5 Best Tripods In India With Purchase Guide January 2022

Updated: March 11, 2021

The ongoing years have seen the development of photography from a non-editable form to making satisfying pictures.

From the time of getting pictures for just authentic records, photography has become a leisure activity for some, and a profession for other people. 

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Alongside a camera(of course!)and the various stuff, tripods have become one of the most useful things helping the passionate and experts at the same, for clicking incredible pictures. 

Tripods are fundamentally used by photographers and cinematographers for the stillness of the camera while clicking in low light circumstances and moderate shade speeds. Physical unsteadiness of the camera in such conditions can prompt a blurry picture.

They are additionally utilized to help the camera to set its focal point and to limit the vibrations in the camera. You even get tripods for cell phones so that individuals can record great quality recordings from the smartphone itself. 

With the wide variety of tripods in the market and not having the proper knowledge to pick the correct one according to your needs might leave you in a confused state. A decent number of components must be remembered while thinking about purchasing a tripod. 

Purchasing Guide For Best Tripod Stand 

Here is a rundown of a couple of particulars that a buyer should remember while hoping to purchase a tripod. 


The tripod ought to have a solid and strong structure with the goal that you get the most ideal chances even in the hardest outside surfaces.

The tripod you buy ought to have a lock legs option that saves the legs into a fixed position. The legs ought to likewise have elastic feet to upgrade the general soundness of the model. 

Crumbling Size 

Crumbling size should imply the size of the tripod when it is closed. This is a significant factor as it chooses which of the previously mentioned classes your tripod falls into. With this data, you can without much of a stretch pick one which accommodates your prerequisites. 


The heaviness of the tripod will be added to your benefit, and that I feel, is the main driving element while thinking about the weight.

For instance, on the off chance that you would travel a ton, it is preferable to pick a lighter one. If you will use it in your studio, you should go for a heavier model with better highlights. 

Tripods made of carbon fiber are lighter when compared with those of aluminum, however, the carbon fiber is costly when contrasted with aluminum.

Most extreme Height Extension 

The key capacity of the tripod is to empower you to put the camera at a required height. Along these lines, an extension of height is one of the prime contemplations for a tripod.

On the off chance that it misses the mark, then the cameraman has to bend down which will make him uneasy. So, every additional centimeter can prove to be useful when shooting on uneven ground. 

Load Rating 

The tripod must have the ability to take the load of the camera hardware. You should be mindful so as to pick that, it can carry a weight that is reasonably larger(approximately 1.25 occasions - 1.75 occasions) when contrasted with what you intend to utilize. This is to keep an edge of wellbeing. 

While you shoot you place your hands over the camera and apply some additional power that the tripod needs to help.

This ought to be considered. Besides, you may include some additional gear, for example, a battery holder or utilize a heavier camera later on and a somewhat higher rating will deal with that. 

Tripod Head 

A tripod head doesn't come with the tripod and must be purchased independently. The head ties down the camera to the tripod and controls its development.

The head and the tripod ought to have a similar burden appraisal so you don't confront any issues with either. 

The tripod heads come in various structures, skillet tilt, ball-head, gimbal head, to name the prevalently accessible sorts.

The skillet tilt head has a solitary control or a double one relying upon permitting development in one direction(horizontal), or both directions(horizontal and vertical). 

The ball-head is superior to anything skillet tilt as it is adaptable and has a superior activity with better security for the camera. The gimbal head is an exceptional head to be utilized for heavier focal points. 

Development Material 

Remember that the material is significant for choosing the quality and the possible load of the tripod.

Tripods are commonly made of aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, however wood may likewise be utilized in bigger tripods. 

Pocket tripods are plastic with different materials that have been referenced. Aluminum and Titanium tripods are, unnecessary to make reference to, heavier and less expensive when contrasted with the carbon fiber tripods. 

It should be noticed that in terms of toughness, aluminum beats carbon fiber. Aluminum will take a stun and a downturn will be the outcome yet there are conceivable outcomes that a carbon fiber tripod will lash out at a similar stun. 

Fast Release System 

A fast discharge framework is accessible for tying down the camera to the head. The most popular framework is the Arka Swiss brisk discharge framework which is utilized as a casual standard among makers of the snappy discharge framework. 

This framework is an improvement over the recently utilized strung framework which was profoundly badly arranged and bulky to utilize. Getting one with this framework would help you in the smooth activity. 

So far we have viewed the fundamentals to be aware of when purchasing a tripod. Presently, we talk about the absolute best items accessible that you could purchase and why you should get them.

Here’s The List Of The Best Tripods For DSLR In India

1. AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod
2. Vanguard CX203AP Espod Tripod Aluminum
3. Manfrotto MKCOMPACTADV-BK Compact Advanced Tripod 
4. MeFOTO Classic Carbon Fiber Tripod 
5. Benro T880EX Digital Tripod Kit

AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod for DSLR

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AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod

The AmazonBasics tripod has a tough and solid plan made of aluminum. The 3 area switch lock legs with elastic feet can be changed in accordance with a tallness of 50 inches.

It can likewise be utilized in various areas effectively in view of its minimal and collapsible plan that enables you to carry it with you in the zippered pack. Then again, the snappy discharge plate guarantees smooth changing and development among shots and areas. 

The tripod weighs 567 grams. Perfect for computerized video or still cameras. It includes a 3-way head that empowers the 360-degree axis and tilts while the handles secure into position.

It comes with a snappy discharge mounting plate to remove your camera quickly from a tripod so that progressing and moving between areas becomes easy and quick. 

The 3 segment lock legs switch can be changed in accordance with full tallness of 50 inches. The extendable rig helps in the development and alteration of the height. Made with solid aluminum. Has a collapsible structure which enables it to be collapsed, legs can be contracted, and the handles can turn downwards. 

Accompanies a zippered sack


  • Light-weight, reduced, and collapsible plan makes it effectively compact, and the zippered sack helps in safe storage.
  • The switch log legs with elastic feet guarantee security so you get the ideal shots.
  • The 3-way head gives adaptability enabling you to effortlessly change from scene to picture mode.
  • Solid and durable plan.


  • Clients have expressed that the tripod twists and can not hold the heap of DSLR cameras.
Editor Choice

Vanguard CX203AP Espod Tripod Aluminum 

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Vanguard CX203AP Espod Tripod Aluminum

Vanguard has been coming up with tripods in the market at reasonable costs without trading off quality and this comes as another of those. Vanguard has focused on the ESPOD CX203 AP at novices and genuine strengths. 

The tripod can hold the majority of the DSLRs enabling you to work with various cameras.

The aluminum body isn't excessively substantial and can go with you on any of your long outings. The elastic hold at the feet gives the tripod a better grasp and its durable flip locks are a reward. 

The height can shift from a pitiful 590 mm to 1500 mm which is a really good range to work with and has a solitary air pocket level for exactness. 

Greatest Loading Capacity is 3.5 kgs. made with Aluminum of weight 1.1 Kgs. The Extended Height point of confinement of this tripod is 61 inches and Folded Height 22.625 inches 


  • Container head comfort handle positions easily and effectively
  • Profoundly alluring cost
  • Fast Flip Leg Locks
  • Lightweight and simple to convey
  • Pop and open Quick shoe discharge and its convenience


  • Stacking limit could have been something more
  • Can't work with overwhelming focal points and camera gear
  • Not sufficient for panning.
  • Developments are limited

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTADV-BK Compact Advanced Tripod 

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Manfrotto MKCOMPACTADV-BK Compact Advanced Tripod

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod is an aluminum body but then light enough for you to pull it on your back and go with you to your next outdoors trip.

The three-way collapsing head comes with exceptionally flexible controls for skillet/tilt and leveling.

A bubblehead is missing however that can be included once you have this great tripod piled up in your home. A round snappy discharge plate with a parchment wheel system makes connecting a camera exceptionally basic. 

The Maximum Loading Capacity of this tripod is 3.3 kgs made with Aluminum, Technopolymer and its weight is 1.4 kgs. The Extended Height 65.75 inches and its Folded Height is 18.31 inches.


  • Small and lightweight
  • High Strength
  • Strengthened aluminum for remarkable unbending nature


  • Liquid head missing
  • No air pocket level

MeFOTO A1350Q1TL Classic Carbon Fiber Tripod 

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MeFOTO A1350Q1TL Classic Carbon Fiber Tripod

This is a well-designed item with a little collapsed length of 40 cm including the quick discharge plate, giving high versatility to the client. The feet grasp is acceptable and that makes it stable.

The tripod for DSLR in India can be changed over to a monopod by evacuating one of the legs and assembling it with simply the middle segment, just on the off chance that you are searching for minimal less weight. 

The weight distinction of this carbon fiber to the aluminum one is just around 225 grams, so you may consider deciding on the aluminum model as it is extensively less expensive. 

The most extreme Loading Capacity of this tripod is 8.8 kgs. It is made with Carbon fiber, Aluminum, and 1.50 kgs. The Extended Height breaking point of this 61.6 inches and Folded Height cutoff of this tripod is 15.4 inches.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Apparent Load capacity
  • Simple design
  • Can be changed over to a monopod


  • Turning locks difficult to deal with
  • Feeble legs
  • Tripod isn't sufficiently solid

Benro T880EX Digital Tripod Kit 

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Benro T880EX Digital Tripod Kit

The tripod is incredibly light regardless of the aluminum body and doesn't guarantee steadiness that we have seen among different tripods for DSLR in India that have been talked about.

The lightweight and short height, high versatility is a surety yet you can encounter a specific wiggle and waver that makes certain to trouble you while taking shots and that conflicts with the item. 

The Maximum Loading Capacity of this tripod is 3 kgs and made with Aluminum. Its weight is 1.45 kgs. The Extended Height breaking point of this tripod is 57.48 inches and Folded Height limit 18.50 inches


  • The four-legged segment takes into account greater adaptability
  • Three-way panning head
  • Exact panning and tilting


  • The profoundly constrained load limit
  • Less most extreme height


Subsequent to having had an exhaustive comprehension so take a look at a wide variety of the must-have tripods, your decision to purchase relies upon your spending limit and use. 

On the off chance that you have been doing photography for quite a while and wish to investigate, the AmazonBasics Tripod is the ideal decision for you. 

Be that as it may, in the event that you are a beginner and are simply starting we suggest you go with the Vanguard ESPOD CX203 AP.

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