Updated: April 2, 2021

10 Best Hand Sanitizers in India With Buying Guide December 2021

Written by Sumit Pandey
10 Best Hand Sanitizers in India With Buying Guide December 2021

Hand sanitizers are a sheltered method to dispose of germs, infections, viruses, and microbes that can prompt sicknesses. The formulas are suggested for children, youngsters, and the individuals who offer working spaces.

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Hence, we are doinh a rundown of best hand sanitizers in India out there, positioned in no specific order. A large portion of the items are natural, chemical-free, and safe for children. The hand sanitizers come packed in simple to-utilize bottles making it reasonable to convey it to office, school, and travel in your bag, handbag, and backpack. We also did a post on the Best Masks.

Buying Guide For The Best Hand Sanitizers

  • For Newborn, sanitizers are not recommended
  • For Kids < 10 years of age: We suggest Winova Baby Smooth Alcohol-Free Sanitizer 
  • For Young > 10 years of age: Zapcare Sanitizer (apply after breakfast and lunch) 
  • For Housewives: Lifebuoy Sanitizer 
  • For Engineers: Keisha Hand Sanitizer/Cleanser 
  • For Doctors and Nurses: Klenza Alcohol limitless ticket to ride Sanitizer 
  • All others: Use Himalaya Pure Hands 

You may ponder to watch all TV promotions of cleanser/sanitizers professing to kill just 99.99% and not 100%. This is frequently because of the ability to Resist by the microorganisms. The obstruction is available when really the organisms are keeping away from contact with the disinfecting concoction on the grounds that a biofilm is available. Microorganisms like Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp., Listeria spp., Campylobacter spp. also, various different others can deliver biofilms. this is regularly why no company professes to kill 100% germs.

Different Kinds of Sanitizers: 

There are several types of hand sanitizers available in the market today. Every type has its own features and advantages to offer you, the user. Here are some of the most common types:

Foam Hand Sanitizer

Foam hand sanitizers are very similar to traditional soap bars except for the fact that foam can kill germs through contact rather than just being washed off by water or other liquids like soap bars do. 

The foamy layer on top is made up of chemicals that kill germs when they come in contact with them but does not harm your skin or clothing at all! 

This makes foam-based hand sanitizer very easy to use as you can use it without having to worry about it damaging your skin or clothes! These hand sanitisers also come with a pump making it easier for you to apply them! 

Gel Hand Sanitizer

Gel-based hand sanitizers also have a lot of advantages over traditional soaps and gels too! For starters, they dry off much faster than both wipes and soaps making them much more convenient to use when on-the-go! 

Furthermore, gel based hand sanitisers have a lot less moisture than wipes which makes them less likely to damage your skin or cause rashes after prolonged exposure.

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers or wipes

Alcohol based hand wipes have been around for several years now but they continue being one of the best options out there today for those looking for an alternative to normal liquid soaps or gels!

 Alcohol based hand wipes come in handy while traveling since they do not take up much space inside bags or luggage! 

This makes them great for long trips and flights as well as camping trips where space is limited inside your backpack! 

Foaming Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Foaming hand wipes have been designed specifically for kids who may find themselves encountering germ-ridden surfaces quite often while going out on their own.

Children tend to touch everything around them without thinking twice about it and thus, their chances of contracting infections from these surfaces is fairly high compared to adults who tend not to touch surfaces as frequently as children do.

To guide our readers to purchase the best or reasonable Hand sanitizer of India, We at bagittoday.com bought all the accessible Hand sanitizers in Indian Market and tried their adequacy.

Here's The List Of The Best Hand Sanitizers

1. Dr. Batras Non-Alcoholic 100 ML Hand Sanitizer
2. Lifebuoy Total 10 Antibacterial 50 ML Hand Sanitizer 
3. Himalaya 100 ML Purehands
4. Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer
5. Dettol Instant 200 ML Hand Sanitizer
6. Be. 300 ML The Solution Citrus
7. Kronokare - 320 ML Hand Sanitizer
8. Kaya Clinic 50 ML Hand Sanitizer
9. Zuci Citrus Lime 250 ML Hand Sanitizer
10. Bloomsberry Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Batras Non-Alcoholic 100 ML Hand Sanitizer

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Dr. Batras Non-Alcoholic 100 ML Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Batra’s Hand Sanitizer has tulsi extract in its composition and other ingredients like purgative, benzalkonium chloride, glycerine, acid, and chlorhexidine gluconate. Some users also claim it as a relaxing skin protector. The content of basil-tulsi extract formula is safe for everybody, including children and efficiently, kills germs.

The product is formulated for repeated use. It includes kids and proficiently eliminates germs. 

Lifebuoy Total 10 Antibacterial 50 ML Hand Sanitizer

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Lifebuoy Total 10 Antibacterial 50 ML Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy Total is free from preservatives and alcohol, this product comes in three fragrances including lemon fresh, Total 10, and Care. The sanitizer not only reduces skin chapping but also redness due to its advanced germ protection. If you're trying to find an efficient alternative to alcohol-based options, this hand sanitizer may be a solid option.

The best features of this hand sanitizer, it effectively kills germs in 10 seconds, Keeps your hands protected for 10 hours, Protects from skin infections, the simplest alternative to soaps.

Himalaya 100 ML Purehands

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Himalaya 100 ML Purehands

The Himalaya Wellness PureHands sanitizer comes in a few yummy flavors like green apple, strawberry, litchi, and pure versions. Made with natural ingredients, it kills 99% germs. The gentle sanitizer also will moisturize your palms but it's active ingredients like lime, neem, and coriander in its composition. We recommend this good smelling product is certainly one for all times.

Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

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Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

The natural hand sanitizer from Godrej Protekt made it onto our list of top hand product brands for the simplest reasons. it's alcohol-free in its composition which naturally keeps your palms soft. Its formula is super-mild so it causes no harm to children, too. and therefore the product comes in a simple to use spray bottle that emits out the proper dosage. The Godrej hand sanitizer is ideal to use and carry anywhere.

Use one or two sprays as required. Children can use it safely, too.

Dettol Instant 200 ML Hand Sanitizer

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Dettol Instant 200 ML Hand Sanitizer

Next on our list is the Dettol Instant hand sanitizer! The good thing about this formula is that it prides itself on killing germs effectively. The bottle comes during a convenient container, which suggests you'll carry it in your bags and planes with no problems. The hand sanitizer is ideal for travel, school, office, and flu season.

You can utilize it on both your hands for best assurance.

Be. 300 ML The Solution Citrus

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Be. 300 ML The Solution Citrus

Halfway down our list of best hand sanitizers in India is that the Be. the answer Nimbu Wala Fresh sanitizer. This bottle is infused with a natural formula of lemon and vitamin C, designed to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses. it's perfect for adults and youngsters alike.

It contains an upscale source of vitamin C to melt hands. it's natural bacteria-fighting properties.

The nozzle hand sanitizer is often easily dispensed onto palms. Rub well onto hands until dry whenever needed.

Kronokare - 320 ML Hand Sanitizer

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Kronokare - 320 ML Hand Sanitizer

The other formula for hands-on our rundown originates from Kronokare. It’s a natural hand sanitizer, therefore the hand sanitizer is gentle on one’s skin. this is often why we consider it our greatest natural hand sanitizer brands. it's moisturizing agents, killing 99% harmful germs within less a moment, as they claim.

It gives crisp aroma, Kills 99% germs and microscopic organisms. Utilize this hand sanitizer at your recreation to treat microscopic organisms and germs. 

Kaya Clinic 50 ML Hand Sanitizer

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Kaya Clinic 50 ML Hand Sanitizer

We’ve made it to the last three top hand sanitizer brands in India. It's an alcohol-based formula that disinfects hands. The good thing about it also moisturizes your skin leaving it super-smooth to the touch. The bottle is often easily packed to your suitcase and purse.

The alcohol-gel-based hand sanitizer disinfect hands effectively, Anti-bacterial agents, Kills 99.9% germs. Use onto your hands whenever you are feeling the necessity to.

Zuci Citrus Lime 250 ML Hand Sanitizer

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Zuci Citrus Lime 250 ML Hand Sanitizer

The Zuci hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of all bacteria and germs within the most natural way. that's why it’s one among the simplest gentle hand sanitizer brands on the market. They even have a separate Junior range for teenagers which makes it safe to use. It cleans your hands completely without leaving it dry. Likewise, it comes in a few one of a kind aromas including basil, orange, and citrus lime. 

It Kills 99% germs, gives incredible aroma, it contains aloe vera gel and Vitamin E globules. 

Bloomsberry Hand Sanitizer

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Bloomsberry Hand Sanitizer

Bloomsberry Lavender Sunshine is one of the foremost loved hand sanitizers. this is often the rationale why it's a part of our list of top ten hand sanitizers! It also features a fresh fragrance of Freesia flowers that you simply will come to like naturally. The lavender-colored sanitizer is additionally made from essential moisturizers to stay your hands nourished.

Apply Bloomsberry hand sanitizer if you are feeling the necessity to wash your hands. Use a couple of drops onto palms and rub them dry.

Best Hand Sanitizers-FAQ

Are hand sanitizers effective against germs?

Antibacterial sanitizers are generally effective against bacteria, but not necessarily against other microorganisms like fungi, viruses and protozoa.

How do I use hand sanitizer?

You can use hand sanitizer just as you would use soap and water. Apply a small amount to your hands, rub your hands together and then dry with a towel.

What is the concentration range for antibacterial sanitizers?

Antibacterial sanitizers can be diluted from 1% to 99% (1:99). The higher the concentration, the greater the killing power. However, higher concentrations may also be more irritating.

What is the difference between alcohol-based hand sanitizers and soap and water?

Soap and water kill germs mainly by removing them from skin in the form of water. Hand sanitizers kill germs by breaking down their cell walls. Therefore, soap and water is more effective against germs on dry skin than sanitizers. Hand sanitizers can be used in a wide variety of situations, including food preparation, where soap and water is not appropriate.

What is the difference between alkyl (mainly ethyl or isopropyl) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) types of alcohol?

Alkyl alcohols are fast drying and evaporate rapidly from skin, making them ideal for use in hand sanitizers. Polyethylene glycol is slower to evaporate; however, it does not leave any residue on skin. PEG alcohols are often used in combination with alkyl alcohols for added germ killing power and to help reduce irritation of skin.

Is there any information on what kind of alcohol to use in hand sanitizers?

The US Food & Drug Administration has banned the use of denatured alcohol in hand sanitizers because it can be absorbed through the skin and lead to alcohol poisoning. Therefore, most of the hand sanitizers on the market today contain ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, not denatured alcohol. Ethyl and isopropyl alcohol are approved for use in rubbing alcohol. They should be safe for use in hand sanitizers since they will not be absorbed through the skin.

What is the shelf life of hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers are formulated to have a long shelf life. In general, they can be stored for at least four years if they are stored in the original sealed container in a cool, dry place.

How long does it take for hand sanitizer to kill germs?

The length of time it takes for hand sanitizers to kill germs will vary greatly depending on the concentration of the sanitizer, the type of germ, the temperature of the environment and the amount of moisture on the skin. In general, hand sanitizers will kill most germs within 10-15 seconds.

What is the recommended amount of hand sanitizer to use?

The amount of hand sanitizer used will depend on the concentration of the sanitizer. If you are using a 1% solution, you will likely need to use more product than if you are using a 99% solution.

Are hand sanitizers suitable for use on children?

Yes. Hand sanitizers are non-irritating and non-toxic. However, we recommend that you first test the product on a small area of skin to make sure that it does not cause a reaction.


Although our exhaustive review of the best hand sanitizer brands in India is filled with amazing choices for you to settle on from, we'll need to leave it up to you to make a decision on which one is best for you.

Which hand sanitizer do you believe is the best? Let us know in the comment segment underneath.

Written by Sumit Pandey

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