10 Best Fitness Bands in India With Buying Guide January 2022

Updated: September 2, 2021

Keeping up Fitness is one part of staying sound. The inquiry that rings a bell is the way one monitors their Fitness. Indeed, innovation has improved massively throughout the years. You have the fitness band accessible today that helps screen and measure your physical movement. 

To understand which kind of Fitness band would be a good idea for you, check out our purchasing guide segment. In the interim, let us take a gander at the ten best fitness bands accessible in India. These surveys will assist you in choosing which Fitness band suits you the best. 

How does a fitness band work? 

The working of the fitness band relies upon the kind of gadget you buy. All bands have sensors that help different screen angles, for example, your development, pulse, area, height, etc. 

These fitness bands match up wireless with your smartphone and PC. It empowers you to store your information about your day by day exercises. 

The Fitness band enables you to screen perspectives like the number of steps you take, pulse, body temperature, long periods of rest, and sweat levels.

Buying Guide For Fitness Bands

Regardless of whether you're wanting to buy the Fitness band or fitness tracker band from on the web or from the stores, there are a few highlights you ought to consider before making a buy. 

Style or Form Factor 

The primary thing anybody sees when you wear a Smart band is the looks. Most well-known brands offer a premium look and feel. You can get the wearables in various structures – cut on, armlets or watches.

The best ones are the wrist trinkets with premium elastic material, solidly joined to your wrist, and a better grasp.

Activity Tracking 

The principal reason for a Fitness band is to follow your day by day exercises like advances, calories, rest, and so on.

Practically all the movement bands figure your essential exercises like strolling, running, and rest. 

Steps Tracking 

Utilizing the built-in pedometer or accelerometer, a Fitness band tracks your means with 90 to 95% flawlessness. The precision additionally relies upon the brand and the sensors they use in the band. 

Calorie Tracking

Calorie checking is effortless when your means are precisely followed. The band displays the number of calories you've devoured by estimating the means taken or stairs hopped on a specific day. 

Some propelled bands accompany unique calculations to investigate your current body weight and give proposals to better wellbeing improvement. 

Sleep Tracking 

Most savvy bands are also ready to track or screen your rest routine, utilizing a 3-hub accelerometer to detect any developments during the evening. 

It additionally displays insights like how much time you've rested, profound rest and light rest, and so forth. 

Heart Rate Monitoring 

A sufficiently estimated Fitness band, as a rule, accompanies a pulse sensor and helps check your pulse during exercises or exercises. 

It is helpful for those who're attempting to get in shape or improve their exercise execution, particularly the competitors or lifting weights devotees. 

Advanced Tracking Features 

Some mainstream Fitness band brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Amazfit offer propelled highlights to improve the precision of the following. 

Built In GPS

Some Fitness bands work with GPS, however costly than the normal ones, will follow your means and separation precisely. 

It can track your speed, the number of laps taken, and particular areas utilizing the Global positioning framework. It is valuable for individuals who lean toward running outside, particularly the competitors or Fitness lovers. 

Blood Pressure Monitor

On the off chance that you're enduring with low/hypertension issues, at that point, the perfect arrangement is to follow your BP at customary intervals and make changes in your nourishment appropriately. 

Fortunately, there are some best in class movement bands that can screen your pulse legitimately from your wrist without conveying separate BP screens that are massive. 

You can check your outcomes either on your Smartphone or PC. A few bands additionally send your information to the specialists (associated) for additional examination.

Swimproof or Water-Resistant 

While most essential fitness bands are water-safe (sweatproof or sprinkle confirmation), some famous brands additionally bolster wearing those bands for swimming or while cleaning up.

See the specs cautiously on the off chance that you need swim-prepared brilliant bands.

Mobile App 

Practically all the Fitness bands accompany the help to be matched up with your Smartphone using the committed, versatile application.

You can see all your details like progress, calories, rest, pulse, day by day, utilizing the portable application.

Usage Type 

On the off chance that you're a sportsperson, at that point, you should consider purchasing the Fitness band from famous brands like Fitbit or Garmin as they give a progressively precise following utilizing the implicit GPS and other propelled sensors.

What's more, if you're a customary rec center goer or jogger, the essential sharp bands are all that you need. Along these lines, spend carefully depending on your utilization type.


As we've referenced before, every one of the bands supports Bluetooth availability for interfacing with your Smartphone remotely. 

Most mainstream brands bolster both Android and iOS mobiles. In this way, you don't need to stress a lot over the similarity issues. 

A few bands can likewise be matched up with outsider Fitness applications for extra examination. Peruse the specs cautiously. 

Battery Life 

Fitness bands are generally to wear outside and cherish its uses; thus, the battery life assumes a critical job.

Most bands accompany Li-particle batteries that keep going for at least five days to 30 days, contingent upon your use and way of life.

If you utilize the essential highlights like calorie following, the band will keep going exceptionally long. Be that as it may, if you usually use the HR screen or GPS, at that point, the battery will keep going for just two or three days.

You can charge these bands by using a USB port on the workstations or charger or power banks.


As referenced before, cutting edge fitness band are usually costlier when contrasted and essential Fitness bands.

As a thumb rule, budget brands start from INR 2000, while the fitness bands from INR 7000.

Here’s The List Of The Best Fitness Bands

1. Fitbit Charge 2
2. Fitbit Charge 3
3. Fitbit Alta HR
4. Honor Band 5
5. Amazfit Cor
6. Huawei Band 3 Pro
7. Huawei Band 2 Pro
8. Honor Band 4
9. Mi Band 4
10. GOQii Vital 2.0

Fitbit Charge 2 

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Fitbit Charge 2 

Fitbit, which is one of the top makers of wearable fitness bands on the planet, has propelled a line up of action bands in India, and Charge 2 is one among them. 

Fitbit Activity band (Charge 2) 

It accompanies a pure heartbeat, programmed, wrist-based pulse band that screens your heartbeat throughout the day and gives precise outcomes. 

The OLED display displays call content and schedule warnings in a hurry without selecting your versatile. 

Track your exercises like rest, steps, calories consumed, floors climbed, and dynamic minutes. Likewise, it accompanies in-built GPS; thus, you can see ongoing details like pace and separation directly on your wrist. 

You can likewise augment your exercise sessions utilizing rearranged pulse zones, for example, Fat consumption, cardio, and top. It also accompanies 'Guided Breathing Sessions' alternative that quiets for the day. 

You get around five days of battery life on a full charge. The applications are accessible for iPhone, Android, and Windows gadgets.


  • Accompanies all the magnificent highlights accessible in the premium Fitbit gadgets yet at a much sensible cost.


  • Additionally, be cautious as it can pull in scratches effectively. We prescribe utilizing a screen defender.

Fitbit Charge 3

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Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 Activity band is a redesigned variant of the mainstream action band 'Charge 3' that accompanies better and progressively precise calorie consumption and pulse following highlights. 

It consequently records your rest cycles – light, profound, and REM and gives suggestions dependent on the information. 

The band is water-safe up to 50m and can likewise follow your swims. The battery keeps going as long as seven days with ceaseless access to experiences and various following alternatives.


  • Rough structure
  • Better following alternatives progressively
  • Every minute of everyday pulse checking
  • Swim evidence and water-safe
  • Cell phone application notices
  • Rest following
  • Quick charging
  • The better battery life of as long as 7 days
  • Comes in various hues


  • No implicit GPS

Fitbit Alta HR

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Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta Heart Rate band has practically comparative highlights that the Charge HR had yet accompanies a transparent display when contrasted with the latter. 

The SmartTrack highlight permits auto-practice acknowledgment, which implies you don't need to battle with changing the modes while playing out your exercises. You get a battery life of as long as seven days.


  • Pulse following
  • Calorie consume counter
  • Auto rest following
  • Brilliant exercise following
  • Exchangeable bands
  • Suggestions to move
  • As long as 7 days of battery life


  • No GPS

Honor Band 5

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HONOR Band 5

The Honor Band 5 is presently extraordinary compared to other fitness bands in the medium value section. 

There is a home screen that controls every highlight on the band without utilizing your Smartphone. 

It can likewise follow different swimming exercises like significant strokes, speed, number of turns, separation, calories consumed, and the normal SWOLF

The remote control camera gets to highlight is accessible for Huawei cell phones with EMUI 8.1 or higher.


  • AMOLED Colored touchscreen with flexible brilliance settings
  • Display cases shrewd application notices – Caller ID, SMS, Weather, and other social applications
  • TruSleep – a logical rest screen include that is progressively precise
  • SPO2 – Detects oxygen levels in your blood
  • Water-safe up to 50 meters
  • Swim stroke following
  • Various exercise modes
  • Wireless camera control for Huawei mobiles
  • Switch Stopwatch, Find your Phone and Custom alert


  • The battery endures 5 to 6 days by and large, which isn't that extraordinary when contrasted and Mi Band 4. In any case, since it highlights rich and the utilization is overwhelming, the battery won't keep going that long.

Amazfit Cor

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Amazfit Cor

Amazfit Cor Smartband is a spending fitness following buddy that joins sturdiness and moderate structure. 

It accompanies a 1.23 inch bent IPS Colored LCD touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 3 assurance and hostile to unique mark covering. 

You can follow day by day exercises like progress, separation, calories, pulse, rest quality, and track your various activities like treadmill, cycling, and running

You can change the watch from, read SMS, and other applicable notices on the band itself. 

It is water-safe up to 50 meters and gives you a battery life of as long as 12 days on ordinary utilization.


  • Smooth plan with a huge display
  • Colored LCD touchscreen display
  • Gorilla Glass 3 security
  • Peruse App notices on the band itself
  • Track all exercises including exercises
  • Water-safe up to 5 ATM
  • 12 days of battery life


  • A small on the pricier side when contrasted and the Mi Band 3, which accompanies comparable highlights

Huawei Band 3 Pro

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Huawei Band 3 Pro

If you're searching for a fitness band with a beautiful display case and built-in GPS under the financial limit, the Band 3 Pro is only for you. 

It looks a la mode with the following great choices like calorie, separation, rest, pulse, and so on.

On consistent pulse observing, the battery goes on for 2-3 days; however, without it, the band goes on for about 6-7 days

It accompanies interior storage with the goal that you don't need to convey your phone to tune in to the tunes.


  • Smart plan
  • Worked in GPS
  • Rest observing
  • Tracks all exercises
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Not too bad battery life


  • Application reconciliation is somewhat tedious

Huawei Band 2 Pro

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Huawei ERS-B29

Huawei ERS B29 Band 2 Pro is a standout amongst other spending movement bands 

with built-in GPS, that too an autonomous GPS situating highlight (without the Phone). 

Along these lines, it precisely computes your means, calories consumed, and separation. It accompanies support for running, swimming, breathing activities, etc.

You can likewise wear it while resting to screen your REM cycles. All your versatile application notices can be seen directly from your wrist without lifting your Phone.


  • Nice look
  • Worked in GPS (autonomous)
  • Waterproof up to 5 ATM
  • Incorporated exercise mentor
  • Better rest checking
  • Backing for breathing activities
  • Better than average battery life


  • Band gets off the hands some of the time

Honor Band 4

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Honor Band 4

Honor Band 4 accompanies a huge vertical AMOLED Colored display with contact backing and home catch control

It has stunning highlights like the TruSleep, Heart rate observing, action following, Swimming, and so forth. 

Supports different activities types – both open-air and indoor run, strolling, cycling, pool swim, and preparing. 

The band is water-safe up to 50 meters. The battery works till 17 days on reserve, and you get as long as six days on overwhelming use.


  • In vogue plan with a beautiful display and full touch
  • Continuous pulse checking
  • TruSleep propelled rest checking
  • Shrewd application warnings
  • Phone Locate
  • Can be utilized as a Remote control to take photographs or selfies
  • Supports different exercise types
  • Long battery life

Mi Band 4

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Mi Band 4

The Mi Smart Band 4 games a more prominent AMOLED Colored display with full touch support and customizable brilliance settings. 

The band underpins brilliant warnings from your portable, for example, SMS, online networking notices, guest ID. You additionally have the choice to quietness or reject calls from the band itself. 

It can follow every one of your exercises and accompanies propelled highlights like a day in and day out programmed pulse observing you when your pulse is high. 

There is likewise a rest band that screens your REM rest cycles with most flawlessness. The band accompanies music control choice to change the melody, increment/decline the volume without contacting your versatile. The band four ideas as long as 20 days of battery life on a single charge.


  • Colored AMOLED full touch display
  • Premium look and construct quality
  • Boundless watch
  • Rest the following caution
  • Swim following stroke acknowledgment
  • Water-safe up to 50m
  • 20 days of battery life

GOQii Vital 2.0

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GOQii Vital 2.0

GOQii, India's most significant preventive social insurance administration, has propelled another Smart movement band with heaps of new highlights. 

The Vital tracks your Blood pressure, pulse, calories, practice log, and dynamic hours. It sports a vertical OLED Colored display

The USB charger is present in the band tie, and consequently, you needn't bother with a different charger. Simply associate it to the force source (USB port) of your PC, power bank, or versatile charger. 

It allows you seven days of battery life and is waterproof and swim-accommodating as well. You can interface it remotely to the two iOS and Android cell phones utilizing Bluetooth. Furthermore, you'll additionally get an individual mentor and specialist for the membership time frame.


  • Vertical OLED Colored display
  • Pulse screen
  • Rest following
  • Dynamic hours
  • Brilliant warnings
  • 7 days of battery life
  • Waterproof and swim agreeable


  • Feels minimal juvenile


That is all for companions! We hope that the rundown of the best fitness bands in India will come helpful for you in picking the correct fitness band as indicated by your necessities and spending plan.

Contingent upon your necessity, you can settle on the kind of fitness tracker you need. It is a helpful gadget to have with you whenever as you can screen your fitness levels.

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