7 Best Punching Bags In India With Buying Guide January 2022

Updated: December 30, 2020

Searching for the best punching bags for kickboxing? You’ve come to the right place! Boxing as a game requires an elevated level of athletic capacity: quality, speed, spryness, dexterity, continuance, nerve, and force, just to name a few required characteristics. In case you're planning to get fit as a fiddle and improve your wellbeing, purchase the best punching bags and begin rehearsing. 

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Boxing is a good approach to get fit as a fiddle and keep up your physical wellbeing, and it's a great deal of fun as well. This article is divided into 2 parts, the first part contains the listing of the best punching bags, and the second part of this article has the buying guide for the best punching bag with tips on how to clean your punching bag.

Here’s The List of The Best Punching Bags

1. BODY MAXXFilled Boxing  Punching Bag
2. Aurion Punching Bag Synthetic Leather + Free Chain Heavy Bag
3. Hard Bodies Leather Punching Bag
5. LEW Canvas 36 Inches  Filled Punching Bag
6. SportSoul Kid's Punching Bag
7. Byson Punch Boxing Kit Set

BODY MAXXFilled Boxing  Punching Bag

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BODY MAXXFilled Boxing  Punching Bag

It has splendid cushioning. Subsequently, It can take genuine overwhelming punches. Body Maxx is a tremendous sack, at 48' size ideal for the tenderfoots and middle-level boxing. The surmised weight of this boxing sack is 20 kg around. This punching bag is  10 Day Return Applicable if any problem occurs. 

Editor Choice

Aurion Punching Bag Synthetic Leather + Free Chain Heavy Bag

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This Punching bag is extremely noteworthy, best for an extraordinary exercise. It is an excellent manufactured leather punching bag that has a size of 48-inches, its width is 18 inches and it comes in black color.

The punching bag has a weight of 20 kg. It is outstanding amongst other punching bags in India. 

Hard Bodies Synthetic Leather Filled Punching Bag

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This punching bag has a size of 3 feet and a weight of 20 Kgs This boxing sack is truly sturdy. It is made for practicing hard punches.

With the use of the chain that comes with this punching bag, you can make it tall about 10 fits.


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This SRF boxing bag comes in red and dark black color. It can hold effectively 15 kg of weight you can use it practicing hard punches also.

Useful for new beginners, the nature of the item is acceptable. The stature of this punching sack is 36 inches, which is astonishing. 

LEW Canvas 36 Inches  Filled Punching Bag

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This LEW Canvas punching bag comes with Chain that you can use it to hang on your roof, Hand Wraps, and Gloves.

The chain is somewhat shorter, you may need to purchase an additional chain for a 36-inch sack. Best for halfway and apprentice fighters.

SportSoul Kid's Punching Bag

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SportSoul Kid's Punching Bag

This is one of the best punching bags for kids in our listing (best for 4-7 years). The sports soul pack contains one punching bag, one pair of gloves and one head gear.

This punching is made with PVC and has zipper closures on the top side. The boxing gloves and headgear are made up of nylon. The company claims that if parents want to start the fitness journey of their children then this bag is an ideal choice for them.

Byson Punch Boxing Kit Set

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Byson Punch Boxing Kit Set

This heavy punching kit includes mouth guard, boxing gloves, hand wrap gloves, chain, skipping rope, and hand gripper.

This punching bag is made up of heavy export quality material. Additionally, the punching bag has double stitching. Overall this is a complete kit for beginners to practice their boxing sessions.

Best Punching Bags: Buying Guide

You’ve heard of punching bags, but what exactly are they and why are they so popular?

Well, to get started, a punching bag is a training tool which helps you enhance your overall strength by allowing you to work out on it. It is essentially a large cylindrical bag that contains sand or water. 

The traditional punching bag comes in many different designs and sizes. However, the most popular version of the punching bag is the hanging one because it can easily be attached to any surface or be carried around. 

There are many different brands available in the market that offer a variety of punching bags from heavy bags to speed bags. However, the biggest difference between all of these brands is their cost. 

Some of them are incredibly cheap while others can set you back thousands of dollars. So, how do you know which one to buy? 

We will provide information on how much weight the punching bag should be able to hold as well as what type of materials it should be made from and how long it should last you. In this section of the article we will also discuss some tips on how to choose an ideal size for your home gym.

Types Of Punching Bags

As mentioned previously, there are various types of punching bags available in the market today including heavy bags, speed bags and double end bags (also known as ‘leather’ balls). 

Each type has its own unique purpose but we will discuss each one separately here so that you know exactly why certain people prefer one over another. In this section we will also outline some tips on how much weight each type should be able to handle and what disadvantages they possess.

Speed Bag: 

Speed bags usually measure between 3 feet and 4 feet in length and can weigh anywhere between 10 pounds and 100 pounds depending on what its intended use is. 

These particular types of balls are used by boxers primarily during training sessions in order to improve their hand-eye coordination while striking at high speed. 

These balls usually come with two handles which allow both hands to be used simultaneously while hitting them in order to strike faster than ever before. 

Another benefit of using this particular ball is that it allows boxers who are just starting out with boxing training sessions an opportunity to hone their reflexes slowly without having them strike too hard initially. 

This way they will feel comfortable enough before moving onto bigger and heavier equipment such as speed punching gloves or double end bags. 

Double End Bag: 

Double end bags are similar in shape and size compared with speed balls but they come equipped with four handles instead (two at each end). This means that boxers can hit these balls continuously from both sides all throughout their training session – something which the average person just wouldn’t be able to do with a regular speed ball. 

Heavy Bags: 

Heavy duty punch bags have been designed specifically for professional boxers or those who wish to truly test if their strength is up there with other professional fighters’ levels.

They usually measure anywhere between 5 feet – 10 feet in length but weigh anywhere between 100 pounds up towards over 500 pounds depending on their intended use (i.e.: How hard they intend on practicing).

These kinds of heavy duty punch bags are usually hung up high above ground level so that no damage occurs when struck by someone practicing hard against them.

The reason why these particular punch bags have become extremely popular among professional boxers today is because it allows them to practice without having any fear about hurting themselves since no matter how hard they hit these heavy duty punch bags , no damage whatsoever is done onto them due to its sheer size.

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Punching Bag

Before buying a punching bag for home use, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration so that you can choose the best one possible:


The first thing that you need to consider before buying a punching bag is the age of the person who will be using it. The punching bag should be bought in accordance with the age of the person using it.

For example, if you are buying a punching bag for a teenage boy and young adult, you should go for a punching bag that is lightweight and made with soft material. On the other hand, if you are buying a punching bag for someone who is over 25 years or older, you should go for a heavier one made from high-quality leather.


As you may already know, there are different types of punching bags available on the market today and each one has its own features and benefits. For example, speed bags are smaller than heavy bags and double end bags while heavy bags are bigger than speed and double end bags. Before buying any type of punching bag, make sure to consider its features so that you can choose the right one possible.


You also need to consider how much money you can spend before finally settling on any type of punching bag. Punching bags come in different prices according to their size and quality so make sure to choose one that fits your budget.


Another important thing that should not be overlooked when buying any type of punching bag is its quality. The best way to check the quality of a punching bag is by looking at its price tag since good quality products often have high prices due to their materials being expensive as well as their design which makes them more durable than regular ones.

Benefits of Punching Bag

If one asks himself this question while shopping online for one of these devices, then the answer would probably be: “Because I want to do boxing practice at home”. But there are many reasons to buy a punching bag that go beyond the desire to hit something solid with your fists when training at home. Here are some of them:

Punching bags help relieve stress: 

If you have problems with stress management and cannot find an effective way to relieve it throughout the day, then hitting a punching bag is definitely what you need.

 The only thing you have to do is put all your negative emotions into your punches and let out all the anger through physical activity in order to feel relaxed afterwards.

Punching bags help improve coordination: 

If one does not hit punching bags regularly enough then his/her coordination skills will tend to decline over time; therefore, those who want to achieve agility and accuracy should invest in one of these devices as soon as they can afford it. 

It will also help develop reflexes faster by forcing one’s body into quick movements whether he/she wants them or not.

Punching bags strengthen bones: 

Yes, even bones. When people hit heavy items with their hands or feet over time their bones become stronger than before due to repetitive stress on them; therefore, hitting heavy punching bags can result in stronger bones in case someone has weak hands or feet due to poor nutrition or hereditary factors.

Punching bags increase stamina: 

This goes hand-in-hand with the point above because stronger bones mean more endurance during physical activity; therefore, one’s stamina will increase after hitting boxing pads on a regular basis thanks to improved bone density due increased weight bearing during training sessions.

Punching bags build muscles: 

In addition to increasing bone density mentioned above, repetitive impact activities such as hitting heavy items also promote muscle growth which results in more strength overall; therefore those who are looking for ways of improving their muscle mass should consider getting themselves a good quality punching bag immediately.

How To Care For Punching Bags

  • You’ll want to clean your punching bag at least once a month, depending on how often you use it. When cleaning out a punching bag, you’ll find that there are three main parts: the cover, the stuffing, and the chain.
  • The cover is usually made from latex or vinyl. This covers the outside of your bag and protects it from any rips or tears. It’s also what protects you from any splinters or jagged pieces that may form over time. You may want to keep this part clean because not only is it what your eye is drawn to during a workout, but also because it makes your bag look brand new.
  • The stuffing is what gives your bag its weight and shape when you buy it. This material can be sand or sawdust and sometimes even small rocks or broken glass. This material will need to be cleaned regularly depending on how active you are with the bag and how dirty it gets during workouts (i.e., if you’re jumping on top of it). You can usually do this with a vacuum cleaner if you find that most of the dirt on your punching bag seems to stick easily to the surface.
  • Finally, we have the chain that holds up your punching bag in order for it to swing freely in any direction that you choose (up and down, left and right). The chain will need cleaning as well because it will get covered in dust and dirt as well as other things like grease which will make it harder for your punching bag to swing freely when needed.


There are a significant number of punching sacks (boxing bags) accessible in the market. Consider everything into mind, we picked the Best Punching bags list based on close to home encounters and appraisals extricated from the web. Share your own experience about purchasing the best Punching bags in the comment area.

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