5 Best Wallets For Men in India With Buying Guide August 2021

Best Wallets For Men
Best Wallets For Men

There has been some debate as to the origin of the modern day wallet. It is mostly believed that the first wallets were used by ancient Greeks around 2,500 years ago.

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These cloth pouches are believed to have been worn by women. The earliest known examples of leather wallets have been recovered from Italian tombs dating back to 300 BC.

The word wallet comes from the Germanic root “walhs” which means “foreign”– it is thought that this refers to an ancient Germanic tribe that was known for making wallets out of animal hide.

Today, men’s wallets are just as much about style and fashion as they are about function and practicality. 

The evolution of men’s wallets has coincided with the evolution in men’s fashion and their need for a place to carry cash, credit cards, business cards, and other items related to living life in an urban environment. Today, a man needs a place for everything and his wallet should be able to accommodate all his essential belongings with ease and style.

Below we enlisted the rundown for best wallets with a buying guide will help you to choose the best wallets.

These wallets are from Hornbull, WildHome, Urban Forest, and AM LEATHER and come with 3 to 6 credit card slots and coin pockets.

Here’s The List Of The Best Wallets For Men’s In India

1. HORNBULL Men’s Wallet Brown
2. WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet for Men
3. HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet
4. URBAN FOREST Wallet Black
5. AM LEATHER Wallet Brown

HORNBULL Men’s Wallet Brown

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HORNBULL Men's Wallet Brown

Hornbull Men’s Brown colour wallets come in a premium look, made up of soft leather and twill fabric placed inside it. It comes with RAFID blocking security feature which protects your wallet valued information stored in it from unauthorized scanning up to 13.5 MHz signals.

It comes with 6 build slots 2 currency compartments, 2 secret compartments, 1coin pocket, 2 slip pockets, one transparent cardholder and one zipper closure.

Your loved once loved it very much if you wanna gift it on his important occasion. It comes with 4.3 Stars rating.

Editor Choice

WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

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WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

WildHorn Genuine robust colour Leather made wallet has a weight of 200 Gms it comes with a bold look has a dimension of 12 CM x 2 CM X 10 CM and has a Bi-Fold handcrafted wallet. 

It comes with Currency, Card, Secret compartment and coin pockets with external card slots. The leather used in this wallets is hand pic by design experts. It comes with a 4.1 stars rating.

HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet

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HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet

HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Wallet is manufactured by high-quality leather which is designed by skilled handcraft man. From inside it has cloth lining which makes it durable and the wallet has unique natural grain design.

This wallet has 5 card slots and one removable card case with three cardholders. It comes with one transparent I.D card slot and one coin pocket, 2 secret compartments, and 2 currency holder compartments.

It comes with a 4.1 stars rating.


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URBAN FOREST Wallet is made up of Black color classy quality leather. It comes with Bi-Fold design and comes with 9 card slots maximum in this listing. It has 2 transparent identity card slots, two secret compartments, two currency slots, and one coin pocket.

The most unique feature of this wallet is that it has inside the zipper compartment to carry photos of your loved once and bills. It has a top-quality polyester fabric lining from inside. It comes with 4 stars rating.

AM LEATHER Wallet Brown

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AM LEATHER Wallet Brown

AM leather wallet is an ideal gift for your loved once. It comes with a dimension of 12.5 Cm X 2 CM x 10 CM. It has a Bi-Fold design made up of smart black color saddle leather which gives it stylish, premium look and makes it durable

It has 8 cards slots, 2 slip pockets and 2 separate secret slots for keeping bills and notes. It comes with 4 stars rating.

Best wallets For Men: FAQs

Q: What is a minimalist wallet?

A: Minimalist wallets are the opposite of most wallets today. They are basically a slim, flat piece of fabric or leather that holds your cards in place and allows you to carry more than one card at once.

Q: What is an RFID Wallet?

A: An RFID (radio frequency identification) wallet uses an electronic chip to access your cards. The advantage of this is that someone cannot steal information from your cards without you knowing. However, some people dislike the fact that they cannot see their cards and thus cannot visually confirm which card they are taking out of their wallet.

Q: What is a bi-fold wallet?

A: A bi-fold wallet has two folds that can be used to store credit cards, cash, and receipts. It has two pockets, one on each side, that fold over each other to store items. 

The advantage of this type of wallet is its versatility; you can fold it in either direction to make it easier for you to see what is stored inside or even switch the direction in which it folds when you change out your items. 

The disadvantage of this type of designer wallets for men’s is its size; the two pockets take up a lot of space and don’t allow for many additional items to be stored inside. There are also many different types of bi-fold wallets available on the market today – some have multiple pockets while others have one pocket with different compartments inside that can be used for various purposes (such as storing business cards).

Q: What is the best material for a wallet?

A: Leather is always the best material for a wallet. The leather of a good wallet must be of high quality and must have been tanned very well. The leather of a good leather wallet should be durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. The leather should also not be too thick or thin, but it should be just right.

Q: What are the types of wallets available in the market?

A: Wallets are available in many different types including bi-fold, tri-fold, trifold, clutch wallets, card holders, etc. These wallets vary in size and capacity but basically fall into two categories – traditional style and modern style. Traditional style wallets are mostly used by men who prefer to use only cash for their transactions while modern style wallets are used by people who prefer to carry their credit cards along with cash in their wallet.

Q: How much money can I actually fit in my wallet?

A: This depends on the type of wallet that you buy as well as the number of cards that you wish to carry along with you. But generally speaking you can fit up to 12 credit cards as well as some cash into your bi-fold or trifold type wallet without any problem at all.

The only limitation on what you can fit into your wallet is really the amount of money that you are willing to spend on it! A high-quality leather bi-fold or trifold type wallet will cost you anywhere between Rs 1500 – 2500 approximately depending on which brand and design that you choose to buy. So do try and make sure that your new purchase is worth every penny!


I hope after reading this article you will find the best wallet for your self or for your loved ones. My thumbs up with HORNBULL Men’s brown wallet because it comes with the RAFID security feature which restricts unauthorized scanning of your wallet and protects the valuable information stored in it.

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