8 Best Laser Printers In India July 2020

8 Best Laser Printers In India 2020
8 Best Laser Printers In India 2020

When discussing the best laser printers in India, they are a little quicker than inkjet printers and, however, much less expensive. Likewise, the vast majority of the inkjet printers manage low-volume print employments even though laser printers are increasingly durable. Hence, purchasers can be upbeat about siphoning one page after another and still anticipate top-notch designs and fresh content.

A laser printer can be very convenient as it can print the photographs, records, schoolwork all at the solace of your home. The top tier home printers coordinate with the speed, print quality just as a lot of highlights that you would likely discover in an office printer. Acquiring one according to your prerequisite can be fantastic consideration.

Other than this, you can play out various capacities with the assistance of a laser printer, for example, printing photos, archives, structures, and so forth. Thus, if you are hoping to buy a multifunction laser printer, at that point, there are a lot of things that you ought to consider.

On account of the Home-based printer, you would presumably need to buy an item that isn’t cumbersome, and simultaneously, it is across the board printer with the end resolution that it can satisfy all your motivation.

Besides, the best laser printers in India will require small support alongside an uncommon possibility of cartridge every once in a while. Conversely, the best laser printers are known for their highly contrasting printing. Though there are many color laser printers accessible in the market, they are very costly and are more reasonable for printing designs than photographs.

You can utilize this article as a guide to know various kinds of printers alongside the highlights accessible and the most recent data concerning printing innovation.

Purchasing Guide For The Best Laser Printer 

Reason for Use 

Home use: To the individuals who are home Users, it is profitable to possess a printer that can deal with a wide range of work errands from schoolwork to photographs to stationary. Likewise, there are Wi-Fi abilities and inherent memory perusers, which are awestruck highlights to empower simple sharing highlights.

Home Office or Small Business use: From printing lively leaflets to faxing bills and checking records, the inkjet printer is the ideal choice that offers, and each of the one components shuffles the prerequisites of a business. It is substantially more helpful to possess a printer that gives portable printing abilities that empower workers to complete work at the workplace conveniently.

Then again, you can pick a printer that can continue printing with a wide-position highlight to make extensive archives, such as flyers and spreadsheets, which are utilized in introductions or even publications.

Photography use: There might be times where you may get copying photographs that seem to be like the mail-request administration; in such cases, you can search for a submitted photograph printer. These sorts of printers empower you to get to the advantage of printing photographs straightforwardly from your phone, at whatever point you need.

Education use: If you are an understudy, printing your research work or proposal can be an issue during busy print workdays. In this way, getting an inkjet laser printer will convey detailed pictures and fresh, sharp messages. It is prepared to warranty accommodation for the User during the problem minutes.

Besides, there are some dedicated applications where they are perfect for sending in reports to the home printer regardless of being ceaselessly from homes, for example, in a study hall, the library, or even an examination session.

Different Types OF Laser Printers 

Inkjet Printers: As referenced previously, if you are searching for a printer that delivers clear images or content, then the inkjet printer may be a fitting decision. The printer works by sprinkling small beads of ink straight onto the paper. The printers are notable for imprinting on an expansive scope of paper sizes and types, such as names, business envelopes, scrapbooking papers, and some more.

Even though you are thinking about conflicting print speeds at that point, the inkjet printer is a decent decision for small printing requirements, such as for home use. The across the board sort of inkjet printers conveys a suitable technique to get to an enormous number of gadgets inside a single space-sparing unit. These printers arrive in a 3-in-1 kind that empowers a User to print, photocopy and sweep archives, or possibly a 4-in-1, which, likewise, allows fax highlights.

Laser Printers:

These printers large volumes in a split second and require small to no effort for each page. In contrast with the copiers, the best laser printers utilize a toner (powder) and friction-based electricity regardless of using ink to create a message on paper and move pictures.

While cost proficiency and quicker print speeds are the most significant advantages of laser printers, there are more favorable circumstances in transit. Since the toner is dry from the beginning, so users don’t have to worry about ink spreading on the pages. Besides, if you are searching for agreeableness and flexibility, then the laser printer planned as an across the board printer is an excellent alternative.

Photograph Printers:

Photo printers excel in top-notch printing photographs. These printers offer equivalent degrees of substance-quality contrast with an expert printing administration and still suffer lower costs or even at a comparable price in examination with these administrations.

Utilizing this kind of printers empower you to print straightforwardly from a perfect camera (computerized) using PictBridge (a novel USB association type). Likewise, there are a few models that obtain CompactFlash or memory sticks or even SD cards.

Numerous models empower you to alter legitimately from the printer, for example, red-eye evacuation, trimming, and much more. Utilizing a photograph printer, Users have the chance to investigate their creative sides as it has a gigantic measure of choices to mess with, for example, printing pictures for scrapbooking, CD and DVD fronts, or printing 4″ x 6″ photographs to occasion cards and significantly more.

3D Printers:

3D printers are known fundamentally for one capacity: to print 3D. The 3D printer uses pitch, powder, or plastic-like materials and melts it to discharge into thin layers that stack into each other to develop a 3D printout.

It isn’t just a machine of things to come, yet all things being equal, it is reachable and usable to anybody from a regular User to an imaginative expert. This demonstrates its flexibility as it fulfills all gatherings, where they all have various market needs. From handcrafted toys to kitchen utilities, you can watch your one of a kind plans become animated when utilizing a 3D printer.

Extra Features: The Add-ons 

Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi printing highlight ends up being valuable when a User would plan to share his/her printer inside different PCs. Additionally, it is very acquainted with wired USB printing, as it would expect you to introduce the correct drivers before you can begin printing. As you associate over a remote system, the printer will then be accessible to different gadgets and PCs with the right driver. This kind of association is astonishing for home use, wherein the User has more than one PC or even a small scale business.

Paper Handling:

Usually, both laser and inkjet printers print on lawful size paper-and on the letter where the information and yield plate can hold more than 100 pieces of paper. There are a few printers that can deal with various dishes of paper along these lines, keep a ton of pages and subsequently decrease the occasions you should top off the plate. Typically, numerous techniques empower the printer to move the paper through the feed.

A few printers can draw papers from the front side of the printer while utilizing elastic rollers to lead the paper out of the plate and through the printer. Then again, Top-load printers use weight (gravity) to move the paper downwards through the feeder and out of the front side of the printer, which is a decent choice if a user might want to print on kinds of paper which can’t be bowed or on hardened materials.


Due to its capacity to print on the two sides of a single page, the Duplex printing is a paper saver just as a help. Those printers which offer duplex printing will utilize, more often than not, a turning around archive feeder, which is programmed. This empowers duplex filtering and prints pages twofold sided without wanting to pivot the paper over and refeed it into the printer.

Printer Speed:

As you may go out to look for a printer, you may go over and see a few terms, for example, yield speed. CPM (photocopies every moment) or generally known as PPM (pages every moment), decides the number of pages every moment the printer can push out pages. When you search for a photograph printer, you will observe the term IPM (pictures every moment), which additionally applies a similar standard.

Touch Screen Display:

Owning Touch-screen LCDs printers make it much progressively easy to explore the printer. It leads to quick information, for example, by entering the number of pages you want to print, picking which paper plate to utilize, or even enter the email address which you need to send to.

Comes With Memory Card Reader:

Users can likewise search a printer that contains a memory card peruser which is inherent and underpins various configurations, for example, Memory Stick Duo, MultiMediaCard or Secure Digital. This offers simple access and even, for barely any printers, empowers altering of photographs without the need for a PC.

Here’s The List Of The Best Laser Printers

1. Epson L361 Multi-Function Ink Tank Color Printer 
2. HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer
3. HP 1020 Plus Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer
4. Samsung SCX-3401 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer
5. HP LaserJet Pro M126nw Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer
6. Canon LBP2900B Laser Printer
7. Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer
8. HP LaserJet P1108 Monochrome Laser Printer 

Epson L361 Multi-Function Ink Tank Color Printer

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Epson L361 Multi-Function Ink Tank Color Printer

Epson-L361 Multi-Function Ink Tank Color Printer has a load of 6.18 kg, this kind of printer is an ink tank type that offers general usefulness, for example, filtering, xerox, and printing. Also, it accompanies a flatbed scanner alongside color printer yield, thus delivering color yield. The network utilized is through USB link, and the printer uses a small estimated, however fitting ink bottle that joins hues, for example, T6641 (Black), T6642 (Cyan), T6643 (Magenta), T6644 (Yellow). Their page yield comprises up to 4500 pages in highly contrasting alongside 7500 pages in color. 

Likewise, it accompanies a unique Epson Ink Bottle matching 4*70 ml, wherein the jug accompanies one each color, for example, Bk, C, M, Y inside the crate

With regards to supporting the page size, the printer underpins up to A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL, and even offers a duplex print model with a print resolution of 5760 x 1440. The printer is perfect for small office and home use with both ordinary and substantial utilization. 

The printer gives a warranty of 1 year or 30,000 pages, whichever is a nearby fast warranty from the buy date. Alongside this, Epson likewise offers free establishment on this model also.

HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

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HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

This printer handles daily office tasks effortlessly by using a moderate multifunction printer. Users would now be able to photocopy, clean, and print inside a single machine accordingly eco-accommodating as they lessen the natural effect as it offers energy-saving highlights. 

Utilizing HP Smart Install, Users can introduce instantly inside a Netbook or PC without the utilization of a CD. Notwithstanding naturally well-disposed use, it advances effectively reusing with HP Planet Partners. 

The paper taking care of info offers a standard of 150 sheet input plate alongside a standard 100-sheet canister. The highest limit concerning which the printer yields is 100 sheets in particular. 

Besides, the printer underpins media sizes, for example, A4, A5, ISO DL, ISO B5, ISO C5, ISO C5/6,16K, Hagaki (J postcard), European postcard, Ofuku Hagaki (J twofold postcard). 

Moreover, the media sizes comprise of a custom 76 x 127 to 216 x 356 mm alongside conveying various kinds of media, for example, names, cardstock, envelopes, postcards, transparencies, and laser paper.

HP 1020 Plus Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

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HP 1020 Plus Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

The printer creates a yield of monochrome colors (Black and White). This printer draws in many undertakings and business people, and it is being advanced as a perfect utilization. Alongside this, the printer is a laserjet type and serves just a single capacity. 

As far as an association, printers use the USB link. The printer offers a perfect laser toner, which is a LaserJet Toner Cartridge-being HP 12A dark unique. Also, the printer bolsters page sizes, for example, A4, A5, A6, B5, C5, DL, and postcards, just as give print resolutions up to 600 x 600 DPI wherein it gives even 1200 DPI compelling yield. Alongside this, the maker provides in a P Duplex print manual if any help might be required. 

Moreover, the printer yields pages of around 2000 in number and even advances safe, natural utilization where it plays out an obligation cycle of up to 5000 pages for every month. In conclusion, the organization offers a 1-year warranty from the buy date.

Samsung SCX-3401 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

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Samsung SCX-3401 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

This Samsung printer weighs 6.7 kg and executes 64 MB RAM alongside 1500 pages starter cartridge. Also, it gives an across the board bundle where the User would now be able to output, print, and photocopy information or records as per their needs. 

The printer passes on a profoundly different yield since it is a monochrome multifunction printer. As far as resolutions, it conveys 20 PPM just as a 1200 x 1200 dpi display.

HP LaserJet Pro M126nw Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

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HP LaserJet Pro M126nw Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

Monochrome-Laser-Printer weighs about 9.87 kg.  The LaserJet Pro sort gives a multi-work activity where Users are empowered to photocopy, print, and clean archives. It additionally accompanies a Flatbed scanner where the printer yield is just high contrast

The printer can be organized through USB, HP ePrint App, USB, and even remote in this manner, announcing its flexibility as far as availability. 

Alongside this, it offers a perfect laser toner where it is an HP 88A unique laserjet toner cartridge (dark) model. The page yield is around 1500 pages and supports page sizes of A4, A5, B5, postcards, and envelopes

It does very well as of being eco-accommodating where it has an obligation cycle of 8000 pages for each month. It displayed a book of 2-line LCD and utilized successfully for business and undertaking Users. 

The printer accompanies a duplex printer manually, sticking to Users if they are confused about how it works. The print resolutions control up to 1200 x 1200 DPI, and the organization gives a 1-year warranty from the buy date alongside 1-year trade support.

Canon LBP2900B Laser Printer

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Canon LBP2900B Laser Printer

This laser printer is reduced and creates monochrome yield and has incorporated fast handling because of cutting edge innovation. The media size it bolsters is A4 and a section level monochrome laser printer. Ultimately, the printer conveys 12 PPM yields. 

Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

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Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

Ricoh weighs around 9.9 kg. This multifunction printer is a high contrast yield laser type that gives the offices to photocopy and clear media sizes, for example, A4 and lawful. It offers accommodation to the buyer as it is refillable at home without stressing over losing warranty when topping off with the Ricoh toner. 

What’s more, the top of pocket from the first Ricoh is currently accessible where the print cost after the topping off procedure is 40 paise. Regarding the printing speed, it passes on 22ppm for A4 and 23ppm for letter size

Because of innovative progressions, the printer utilizes a USB 2.0 availability with photocopy accelerated to 22 pm and even contacts 99 different photocopies. 

Since there are issues, for example, time utilization before a printer begins to work practically, Ricoh has structured the printer to confront a warmup of fewer than 25 seconds

Also, purchasers can physically enter 150 sheets in the standard plate where the detour plate incorporates a single layer. The RAM for the printer is 128 MB, and the high return toner comprises 2600 pages. However, the low toner cartridge yields 1500 pages. The aggregate pages every month are 20000 sheets, and this is the print volume.

HP LaserJet P1108 Monochrome Laser Printer

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HP LaserJet P1108 Monochrome Laser Printer

If you need to rely upon HP for usability and reliable printing experience, this printer is the way into your issues. The printer is rapid and instantly with no CD required since the printer utilizes HP Smart Install. 

Users would now be able to print up to 19 pages for each moment with the letter media size and 18 pages for each moment with the A4 media size alongside the main page being created as quick as 8.5 seconds. Users would now be able to win up to 50 percent of vitality investment funds over other aggressive items (laser). 

Also, the printer empowers usability by highlighting where the natural control board lets Users start the arrangement and warranty brisk printing immediately. At last, this minimal, smooth, and space-sparing printer joins oversimplified bundling and offers a free cartridge which reuses with HP Planet Partners to reduce the effect.


Along these lines, we have listed the eight best laser printers for home and office use in India.

Fundamentally, you comprehend the need to have a printer and the things that you can anticipate from it. Additionally, there is no reason for obtaining a laser printer if it doesn’t meet your requirements. It is suggested that you go through the purchaser’s guide and buy any given item mentioned above. For any questions, you can connect with us.

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