5 Best Table Lamps For Study In India [Review & Buying Guide] January 2022

Updated: July 22, 2021

The study is one of the most important rooms in any home. It's where you spend many hours studying, reading or just doing your own work. The ambience of the room should be perfect for you to do your best work. 

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The table lamps for study are the perfect furniture to provide the right lighting for your room. They are available in different styles, designs, and colors to match your own taste. 

Tables provide you with a flat surface to set the lamp on. They also have a base to keep them steady and a shade to diffuse light. You can choose from a variety of bases and shades depending on what you like best.  

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You can place the table lamps on the side tables, bedside tables, or even on the corner tables. You can even use them as a decoration piece on a shelf or on a sideboard. In this article, we enlisted the 5 best table lamps for study with a buying guide that will guide you to select the best one that suits your needs.

Here’s The List of The Best Table Lamps For Study In India

Best Table Lamps For StudyWattage
1. Mi Smart LED desk lamp10 Watt
2. Wipro Garnet LED table lamp6 Watt
3. Meneflix Led Desk Lamp5 Watt
4. Lucario Bluetooth Speaker Business Desk Lamp5 Watt
5. Ikea Work Lamp40 Watt

Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S

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Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S

The lamp is very sturdy, made of aluminum and looks premium. The build quality is great, feels like a premium product in hands. It has a flexible arm that allows you to adjust it according to your desired position. 

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It has separate switches for turning on/off the lamp and controlling brightness level, and they are very easy to access. There is an air quality sensor that detects the quality of the air and adjusts the brightness of the lamp accordingly. This is a unique feature and helps keep the eyes comfortable while studying.

Mi study lamp works fine with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The voice control feature is a plus point. The lamp offers a wide range of color temperature options and is dimmable as well.

The Mi Smart LED desk lamp is a very good quality product, has a great build quality, offers a lot of features and value for money.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to adjust brightness & color temperature
  • Air quality sensor ensures comfortable eyes while studying
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • A bit expensive

Wipro Garnet LED table lamp

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Wipro Garnet LED table lamp

The Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp is a good product with an elegant design and great features. It provides soft light and three levels of dimming. This product comes with a warranty of one year from the date of invoice. 

The adjustable feature allows you to adjust the light as per your need. It comes with a touch control which is easy to handle. 3 color change and touch control make it a good choice for study.

Lamps Cooling Capacity: 3820 BTU/hr; Tubular fluorescent lamp.


  • The lamp is made up of ABS plastic
  • This product is Energy Star certified
  • It has a wide beam angle of 360 degrees
  • Includes an adjustable lamp head
  • Warranty: 1 year on product from the date of invoice


  • Less wattage as compared to Mi LED  table lamp

Meneflix Led Desk Lamp

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Meneflix Led Desk Lamp

The lamp is very sturdy and very bright. The warm light is perfect for reading. It has 3 brightness levels and dimmer. The bluetooth speaker is very loud and the bass is good.The battery lasts long and charges very quickly. 

For the price I paid, this product is awesome. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now, and I'm more than happy with it. 

The light level is good for reading, and the adjustable brightness allows you to set it to whatever you need. I love that it has a touch sensor feature instead of having to press a button every time you need to change the brightness setting. 

I have also used the bluetooth speaker on several occasions, and it's been an absolute treat. The battery life is pretty good, I'm able to use the lamp for several days before I have to charge it again. The speaker is loud enough to use outdoors. The material is very good, it's made of premium plastic.

Overall, this lamp is a great buy. If you're looking for something simple that will do the job right and be easy to use, then this product is right for you.


  • Good lighting power
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • 3 brightness levels
  • Easy to carry anywhere


  • Less wattage as compared to Mi smart LED

Lucario Bluetooth Speaker Business Desk Lamp

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Lucario Desk Lamp

The Lucario Bluetooth Business Desk Lamp is a desk lamp that has a Bluetooth speaker built-in. This lamp is intended for people who are often listening to music while working. The light is adjustable and the sound quality is pretty good. 

The speaker is pretty loud for a desk lamp. It connects very easily to any device that has Bluetooth.

The front of the lamp works as a Bluetooth microphone for hands-free calls. It also comes with a USB charging cable, AUX cable, and instruction manual.


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Very Good Design
  • Good Bluetooth Range


  • Not so Bright Light
  • Can Be Little Expensive For Some

Ikea 40W Work Lamp

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Ikea 40W Work Lamp

Similar to the previous model Ikea Work Lamp reviewed, this work lamp is also a perfect choice for study. The shade of the lamp is made from steel and it can be adjusted according to your needs. 

Moreover, the lamp has a wide base which will not fall over easily. The height of the shade is also adjustable which makes this lamp ideal for you.

The price of this work lamp is also very reasonable and affordable. The wattage of this lamp is higher (40 watts) as compared to all study lamps listed in this article.


  • 40 Watt
  • The lamp arm and the head is adjustable
  • Provides a directed light that is great for reading.


Best Table Lamps For Study-Buying Guide

A buying guide is a good way to find out which table lamp is best for you. It gives you a list of important features that you may want to look for when buying one.

The following is a list of things that you should consider before buying a table lamp:


This is one of the most important things to consider before making a purchase. Which style do you prefer? Do you want something simple or elegant? Do you want something that matches your room? 


What kind of lighting do you need? Do you prefer the traditional bulb set up? Or do you want something modern like LED lights? Do you want something decorative? Do you want a bright light or just something subtle? You should choose your lighting based on your preferences. 


Size should be one of your concerns before buying one. If you're going to place it in your study then it should be small enough to fit on the table. If it's a bedside table lamp then make sure that it's not too tall that it will affect your sleep. 


If you're looking for something stylish then choose a lamp that has fabric shades or covers instead of plastic ones. They add more style to the room and they are more easy to maintain as well. 


The base should be sturdy enough so it won't topple over when you move it or touch it. If it's too tall it will be difficult to reach especially if it has a bulb inside. You also need to make sure that the base is stable enough so it won't tip over easily when touched accidentally. 


What type of bulb does it have? How many watts does it have? Does it have an LED light? You should choose one that has an energy efficient bulb for better savings.  


How much are you willing to spend on a table lamp? Some of them are very expensive while others are very affordable. It all depends on what you can afford.  

Best Table Lamps For Study-FAQ

1) Are table lamps good for studying at night?

The table lamps for study are great for studying at night as long as you have the right type of light. Some of them are designed to give out softer ambient lighting so they are great for studying purposes. They give off enough light without being too bright.

2) What size table lamp is best for my study?

It depends on where you want to place it and what size of space are available in your study room. If you're looking for a bedside table lamp then you should go with something that is not too big nor too small. It should be small enough to fit on your bedside table without taking up too much space otherwise it will be uncomfortable for you when reading or working.

3) What kind of bulb should I use for my study lamp?

You should use a low wattage bulb so it will not consume much energy while giving off sufficient lighting at the same time. You can use LED bulbs instead if you want something more energy efficient and brighter as well.

4) How do I choose the color of my table lamp?

Just like choosing other furniture in your study, choose the colors that match with your own taste and preference. It doesn't have to match with other furniture in your study as long as it's pleasing to your eyes and pleasing to look at as well. Just make sure that the color isn't too dark so it will consume more electricity and make sure that it's not too bright as well so it won't interrupt your sleep if placed beside your bed.

5) How do I choose the right base for my table lamp?

The base should be sturdy enough so it won't tip over when touched accidentally or bumped by other furniture or even when someone moves around in the room. There should also be enough space underneath so it won't take up too much space in your study room as well as tripping hazards if someone bumps into it while walking around in the room.

6) How often should I clean my table lamp?

How often should you clean it depends on how often they get dirty or dusty especially if there is no shade covering the bulb because then dust particles can settle on top of the shade as well and cause discoloration on top of dirtying the shade as well which can be very unsightly and difficult to clean off so regular cleaning is much recommended especially if they have fabric shades or covers.

7) How do I pick out the best table lamp for my study?

There are many things that you need to consider such as style, size, lighting, fabric, base, price, etc… 

All these factors contribute to picking out the best lamp for your study room so before making a purchase make sure to double check these features first so you don't end up buying something that isn't suitable for your room at all just because you didn't do enough research beforehand as well as skipping over some important information above which will help tremendously in finding out if that product is really suitable for your study room or not so keep these tips in mind before making a purchase for your next table lamp for study!


A well-lit study is a requirement for students to have productive study time. The above list of table lamps contains the best table lamps for study. They are best suited for studying in the comfort of your home.

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