Best GPS Vehicle Trackers in India With Buying Guide January 2022

Updated: December 7, 2020

Tracking vehicles has become an essential chore for car owners due to the increase in automotive thefts. It is vital to keep the vehicle tracker to find the car if any issue occurs. To prevent such mishaps, you must take good care of your vehicle's security with proper equipment. To ease this process, we have researched through the best GPS vehicle trackers available in India. In this article, explore different sections, buying guides, and more. With these pieces of information, you will get a better insight into the listing of the best GPS vehicle trackers.

Why Buy A GPS Tracker For A Car

  • A vehicle tracker has become today's necessity. With increasing thefts, people are paying special attention to different assets, which can protect their vehicles and keep a tab on any stolen car. In such cases, GPS vehicle tracker plays an important role. This device can be stuck or pinpointed, so you can easily track your car and reach your destination.
  • These GPS trackers will be useful in tracking your family members. If your kids are starting to learn driving, then you can buy a teen GPS tracking system. Or if the elder members are willing to go somewhere, you can keep a tab on them and their safe driving habits. With knowledge or a slight hint about their location, you can monitor their safety too. You can also time GPS tracking or track routes traveled for a better understanding.
  • GPS vehicle trackers also ensure safety while driving. The GPS device comes with the SOS button, which is capable of signaling or triggering emergency services when you activate it.

Types Of Best GPS Vehicle Trackers

Battery Operated GPS Trackers

The most common GPS tracking devices found are the battery-operated ones. The GPS trackers are equipped with batteries and works according to the power generated. So, you must keep a tab on the battery life, availability, and more. Also, check what kind of battery can be used, for instance, lithium ion battery or something else. GPS trackers battery is available in the market which can easily be installed in your devices.

Dash Plug-In GPS Trackers

The dash plug-in GPS tracking systems are more convenient and handy than the ones with battery. It generates power from the car directly. Due to this, you will hardly face any issue about battery life or low battery alerts. Although, you will need to keep an eye on the connectivity every now and then.

Considerations for Purchasing The Best GPS Vehicle Trackers


Passive Tracking System:

The passive tracker system requires a large amount of storage capacity for storing all GPS data that downloads to the local server when your car reaches home for the day. The passive GPS trackers are highly beneficial for acting as a connected car assistant or prepare motosafety teen GPS.

Real Time Tracking System:

The real time tracking system is also known as an active tracking system that uses smart phones or satellite modem to locate the GPS location in the system. It provides real time GPS, which is more efficient compared to a passive tracking system because it gives an accurate GPS location. Through this way, you will get real time alerts, top GPS service, and free mobile app information on your hands.

Mobile Compatibility:

It is not possible for any individual to continuously track their vehicle location to sit in the front of the monitor, so make sure the tracking system you are using for your vehicle is compatible with your mobile. People are preferring GPS with an automatic connected car feature. With a similar interface like Google Maps, this vehicle tracking device is easy in terms of real time GPS.

Quality Mapping:

Quality mapping is another important feature that you must consider before buying a GPS Vehicle Tracking System for your vehicle. It allows you to zoom your map on the street level, like Google Maps. This GPS hardware is easier to manage with numerous features such as engine access feature, month premium service, and more.



Before buying the best GPS vehicle tracker, you must consider the signal reach provided by it. The connectivity or signal might break or lose if the car GPS tracker goes out of range. Manage the connectivity strength from your house or office to the range of how far the vehicle can travel.

SOS Button

An SOS button is the safety key for real time tracking. If the person driving faces any issue or emergency while driving, they can activate the button for SOS and the responders will be alarmed about their location.

Other Facilities


If you are willing to keep the GPS tracking device secretly, then most of the people prefer the bottom of a car. However, the car GPS trackers can be ruined if they are not equipped with a water-resistant feature. To keep your device safe in wet driving conditions, buy one with a waterproof feature.


Even though you are keeping your family secured, there can be some issues, which might lead to interceptions in your personal devices. Keep your tracking information safe with proper password locks to prevent the attack of hackers.


To place the GPS tracking devices, you must keep it secured with a protective case. Although people usually prefer a glove box, it would be a safe storage place to prevent damage or breakage from the road. Also, the protective case would be beneficial for preventing other issues too, like shock damage or others.

Here’s The List of The Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker
Acumen UC 900 Tracker 
SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker
ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker
Sana GPS Tracker 

Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker

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Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracke


The Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker is on the first position of our rundown because of its reliability and positive ratings by its users. It is easy to plug and play a tracker for your car, SUV, KUV and so on.

Features of Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker

  • Featured app available on Android and iOS
  • Autowiz saves your vehicle fuel, and rush driving because it also tracks your speed and fuel consumption.
  • It has an anti-theft alarm notification.
  • It also has the CAR CARE feature that monitors your car’s health.
  • Autowiz Obd Gps updates its real-time tracking in every 3 seconds.
  • It comes with a built-in SIM card, (1-year subscription).

Warranty and Support of Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker

  • Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker comes with a 1-year product warranty and a 1-year SIM card subscription.


  • Reliable hardware system
  • Compatible with Cars, SUV, KUV, Buses, and Trucks.
  • It ensures safe driving and takes care of your vehicle’s health.


  • It is not a waterproof GPS Tracker
  • Not compatible with 2-wheeler

Acumen UC 900 Tracker

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Acumen UC 900 Tracker


Yet another excellent GPS tracker for cars is Acumen UC 900 Tracker. It is one of the trusted products in the market due to its intensity, performance, and quality.

Features of Acumen UC 900 Tracker

  • Acumen UC 900 tracker will store the location data until 60 days in memory.
  • It is powered by a Google satellite map.
  • Acumen UC 900 tracker has an Anti-theft alarm that rings when the engine of your car starts without your permission.
  • It includes a built-in SIM card with a 1-year subscription.

Warranty and Support of Acumen UC 900 Tracker

  • Acumen UC 900 tracker comes with a 1-year replacement warranty but the warranty is not covered under self-damaging and fire accidents.


  • Acumen UC 900 tracker featured with 24x7 real-time tracking
  • It has compatibility with Android and iOS.
  • Acumen UC 900 tracker is a reliable tracker
  • Acumen UC 900 tracker is compatible with Sedan, SUV, KUV, Trucks, and bikes also


  • It does not give you an update about your vehicle fuel.

SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker

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SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker


Next in our rundown is SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker. It has a compact size, reliable performance, and the best feature of this car tracker is that it is a waterproof gadget.

Features of SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker

  • Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker has a waterproof body.
  • Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker comes with real-time GPS.
  • It locks your engine with one click during the event of your car theft.
  • It keeps your travel history for your future travel plans.
  • It comes with a Geofencing feature.

Warranty and Support of SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker

SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker comes with a 1-year of built-in SIM subscription and a 1-year warranty on hardware and free life-time support for the software.


  • SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker gets easily fits into a hidden location
  • Waterproof design


  • Gps has calibration issue

ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker

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ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker


ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker is another exceptional vehicle tracker. This car tracker is equipped with a waterproof body. Also, it has GSM support and a built-in battery.

Features of ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker

  • ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker has a 150 mAH in-built battery support.
  • Google Real-Time support.
  • Supports 4 shorts of frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900.
  • It has the over speeding alarm alert.
  • It comes with the engine off feature.

Warranty and Support of ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker

  • ZAICUS ST-901GPS Tracker comes with life-time support for the software and 1-year support on products from the manufacturer.


  • Value for money product
  • Waterproof design
  • It supports 4 frequencies of different range


  • Not comes with SIM card

Sana GPS Tracker 

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Sana GPS Tracker


Last but not least, Sana GPS Tracker appears as one of the best GPS Vehicle Trackers. This specialises in keeping 3 months playback history, vehicle battery saver, and works on India’s fastest server.

Features of the Sana GPS Tracker

  • Sana GPS Tracker works on India’s fastest server
  • It gives you an alarm notification when your car being towed away
  • Sana GPS Tracker gives you Overspeed alert notification.
  • Sana GPS Tracker downs the power of your engine if any type of ignition is detected.

Warranty and Support of Sana GPS Tracker

  • Sana GPS Tracker comes with 1 year of SANA App subscription and a 1-year SIM card subscription.


  • It is a compact gadget
  • Ideal for bike and car
  • It works on India’s fastest server
  • Good customer care support
  • It is water restive



We believe this article guides you to know about the Vehicle tracking system. If you have any questions regarding the car GPS tracker you can ask us in the comments section below and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Autowiz Obd GPS CarTracker is on top of our listing because it is highly reliable, continues to update its software every 3 seconds, and enables you to share your location with your friends or family members.

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