5 Best Sofa Cum Bed With Storage With Buying Guide In India June 2022

Updated: September 9, 2021
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Sofa Cum Bed with storage allows you to store your stuff like bedding, cushions etc. A sofa cum bed with storage adds aesthetic value to your living room.

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If you are getting confused with various designs and offers available in the market for sofa cum beds, I am here to help you with the list and features of the best sofa cum beds with storage and buying guide.

If you want to buy a sofa cum bed with wooden frame then you can find it here.

Here The List Of  Best Sofa Cum Bed with Storage

1. Royal Metal Single hydraulic storage  Size Sofa Cum Bed
2. Shri Sheesham Wooden furniture Pull Out Sofa Cum Bed
3. Royal Queen Size 3 Seater hydraulic storage Sofa Cum Bed
4. A1 Star Furniture Metal Matte Finish, hydraulic storage Sofa Cum Bed
5. Mp Sheesham Wood Sofa Cum Bed 

Royal Metal Single hydraulic storage Size Sofa Cum Bed

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Royal Metal Single hydraulic storage Size Sofa Cum Bed

This Sofa Cum Bed comes in a Single, King, Queen Size which ensures you and your family will get great comfort on it. Royal Interiors Single Size sofa cum bed enhances your home decor it has a wrought iron frame structure.

This Sofa cum bed serves great comfort to you and your guests with its dimension 187.5 x 120.0 x 90.0 CMs. The mattress is included with it and you can use it for 3 person seating.

The main feature of this sofa cum bed is its storage capacity where you can store your old books, clothes, and beddings.

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions187.5 x 120.0 x 90.0 CMs
Primary MaterialWrought iron
Upholstery materialHigh-density foam


  • Bulk storage available
  • Required less space in your room
  • 1-year warranty


  • You can not fit extra cushion

Shri Sheesham Wooden furniture Pull Out Sofa Cum Bed

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Shri Sheesham Wooden furniture Pull Out Sofa Cum Bed

This rosewood Sheesham pull out has a modern design that gives your living room good looks and decor themes. It fits in your budget easily.

This Sofa Cum Bed has a dimension of 190.5 x 76.2 x 76.2 CMs,

Sheesham wood is used as primary material which is a good engineering wood and gives strength and durability to this sofa cum bed. 

Soft Pusan Cotton is used as a Upholstery material and gives good comfort and full relaxation to your body.

It has a weight of 48 Kgs greater than Royal Metal single hydraulic storage sofa cum bed but it has high strength and durability as compared to Metal frame sofa cum beds.  

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions190.5 x 76.2 x 76.2 CMs
Primary MaterialSheesham rosewood
Upholstery materialPusan Soft cotton


  • Sheesham rosewood frame
  • Large storage available


  • Not covered under warranty

Royal Queen Size 3 Seater hydraulic storage Sofa Cum Bed

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Royal Queen Size 3 Seater hydraulic storage Sofa Cum Bed

This Royal queen size sofa cum bed is designed for 4 persons seating capacity. It is coated with wrought iron powder and foam of 4 inches are used as Upholstery material ensures you get good comfort on it. 

Royal Queen Size Sofa Cum Bed has a weight of 50 Kgs more than as compared to Shri Sheesham Wooden sofa cum bed and its modern design hydraulic storage provides bulk space to you where your store most of the things.

Its length is 190.5 cm, width is 157.5 cm and height is 91.4 cm. 

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions190x157.5x91.4 cm
Primary MaterialWrought iron 
upholstery materialFoam


  • Hydraulic storage available
  • Strong body built
  • Comes with 1year warranty


  • A bit heavy

A1 Star Furniture Metal Matte Finish, hydraulic storage Sofa Cum Bed 

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A1 Star Furniture Metal Matte Finish, hydraulic storage Sofa Cum Bed

This Metal Matte Finish Sofa cum Bed has Contemporary & Modern design comes with a platform and headrest covered with foam ensures your head gets good comfort.

It comes with Hydraulic Storage which allows you to store books and bedding in it. This sofa cum bed is comfortable for 3 to 4 person seating.

It is pre-assembled and it required 72-inch bed sheets. It has a length of 73.62 inches, a width of 610.23 inch and 354.33-inch height and weigh 95 Kg which is heavy in this listing it is coated with a powder of wrought iron and 4 inches foam is used as Upholstery material.

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions73.62 x 610.23 x 354.33 inch
Primary MaterialWrought iron powder coating
Upholstery materialSoft Foam


  • Hydraulic storage available
  • Strong body built of wrought iron
  • Comes under a 1-year warranty


  • Heavy Weight

Mp Sheesham Wood Sofa Cum Bed  

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Mp Sheesham Wood Sofa Cum Bed

This sofa cum bed gives elegant look to your room it is made up of Sheesham wood which is known for its toughness and hard texture. 

Mp Sheesham wood sofa cum bed gives comfort to 2 persons seating and sleep. On both sides, it has a jail style structure.

It has a weight of 48 Kgs similar to Shri Sheesham wooden sofa cum bed and dimensions of length 76 inches, width 30 inches, and height 20 inches. 

Weight 48 Kgs
Dimensions76 x 28 x 20 Inches
Primary MaterialSheesham wood
Upholstery materialSoft Foam


  • Bulk size Storage
  • Strong Sheesham wooden body built


  • Not covered under warranty
  • Polishing required

Buying Guide For Best Sofa Cum Bed With Storage

Sofa Beds With Storage: Things To Consider

Buying sofa beds with storage is a great idea. However, if you are doing that, you should know that there are some important things you need to keep in mind. The following are some of these things you have to consider whenever you are buying sofa beds with storage.

Sleeping Surface

A bed is something you use to sleep on. That is why the sleeping surface of any sofa bed should be comfortable. The sleeping surface should be easy to clean and should be able to properly support your body. This will help make sure that you will be comfortable whenever you sleep on the sofa bed. That is why it is important for the sleeping surface of the sofa bed to be firm and durable enough for long-term use.


There are some sofa beds that are quite stable and sturdy when they are not being used as a bed. However, when these beds are being used as a bed, they can become very unstable and shaky. This can be very uncomfortable as well as dangerous especially if you have children or pets in the house. In order to avoid such problems, always check out how sturdy these beds can be when they are being used as a mattress before you decide to buy one.

Storage Space

If you decide to buy sofa beds with storage, then it would be a great idea to make sure that there will be enough storage space for your things inside this bed. That is why it is important for you to measure the space available inside the bed before deciding on how big your storage space should be. 

You do not want to buy a bed that does not have enough space for your things inside it. That is why it is important for you to make sure that your chosen sofa bed has plenty of space inside it so that all your things can fit in properly without any problems whatsoever after going through this article about sofas with storage, I hope this article has helped you in choosing the perfect sofas with storage for yourself or maybe someone else in your family or friends!


Are Sofa Cum Beds With Storage Good For Your Home?

There are many benefits to purchasing a sofa cum bed with storage.

One of the best reasons why you should purchase a sofa cum bed with storage is because it provides extra storage space for items that you do not use every day. When it comes to decorating your home, it is important that it looks nice and has everything that is needed for comfort and style.

However, there are many people who cannot afford to buy furniture every time they move into a new place or if they get bored with their current furniture setup. A sofa cum bed with storage will help you create an awesome space without spending too much money or taking up too much space in your home.

Another advantage of investing in a sofa cum bed with storage is because it gives you the opportunity for more seating space whenever you need it.

When people come over or when family members are visiting, having extra seating can make everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed while staying at your house. This way, your guests do not have to stand around your house all night long, and instead, they can sit down on comfortable chairs or couches as they chat with other people at your party or event.


I believe after reading this article you will find the best storage sofa cum bed for your house and if still has any confusion with it leave your comments, I will try to suggest the best option to you

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