5 Best Skateboards For Beginners In India with Purchasing Guide June 2022

Updated: September 3, 2021
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Welcome to my blog: Best Skateboards For Beginners In India.

Just entered the universe of skating or considering doing it? At that point, these skateboards for new beginners will assist! 

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Types of Skateboards 

The Longboard 

These types of skateboards are longer in size. They're accessible from 9" or more extensive and 41" or more.

They're most appropriate for cruising and cutting downhill and make for a suitable vehicle on level ground. The deck, trucks, and wheels are on the whole more significant than a skateboard or cruiser giving it the most solidness and equalization ease. 

The Cruiser 

A cruiser is very much like a skateboard. In any case, the wheels are greater and gentler to make it progressively proficient for cruising by increasing more speeding up from less pushing.

These are extraordinary for taking out into the city roads as they are smaller and lighter than longboards and quicker and smoother than skateboards. The decks extend from 9" wide and 31" long. 

The Toys 

Toy sheets are available at shopping centers and malls as skateboards, yet be careful with the flawed utilization of naming. These sheets are not skateboards; however, toy forms of them.

They come in every single, distinctive shape and plan, for example, kid's shows or vehicles; however, it will most presumably accomplish nothing for you as far as building up your range of abilities.

In this article, we enlisted the 5 best skateboards in India with a buying guide, that will help you to find the best one that suits your need.

Best Skateboard Brands In India

Jaspo Skateboard-View On Amazon

STRAUSS Skateboards-View On Amazon

Generic Skateboards-View On Amazon

HIPKOO SPORTS Skateboard-View On Amazon

Cosco-View On Amazon

Here’s The List Of The Best Skateboards 

Oxelo Beginner Waveboard
Razor 9-Inch Ripstik Ripster
Strauss 34"x 9" Bronx Skateboard
Nivia 31 x 8 inches Skateboard
EUPHORIC INC 360 degree rotating castor trucks Waveboard

Oxelo Beginner Waveboard

View Price On Amazon

Oxelo Beginner Waveboard Best Skateboards In India

An inhouse brand of Decathlon, Oxelo is one of the primary brands to make bikes, skates, and skateboards

Oxelo Beginner like the name proposes is a skateboard implied for youngsters matured between 8 to 13 years old.

The grasp tape has spikes that will permit your youngster to adjust, move and turn effectively. The board has the ability to carry weight up till 50kgs.

The skateboard is made of the one-piece plastic casing, which makes it strong, water-safe, and lightweight so your child can convey it advantageously.

Oxelo is a wave board, and it is the board's shape that makes it ideal for road skating, and a standout amongst other exercise choices for your kid to remain fit and sound

Like all wave sheets, even Oxelo has two wheels made of Polyurethane that are intended to take more noteworthy loads and have stun retention quality that permits the rider to perform simple stunts.


  • A strong warranty time of 2 years 
  • The ideal choice for road skating


  • A piece on the costlier side

Razor 9-Inch Ripstik Ripster

View Price On Amazon

Razor 9-Inch Ripstik Ripster Best Skateboards In India

Razor Ripstik gives its rider a vibe of snowboarding on dry land. Its turning deck pushes the rider ahead easily, the chief motivation behind why we put Razor as the top second item in our rundown.

The skateboard has been made with the most extreme exactness and tried by group Razor themselves before discharging the item in the market. 

It encourages professional skaters to improve their moves and be better in their stunts. The item is tried, and that ensures its strength and execution.

Razor is known to give items intended to suit riders' developing ways of life. The board is made of innovative polymer making the item light, with removable deck plates for simple clean

The torsion bars are elastic cushioned, offering that additional security, and making the wave board practically unbreakable.

The wheels are made of 66mm high-grade urethane giving the board a solid base. Urethane is a coefficient grinding material that makes sliding of the wheels smooth and simple.


  • The deck's foundation has slip-safe spikes helping you to adjust well 
  • The essential development is of Chromoly steel, a chrome-compound that makes the item a durable one


Strauss 34"x 9" Bronx Skateboard

View Price On Amazon

Strauss 34"x 9" Bronx Skateboard Best Skateboards In India

Strauss FT has a strong wooden base that can convey as much as 100kg weight. Likewise, its eye-getting illustrations on the two sides give a brilliant look to the skateboard. 

The boss (the huge screw that holds the truck and wheels together), and spacer are additionally of top-notch permitting you to try different things with stunts with no danger.

It is a uniformly weighted item, that makes skateboarding fun and causes you to ride easily. 

The trucks are made of strong steel that expands the solidness of the item. What we likewise noted is that the bearing balls in its trucks are copper made, permitting the board to ride easily, and making it strong.

It is an 8 x 31inch wide and long skateboard that gives a great deal of shoe space

The tallness of the truck is 3 inches, so it will be simple for you to arrive at the ground, and you can make smooth and simple turns.

Much the same as Oxelo and Razor, even Strauss FT skateboard wheels are made of Polyurethane, giving them a better grasp, and helping you to float effectively on unpleasant surfaces.


  • The skateboard will stay with you for a very long time, helping you to get a decent hold over skating over the long haul
  • The realistic gives the skateboard an exceptional and creative look


  • You may confront the issue with the hold, so be cautious 
  • The item has no warranty

Nivia 31 x 8 inches Skateboard

View Price On Amazon

Nivia 31 x 8 inches Skateboard best skateboards in India

Nivia skateboard is perfect for amateurs, as it is lightweight and has great metal rollers, giving smoother rides. The board has masterful illustrations making it look very alluring. 

Nivia as a brand is known for making essential sheets that make it simple for amateurs to move around and balance effectively.

The deck is made of wood, making it sturdy, and sufficiently able to convey weight up to 65kgs

Nivia skateboard offers the best quality wheels made of polyurethane, a material known for its sturdiness, grinding, and smoothness.

It is an 8 x 31inch board, which gives a great deal of foot-space, making it simple for the rider to perform skating stunts on it. 


  • Ideal for fledglings in children and teenagers 
  • Incentive for cash


  • Despite the fact that a quality item yet has no assurance

EUPHORIC INC 360 degree rotating castor trucks Waveboard

View Price On Amazon

EUPHORIC INC 360 degree rotating castor trucks Waveboard best skateboards in India

The Euphoric skateboard is the first on our rundown with 360 degree turning lights, an element that spares you while riding in obscurity.

Much the same as Nivia and Straus, this skateboard has inventive illustrations on its board which make it appealing. 

It has the ability to tolerate up to 80kgs weight. Euphoric has a back twofold break plan that guards you from mishaps. The counter slip sunken stage gives better development reactions while doing stunts.

The skateboard is made of top-notch polymer, making it a lightweight item. Likewise, Euphoric has a special steel torsion bar structure that permits you to ploy through the obstacles easily. 

Additionally, the ABS board makes the skateboard an enduring item that can be profited at a less expensive rate. That is the nature of ABS material.

The wheels of Euphoric skateboard are made of Polyurethane, the best and most sought after material for skating wheels, as it gives the wheels a decent hold. 

It likewise has trucks made of hardcore metal, another motivation behind why we state Euphoric skateboard is a strong item.


  • The deck has spiked holds permitting you to adjust while you ace your moves 
  • Euphoric skateboards accompany a sack, helping you to safeguard its quality


  • A decent brand item yet with no particular subtleties on the guarantee

Best Skateboards In India-Buying Guide

The Important Parts of a Skateboard 

Regardless of whether master or not, if you are enthusiastic for skateboarding, then consider some significant pieces of a skateboard, which are: 

  • Deck 
  • Truck 
  • Wheels 
  • Orientation 
  • Other Hardware 

Here is a point by point direct about every one of the parts: 

1. Deck 

The deck is the board that will carry your whole weight, and consequently, the most significant piece of the skating board. From your riding style to the scope of surfaces you wish to skate through, everything relies upon the deck.

The decision of the deck relies upon the accompanying variables:

  • Your shoe size as this will assist you with choosing the deck's width.
  • Skating type you are planning to pursue.  
  • What sort of graphic you need on your board
  • Which shape will suit you the best – popsicle shape, molded board, and a cruiser

The present skateboards are either made by bonding together seven to nine thin sheets of wood, additionally known as employs, or made of high-grade polymer. They arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes, and it is the shape and size of the board that encourages you to adjust. Thus, while purchasing your skateboard, be careful of its size.

Several things to consider while selecting a deck's shape and size:

Deck Width 

Most decks have a size of around 7.5 inches to 10 inches wide. To warranty what scope of deck width is most appropriate for you, think about these focuses:

The sort of skateboarding you need to do – Transition or Street?

Transition skating is where you ride moving around vertical dividers or slopes that travel 90º from the beginning. These wave-like hindrances permit skaters to utilize speed to climb and drop vertically.

For transition skating, you would require a deck width of 8.38 inches or more extensive, as that will permit you to stay constant at high speeds.

In contrast with transition skating, Street skating uses a different environment. Street skaters use seats, edges, stair sets, and other urban apparatuses to skate.

To do road skating, you require a progressively flexible deck, so pick one ranging between 7.5 inches and 8.25 inches width. It will help in performing smooth and steady road stunts.

Note for Beginners: 

If you are an amateur and confused about selecting transition or street skating, then we recommend you to go for a size between 7.75 inches to 8.38 inches. Or, if your height is small, then stay on the thin side of the scale.

Deck Length and Wheelbase 

Skateboard decks are typically 31 inches to 33 inches long. The skateboards with 33 inches long decks will be 8.5inch wide or more.

Likewise, decks that are longer than 33 inches will generally have a relatively long wheelbase (the distinction between the front and back wheel). A more drawn out wheelbase keeps you stable and expands your turning sweep.

In any case, a longer wheelbase isn't required for road skating, as it lessens the deck's responsiveness, and adds more weight to it, making it hard to do flip stunts.

Note for Beginners: 

Start off with a standard deck of 8.0inch to 8.38inch width, that is about 32inch long. This is a typical size and best for new learners. 

Deck Shape 

Skateboards come in various shapes like squares, noses and tails, decreased noses that go to a point, fishtails that decrease in and bow out. 

In any case, the most mainstream, and the shape that we suggest is 'popsicle', an even board with adjusted nose and tail. 

Popsicle shape is perfect for road skating, as it permits you to perform stunts in both ordinary positions. Like, when you skate with your prevailing foot forward and switch position when skating with your non-predominant foot. 

Deck Concave 

Deck Concave is the upward and descending over your deck's surface and edges. 

It is the thing that influences the deck's vibe under your feet and is additionally liable for the manner in which the skateboard reacts to your developments. This is the motivation behind why most of the skaters who need to keep up a specific speed to skate up soak dividers, will lean toward articulated inward. 

In the event that you wish to be a road skater, search for a skateboard with gentle or smooth concave, as it takes into account the ideal foot situation.

2. Truck 

To pick the best skateboard you need to have reasonable information on its truck. 

Trucks are sold two by two and are the mechanics that permit your skateboard to turn. The haggles turn on them. If you are a beginner then having reasonable information about trucks will assist you with getting the correct board. 

Some increasingly significant focuses to note are: 

Truck Width 

The width of the truck ought to relate legitimately with the width of the deck. You don't need your wheels peeping out of the board or covered up totally underneath, both compromise your skating speed. 

Too limited a truck will be insecure, and too wide a truck can bring about the shoe to wheel contact while pushing the board. 

Here is some assistance for you: 

1. 5 inch Hanger/129mm/7.75" Axle skateboard trucks fit decks from 7.5 to 8 inches. 

2. 5.25 inch Hanger/139mm/8.0" Axle skateboard trucks fit decks from 8 to 8.5 inches 

Truck Height 

Much the same as the width of the truck, even its tallness is similarly significant. 

A low truck has a short boss (the huge screw that holds the truck and wheels together); subsequently, it can give additional leeway on your holder for crushing, keeps your legs closer to the ground, and settles the truck. Likewise, with low trucks, you show signs of improvement reaction while you kick and push your skateboard, which settles on them a perfect decision for road skaters. 

The high truck's boss is 5mm longer than a low truck. They permit more noteworthy turning range and furthermore offer extra leeway between the deck and pivot. High trucks are perfect for bigger wheels, making them ideal for transition skaters, as enormous wheels enable them to make more sharp turns. 

Note to Beginners: 

Trucks that have no details of whether they are high or low are typically comparable to high trucks. 


Bushings are an essential piece of a skateboard truck. These are small tube-shaped molds of urethane that permit your truck to turn. Normally all trucks, be it low or high accompany bushings previously introduced. Be that as it may, you have to supplant them at normal intervals. 

Bushings are typically bifurcated according to their hardness. A hard bushing will make your truck hardened and stable, yet require more exertion to turn. Delicate bushings will permit the skateboard to turn effectively. Be that as it may, it's the stock bushings that accompany the majority of the trucks. They are on the milder side. 

We prescribe you to peruse the item depiction to think about the kind of bushing, or if all else fails contact client care to pose inquiries. 

3. Wheels 

Wheels are the spirit of a skateboard; subsequently, you need to think about them. 

The best are urethane wheels, as they can grasp and bounce back, permitting the skaters to cut turns without sliding and turn over harsh groundt without feeling the unpleasant vibrations of the street. 

There are two most significant parts of a skateboard's wheels – size and hardness


The normal size of the skateboard wheels falls between 49mm to 75mm. 

An enormous wheel will speed up and gauge more. It will likewise raise you and your deck off the ground. 

A small wheel will weigh less, keeps you closer to the ground, and will be anything but difficult to move. 

Road skaters will lean toward small wheels, as that will permit them to perform flip stunts. Change skaters will choose bigger wheels as they offer better speed. 

Note for Beginners: 

Begin with wheels that fall inside the section of 52mm – 55mm. This is the common size and encourages you to get your skating nuts and bolts right. 


Hardness of the wheel is estimated in the durometer. It decides how much grasp the wheel has and the measure of stun it can retain. A milder wheel will pack when in pressure, while a harder wheel packs less, giving it less hold. Despite the fact that a delicate wheel makes smoother rides, yet skaters, for the most part, incline toward hard wheels, significantly for their responsiveness. 

The durometer or hardness is generally estimated utilizing an 'A' scale. The bigger the number the higher the durometer, and the harder the wheel. For instance, a 101A will be an exceptionally hard skateboard wheel, while 75A would be a delicate one. 

Note for Beginners: 

We recommend you to adhere to a wheel around 101A durometer. Indeed, anything above 98A will perform well in road and skate parks both. 

However, if you just wish to journey around on your skateboard without thinking much about learning the stunts, at that point we recommend going for milder wheels between 78A to 90A. 

4. Direction 

Bearings are the small roundabout gadgets that permit the wheels to roll, and they are the ones that decide how quick and smooth the wheels will pivot. 

Skateboard direction involves five significant parts: 

  • Shield 
  • Internal Race 
  • Balls 
  • Retainer 
  • External Racer 

For the most part, a skateboard requires a lot of 8 directions, 2 for each wheel. The vast majority of the occasions, all skateboard courses are of a similar size and will fit on any skateboard haggle. 

Direction with more excellent parts is quicker and solid. Likewise, If you are an apprentice, you will require the quickest bearing, subsequently, search for a superior quality bearing. 

Steel Bearings versus Fired Bearings 

To comprehend the quality, you would need to break down the make of the bearing. 

For most of the part, there are two significant sorts – steel and clay, which are the materials where the balls inside the orientation are made. The greater part of the heading has steel balls, and consequently called steel direction. Direction with artistic balls is lighter and more grounded. Clay directions are for the most part on the costlier side. 

Note for Beginners: 

We would encourage you to go for a skateboard with a steel course. The steel course makes the general item less expensive as well. 

5. Different Parts 

There are likewise smaller pieces of the skateboards that are similarly significant. You have to assemble data about them too if you wish to acquire a skateboard of better quality. 

Grasp Tape 

It is the course, applied over the skateboard's deck. The coarseness permits your shoes to stick, helping you to balance out on the board, particularly while performing stunts. 

You can discover grasp tapes with the scope of illustrations. They are sold in pre-cut rectangular sheets or custom lengths in an assortment of widths. If you are purchasing an elite hold tape for your skateboard, at that point ensure you get one that is more extensive than the deck. This will permit you to estimate it well on the deck. 

Risers and Shock Pads 

Risers are small plastic stages that go about as spacers between the truck's baseplates and the base of the deck. They are essential for bigger wheels, bigger than 56mm, as risers help in making freedom. Shock pads play out a similar capacity as risers, however, while the last is hard and unbending, stun cushions are rubbery and ready to retain stun better. 

Bearing Spacers 

Bearing spacers are small metal or plastic chambers that rest at the focal point of the skateboard wheel. Their precise separation is between the two orientations, around the truck's pivot. 

This gear has three significant capacities: 

  • Decrease the weight set on each bearing 
  • Abatement the contact between each bearing and hub 
  • Wipe out the additional room among haggles 

In any case, do take note that bearing spacers are typically not required for normal road or change skaters. Except if you are downhill at a speed of 30mph or more. 

Speed Rings 

These are meager metal washers that sit on the pivot, on the two sides of the wheel. Speed rings help in lessening grating between the exterior of the direction and the pivot nut on one side, and the edge of the holder on the other. Normally, trucks accompany a full arrangement of speed rings previously introduced. Try not to stress regardless of whether you lose them while utilizing the skateboards, as they are possibly required when you wish to speed skate at 30mph or more. 

Bearing Lube 

At the point when you utilize your skateboards constantly, they will, in general, get filthy, including the course. This can make your skateboard delayed down. In this way, what you need is an orientation cleaner that can be benefited effectively in the market. Apply the bearing lube by first expelling your course from the wheels, at that point evacuating the elastic shield outwardly of the holding on for a razor. You would then be able to crush a few drops into each side of the bearing. 

How to Choose the Size of a Skateboard? 

If you are new to skateboarding, we prescribe you to purchase a skateboard that is corresponding to your shoe size. If you wear men's shoe size between 6.5 to 9, at that point start with a deck that is 7.5 to 8.0inches wide. Be that as it may, in the event that your shoe size is bigger than 9, at that point go for a skateboard with deck width between 8.0 to 8.5 inches. 

Size Chart 

  • If you are 13+ or wear a grown-up shoe size of at least 8, at that point you ought to have the option to deal with a full-sized skateboard that is 7.5 inches wide or more. 
  • We prescribe moderate-sized skateboards – 7.25 inches to 7.375 inches for kids between 9 to 12 years old. 
  • For youngsters between 6 to 8 years, you have to go for scaled-down skateboards that are 6.75 inches to 7.25 inches wide. 
  • Children who are beneath five years, pick a miniaturized scale skateboard estimated somewhere in the range of 6.5 inches and 6.75 inches.

Best Skateboards In India-FAQs

Most people who are looking to buy a skateboard always have some basic questions in mind. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Skateboards:

1) What is the best Skateboard?

The question of the best skateboard is subjective and depends on your personal preferences. However, in our opinion, the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is the best skateboard in India.

2) How to choose the right size skateboard?

The size of a skateboard depends on the person and their height. The size also depends on the type of riding you are planning to do. Cruiser boards are ideal for short distances while longboards are suitable for long distances.

3) What is the difference between a Longboard and a Cruiser?

The cruiser boards are small in size and are ideal for short distances. These boards are suitable for beginners as they provide stability and balance while riding. Longboards are larger than cruiser boards and are ideal for professional riders. These boards are used for long distances and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

4) What is a good Skateboard deck material?

The best skateboard deck material is made of wood or bamboo. The top 10 skateboards in India are made of these materials. These materials are strong, durable and provide excellent balance to the rider. Moreover, these decks do not get damaged easily and can last for years without having any major issues. 

5) What is the difference between a Cheap Skateboard and an Expensive Skateboard?

The primary difference between cheap skateboards and expensive skateboards is that the materials used in expensive skateboards are superior to those used in cheap skateboards. The best skateboards in India use premium quality materials like bamboo, wood, etc. These materials provide better balance and durability to the skateboards. 

6) What are trucks?

Trucks are one of the most important parts of a skateboard. They provide balance to the board while riding. 

7) What is a Complete Skateboard?

A complete skateboard includes all necessary parts of a skateboard like the deck, wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. Some skateboards also include a griptape at the bottom of the deck which provides better grip while riding. 

8) Is it necessary to apply griptape to the board?

No, it is not necessary to apply griptape over the board before you start riding it. However, griptape provides better grip while riding which prevents you from slipping while performing difficult tricks. 

9) Is it necessary to buy a helmet or knee pads?

It is not necessary to buy a helmet before you start riding your skateboard. However, we always recommend that you wear a helmet before you start riding as it prevents you from any major injuries while riding your skateboard. 

Knee pads are also not necessary but we always recommend that you wear them before you start riding your board as they provide extra protection to your knees and they prevent any scrapes or cuts on your knees.


In the wake of doing intensive research, we would prescribe Oxelo if you wish to give a skateboard to a child, and Razor, if you are a grown-up and wish to start skateboarding. Be that as it may, if you suspect something, at that point, do share your contemplations and help different perusers pick the best skateboard items. 

Likewise, in the event that you have been utilizing any of the brands recorded above, at that point share your comments below with us. Remain fit, appreciate smooth-skating!

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