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Best Foot Massagers With Buying Guide December 2021

Written by Sumit Pandey
Best Foot Massagers With Buying Guide December 2021

Foot massager underwent development and improvement immensely. The market features several types of foot massagers, from traditional to electronic. Some electric foot massagers specialize in focusing on pressure points of your body. Also, many of them vibrate to relax and reduce the pain of the muscles.

There are various types of foot massagers available in the market that makes it hard to find the best foot massager. The following purchasing guide will help you if you do not know how to evaluate the foot massager.

Purchasing Guide for The Best Foot Massager

To make a good decision, read all factors mentioned underneath carefully.

The objective of purchasing:

From removing stress to relaxing the muscles, some of the foot massagers have conquered it all. While others have medical benefits like enhancement of blood circulation, gives relief from pain to your muscles, and some also have the feature of inflammatory reduction.

So before placing your order, think about your objective of purchasing the foot massager.

Area of application:

The area which requires massage is also the most crucial factor to consider before purchasing a foot massager. Know your massage area preference - some foot massagers only give massage to foot, some give massage to foot and ankle, and some provide massage to foot, ankle, and calf.

Shorts of foot massagers:

Foot massagers are classified among various categories depending on their working style.

Manual massager: 

Manual massager

Manual massagers are mostly made with woods and encourage pressure manually. It has a compact design and spiked roller that rolls over or under your feet. The manual foot massager is best as compared to electric foot massager in strength, pressure, and also it saves your power bills.

Electric massager:

Electric massager

As the name implies, an electric foot massager works on electricity, and it is best for those people who are having stress or pain on an exhausting day. The basic principle of electric foot massager is that it uses kneading or vibration techniques for massaging your feet, soles, and ankles.

Shiatsu massager:

Shiatsu massager

The Shiatsu massager working principle utilizes vibration, heating elements, rotating heads to copy the Japanese kneading method called shiatsu.

IR massager:

IR massager

IR massagers use infrared rays to give relaxation to your muscles. IR massagers are best for foot and calf muscles.

Designs of the foot massager:

Foot massager comes in two designs 

Open foot massager:

Open foot massager

The open foot massager lets you keep the feet in the rest position on the foot massager deck. The open foot massager is light in weight, and you carry with yourself wherever you want.

Open massagers have the advantage of reaching your heels and giving massage to it. Open massagers require low maintenance, and it is not expensive as compared to closed foot massager.

Closed foot massager:

Closed foot massager

The closed foot massager gives massage to your heels, feet, soles, and sides. Additionally, it also provides heat therapy to your feet. Closed foot massager comes with different power settings that you can set according to your mood.

Shorts of massaging styles:


It helps you to relax your muscles more quickly.


This helps you to relax stubborn knots, stretching muscle cramps, and so on.


Shiatsu mainly focuses on giving comfort to tight muscles, maintains a natural balance, and provides a traditional massage like you get with your hands.


Rolling massage techniques are mostly used by a manual massager that provides a deep massage action on your muscles and loosen up the muscles.

IR therapy

IR lights penetrate inside our muscles and balance the temperature of tissues to relax it.


Many foot spa massagers use water jets, water bubbles to remove pain and relax your feet.

Advantage of Foot Massagers

  1. Foot massagers improve blood circulation at lower extremities
  1. Foot massager reduces pain and relaxes your muscles.
  1. It enhances the mood and makes you feel fresh. 
  1. Feet fluid retention can be reduced by foot massagers.
  1. Foot massagers put pressure on acupuncture points that reduce headaches.

Here’s The List of the Best Foot Massagers

SToK® ST- CFM01 Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager
Dr Physio (USA) Foot Spa Body Massager Machine 
Lifelong LLM72 Foot Massager
AGARO 33159 Relaxing Foot & Calf Massager

SToK® ST- CFM01 Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager

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SToK® ST- CFM01 Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager


CFM01 Electric Shiatsu is an all-in-one foot massager built up with all advance and smart features.  It will do the kneading, rolling, and shiatsu to relax your feet.

Features of SToK® ST- CFM01 Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager

  • 5 button control system: This foot massager comes with 5 simple touch buttons that allow you to set the massager to feel according to your preferred mood.
  • The comfort of your home: This foot massager can do Kneading, Shiatsu, Air Pressure, and Rolling that is so diverse.
  • Shorts of option: CFM01 Electric Shiatsu comes with multiple massage options like a sole stick, toe press, instep excursion, point roller, arch scrape, and sole knead.
  • Usability: CFM01 Electric Shiatsu will work for your sole, toe, and heel of your foot.


  • It increases blood circulation
  • It increases metabolism
  • Reduces stress level
  • It comes with a heating function


  • The heating effect of this massager is not powerful

Dr Physio (USA) Foot Spa Body Massager Machine

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Dr Physio (USA) Foot Spa Body Massager Machine


Dr Physio foot massager comes with a Spa treatment feature. It gives your foot a complete Spa pack that removes all the pains from your feet through targeted massage.

Features of  Dr Physio Foot Massager

  • Portable and compact massager: Dr Physio foot massager is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another.
  • IR Physiotherapy: In this therapy, the simulation points of the body get targeted with IR lights that produce heat by its rays. Along with vibration, it also increases blood circulation in your body and provides a soothing feeling. 
  • Enabled with Pedicure and Spa: Dr Physio foot massager can also load warm water in it that will produce vibration and bubbles for pedicure and spa.
  • Digital Display: It comes with an in-built digital display that allows you to view the full performance of the machine under all conditions that you select.


  • Uses IR technology for performing physiotherapy
  • It offers to enjoy a full spa experience at your home
  • It can also be used for pedicure


  • Required time to understand its full functions

Lifelong LLM72 Foot Massager

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Lifelong LLM72 Foot Massager


Lifelong LLM72 foot massager performs well and helps you to live your life healthier. It comes with a combination of powerful magnets and rubber pads that removes all the pains from your foot and relaxes your mood.

Features of Lifelong LLM72 Foot Massager

  • A clear focus on pressure points: It works perfectly on pressure points and reduces the migraine headaches, fatigue, and so on.
  • Simple to use: The foot massager is user friendly and designed in the compact size. You can carry it easily from your office to home and vice versa.
  • Biometric massage: The foot massager utilizes 3-D biometric traditional massage techniques with modern magnetic therapy to do foot massage.
  • Customized operations: Lifelong LLM72 foot massager is designed in a way that you can easily make an adjustment to it as per your foot. You can select your foot acupressure points by selecting it from 4 modes P1, P2, P3, and P4.


  • Portable foot massager
  • Easy to use
  • It works on acupressure points


  • Connecting cord is short

AGARO 33159 Relaxing Foot & Calf Massager

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AGARO 33159 Relaxing Foot & Calf Massager


In particular, AGARO 33159 is built for massaging all feet, ankles, and calves. This foot and veal massager is built particularly according to reflexological principles. 

This is provided with a removable cover with a zip that allows you to clean it. The auto shut-off button ensures that the system remains off when not in service and saves energy. 

Features of AGARO 33159 Relaxing Foot & Calf Massager

  • Massage Therapy: The foot massage therapy facilitates pain relief, muscle recovery, and improved circulation of the blood. This product is capable of massaging by the combination of kneading and vibration that makes it worthy.
  • LED Display: The touch-display makes it much easier to see what happens exactly on the screen and helps you to pick the settings you want. The flexible cover of the fabric allows for quick washing and better hygiene.
  • IR Therapy: Infrared heat therapy may be encountered with a massage to relieve tiredness and achieve the best possible comfort. Four massage choices are provided that enable you to concentrate on your foot, meat, tip-toes, and the sole of your foot.


  • Easy to use
  • It has a customization message option
  • It has a touch display panel
  • Foldable design


  • During swelling, it cannot be used
Editor Choice


The therapeutic benefits of foot massagers have also been clinically proven. The majority of new Indian leg massagers feature state-of-the-art technology and very well-researched massage therapies.

With the above purchasing guide, you now know what a foot massage should have and what your feet should do. You can write questions or concerns in the comment section below. 

Written by Sumit Pandey

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