4 Best Vacuum Cleaners In India With Buying Guide May 2022

Updated: September 2, 2021
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The vacuum cleaner utilizes an electric motor that twists a fan, sucking in the air and any little particles in it, and driving it out the opposite side, into a sack or a canister, to clean dust and tiny debris.

Two things come in mind first when you are going to purchase a vacuum cleaner, Is it simple to work with it, and it can clean all dust and dirt from all around my home?

Before you pick a vacuum cleaner from the market first think about the surface you wanna clean with a vacuum cleaner, and how much time you have for cleaning. For more details read out our buying guide that helps you to select the best vacuum cleaner that suits your need.

Here’s The List Of The Best Vacuum Cleaners In India

1. Dyson V11 Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner
2. Shark IONFlex 2X Vacuum Cleaner
3. Hoover Re71Tp04 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner
4. Bosch Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Gas

Dyson V11 Cord-Free Vacuum

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Dyson V11 Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V11 is a forward type vacuum cleaner that is best in the predecessor class and gives you the best cleaning over your surface. It does not make any noise and run time of it is 40 minutes over auto power mode.

Its ooze design with motorized mini tool performs well and produces a good amount of torque with its Auto Mode to make it powerful. It also has an LCD Screen for showing the remaining run time and blockages.

Power SupplyCordless
Weight3.3 Kg
Bin Size0.76 litre
Run TimeUp to 60 minutes


  • It has a powerful suction technology
  • Lightweight vacuum cleaner
  • LCD information display

Shark IONFlex 2X Vacuum Cleaner

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Shark IONFlex 2X Vacuum Cleaner

Shark IONFLex 2X comes with 2 batteries inbuilt which gives you 60 minutes of run time. It works on different types of floors and gives you good performance. It includes multiple tools and Anti-Allergen Dust Brush with a light on its floor head which ensures you can easily see the dust on your floor.

It is a cordless vacuum cleaner makes easier to clean dust from under sofa and furniture

Power SupplyCordless
Weight4 Kg
Bin Size0.33 Litre
Run TimeUp to 60 minutes


  • Good performer
  • Good for all types of surface
  • Tool selections are good


  • Forehead drivers are boosted

Hoover Re71Tp04 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover Re71Tp04 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Re71Tp04 vacuum cleaner with its mini turbo tool allows you to clean the hair of your pets from your floor and carpet. It also cleans your stairs and comes at a reasonable price.

It comes with 7 KGs of large bin size, 8 m power cable, and 2.5 m hose. It allows you to clean your floor in 3 different modes lift, upright, and stick. The suction part of this cleaner is not good as another vacuum cleaner but it provides flexibility much more as compared to other corded vacuum cleaners. 

Power SupplyCorded
Weight4 Kg
Bin Size0.33 Litre
Run TimeUp to 60 minutes


  • Good for pet hair cleaning
  • Comes with Lift-Up mode for stair cleaning
  • Bin Capacity is large


  • Suction is not good as compared to other cleaners

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Gas

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Bosch Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Gas

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Gas have a weight of 9.3 Kgs. it has 1100 watt powerful motor which can clean any type of dust with its micro filter and you can easily switch between its 2 modes cleaner and blower.

It comes with Elbow, 2 tubes, one-floor nozzle set, Hose of 3 meters, and crevice nozzle which helps to clean dust from corners of your room. It has a bin size of 8 liters.

Power SupplyCorded
Weight9.3 Kg
Bin Size8 litre
Run TimeUp to 60 minutes


  • 1100 Watt Powerful motor
  • Bin size 8 liters
  • Best for industry work


  • A bit heavy

Best Vacuum Cleaner: Buying Guide

A vacuum cleaner is a must-have tool in every home and office, it's used to clean the floor, carpet and other surfaces. It helps to remove dog hair, dust and other debris from hard-to-reach places.

A vacuum cleaner is powered by electricity or human force, it helps to suck the dirt and debris into the bag or container which can be thrown away later.

Vacuum Cleaner Parts

The main parts of a vacuum cleaner are:


The bag is used to collect dirt from hard surfaces. The bag has a filter that blocks the passage of dirt particles into your home. Some bags have disposable filters that you can throw away after use. 

Some bags have washable filters which can be cleaned and reused again. These bags are expensive but worth it if you want to save money on buying new bags each time you clean your house or office. Another option is an empty container where you have to buy a new trash bag for each cleaning session. 

Some models come with an on-board garbage bin where you don't need any extra bag for collecting dust and dirt, this option is not expensive but takes some extra space in your cleaning room closet or storage location which are not available in all cases like apartments and condos. 

Bag full indicator

This device alerts you when the bag needs changing or cleaning, it also informs if there's a clog in the hose or nozzle due to some obstacles e.g.: long hair getting stuck on them while vacuuming stairs, etc.. 

This feature prevents wasting time emptying out all the dust and debris as soon as you notice it's full because it would be too late at that point, now you have to take off all attachments that hold back debris from getting inside your home so as not to spread around everywhere when dumping out everything inside (including inside walls). 

You should empty out waste material once per month so as not get ill by breathing in tiny particles of dust/allergens/odors etc… which could cause asthma attacks over time or allergies for people with sensitive skin (or those who are already showing symptoms like a runny nose).

The cord 

This connects your device either directly or through plug sockets into electric outlets for power supply.

It has different lengths depending on the model that suits your needs i.e.: small lightweight portable vacuums don't need long power cords because they're mostly used only on short distances like stairs carpeted floors, etc,  while heavy-duty commercial vacuums use long power cords up to 10m / 32feet + long cables for better movement around big areas like: warehouses, garages etc.

Dust bin / container

This collects waste material sucked up from flooring surfaces into the vacuum cleaner. It contains a filter that separates dirt particles from air before sucking them up inside the vacuum cleaner's body. 

You can either choose between disposable plastic containers (which are cheaper) or washable containers (more expensive but more eco friendly & easier replacement filter ). 

The advantage of washable containers is that they last longer than disposable ones especially if they're made with strong materials like stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.. 

Disadvantage: using washable filters will cost more because you'll need more replacements over time than using disposable ones plus the washing process takes time plus costs water, energy & detergent.


This flexible tube connects suction machines into different places depending on the application. For example car interiors, garages, stairs interior furniture tops, curtains windows & blinds etc.

 They vary in length depending on model size i.e.: small handheld type would have less hose length than large type industrial machines with wheels that require more movement space. 

In some models, these tubes can be extended when needed although most of them aren't adjustable due to their rigid nature. 

Hoses come along with accessories like mini brushes, extension tubes + crevice tools to help reach hard-to-clean places such as under couches beds mattresses corners edges carpets corners cracks between tiles, etc.


There are many different nozzles types available e.g.: Turbo Brush Dual nozzle combo which helps clean specific areas fast without much effort, unlike normal cleaning nozzles which sucks air directly onto the surface without picking much dust & debris off the surface.

Vacuum Cleaner Types

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

A Bagless vacuum cleans by using air to move dirt into a disposable paper or plastic dust bag. The bag holds the dirt and can be easily disposed of when full. 

A bagless vacuum cleaner comes with a filter that catches large particles before they reach the bag so that it stays clean for longer. A filter can be rinsed or cleaned in warm water to remove larger debris, such as pet hair. 

It should be allowed to dry completely before using the vacuum again, however, to prevent mold and mildew from forming inside the machine.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister vacuums are very portable and versatile, making them ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and stairs as well as the carpeted areas of your house or apartment. 

Canister vacuums usually come with an upholstery brush attachment that allows you to clean furniture, curtains, car interiors, etc., effectively without damaging surfaces or fabrics. 

Some models also come with a crevice nozzle which is helpful for cleaning corners and edges of furniture as well as car seats and other tight spaces around your home or office space.

The main disadvantage of canister vacuums is their limited reach; they cannot stand on their own like upright vacuums so you have to carry them around while cleaning your home or office space. 

They are ideal for small apartments but not good if you have a large home or need more than one vacuum cleaner for multiple rooms of your house or apartment building because they will probably get in each other's way while you are trying to maneuver around them during cleaning time.

Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

An upright vacuum cleaner is one in which the motorized suction head sits atop a taller pole called 'the handle'. 

The upright design means that most upright models can stand on their own without any support – unlike canisters – making it easy to maneuver them around your home while cleaning different areas at once without having to move from room to room constantly just because you don't want your machine falling over when you aren't looking at it.

Cyclonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner (AKA Turbine)

These types utilize cyclonic technology inside cylindrical chambers located inside bags which separates dirt away from air flow whether bags or filters are being used which then maintains airflow through hose pipes connected via exhausts located near base ends.

Cyclonic types of vacuum cleaner provide excellent handling/maneuverability qualities.

Vacuum Cleaner Applications

Several applications of vacuum cleaners are as follows:

1. Domestic cleaning - 

The domestic vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning and maintaining all types of flooring. They are mostly used to keep the house clean and tidy. This type of vacuum cleaner also includes a variety of other types such as the carpet washer, steam cleaner, hard floor cleaner etc.

2. Floor polishing - 

The floor polishing machine is also known as floor scrubber which is mainly used in commercial and industrial purposes to maintain high traffic areas such as malls, schools, hospitals etc.

3. Carpet cleaning - 

Carpet cleaning machines are used for extracting and removing dirt from carpets so that one can enjoy a clean and hygienic atmosphere in their office or home space. 

This type of machine can be broadly classified into two categories- dry carpet cleaning machines and wet carpet cleaning machines which are better suited to different types of carpets according to their make up material like woolen carpets are cleaned with specialized woolen carpet cleaning solutions while synthetic materials require solvent-based detergents or pure water for effective cleaning.

4. Disinfection - 

Disinfecting machines are widely used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants etc., for disinfection purposes where the germs have increased much more than usual due to heavy traffic areas like hospitals or schools etc.

5. Special purpose vacuums - 

There are several other kinds of vacuums such as dust extractors, wet/dry vacuums which carry out specific functions like drying up wet surfaces or suctioning dusts out from dry floors without making any mess on them.

The following are the additional features that people should look at when buying a vacuum cleaner.

1. Type of Vacuum Cleaner: 

There are basically 3 different types of vacuum cleaners namely: uprights, canister and handheld vacuums. 

Uprights are best for homes with carpets and dust mites, while canisters are great for homes with pets and pet hair as they have powerful suction to remove all the pet hair on the floor. 

Hand-helds will be best for tight spaces or stairs, because they are easy to maneuver and their small size makes them easy to store.

2. Filter Type: 

The vacuum cleaner filters help in removing particles from the air which is sucked into the machine by the suction. The two basic types of filters are disposable paper filters and permanent ones. 

Paper Filter:

Paper filters prove effective in picking up large particles but not so much in removing fine dirt particles, making it less hygienic than permanent ones which filter out both fine and large dirt particles from the air in your home or workplace. 

HEPA Filter:

Also there is a new type of filter that is being used these days called HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) which is more advanced than its counterparts as it can remove almost 99% of ultra-fine dust from your home or workplace air environment, thus making it more hygienic than any other filter type you might come across in your search for a good vacuum cleaner brand name.

3. Power Source: 

The power source determines how much power will be generated by the motor inside your vacuum cleaner machine thereby giving you an idea on how efficient it will perform its cleaning function when you use it at home or at the workplace. 

The most common power sources include electrical outlets (AC) and batteries (DC). So if you chose to go with an AC-powered vacuum then make sure you have an electrical outlet near where you want to clean so that you don't have to drag around a cord while cleaning as that would make your cleaning job harder than it actually should be. 

On the other hand if you opt for DC powered vacuum then make sure that your device comes with a separate battery charger as using batteries might prove costly over time due to continuous use.


A vacuum cleaner is a much need product for your house if you are having pets and a small kid in your house, I suggest you to first know the time your time which you wanna spent for cleaning and your house size before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

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