8 Best Lunch Boxes In India with Buying Guide April 2021

Best Lunch Boxes In India
Best Lunch Boxes In India

Numerous people prepare their lunch early morning on the best gas stoves and carry their lunch to work or college with the goal that they can appreciate delicious nourishment in any event, when they are not at home. Nutrients are an important requirement in our daily meals.

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That’s why we need a safe place for our food that can secure their vitamins conveniently.A lunch box is not just for storing food, but it ensures that your food stays healthy and hygienic too.

To help you buy the best lunch box in India, we have researched several important factors that you should definitely read before buying one. This article contains information regarding a buying guide, 8 best lunch boxes in India, FAQ, and a conclusion.

To sum up, get exclusive details here and choose the best lunch box for yourself now!

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Here’s The List Of The Best Lunch Boxes

1. Vaya Tyffyn Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box (Best Overall)
2. Home Puff Collapsible
3. Cello Max Fresh Click (Highest Rated)
4. Milton Executive Lunch Box (Budget Choice)
5. Borosil Glass Lunch Box 
6. Milton Swiftron Stainless Steel 
7. Signoraware Best Lunch Box
8. Home Puff Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
9. Cello Lunch Mate Air Tight Lunch Box

Vaya Tyffyn Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box

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Vaya Tyffyn Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box

For healthy lifestyles, Vaya lunch boxes are ideal and Vaya products can be used for those who always go anywhere from office tables to park benches, classrooms to playgrounds.

As the name implies Vaya lunch box is polished and made with stainless steel. Its oval shape ensures you get maximum storage for your food. 

This 1000 ml Vaya tiffin box comes with 3 containers out of which 2 containers have 300 ml capacity and one has 400 ml capacity. It comes with a lid lock mechanism and for all containers covering Vaya provided Thermosteel outer shell that ensures that your food remains warms for 4-6 hours.

Vaya stainless steel lunch boxes are dishwasher safe and the plastic used in it is BPA free, non-toxic and FDA approved.

Editor Choice

Home Puff Collapsible

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Home Puff Collapsible

This silicone lunch box can hold up to 1200ml of nourishment, and once you are done you can make it littler to make it progressively helpful to keep. Perhaps the greatest advantage of silicone items is that they are anything but difficult to clean, and are very strong as well. Within is separated into 3 sections so you can convey a well-off supper with one principle dish and two side dishes. 

In spite of the fact that this item is ideal for the individuals who have a huge hunger yet don’t wish to keep a tremendous and cumbersome lunch box as it is exceptionally flexible.

Cello Max Fresh Click

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Cello Max Fresh Click

A strongly suggested lunchbox with 4 excessively sealed shut compartments that won’t let anything spill regardless of whether you hold them topsy turvy, this is totally ideal for the individuals who like to have different varieties of dishes. Notwithstanding being hermetically sealed, the tops are not hard to open and close, which makes it significantly increasingly advantageous. 

The lunch box looks solid, tough, and sufficiently open to effectively place the compartments in or take them out. This lunch box is entirely reasonable thinking about every one of the highlights, and we would prescribe this to any individual who likes to pack various types of dishes!

Milton Executive Lunch Box

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Milton Executive Lunch Box

Milton Executive Lunch Box is a minimized and versatile lunch box with three compartments, and what makes it extraordinary is that there is a lot of spoon and fork connected with it so you have one less thing to stress over. 

The plastic holder is microwave safe so you can heat your food before lunch. It has astounding surveys and is anything but difficult to use, in addition to the value is a flat outtake, which is the reason this has made it to our main 3 picks! 

Borosil Glass Lunch Box

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Borosil Glass Lunch Box

Borosil is the perfect lunch box for storing the food at a safe place. It is likewise a suggested item since it is made of glass so it’s extremely solid and sturdy; even with 1 year of steady use, you will not perceive any breaks or stains. 

In any case, it is 1.24 kg, so it might appear to be excessively substantial, and since it has no hues or structures, it might look excessively plain to the individuals who lean toward more splendid choices. Another drawback would be the absence of handles on the holders as glass things will, in general, be tricky.

Milton Swiftron Stainless Steel

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Milton Swiftron Stainless Steel

This lunchbox is unique since it is an electric one, so you can without much of a stretch warm your nourishment and appreciate warm nourishment whenever anyplace. This is especially extraordinary for individuals who don’t have warming offices at their workplaces. 

Despite the fact that it is an electric one, it is conservative and lightweight, which makes it incredible as far as movability. Be that as it may, it doesn’t kill naturally once the nourishment has been warmed, which can bring about overheating and can be conceivably hazardous.

Signoraware Best Lunch Box

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Signoraware Best Lunch Box

There are many lunch confine sets accessible to the market yet Signoraware Lunch Box is apt for being an office lunch box. Accompanied by a tumbler, this lunch box is perfect for taking a cool beverage with you during the blistering summer months. 

In spite of the fact that it looks very basic, it won’t make your food spill through. The main drawback is that in spite of having 4 holders, every compartment is quite small.

Home Puff Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

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Home Puff Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

This item offers two layers of protection to keep your nourishment sweltering for in any event five hours, along these lines, regardless of whether you pack lunch toward the beginning of the day, this lunch box will keep your nourishment warm until early afternoon. This is an incredible choice for a kids lunch box. 

In any case, it is inadmissible for pressing rotis or sandwiches, and you probably won’t discover the value alluring enough for an item that constrains the assortment of nourishments you can convey.

Cello Lunch Mate Air Tight Lunch Box

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Cello Lunch Mate Air Tight Lunch Box

Within this lunch enclose is separated into three sections so you can convey an assortment of dishes helpfully. It is anything but difficult to wash and looks charming too which makes it perfect for a kid’s lunch box. 

In any case, the drawback to this item is it isn’t microwave-safe. If you’re going to eat early then this lunch box would be good. It is spacious and can hold a variety of dishes together.

Buying Guide For The Best Lunch Box

There are numerous variables to consider while picking a lunch box that comes in incredibly different shapes, sizes, and formats for various types of individuals. So, to choose the correct lunch box for yourself, you should think about what sort of suppers you might want to pack and the amount you eat.

Identify the Purpose

With an increase in daily hassles around our life, most of us find it difficult to get hygienic and nutritious food for the day.

To nourish our body with the necessary vitamins, there is no better option than taking a lunch box along with you. However, before buying a lunch box, consider why you are buying it, identify the purpose of buying a lunchbox. For instance, if this box is for your child, office, or a picnic.

A decision will help you in exploring the different types of lunchboxes in a better way. You can easily determine how many compartments you would need, which material will suit your need, or if a microwave-friendly case will ease your work. This confusion can be solved by identifying the purpose of buying the best lunch box.

How to Choose a Lunch Box


SizeThe size of a lunch box majorly depends on two things: how much food you want to bring and how will you store the lunch box.

The market comes with a variety of sizes and compartments, for instance, you can get a set of two to four small boxes in a single purchase. Along with these boxes, you can also get a different container and cover for your bottle. The facility for the storage of your food can be easily divided into different compartments with this variety.

Moreover, if you are willing to buy a larger lunch box, then be prepared to find a larger space to store it. These lunch boxes cover more area and it can be a little tricky to store them.
DesignThe structure of the lunch box depends on how the compartments and extra elements are stored. In this section, you will get different varieties too.

For example, some companies offer a typical office-type structure for the lunch box, which can be easily carried and stored.

Whereas, others adhere to a traditional design, which easily provides ample space for storing different food items. The design and size differ and depend according to your choice and how you want to carry everything.
ShapeFor managing the size of a lunch box, you can look over the different food items you usually eat.

If you bring soupy dishes in your lunch box, then a bowl-shaped container with a tight lid would be the best fit for you. Or, if you want to pack a salad with your lunch box, then go for a normal shaped container as it will not take much space. Also, if you incline toward traditional lunchboxes, you will get a long cylindrical shaped lunch box with numerous compartments.

Type of Lid

One of the most important components in managing your food items is the lid of your lunch box. It often happens that we take our favorite soupy and gravy dishes to the office lunch but it ends up getting spilled over your bag. A fixed lid or tight cover, like hermetically sealed ones, would save you from spilling your delicious dishes. Hardened steel is generally not suitable for this reason so you should go for a watertight lunchbox.The lunch boxes with no chance for spillage can easily avoid the development of microscopic organisms. It occurs due to the prevention of outer air entering into the lunch box, consequently enabling the nourishment to remain in a nearly vacuum-like environment.

Pick the Right Material


Plastic lunch boxes are cheap, lightweight, and huge numbers of them are microwave-safe. Besides, plastic is budget-friendly as well, so if you need something increasingly enjoyable with alluring structures, at that point, you ought to pick plastic. The drawbacks of this sort are that plastic is less sturdy and easy to get oil stains.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel lunch boxes are solid, strong, simple to wash, and they are not over the top expensive either. Be that as it may, the weakness usually comes to the point that they are not microwave-friendly, while also being heavier than plastic or aluminum.


Aluminum lunch boxes are lightweight yet sturdy since they are erosion safe and lighter than steel types. The smooth surface makes it spotless. Be that as it may, these are not microwave-safe either and are progressively costly.


Glass lunch holders look extraordinary and have basic plans. They typically last more if the glass is intense, and they are additionally microwave-safe. In any case, these are regularly heavier and more costly than different other options.

Cover For The Lunch Box

To save your lunch box from any damage or spillage, you must buy a sturdy, reliable, and good quality cover. These covers come quite handy and allow you to carry it easily. With extra buckles and safety equipment, the reliability of lunch box covers is unmatchable. Along with the purchase for a lunch box, you must look for extra cover too. Some companies offer a similar-sized cover too, so you do not need to buy an extra one. Although, if you are buying separately, then do not forget to measure the size and figures properly. There is a whopping range of covers available for lunch boxes, like cotton one, jute carry bags, or others.

Simplicity of Washing

Oil stains and remaining small particles are one of the hardest things to remove from any surface. This case is mostly faced while cleaning a lunch box too. While buying the best lunch box, you must check if the cleaning properties of the product are suitable or not. If the item is applicable for washing with hands or dishwasher, keep a tab on such pieces of information. Generally, lunch boxes are washable. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you use a dishwasher, you should know whether the lunch box you need is perfect with the dishwasher. A plain steel or aluminum lunch box is anything but difficult to wash contrasted with one with numerous compartments and made of different materials.

Does It Retain Heat?

If your work environment does not have a microwave, you should pick an office lunch box that holds warmth and keeps the nourishment new. There is likewise the alternative of getting an electric lunch box that can warm your nourishment in a hurry. If you can heat the food at your work environment or school then you should purchase microwave safe lunch boxes, which are regularly made of either plastic or glass.


We trust that it helped you in picking up the correct lunch box for yourself. It can require a significant stretch of time to pick an appropriate one depending on your needs and considering every one of the focuses we referenced before, yet ideally, the suggestion area could assist you with an excursion with that.Whatever your particular circumstance may request, we trust that we had the option to offer you a decision that suits you splendidly and meets every one of your desires.

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