5 Best Hair Straighteners With Buying Guide January 2022

Updated: December 8, 2020

Nowadays, looking sleek and prepped is a MUST to make yourself glance-worthy at significant opportunities and occasions. It is usual when we plan a chic look for the day, and it is all ruined by your bad hair day.  However, you can't generally book quick visits to hair parlors. But you can surely rock that dream look with your very own hair straightener. You can style your hair from your home's comforts to skip the pointless wastage of both time and cash at the parlors.

Be it short or long hair; hair straighteners are the ideal answer to get straight hair consistently at home. The majority of us go through a great deal of cash and time to get our hair styled in the cantina.

In any case, by putting resources into a hair straightener, you can straight, twist, increase hair volume, and style your hair according to your requirements.

The correct decision of a hair straightener won't keep going long yet, also shield your hair from harm, breakage, parts, and uneven surfaces.

In this way, if you are thinking of buying one, we have shared the best hair straighteners in India at present. Every one of our choices has different highlights and feature different brands like Philips, Panasonic, Remington, and Vega.

Buying Guide For Best Hair Straighteners

Here, in this area, we will talk about everything and anything about the hair straighteners from their plate material, size and weight, temperature settings, to auto-off and lock alternatives. Follow our rule on straighteners to make your purchase simpler and more astute. 

Things to Look for When Buying a Hair Straightener 

Consider your Hair Type 

A large number of us totally disregard the hair type, yet we think it is the most significant point to consider before you purchase your straightener. There are numerous items with high temperatures; however, your hair type and quality may not suit it or may get harmed if interacted with such high force heat.

Fine hair - If your hair type is fine, then that implies that your hair strands are strong and healthy. You don't have to put resources into irons with high temperatures since it's generally simpler to fix fine hair.

Thick hair - Thick hair requires a high temperature to get fixed because the hair roots are more abundant. Pick a decent straightener which offers a minimum of 220 degrees celsius temperature and accompanies expansive plates. If you attempt to utilize littler plates with low heating, you would need to go again and again to a similar hair area, which can harm the scalp and hair strands.

Synthetically treated hair – Artificially treated hair, needs additional consideration in every case since they get increasingly risky and delicate. It is better that you don't utilize a straightener, but if you need it, go for something that accompanies low warmth settings and high-quality plates. It's prescribed never to utilize a straightener more than 230 degrees C.

Curly hair - This hair type is the most troublesome hair type to fix. Curly hair takes additional time and requires better warming. To make the activity simpler, put resources into a straightener with more large earthenware plates that will let you fix more significant parts of hair at once.

Delicate hair - It's best if you don't utilize a straightener by any means. Yet, if you do, do it incidentally and consistently use a warmth protectant before you start fixing. A straightener with round edges can avoid the breakage of hair.

Select Right Plates According to Hair Type 

The material utilized in the heating plates of hair straighteners must be acceptable warmth conductors to warranty that the straightener performs well. There are different kinds of plate materials used in straighteners. How about we talk about each in detail!

Strong Ceramic hair straighteners can keep up a consistent temperature throughout your styling and convey equal heat through the plate. It gives a smooth and sparkly finish to the hair and successfully fixes the hair in one go—ideal for individuals who have set or fine hair.

Earthenware Coated Plate hair straighteners heat up quickly and are fantastic warmth conductors who perform well and decrease the contact between the plates and hair. It lessens the chances of damage to your hair. Notwithstanding, the covering tumbles off, in the long run, uncovering the inward material that doesn't warm up uniformly or doesn't warm up by any means.

Clay and Teflon Coated straightener avoids tangling of hair while using it. Teflon is a non-stick covering that likewise forestalls the development of styling items on the plates. Useful for individuals with wavy and bunched up hair.

Tourmaline Ceramic Plates accompany ionic and infrared innovation, which keeps up the soundness of the hair while styling it. They are genuinely compelling, even at low temperatures. The plates produce harmful particles that lock the dampness in the hair and evacuates static charge that causes frizz. The mellow, delicate infra-red warmth created by the plates adds a pleasant look.  

Clay Diamond Plates give flawless fixing in one stroke. It prevents overheating of specific spots that could bring about dull and consumed hair. Precious stone plates are a lot smoother contrasted with different plates that warranty consistent display.

Titanium Plates heat up uniformly and a lot quicker than clay plates; it is one of the most secure metals. Titanium is a lightweight metal that prevents arm and shoulder suffering while styling the hair. They are costly, and you needn't bother with titanium plate except if you have overly wavy and rough hair.

Think about the Width of the Plates 

The more extensive the plates, the quicker you can finish the entire assignment of fixing. More thin plates can go nearer to the scalp and work best for shorter, fine hairs as they pass less warmth at once. Ladies and men, who intend to go with the pack, ought to select marginally smaller plates to fit into your bag. Here is a rundown of plate width with their ideal use 

  • 2 inch or more – best for fixing long and thick hair 
  • 1 ½ inch-best for wavy and coarse hair 
  • 1″ inch – wavy hair  
  • Utilize smaller than usual plates to style short hair, bangs, and spikes 

Consider Temperature 

Most straighteners perform best at the highest temperature setting. However, an excessive amount of warmth may not suit all hair types. Pick a straightener that accompanies variable temperature settings, enabling the user to increase or reduce the heat.  

Those with thin or fine hair types or the individuals who have harmed hair ought to decide on a lower temperature setting of around 180 degrees C to forestall hair harm brought about by heat. Those with thick hair can utilize the straightener at a higher warmth setting of 190 to 210°C.

Minimal effort straighteners with low-quality plates warm up unevenly and quickly, leaving you with damaged hair.

Think about Weight and Grip 

It is likewise imperative to consider the heaviness of the straightener before you get one. Some hair straighteners are heavier than others, which makes them hard to use for an extended period. A lightweight hair straightener then again, is anything but difficult to utilize, doesn't put a strain on your arms; however, they can get broken effectively.

Something else that numerous individuals neglect to see is the grasp it has. It becomes significant, particularly when you have little hands. If you can't hold it appropriately, either your hairstyle will look bad, or you would feel extreme pain in your hands. For small hands, either pick a littler straightener or pick a handle that is littler than the fundamental body part.

Try not to Take Anything that is Cheap 

We realize it is troublesome and tedious when you stick on spending plans and search for a decent hair straightener in the market. It's simple to get something that performs well and has an affordable price too. However, taking care of your hair is necessary, so you won't harm it by using the wrong product.

The least expensive models may take every necessary step for you for now. However, they utilize low-quality plates that spread minimal heat, which can harm your scalp and directly affect your hair strands.

In our article, we've recorded the items in the wake of testing them. Thus you don't have to stress over the security and care. Pick the best one relying upon the prerequisite and hair type.

Brand Reputation and Warranty Matters 

Aside from the highlights and functionalities, Brand notoriety and warranty data is the thing that you should consider in a hair straighter. The famous brands offer good display and warranty administrations of 1-2 years. The advantage of getting a warranty card is limiting the fixing costs when the item gets harmed.

Here’s The List Of The Best Hair Straighteners

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener
Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener 
Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener
SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener
Nova NHS 860 Hair Straightener 

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

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Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

The Selfie Straightener has ceramic plates that equally allow the heath over every area and holds it for an extended period. Their unique Silk ace consideration warrants fixing with less warm presentation and lesser scratch while you comb your hair strands, which will undoubtedly give you salon-like smooth straight hair.

This small pack can warm up with a perfect 210 degrees Celsius within 60 seconds and warms up enough, so you don't have to heat the similar area twice. It directly saves your hair from extra heat and damage.

It has a 1.6 m cord, which offers you enough adaptability when you work. The plug is safe, and you can quickly move the straightener while styling. Additionally, the little yet ground-breaking styling apparatus is perfect to work anyplace with 110-220V of intensity.

The most energizing piece of owning this is its tight fixing plates of 19*85 cm with a rounder external cover, which can be utilized to twist your hair when you need those beachy waves to display.

The unit is astounding with its quality, adaptability, and reasonableness. It is the best purchase for bunched up and wavy hair types. We love how it is lightweight, a reality to consider because it takes almost no space when packed. Likewise, the insignificant weight doesn't put pressure on your arms while you fix your hair. One downside is the more thin plates are not reasonable for long and thick hair.


  • Top-quality fired plates 
  • 60 seconds quick warming 
  • Arrives at 210 degrees C for flawless salon straight look 
  • Adds try to please hair 
  • Tin plates can be utilized as a styler 
  • Lightweight, simple to convey and hold 
  • Swivel rope for better adaptability 
  • 2 years of warranty from Philips 


  • Slight plates take additional time in fixing long and thick hair

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener

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Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener

The Philips Kerashine hair straightener uniquely coordinates with the Indian hair types, which are commonly thick and wavy. Although it does not have a warmth controller, which is normal at this cost, additionally, the item has more large plates. In any case, it's a unique item, limiting rubbing and warm presentation, trying to smooth the hair, and giving salon-like fixing. Let it all out on the off chance that you have thicker hair.

The keratin-injected, more extensive clay plates treat thick and long hair to include sparkle and bolster ultra-smooth floating. They fix more hair at one go and stops re-fixing again and again while lessening the time taken for styling.

Static movement can make issues while you fix your hair, causing frizz and tangles. For this, Philips Kerashine has a concocted Ionic Care recipe. It conditions your hair with contrarily charged particles called ionic molding. This is the explanation for its smooth hair, and it's once in a while found in minimal effort level irons.

The apparatus warms up within 60 seconds with an ideal warmth of 210 degrees (no warmth controller), which will assist you in achieving that salon prepared hair in seconds. 1.8-meter power line length gives the most extreme adaptability to style the hair in various ways. The cord length is suitable for proper movement and helps you in hairdressing.

Utilize a legitimate warmth impervious to get salon-like straight hair. A serum or hair oil won't work if you need the best outcomes.


  • It warms up in only 60 seconds. 
  • Keratin-injected artistic plates. 
  • 210°C of warming temperature. 
  • Upheld with 2 years of warranty administrations. 
  • Solid wide plates bolster thick and long hair.


  • Costly 
  • No auto-shutdown highlight. 
  • No warmth controller.

Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

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Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

This Havells Hair Straightener is appropriate for everyday use. Further, it keeps away from pressure on the hair and forestalls hair breakage to a more prominent degree. It has a sleek and minimal style.

The 25*120 mm clay covered drifted plates help to coast the hair quickly and dispose of the frizz and suit practically any hair length and surface. The littler plates with round edges can be utilized as a styler. Take a hair area and fold it over the round plate, hold it for 10 seconds, and prepare it with fun twists without hitting the parlor.

Even though it is accessible at reasonable costs, it offers fast styling within 45 seconds and by setting the temperature to a limit of 210°C. The LED pointer demonstrates when the force is on. It has a 1.8-meter power line and 360° cord line forestalls tangling of wires to move uninhibitedly.


  • Cheap 
  • Fixing in addition to twisting 
  • 210°C of temperature settings. 
  • Progressed PTC warming component. 
  • 2 years warranty on the item 
  • 45 seconds of a fast warming system.


  • Poor assembling administrations. 
  • Develop quality isn't to the imprint

SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

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SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

SuperGlam is a value-for-cost product. It is available in magenta color with a slim and sleek look. Yet, you can't utilize it for curling. Additionally, the plates are not proper heating plates but are covered to protect the hair. Apart from the special things, it is a quality item with every one of the highlights that one could request under this value.

The SuperGlam straightener from the place of Syska is a charming minimal pink-hued straightener with a gleaming completion that looks cute and upscale simultaneously. It has fired covered plates that coast easily, leaving it luxurious straight. There is a PTC warmer, a warm balancer, to disseminate the warmth consistently on the plates so you can feel the straighter take care of one application.

No warm controller, yet an overheat defender will spare you and your hair from getting harmed and natural mishaps from short circuits if you ever neglect to take care of the gadget. Moreover, the fired plates are heat-safe, chills off rapid so you can never hurt yourself even unintentionally.


  • Auto-off overheat defender 
  • Safe warmth safe plates that chill off quicker 
  • Smart reflexive looks 
  • Push up the locking framework 
  • Lightweight and travel-accommodating 
  • 2 years of warranty on the item


  • Can't be utilized for twisting like Philips 
  • Little fixing plates takes additional time 
  • Plate material could be better.

Nova NHS 860 Hair Straightener

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Nova NHS 860 Hair Straightener

Nova is cherished for budget-friendly styling items, with many propelled highlights that those different brands mostly neglect to give. It is one of those straighteners that accompanies a temperature control setting. You can set it at four distinctive temperature levels, 160, 180, 200, and 220 degrees Celsius, as indicated by your hair type and style that you like.

The plates are more extensive and fired covered that can fix thicker areas one after another without staying on the plate. The straightener heats just in 30 seconds and stops when the plates are warmed at your pre-set temperature, helping you in saving your fragile hair strands from damage.

The 1.8 m long swivel rope gives adaptability and warranty. It moves toward each path effortlessly while you style your hair. The LED marker discloses to you whether the gadget is on or off.


  • Financial limit benevolent 
  • Great quality earthenware covered plates 
  • 4 temperature setting levels 
  • Bigger plates give quicker fixing outcomes 
  • Auto-off if there should arise an occurrence of overheating 
  • Cooled in 30 seconds 


  • The body gets hot when utilized for quite a while making it hard to hold 
  • Inconsistent warranty 
  • No securing in the plates


This carries us as far as possible of the best hair straighteners in India. Regardless, warmth will harm your hair, however, that doesn't prevent us from styling our hair. On the off chance that you utilize a decent straightener the odds of harming your hair get lesser. Comment below for any more queries on hair straighteners.

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