5 Best Track Pants For Men With Buying Guide in India August 2022

Updated: December 30, 2020
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Track pants are one of the incredible surprising wear for men at the present time. You can go for a track pant with great high contrast strip, or resuscitate an insipid closet with a bolder pair of track pants. 

They look cool, stylish, you can also try them completely easy going with a particle amen, or you can also wear it with your denim coat.

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This article is can be divided into 2 parts first part contains the list and descriptions of the best track pants for men and the second part of this article contains the buying guide that helps you to select the best option that suits your needs.

Here’s The List Of The Best Track Pants For Men

1. PUMA MAPM Sweat Track Pant
2. Van Heusen Athleisure Track Pant
3. Jockey Men's Cotton Track Pant
4. US Polo Association Men's Track Pant
5. Wrooker Men's Track Pant 

PUMA MAPM Sweat Track Pant

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PUMA MAPM Sweat Track Pant

PUMA MAPM Sweat Track Pant is made with Polyester material fabric that comes with regular length and fitting. It has an elastic waistband for giveing you comfort fitting.

It is the best suitable choice for men who loves regular work out. 

Key Features
Machine Wash track pant
Polyester fabric made pant
Has Elastic waistband

Van Heusen Athleisure Track Pant

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Van Heusen Athleisure Track Pant

Van Heusen Track pant is made with high-quality cotton featured with stripe waistband for greater comfort fitting. It has a versatile, metropolis, stylish design which is like a jogger.

It comes with quick-dry technology. It comes with pockets which store your media player when you are jogging. With its stretchable fabric, you get comfortable in your work out sessions.

Key Features
100 % cotton fabric built
Stylish design Track pant
Stretchable fabric comfort

Jockey Men's Cotton Track Pant

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Jockey Men's Cotton Track Pant

Jockey Men's Cotton Track Pant is an authentic Jockey product that comes with a zipper back pocket. It is made with 80 % cotton and 20 percent polyester. It comes with a slim-fit design.

It has contrast side paneling, with its combine rich fabric you get good comfort. It has a broad waistband and flat inner drawstrings with dual side pockets which allows you to store your media gadgets safely.

Key Features
Comes with Zipper closure back pocket
Made with 8o % cotton fabric
Comfortable for regular work out sessions

US Polo Association Men's Track Pant

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US Polo Association Men's Track Pant comes in 4 color shading made with 100 % cotton fabric material. It comes with a USPA Authentic logo which ensures it is a branded product with solid built quality.

It has a modern design which gives you 100 % comfort. 

Key Features
100 % Cotton fabric made track pant
Plus size is available in this brand
Machine washable pant

Wrooker Men's Track Pant

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Wrooker Men's Track Pant

Wrooker Men's Track Pant comes with drawstring closure and made with Lycra material which gives you 4 types of stretching features. It comes with 2 front pockets which give space for storing your mobile phones or other gadgets.

It is a perfect choice for walking, jogging, Gym workout, running. It comes with regular fitting.

Key Features
Made with stretchable Lycra material
Good choice for daily work out person
It has 2 front pockets
Machine washable pant
Regular fit design

Buying Guide For Best Track Pants For Men

Track Pants are a type of trousers that are designed to be worn while doing sports or exercising. They have a loose fit and they are made from stretchable materials that allow you to move freely without feeling restricted. 

Trackpants come in different styles, colors, and designs depending on the brand and the purpose for which they were made. Some track pants can be worn as casual wear while others can only be worn when you’re working out or exercising.

Types of Track pants

There are different types of track pants that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Running Track Pants

Running Track Pants

These are the most common type of track pants that you will find in the market today. They have a loose fit and they are made from stretchable materials such as spandex or lycra to allow for maximum movement while running or exercising. 

Yoga Track Pants

Yoga pants are another type of track pants that is designed to be worn during yoga exercises or other similar activities where flexibility is required such as martial arts training, dance classes, etc..

Yoga pants come in different styles, colors, and designs depending on the brand and purpose for which they were made but most of them tend to have a more feminine look than running track pant do because women usually wear them during yoga exercises whereas men usually wear them when doing sports like martial arts training or weightlifting at the gymnasiums.

Sweat Pants/ Jogging Pants

Sweat Pants/ Jogging Pants

Sweat pants (also known as jogging pants) are another type of trousers that people often confuse with joggers but there is actually a difference between these two types of trousers even though both types look very similar at first glance.

Sweatpants tend to be thicker than joggers so if you want something comfortable yet durable then sweat pants would probably suit your needs better than joggers would although both sweatpants and joggers can serve their purposes well if used correctly so it really depends on what kind of activity you’re planning to use them for before deciding whether you should buy sweat pants instead of joggers or vice versa.

Material of track pants

Track Pants are made from a variety of materials. Some of the most common materials used in track pants include cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex.


Cotton is a natural fiber that is grown all over the world. It's one of the most popular fabrics used in clothing because it's soft and breathable. 

Cotton can absorb moisture easily which makes it comfortable to wear even when you're sweating profusely during exercise or sports activities. However, cotton tends to shrink when washed so you have to be careful when washing your trackpants at home as they may shrink beyond repair if not handled properly.


Polyester is another popular material used in making tracksuits for men and women alike because it's durable and easy to maintain at home without having to go through too much trouble with washing machines or dryers (although some people prefer using dryers).

Polyester dries quickly which makes it ideal for people who like wearing their clothes immediately after exercising or playing sports outdoors on hot days (or nights).


Nylon is another synthetic material that has been around since the 1950s but only became popular in recent years due to its durability and strength against abrasion as well as its ability to resist water damage caused by rain or snowfall during outdoor activities such as jogging, running or cycling on rainy days (or nights). 

Nylon also dries quickly so you can wear your clothes right after exercising without worrying about them getting wet from sweat stains caused by excessive perspiration while working out outdoors on hot summer days (or nights).


Spandex is a synthetic fiber that was developed by DuPont Company back in 1958 but only became widely available for use in clothing beginning late 1980s onwards due to its elasticity properties which make it ideal for use in making stretchable garments such as leggings, tights and other types of pants worn by both men and women alike including athletes who participate regularly in various sporting events such as marathons held all over the world every year since 1970s onwards. 

How To Choose The Right Size?

As mentioned earlier, track pants are a kind of pants that are loose-fitting and comfortable. It is usually worn by athletes or people who like to do sports. Track Pants have been around for quite some time now, but it has become more popular today because of the fashion trend.

Track Pants come in different sizes and colors. There are many brands that offer track pants with different designs and styles, so you can choose the one that suits your taste best and your size as well. If you want to buy a pair of track pants online, make sure to check out its size chart first before buying it so you will know if it fits you or not.

If you want to buy a pair of sweatpants offline, then go ahead and try them on first before buying them because sizes may vary from one brand to another brand even though they have the same size chart for their products (this is true especially if they're imported).

Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Size For You:

How To Measure Your Waist?

The waistline is measured horizontally across your waist which means it should be measured at the midpoint between your lower rib cage and upper hip bone (as shown in the picture above).

Always take this measurement without wearing anything underneath so there will be no discrepancies between measurements taken while wearing clothes vs measurements taken without wearing anything underneath.

How To Measure Your Hip?

The hip line is measured horizontally across the widest part of your hips which means it should be measured at the midpoint between where your buttock ends & where your thigh begins (as shown in the picture above). This measurement should also be taken while wearing underwear only! 

Again, if possible take this measurement without having any clothing underneath as well since clothes tend too give an inaccurate result due again to its thickness/thinness compared with our skin's own thickness/thinness itself once again (our skin tends to stretch when we wear clothes).

How To Measure Your Inseam?

The standard length for men's trousers' inside leg length is 76 cm / 30 inches which mean most pants' inside leg length would fall within 76 cm / 30 inches - 80 cm / 31 inches range depending on how long or short their legs are.


Here I did from my side and gives you the best choices for the best track pants for men if you have any other best option in this category you can share with us.

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