5 Best Loafers For Men in India With Buying Guide August 2022

Updated: May 12, 2021
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The loafer is adaptable enough to be worn in different events, yet additionally more snug and pleasant in style as compared to other footwear.

I m here with the listing of the best loafers for men’s available in India, with the important things which you have to look before buying a loafer.

Here’s The List Of The Best Loafers For Men

1. Dockers Sinclair Kiltie Loafer Antique Brown
2. ECCO Men's Edinburgh Bike Toe Slip-on Loafer
3. Calvin Klein Magnus Weave Emboss Slip-On Loafer
4. JIONS Driving Penny Loafers 
5. Coralhawk Italian Leather Black Loafer

Dockers Sinclair Kiltie Loafer Antique Brown

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Dockers Sinclair Kiltie Loafer Antique Brown

Dockers start their business first with khaki jeans, yet numerous customers likewise pick Dockers for footwear. Dockers shoes lean toward the easygoing, including their Loafer Shoe, despite the fact that the last is perfect for improving your wardrobe.

Its Sinclair loafer includes a padded footbed and microsuede spread to give a definitive in solace and non-abrasiveness feature for regular wear. 

There's additionally a cushioned neckline and insole for extra comfort, while the elastic outsole is strong and gives the perfect measure of footing and steadiness.

The Dockers Sinclair comes with an up-to-date structure with better solace than make it probably the best man easygoing loafers around. You can wear them with a variety of clothing.


  • Good stylish design
  • Comfortable for regular wear


  • One large size fits your feet size

ECCO Men's Edinburgh Bike Toe Slip-on Loafer

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ECCO Men's Edinburgh Bike Toe Slip-on Loafer

 A shoe's general comfort incorporates how it fits. Appears good enough, yet a few wearers penance fit in picking a shoe they experience passionate feelings for and afterward lament the choice following a couple of long periods of squeezed toes and strolling around cautiously.

ECCO Men’s Edinburgh bike toe Slip-on loafer is well-known for its fittings and offers its remarkable Freedom Fit to back it up.

In contrast to ordinary shoes, which ECCO state confine the manner in which an individual's toes spread when walking, the Freedom Fit element offers an ample toebox while fitting all the more barely from heel to instep. Thus, your toes spread normally to help your weight and to make an increasingly open to strolling experience.

ECCO is one of a kind from multiple points of view, including that it's one of only a handful hardly any footwear makers that has its very own tanneries, and where it forms its covers up and leathers.

Their tanneries use profoundly propelled procedures and medicines, and utilize vegetable-tanned leather in different phases of the shoe development, remembering for its selective decorate sole.

ECCO places a delicate layer of dampness permeable froth under a trim sole treated with Agion – an antimicrobial innovation that controls microscopic organisms and smell.

The froth additionally has minor gaps in it in which air is pushed out during strolling to make an increasingly agreeable flow around the foot.

The Men’s Edinburgh loafer outsole comprises of Polyurethane, which is said to last more maybe multiple times longer than customary material.


  • It has Freedom free design
  • It controls order by its Anti-Microbial Technology
  • It has a breathable lining


  • One bigger size gives you the best comfort

Calvin Klein Magnus Weave Emboss Slip-On Loafer

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Calvin Klein Magnus Weave Emboss Slip-On Loafer

Calvin Klein Magnus has plan additionally makes it exceptionally adaptable and reasonable for easygoing end of the week exercises or when matched with work clothing.

Produced using 100% leather, the Magnus Slip-On loafer comes in broadened sizes and widths, which makes it simpler to discover a couple that accommodates your foot's interesting shape.

The Magnus configuration additionally incorporates a padded froth comfort for predominant comfortable that makes them agreeable for throughout the day wear.

It's additionally a truly adaptable and gives your foot enough space to move easily, yet not all that much room that the fit is annoyingly free.


  • Made up of soft leather
  • Comfortable fitting


  • Size may run small or large

JIONS Driving Penny Loafers

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JIONS Driving Penny Loafers

It's developed with carefully assembled Italian sewing that incorporates amazing detailing both on the through the shoe and vamp. 

Their slip-on configuration makes them simple wear on and wears off. 

It comes with  EVA shock-proof insole which assists ward with offing foot weariness. Its studded sole is magnificent for driving, as referenced, yet in addition, gives support on standing and provides stability on walking. 

You can easily wear JIONS loafers with various kinds of clothing like pants, suits, shirts, khakis, and so on. Other than blue, you can likewise get them in khaki, dark, red, and dark. 

This loafer has breathable and antimicrobial comfort that keeps feet agreeable whether you're driving or going for a get-together.


  • Good for walking and driving
  • Available in various color option
  • Hand made loafer


  • Size may runoff

Coralhawk Italian Leather Black Loafer

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Coralhawk Italian Leather Black Loafer

Coralhawk Italian Leather Black Loafer has PU soal, comes with medium width and Slip-On closures.

It is made with Italian leather which is an eco-friendly material and makes it soft, lightweight and comfortable for your feet.

You can wear them without socks or socks. It has 100% PU leather lining which gives you extra comfort. It has an approx 1-inch stack heel. you can wear it on khakis, pants, suits, and jeans


  • Classic stylish design
  • Handmade loafer


  • Sizes may run big or small

Things To Consider When Buying Loafers


The first basic thing which you have to look is the loafer fitting with your feet because even just marginally an inappropriate size – won't satisfy you or your feet. A shoe or footwear sizes vary from one brand to another brand.


Most loafers are made with soft leather suede or hard leather. The two kinds of material have their qualities and shortcomings and can influence your general look.

Hard leather loafers have a smooth, sparkling completion that functions admirably with more intelligent looks, while softened suede works best for summer and spring seasons. 

Soft leather loafers will, in general, have all the more an easygoing vibe than hard leather loafers, yet that doesn't mean you can't wear them with formal wear.


Before buying loafer consider the occasion and your dress up for which you are going to wear it. Are you want to wear it on friends gathering, marriage function or with shorts etc.

Types of Loafers

As we've already hinted at, there are two types of loafers there are, and they're called penny loafers and monk shoes.

They're both very different from each other, but they're also very different from the other types of loafers there are.

Penny Loafers

  • A penny loafer is a very casual shoe, and it's usually made of suede.
  • This is a very casual type of shoe, and it can be used with a pair of jeans.

Monk Loafers

  • A monk shoe is a very versatile shoe.
  • This is a very versatile type of shoe, and it can be used with a pair of jeans.
  • This shoe can also be used with a pair of trousers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you tell the difference between a penny loafer and a monk shoe?

A: The easiest way to tell the difference between a penny loafer and a monk shoe is to look at the toe cap. A penny loafer has a cap with a seam that runs along the middle, whereas a monk shoe has a cap that has the seam on the outside.

Q: What are the best penny loafer and monk shoes?

A: The best penny loafer and monk shoes are the ones made by Allen Edmonds.

Q: What are the best penny loafers?

A: The best penny loafers are the ones made by Loake.

Q: What are the best monk shoes?

A: The best monk shoes are the ones made by Carmina.

Q: What are the best loafers?

A: The best loafers are the ones made by Allen Edmonds.


We love your comments and suggestions. If you have any favorite loafer brand or model you can share with us.

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