10 Best Wallets For Men in India (Review & Buying Guide) August 2022

Updated: September 23, 2021
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A wallet is a very important accessory for any man in today's world. With the advancement in technology, wallets are now made of different materials like leather, nylon, fabric, etc.

A wallet is not just used for keeping currency notes and coins but also used to keep ID cards, credit cards, business cards, etc. These wallets are available in many types like bi-fold wallets, trifold wallets, slim wallets or minimalist wallets, travel wallets, money clip wallets, and RFID wallets.

The choice of a wallet depends on a person's need and use of the wallet. A person should choose a wallet according to his need and his lifestyle.

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In this article, we will discuss the best wallets with a buying guide that will help you to choose the best wallet for men in India.

List of Top 10 Wallet Brands For Men In India

  1. Levi’s Wallets – Best Men’s Wallet Overall
  2. Tommy Hilfiger Wallets – Best Minimalist Wallet
  3. Wildhorn Wallet – Best Wallet For Cash
  4. Woodland Wallet – Top Leather Wallet Brand
  5. US Polo Wallet – Best Traditional Bifold
  6. Hidesign Wallet – Best Designer Wallet for Men
  7. Titan Wallets – Best Black Leather Wallet
  8. Urban Forest Wallet – Best Card Holder Wallet
  9. Hornbull Wallet – Best Lightweight Wallet
  10. Cross Wallet – Best Budget Wallet

Here’s The List Of The Best Wallets For Men’s In India

HORNBULL Men's Wallet Brown
WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet for Men
HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet
AM LEATHER Wallet Brown
Levi's (31LV1151) Brown Leather Men's Wallet
Tommy Hilfiger Leather Men's Wallet
WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet for Men
Hidesign (8903439772024) Tan Leather Men's Wallet

Hidesign (8903439772024) Tan Leather Men's Wallet

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The Hidesign (8903439772024) Tan Leather Men's Wallet is a skin-friendly wallet. Its high-quality leather material is full of anti-oxidants and natural moisturizers, which help to keep the leather supple and soft. The leather is very easy to clean and maintain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and air-dried.

The Hidesign (8903439772024) Tan Leather Men's Wallet is a bi-fold wallet. The two compartments in the wallet can be used to store currency notes in one compartment and in another compartment can be used to store cards. The wallet is very durable and the easy access to the cards in the wallet makes it very convenient for you to find the card you want to use with ease. The wallet is also made with RFID blocking technology, which prevents your credit cards from being scanned by thieves with RFID scanners.

The Hidesign (8903439772024) Tan Leather Men's Wallet comes in a tan color that is not easily visible when placed in your pocket. This makes it safe when traveling or while you are out. The wallet is very slim and can easily slip into your back pocket without causing any discomfort.
The slim design of the wallet makes it very easy for you to keep your wallet in your front pocket without pressing on your abdomen.

Overall, the Hidesign (8903439772024) Tan Leather Men's Wallet is a perfect choice for men who are looking for a bi-fold wallet that is durable yet looks stylish without compromising on space.


  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Color: Tan
  • Not water resistant
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11 cms x 0 cms x 9 cms
  • Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 6 months
  • 5 card slots inside
  • 2 money compartments inside
  • 1 Photo window
  • 2 slip pocket with RFID

Woodland (AFS041) Brown Leather Men's Wallet (Budget Choice)

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The Woodland (AFS041) Brown Leather Men's Wallet is made of artificial leather. The wallet is brown in color and has 2 compartments and 3 pockets. It is a slim wallet with very less weight. The wallet has a magnetic lock which makes it secured for carrying your cash and cards. The wallet has 4 card slots.

The Woodland (AFS041) Brown Leather Men's Wallet is the best men's wallet for college students as it is very light, slim, spacious, and looks very stylish.


  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Color: Tan
  • Not water resistant
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 cms x 9 cms x 22 cms
  • Number of compartments: 3
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 1 month

WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet for Men (Overall Best)

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WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet for Men

The WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet is a perfect men's wallet in India for all your daily and occasional use. This stylish and classy wallet is made of genuine leather and has a soft and smooth finish to it, which makes it quite easy to use the wallet. The WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet is designed to give you an extra room for your cash, cards and other small accessories.

The WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet has two compartments in which you can easily carry all your important stuff along with your regular cards and cash. The slim design of the WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet enables you to fit in most of the pockets easily and securely. The WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet comes in three different colors: Black, Brown, and Wine Red.

This WILDHORN Color Block Designer Leather Wallet from Wildhorn is a perfect choice for men who want a stylish yet durable wallet with extra space for their pocket-friendly price.


  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 6 months domestic warranty
  • RFID Protection Technology

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Men's Wallet

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Tommy Hilfiger Leather Men's Wallet

The Tommy Hilfiger Leather Men's Wallet is a must-have accessory to add to your collection of bags and other accessories. The wallet is made from premium leather and is stitched in a contemporary design that adds to its overall charm.

The wallet has 2 slots and comes in a black color that will go well with any kind of outfit. The durability of the wallet is ensured by its quality leather and stitching.


● This wallet from Tommy Hilfiger is durable and long-lasting.
● The wallet is available at a very reasonable price.
● It comes with 2 slots for keeping your cash and cards.
● There are 6 months of warranty on this product from the manufacturer.

Levi's (31LV1151) Brown Leather Men's Wallet

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Levi's (31LV1151) Brown Leather Men's Wallet

The Levi's Men's Leather Trifold Wallet is made up of top-grain leather and has a pebbled finish. There is also a reinforced tonal top-stitching and an embossed logo.

The Levi's Men's Leather Trifold Wallet has one bill compartment and nine card slots. There is one mesh ID window pocket. The Levi's Men's Leather Trifold Wallet is available in brown color.


  • Spot clean with a damp cloth
  • Trifold wallet
  • Pebbled leather
  • Reinforced tonal top-stitching
  • Embossed logo
  • Colour: brown
  • Fold closure
  • Material: leather

HORNBULL Men's Wallet Brown

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HORNBULL Men's Wallet Brown

Hornbull Men’s Brown color wallets come in a premium look, made up of soft leather and twill fabric placed inside it. It comes with RAFID blocking security feature which protects your wallet valued information stored in it from unauthorized scanning up to 13.5 MHz signals.

It comes with 6 build slots 2 currency compartments, 2 secret compartments, 1coin pocket, 2 slip pockets, one transparent cardholder, and one zipper closure.

Your loved ones loved it very much if you wanna gift it on an important occasion. It comes with a 4.3 Stars rating.


  • Made in Exclusive High Quality Leather
  • Well Designed wallet men stylish leather By Skilled Handcraft Man
  • Durable Cloth Lining Used
  • RFID SECURE Technology

WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

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WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

The WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet for Men is a great gift for your Sons, Brothers, Friends, or Husbands. It is handcrafted with top-quality leather which makes it looks more refined and classy. The Wallet is extremely durable and can withstand rough usage for years to come.

We have used the best quality Polyester fabric for the inside lining which is soft to touch yet very durable. You can use this wallet as a gift or can also use it as an everyday use wallet for your daily needs.


  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Color: Brown/Black
  • Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 6 months domestic warranty

HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet

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HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet

HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet is manufactured with high-quality leather which is designed by a skilled handicraft man. From the inside, it has a cloth lining which makes it durable and the wallet has a unique natural grain design.

This wallet has 5 card slots and one removable card case with three cardholders. It comes with one transparent I.D card slot and one coin pocket, 2 secret compartments, and 2 currency holder compartments.

It comes with a 4.1 stars rating.


  • High Quality Leather
  • Well Designed By Skilled Handcraft Man
  • Durable Cloth Lining Used
  • 5 in build Credit card slots
  • 1 Coin Pocket and 2 Currency compartment


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URBAN FOREST Wallet is made up of Black color classy quality leather. It comes with a Bi-Fold design and comes with 9 card slots maximum in this listing. It has 2 transparent identity card slots, two secret compartments, two currency slots, and one coin pocket.

The most unique feature of this wallet is that it has inside the zipper compartment to carry photos of your loved ones and bills. It has a top-quality polyester fabric lining from the inside. It comes with 4 stars rating.


  • 9 in-built card slots,
  • 2 currency slots,
  • 2 secret compartments,
  • 2 transparent ID windows and coin pocket.
  • It is a perfect combination of size ,style and space

AM LEATHER Wallet Brown

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AM LEATHER Wallet Brown

AM leather wallet is an ideal gift for your loved ones. It comes with a dimension of 12.5 Cm X 2 CM x 10 CM. It has a Bi-Fold design made up of smart black color saddle leather which gives it a stylish, premium look and makes it durable

It has 8 cards slots, 2 slip pockets, and 2 separate secret slots for keeping bills and notes. It comes with 4 stars rating.


  • 11 cm x 1.5 cm x 9 cm
  • 6 in build Credit card slots,
  • 1 Transparent ID Window,
  • 2 Secret Compartment,
  • 2 money compartment,
  • 1 coin pocket

How To Choose Best Wallets for Men in India – Complete Buying Guide

1: Types of wallets:

Traditional leather bi-fold wallets are the most common and basic types of wallets. These wallets usually have 2-6 slots for storing your credit cards, debit cards, and ID cards. These wallets are very slim and do not look bulky in your pocket. It is the best choice for keeping a limited number of cards and cash. If you need a wallet to keep your passport, boarding tickets, and other important documents, you should go for a trifold wallet.

2: The Material of the Wallet:

Leather is the most popular material used in making wallets. Leather is durable and long-lasting and it comes in a wide range of colors and textures. It provides an elegant look and it does not get affected by water or sweat. It can be wiped clean with a cloth if it gets dirty. Some high-end leather wallets come with RFID blocking technology which prevents electronic pickpocketing (identity theft).

3: Back pocket vs front pocket Wallet:

The wallet that goes into your back pocket feels bulky as it can create space between your butt cheeks as it gets filled up over time. This bulge is very obvious as your pants start to droop as they lose their shape as you walk around with your wallet in your back pocket. This is not the case when you use a front pocket wallet as it keeps everything snugs against your body and does not create any uncomfortable bulge in your pocket. Another benefit of using a front pocket wallet is that it keeps your back pockets open and accessible so that you can easily access them without having to take out your wallet every time.

4: Size of the Wallet:

The size of the wallet should be proportional to the size of the person who will be using it otherwise it will make him look like he has something bulky in his pocket which does not look good! A small-sized man will look silly if he carries a large-sized wallet as it will make his pants baggy whereas a big-sized man should avoid carrying a slim-looking wallet as this will make his pants tight and uncomfortable. Choose a size that fits well into your pocket without adding any bulkiness to it!

5: Colour of the Wallet:

Darker color like black or brown looks sober and classy whereas bright color like red or orange stands out from others making you look stylish but avoid carrying too many color coordinated items together else you might look tacky!

6: Number of Compartments in the Wallet:

If you have a lot of stuff to carry with you, opt for a bigger capacity wallet with 4-7 compartments so that they can store more stuff comfortably without making your pockets bulge out or without hampering your movement by making them sag down!

7: Transparent Pockets:

Some wallets have transparent pockets which allow you to keep a photo or business card etc without having to remove them from their holders every time you need to show them off!

This adds extra functionality to the otherwise boring old-fashioned wallets! However, if not kept properly, they can also cause problems by allowing people behind you to see what's inside which defeats the purpose! Choose transparent pockets wisely!

8: Wallet with RFID Technology:

RFID allows electronic pickpocketing by scanning information from distances up to 30 feet away from where you stand without breaking any physical contact with you or even touching you with their hand!

It can be used by criminal gangs who keep a lookout for anybody who might be carrying an RFID-enabled card like credit cards, debit cards, driver's license, passports, etc. They scan these cards using an electronic device that reads all the information stored on these cards including pin numbers, bank account details, etc.

Once they have all this information they go on online shopping sprees using other people's money or use their credit card illegally to buy things that they want at places that are far away from where they live or work so that nobody would suspect them!

These criminals use small electronic devices called RFID readers which cost roughly 500-2000 each depending on their quality! If you want to use an RFID-enabled card then use an RFID-blocking wallet which prevents electronic pickpocketing by blocking radio signals emitted by RFID-enabled cards thereby preventing criminals from getting hold of sensitive information stored on them.

9: Price of the Wallet:

Wallets come in different price ranges depending on their material, functionality, etc but before buying one check whether its price is justified by its quality or durability because there are some cheap but very good quality wallets available online which offer value for money compared to some very expensive ones which are actually quite low-quality ones sold at a higher price because of the brand name attached to them! The price does not necessarily reflect how good or bad one is so choose wisely before buying one.

What Are the Different Types of Wallet?

Bi-fold Wallets:

Bi-fold wallets are one of the most common types of wallets in the market. Bi-fold wallets are very common among men who like to carry a lot of stuff in their wallets.

Trifold Wallets:

Trifold wallets are also very common and useful wallets in the market. They don't have too many compartments, but they do offer enough space for ID cards and credit cards.

Slim Wallets or Minimalist Wallets:

Slim wallets or minimalist wallets are the new and very popular type of wallet among men. These wallets look like a credit card when it is closed and hence, they are highly convenient to carry around when compared to bi-fold and trifold wallets.

Travel Wallets:

Travel wallets are smaller than bi-fold and trifold wallets and hence, they can easily be carried in a pocket when you need to travel around with your wallet in your pocket.

Money Clip Wallets:

Money clip wallets are by far one of the most convenient types of wallets that men can use to store their cash, cards, and other items of value. Money clip wallets are highly secure because cash can be kept safely in them without any risk of being stolen or lost because these wallets hold cash using a clip instead of using zip or Velcro to hold cash inside it.

RFID Wallets:

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which is used by many stores these days for security purposes to identify customers during checkouts, etc… Many banks use RFID tags on their credit cards to prevent the theft of confidential information from the card since the information on the card comes out when it is near an RFID scanner. Hence, if you want some protection against RFID scanners then you should definitely get an RFID wallet for yourself!

Best wallets For Men: FAQs

Q: What is a minimalist wallet?

A: Minimalist wallets are the opposite of most wallets today. They are basically a slim, flat piece of fabric or leather that holds your cards in place and allows you to carry more than one card at once.

Q: What is an RFID Wallet?

A: An RFID (radio frequency identification) wallet uses an electronic chip to access your cards. The advantage of this is that someone cannot steal information from your cards without you knowing. However, some people dislike the fact that they cannot see their cards and thus cannot visually confirm which card they are taking out of their wallets.

Q: What is a bi-fold wallet?

A: A bi-fold wallet has two folds that can be used to store credit cards, cash, and receipts. It has two pockets, one on each side, that fold over each other to store items. 

The advantage of this type of wallet is its versatility; you can fold it in either direction to make it easier for you to see what is stored inside or even switch the direction in which it folds when you change out your items. 

The disadvantage of this type of designer wallet for men is its size; the two pockets take up a lot of space and don't allow for many additional items to be stored inside. There are also many different types of bi-fold wallets available on the market today – some have multiple pockets while others have one pocket with different compartments inside that can be used for various purposes (such as storing business cards).

Q: What is the best material for a wallet?

A: Leather is always the best material for a wallet. The leather of a good wallet must be of high quality and must have been tanned very well. The leather of a good leather wallet should be durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. The leather should also not be too thick or thin, but it should be just right.

Q: What are the types of wallets available in the market?

A: Wallets are available in many different types including bi-fold, tri-fold, trifold, clutch wallets, cardholders, etc. These wallets vary in size and capacity but basically fall into two categories – traditional style and modern style. Traditional style wallets are mostly used by men who prefer to use only cash for their transactions while modern style wallets are used by people who prefer to carry their credit cards along with cash in their wallets.

Q: How much money can I actually fit in my wallet?

A: This depends on the type of wallet that you buy as well as the number of cards that you wish to carry along with you. But generally speaking, you can fit up to 12 credit cards as well as some cash into your bi-fold or trifold type wallet without any problem at all.

The only limitation on what you can fit into your wallet is really the amount of money that you are willing to spend on it! A high-quality leather bi-fold or trifold type wallet will cost you anywhere between Rs 1500 - 2500 approximately depending on which brand and design that you choose to buy. So do try and make sure that your new purchase is worth every penny!


I hope after reading this article you will find the best wallet for yourself or for your loved ones. My thumbs up with Levi’s Wallets, HORNBULL Men’s brown wallet because it comes with the Reinforced tonal top-stitching, & RAFID security feature which restricts unauthorized scanning of your wallet and protects the valuable information stored in it.

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