely the previously mentioned actions to extinguish a fire. 

In this article, we enlisted the 5 best fire extinguishers in India with a buying guide that will help you to select the best one that suits your needs.

Here’s The List Of The Best Fire Extinguishers

1. Eco Fire 2KG ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguisher 
2. Safepro Steel 2 Kg, Red Abc Type Fire Extinguisher 
3. Ceasefire 500 Gms Powder Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher
4. Eco Fire 6 Kg Abc Powder Type Fire Extinguisher
5. HappeStop Aluminium 500ml Fire Extinguisher 4 Sets Spray

Eco Fire 2KG ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguisher 

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Eco Fire 2KG ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguisher

With 15 years of involvement with the zone of putting out fires gear, Eco Fire Industries brings to us its ABC Powder type fire extinguisher.

Eco Fire is known for giving the most recent innovation hardware at moderate costs. 

The extinguisher has a genuinely huge limit of 2KG. The extinguisher accompanies a simple revive choice and can be topped off after each utilization by approved faculty.

Furnished with a divider mount section, this extinguisher can be handily introduced. 


  • With their special simple to use innovation, these lightweight extinguishers are simpler to use than others accessible in the market.
  • Works superbly on each of the 4 classes of flames.
  • The ISI confirmation represents the validness and unrivaled nature of the product.


  • Appropriate for just small scale fires.
  • It doesn't accompany a long spout or funnel.

Safepro Steel 2 Kg, Red Abc Type Fire Extinguisher 

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Safepro Steel 2 Kg, Red Abc Type Fire Extinguisher

Safepro Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. is an eminent dynamic firm in the field of Fire Fighting Equipment.

Every one of their products accompanies ISI confirmation and CE mark and are subsequently constantly solid. The Safepro Steel Abc Type Fire Extinguisher, 2 Kg, Red is reasonable for every one of the A, B, C, and Electrical flames

The limit of this extinguisher is 2 Kg and should keep going very well before the main top off. The extinguisher can be topped off after each utilization by approved staff at a negligible cost.

A divider brace is incorporated to hang the extinguisher. Overall this is one of the best fire extinguishers for home use.


  • Reasonable, considering the quality offered at this value extend.
  • No upkeep required.
  • Good after-sales service


  • It accompanies a base warranty time of 1 year.

Ceasefire 500 Gms Powder Best for Car & Home Fire Extinguisher

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Ceasefire 500 Gms Powder Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher

All Ceasefire hardware is sponsored by double accreditation from ISI and European principles which is the reason their products can generally be trusted.

This Powder Based Car and Home Fire Extinguisher (Red) is proficient at stifling all Class A, B, C fires just as Electrical flames. This superior, light-weight convenient extinguisher has a limit of 500 gm. 

The top off choice given by Ceasefire is very remarkable. The organization guarantees that you are never hanging tight for the topped off product. They just supplant your vacant extinguisher with a pre-filled one.

Not simply that, all topped off extinguishers are re-painted and experience a weight test, continually giving first need to your wellbeing.

The product accompanies a separable divider mount equipment. Overall this is one of the best fire extinguishers for car & Kitchen use.


  • It accompanies a powerful release component which makes it simple to utilize.
  • Productive after-sales service that spread establishment, upkeep, client data, and the objection redressal framework.
  • In contrast to different extinguishers, this product can be introduced in autos too.


  • Somewhat overrated for the amount given.

Eco Fire 6 Kg Abc Powder Type Fire Extinguisher

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Eco Fire 6 Kg Abc Powder Type Fire Extinguisher

Another incredible product from Eco Fire Industries well prepared to battle A, B, C, and every single electrical fire. Eco Fire is known for its consistency in keeping up product quality.

From the most recent structure to fabricate quality, Eco Fire outperforms numerous organizations in the putting out fires field. 

This extinguisher is best for use in enormous spaces with a limit of 6 KG. Like most Eco Fire extinguishers, this product is likewise battery-powered and can be utilized again after a top off by approved work power.

The product accompanies an in-assembled divider mount equipment making the establishment simple. Overall this is one of the best fire extinguishers for office use.


  • Simple to utilize simple to use plan.
  • Upheld with an ISI affirmation making the product increasingly dependable.
  • No upkeep required.
  • Huge limit at a reasonable cost.


  • The product doesn't accompany a long channel/spout.

HappeStop Aluminium 500ml Fire Extinguisher 4 Sets Spray (best for car)

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HappeStop Aluminium 500ml Fire Extinguisher 4 Sets Spray

This arrangement of 4 aluminum Fire Extinguishers from Happestop is ideal for your home and vehicle wellbeing. 

Each container has a limit of 500 ml and can be utilized on small flames in the home, kitchen and autos and different vehicles. Each jug is intended for single-use and should be discarded cautiously.

The product accompanying a divider mount cut represents a simple establishment. Nonetheless, because of its minimal plan, it very well may be used in autos too. Overall this is one of the best fire extinguishers for home use.


  • Light-weight and simple to store and utilize.
  • The product is non-harmful.
  • Moderate cost


  • No warranty.
  • The extinguishers are not supported by any accreditation

Buying Guide For The Best Fire Extinguishers

Highlights to check for before buying a fire extinguisher are:

Since you are acquainted with the different kinds of extinguishers, let us see the highlights that would help your choice. 


The limits of the extinguisher remembering the size of the space where it is to be introduced. extinguishers with a limit of 1kg – 9kg are accessible in the market. One kilogram (1kg) dry powder extinguisher is prescribed for local home use. 

Single-Use versus Rechargeable:

There are two kinds of extinguishers, single-utilize, and battery-powered. The single-use needs substitution each 10–12 years, except if a previous termination date is referenced by the producer.

The battery-powered one ought to be adjusted like clockwork. In spite of the fact that a battery-powered one will at first cost more, however topping off it once the weight check shows that the substance has drained is far more affordable than purchasing another expendable one. 

Mounting equipment: 

Some extinguishers accompany a divider cut or in-fabricated mounting choice to facilitate the establishment procedure. 


Most extinguishers require stringent upkeep. 4-5 years warranty is a decent component to search for.

Fire Extinguisher types:

Class A –

This incorporates fires that include strong inflammable materials, for example, wood, paper, or materials. 

Class B –

All flames from combustible fluids, for example, oil, lamp fuel, diesel, and different oils. 

Class C –

Fires touched off from gases. 

Class D –

Fires including metals. 

Class E –

Fires sourcing from the live electrical mechanical assembly. 

Class F –

This incorporates fires from cooking oils, for example, the ones from profound fat fryers. 

Different Kinds of Fire Extinguishers and how they work

With regards to fire extinguishers, one sort sometimes falls short for all. Each kind of extinguisher is exceptionally intended to smother a particular class/classes of fire. Let us investigate how each type functions and how to effectively utilize them during a fire. 

Water Extinguisher 

Shading Code: Red 

Reasonable For: These have a class A rating and are appropriate for battling fires that include strong combustibles, for example, wood, paper, and materials. 

Insurance to be taken: Not to be utilized on consuming fat or oil or on electrical machines as water is a conveyor of power. 

How it Works: The cooling impact of water on the fuel's surface decreases the consuming pace of the fuel. 

Froth Extinguisher 

Shading Code: Red with a cream board. 

Reasonable For: Very successful on class A and class B fires including strong materials and combustible fluids. Those froth extinguishers that have been dielectrically tried to 35000 Volt (35kV) are protected to be utilized on or close to electrical apparatuses. 

Insurance to be taken: Do not use on-chip or fat skillet fires. 

How it Works: The water-based frothing operator shapes a hindrance to stop the cooperation between the blazes and the outside of the fuel. 

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher 

Reasonable  For: This sort was initially intended to smother fires including combustible fluids. CO2 extinguishers are likewise perfect for electrical flames as CO2 isn't a conveyor and doesn't desert any hurtful buildup. 

Insurance to be taken: This extinguisher isn't intended for fat-container fires. Care ought to be taken to forestall a fire up as CO2 extinguishers don't cool the surface well indeed.

There is additionally a high danger of suffocation brought about by the CO2 extinguisher exhaust. Henceforth, space ought to be emptied before use and later ventilated after utilization of the extinguisher. 

How it Works: Carbon dioxide extinguishers work by cutting the oxygen supply and in this way gagging the fire. 

ABC Powder Extinguisher (Multi-Purpose) 

Shading Code: Blue 

Reasonable For: As the name recommends these adaptable extinguishers can be utilized on class A, B, C, and electrical flames. It likewise takes a shot at gas discharge. 

Insurance to be taken: Though this kind of extinguisher can be utilized for electrical flames, care ought to be taken that the blazes don't start off again.

As the powder utilized isn't fit for infiltrating the material or cooling the surface effectively there are odds of re-start.

Additionally utilizing this sort of extinguisher inside encased spaces isn't suggested as there are odds of breathing in the powder during use. 

How it Works: Dry concoction extinguishers can put off the fire by covering the fuel with a layer of residue, along these lines cutting the oxygen supply from the fuel.

The powder breaks the concoction response of fire, subsequently, these extinguishers are fruitful at extinguishing a fire. 

Water Mist Extinguisher ('Dry' Water Mist) 

Shading Code: Red on a White Background 

Reasonable For: The primary flexible extinguisher which can handle A, B, C fires just as fats and profound fat fryers (Class F).

Some water fog extinguishers contain just deionized water which isn't a conduit and can be securely utilized on electrical flames. 

Insurance to be taken: Water fog extinguishers are alright for release on all fire orders with the exception of Class D. 

How it Works: Water is shaped into tiny particles and shot out through the supersonic spout. The water fog rapidly cuts down the temperature of the fuel, consequently, stifling the fire. 

Wet Chemical Extinguisher 

Shading Code: Canary Yellow 

Reasonable For: Wet compound fire extinguishers work best on Class F fires, which include cooking oils, fats, olive oil, maize oil, sunflower oil, and margarine. 

Insurance to be taken: These extinguishers are typically not intended for class B flames, for example, petroleum fires. 

How it Works: The class F type extinguisher is pressed with an answer of potassium acetic acid derivation or potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate.

The stifling operator is splashed out as a fine fog and it goes about as a cooling specialist while the potassium salts structure a cover over the fat and cut out the oxygen supply.

Best fire extinguisher brands in India?

Amerex B402. : Best for reliability.

Eco Fire: Best ABC powder fire extinguisher

First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher. : Best for budget.

The Fireman Fire Extinguishing Spray. : Best for convenience.

Safepro Steel. : Portable pick.

Kidde ABC: Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher

Best Fire Extinguishers In India-FAQ

1.1 What is a Fire Extinguisher?

It is a device used to extinguish or extinguish the fire. Extinguishers are usually made up of a variety of chemicals.

1.2 What are the different types of fire extinguishers?

Class A: 

It is used for fires caused by combustible materials such as paper, wood, cloth, plastics, and rubber. The most common chemicals used for this type of fire extinguishers are water and foam.

Class B: 

These are used for fires caused by flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, and paint. In this case, the most common chemical used is carbon dioxide.

Class C: 

This is used to fight fires caused by electrical equipment. The most common chemicals used for this type of fire extinguishers are dry powder (BC) and CO2.

Class D: 

These are used to fight fires caused by combustible metal such as magnesium, titanium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. The most common chemicals used are usually dry powder (BC) and CO2.

Class K: 

These are used for fires caused by combustible cooking oils and greases. The most common chemicals used are usually dry powder (BC) and CO2.

1.3 What is the best type of fire extinguisher?

Although there is no single type that can be called “best”, each one has its own advantages. 

The most common types are A, B, C, and D. Each one of them has its own usage and characteristics. Therefore, it is advisable to know about each one of them before buying an extinguisher for your home or work area.

1.4 What are the best fire extinguishers according to safety standards?

The best fire extinguishers are the ones that have passed the safety standards. For example, if you buy an extinguisher from a well-known brand, it must have passed several tests and certifications. Some of these certifications include UL, FM, and UL.

1.5 What are the basic features of a fire extinguisher?

There are two basic features of a good fire extinguisher. First is its size and weight. Finding a good fire extinguisher will depend on your specific requirements. 

You must decide whether you need a fire extinguisher for a small home or a large workplace. The size and weight of the device will vary accordingly.

The second feature of a good fire extinguisher is its effectiveness. A good fire extinguisher should be able to put out the fire in a short period of time while causing minimal damage to the surroundings and assets.

1.6 Why do I need a fire extinguisher?

In case of a fire, it is better to have an extinguisher than to not have one at all. This is especially true for big houses and workplaces. 

In case of a fire, you can use an extinguisher to prevent it from spreading further. It will also improve the chances of lessening the damage caused by the fire.

1.7 What kind of materials are used in making Fire Extinguishers?

The materials used in making fire extinguishers vary from one type to another. Most of them are made up of certain chemicals like potassium, carbon dioxide, water, and dry powder. 

Some even have foam or carbon dioxide that enables them to work faster. Therefore, before buying an extinguisher, make sure that you understand how it works and what materials are used in its construction. That way, you can use it safely when needed.

1.8 Which one is the best fire extinguisher for cars?

If you are searching for the best fire extinguisher for cars then you can go with Ceasefire Powder Based, or HappeStop Aluminium.


Through a few market overviews, user surveys and quality checks we recorded down the previously mentioned fire extinguishers remembering all security perspectives.

In any case, on the off chance that you are hoping to introduce an extinguisher for a bigger space, both Eco Fire products, reasonable and ensured by the ISI, are deserving of thought. You can comment below in the remark section and share your choices with us.

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