Updated: September 2, 2021

7 Best Yoga Mats In India With Buying Guide December 2021

Written by Sumit Pandey
7 Best Yoga Mats In India With Buying Guide December 2021

Buying a yoga mat isn't a simple task. You need to consider several factors like material, length, consistency, and much more. Every mat differs according to the exercise you’re intending to practice.

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Yoga mats are picking up notoriety directly over the world due to the development in the prevalence of yoga. Therefore, the market has been overflowed with loads of yoga mats whose highlights and costs differ. With this guide for best yoga mats in India, you will get a thorough read regarding the necessities. You will discover significant data on the different kinds of yoga mats, the key components to consider while purchasing a yoga mat. 

Different Types Yoga Mats 

Yoga mats retail in various sizes, shapes, and are made with various materials. Here is a rundown of different sorts of yoga mats accessible out there in the market. 

Plug yoga mats 

Plug Yoga mats are made with stopper material. These mats are light-weight, safe to utilize, and very comfortable due to the material. The sweating gets consumed effectively to give you a protected hold when your hands and feet are sweat-soaked. This keeps you from slipping and avoiding any undesirable wounds. 

Additionally, these mats are sturdy and accompany antimicrobial characteristics. Therefore, it is perfect for any yogi in view of its superior. 

Regular Rubber Yoga Mats 

Elastic mats are famous as they don't contain any hurtful synthetics, and along these lines, you will be protected from taking in any dangerous or cancer-causing synthetic compounds as you practice your descending yoga. 

They likewise will in general decay after transfer and thus don't represent any contamination risk to our effectively imperiled condition. The elastic gives the mat its enemy of ski and hostile to tear highlights making these mats agreeable to use as well as strong. 

Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats (TPE) 

These mats are additionally eco-accommodating and don't contain unsafe concoction mixes, for example, the PVC and lead. They are moderate to most shoppers and have good sliding properties that will keep you from falling while at the same time doing hot yoga works out. They are waterproof, in this way simple to clean and once in a while have an awful scent typically connected with microscopic organisms found in soggy spots. 

Cotton Yoga Mats 

Cotton mats are agreeable to use because of the delicate quality of the delicate cotton. Cotton is safe for sweating and odour issues. There are low chances of getting injured and having a firm grip. They are additionally simple to wash and cotton dry effectively. They are not costly and hence, perfect for an individual who is on a limited budget. 

Clingy Yoga Mats 

Most clingy yoga mats are intended to keep you from wounds as you practice. They include against slide highlights and pads you on hard surfaces, for example, the floor. They likewise will, in general, come in gigantic thickness. They are the best mats for yoga novices. 

Lightweight Travel mats 

If you’re planning to travel then choosing a lightweight travel mat would be perfect for you. They are regularly more slender and denser than others, plus, easy to move and carry. The greater part of them have a movement sack or convey lashes to help you in picking up and carrying around. 

Jute Yoga Mats 

Dark-colored jute material is sturdier and milder, making perfect for use in making yoga mats. Jute is a plant that develops fiercely in India, and this material is promptly accessible. In addition to the fact that this is material less expensive and eco-accommodating. The drawback of jute material is the misfortune in quality when inundated in water and furthermore will, in general, lose shading when presented to the sun. 

Buying Guide For The Best Yoga Mats. 

Different yoga mats are appropriate for different individuals' needs and yoga works out. The market is filled with different brands and searching for the correct Yoga mat without earlier information on what highlights post for can be a difficult task. 

The following are a few hints that will assist you with picking the ideal yoga mat that suits your needs just as your financial limit. 


Your solace and equalization while rehearsing yoga relies upon the thickness of the mat. Yoga mats come in differing thickness going from 1/8 creeps to ¼ crawls to 1/16 inches. The sort of activities that you plan to practice ought to be the lead here. Headstand requires a thicker yoga mat, though light activities, for example, the lung on the seat needn't bother with a thick mat. 


Yoga mats have a distinctive surface contingent upon their material. In the event that you happen to rehearse hot yoga, at that point go for a mat that gives a tight hold. In the event that you plan to purchase a yoga mat on some web based business website, for example, Amazon, take a gander at the remarks by different clients and what they think about the surface of the mat being referred to. 

Length and width 

Yoga mats come in fluctuating lengths and widths. The length of most yoga mats are 68 inches and 24 inches wide. Different brands are longer or shorter. In the event that you are a taller individual, go for the more drawn out mat. 


A clingy yoga mat will keep from sliding as you practice or change from one arrangement to the next. Most experienced yogis express that the PVC brands of mats are the ones with the most noteworthy tenacity. In any case, note that earth decreases the tenacity of a yoga mat and if filthy, in every case clean your PVC mat before you practice to guarantee you don't continue sliding. 

Weight and foldability

You may need to convey your mat starting with one spot then onto the next. Envision conveying a 3.6 Kgs yoga mat. Search for a yoga mat that can be effectively collapsed and carried on one hand, particularly on the off chance that you love to travel. A perfect lightweight travel yoga mat weighs around 1.3 to 1.8 Kgs. 


Though there are some absolutely dark yoga mats, others come in various colors. The appearance matters on the off chance that you are an individual who is pulled in and propelled by excellent craftsmanship. Some yoga activities, for example, the chakra need explicit arrangements, and a mat with certain lines drawn would be a convenient pick, particularly for apprentices. Other yoga practices require all-out fixation, and craftsmanship would be an interruption. Make sure to pick a mat that has your preferred shading or finish. 


The most widely recognized is the PVC mat, however in the event that you don't need that, at that point search for a yoga mat that is eco-accommodating and liberated from poisons. Go for yoga mats that are made of common materials. A messy yoga mat is constantly a mood killer; hence, ensure that the material can be effectively cleaned and dried. 


A few mats, for example, the cotton type are anything but difficult to wash and dry. Others, for example, the clingy type can be a genuine migraine, particularly when they get sloppy. Be that as it may, the life expectancy of your yoga mat relies upon its support. 

The following are a few hints on the most proficient method to deal with your yoga mat:

Clean the mat once per month and twice if you regularly practice in a zone with a great deal of residue or mud. 

On the off chance that the mat isn't extremely filthy, utilize a spotless towel or texture to clear off the soil from the mat and afterward hang out to dry. 

On the off chance that the mat is extremely filthy, for instance, at that point you should absorb it in a cleanser, and afterward altogether hand wash it to expel the mud. Subsequent to expelling it from the water, crush out the water. You can put it on the floor and step on it guarantee you dispose of however much water as could reasonably be expected. Next, hang out to dry. 

Continuously guarantee that you roll and tie the mat before you store the mat. 


The costs of yoga mats change from 350 rupees to 3500 rupees. Some even cost in excess of 3500 rupees. Parity gently between your needs and spending plan.

Here’s The List Of The Best Yoga Mats

BODYYOGA Eco Friendly Exercise Meditation Mat
AmazonBasics Yoga and Exercise Mat 
Fitkit FKYM04-P Yoga Mat
Narains Packaging Yoga Mat
Happytech Fitness Non Slip Yoga Mat

BODYYOGA Eco Friendly Exercise Meditation Mat

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BODYYOGA Eco Friendly Exercise Meditation Mat

It is made with closed cell innovation so it doesn't ingest your perspiration or dampness as you practice. 

Twofold layered with the base layer intended to be wavy to offer footing between the mat and the ground. The top layer finished to guarantee you don't need to stress over sliding as you practice. 

Made with reused TPE texture that is both eco-accommodating and non-dangerous. It is 75 inches in length and 25.5 inches wide, making it the perfect mat for individuals of various body sizes and tallness. 

The mat has a thickness of 6 mm, which ensures great padding, which is practically like that found from the game's perspective. It accompanies a unique "Namaste" guarantee which talks about the certainty BodyBand has in their mat. Sold in mint blue shading which is stylishly cool.


  • It offers extraordinary footing and great solace so you can rehearse with certainty. 
  • Liberated from lethal materials, for example, PVC guaranteeing that you don't take in dangerous air. 
  • Accompanies a microfibre towel so you can spotless and dry in a split second. 
  • It doesn't smell. 
  • It is anything but difficult to move up and convey to and from the studio. 
  • It doesn't tear effectively and can keep going for longer times when contrasted with different mats


  • The additional length makes the mat's broadness look shorter. Body and ought to have added some additional crawls to the broadness to coordinate the additional length


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This yoga mat is accessible in density with 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm, along with, measurement as 72x24. Reuse TPE mat is biodegradable and 100% non-dangerous and protected as it is made utilizing a material that is liberated from silicone, latex, PVC, and phthalates. 

Light-weight and versatile structure. It is planned utilizing thick and solid froth to secure your joints and knees by retaining sway. Non-slip surfaces on the two sides of the mat thus can be utilized on the two sides. The surface is finished to keep your hands and feet from slipping, so as to forestall wounds. 

Appropriate for use on concrete, wood, tile or any hardwood floor.


  • Eco-accommodating and great thick material keeps sweat and earth from getting consumed. 
  • The counter tear mat can be utilized for most yoga stances and activities. 
  • Furnishes you with the most agreeable yoga experience. 
  • It includes a dampness safe innovation which makes it simple to wash.


  • According to clients, at first, the smell of the mat was disagreeable. 
  • Quality was not sufficient

AmazonBasics Yoga and Exercise Mat

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AmazonBasics Yoga and Exercise Mat

The AmazonBasics mat can be utilized for different activities and yoga exercises. It is an essential mat that has no beautifications and highlights an assortment of hues. The mat has a decent thickness which gives durable help and solace, particularly when doing practices outside where the surface is unpleasant. 

It accompanies a dark flexible tie, which makes it simple to convey it from the rec center or yoga studio to your home. The lashes additionally keep the mat from spreading out while not being used. 

It includes a finished completion which is non-slip and forestalls damage during hot yoga or some other versatile activities. 76" long and 24" wide making the mat appropriate to even tall individuals. ½ inch thick or 13 mm that gives a decent pad to your feet on a harsh surface. The mat is made of froth material, which is both lightweight and dependable.


  • It offers an assortment of hues to browse as indicated by your preferences. 
  • It feels entirely good on the floor. 
  • It is anything but difficult to crease utilizing the dark lash. 
  • The finished surface offers better footing.


  • Light impressions are left on the mat after exercise.

Fitkit FKYM04-P Yoga Mat

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Fitkit FKYM04-P Yoga Mat

The Fitkit yoga mat is intended to keep going for long significantly under extreme conditions, for example, the wet season. It includes a dampness obstruction innovation that gives the mat its waterproof evidence properties hence making it simple to spotless and dry. Water doesn't likewise effectively fall apart in its great quality. 

The mat is plain hued, lightweight, finished and extremely simple to crease and convey it to anyplace advantageous to the yoga studio, rec center or home 

It is multiplied and agreed with every one of the sides well finished to guarantee that you don't slide during exercise. The 6 mm thickness gives comfort during exercises. Highlights a dampness safe innovation that makes it simple to clean the mat. Nearness of a layer of froth makes this mat waterproof and thus can be utilized in any event, during the stormy seasons. 

It arrives in a standard size, 173 cm long and 61 cm wide, which is an ideal fit for a great many people. Made of material that is liberated from latex or metals in this manner making it solid and less inclined to tear. Accessible in purple shading.


  • The Fitkit mat offers solace and soundness during exercise. 
  • It tends to be washed in a clothes washer and dries effectively. 
  • The lightweight and normal thickness make the mat simple to overlay and convey it from to the yoga studio or rec center. 
  • Thick and solid.


  • No convey pack included.

Narains Packaging Yoga Mat

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Narains Packaging Yoga Mat

The Narains mat includes a non-slide elastic material that is intended to shield you from wounds during exercises. 

It comes in 6 mm thickness yet Narain additionally chose to incorporate a 4 mm assortment. The smooth structure and weight of 499 grams makes the mat a simple one to overlap and convey to and from your yoga classes. Common elastic material which is eco-accommodating and non-poisonous. 

Accessible in 6 mm or 4 mm thickness, which gives an ideal pad during floor yoga. The base is hostile to slide henceforth securely underpins during practices and hot yoga. The top surface is additionally finished to guarantee that you don't effectively slide. The mat comes in numerous hues, to coordinate various clients' preferences and inclinations. 

Accessibility of a convey pack to assist you with conveying the mat effectively. The mat has a simple cleaning schedule. It is machine launderable, simple to dry, and doesn't dye.


  • It is simple to roll and convey to and from the Yoga classes. 
  • It is sheltered to use because of the nearness of an enemy of slip structure. 
  • It is tough and agreeable to utilize. 
  • The surface is acceptable; not all that delicate and not all that hard


  • The finished surface leaves a few engravings on hands and legs after exercise.

Happytech Fitness Non Slip Yoga Mat

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Happytech Fitness Non Slip Yoga Mat

In the event that you are searching for a pocket-friendly mat with appropriate thickness and length, at that point the HappyTech non-slip yoga is the ideal pick for you. It accompanies an additional thick 6 mm padding that not just warrants comfort during your floor exercises and preparing, yet additionally no slipping. 

The mat is large enough for use by the vast majority of various body sizes and statues. Perfect for individuals on a spending who are after a decent quality mat. Accompanies a non-slip configuration making it safe to use without agonizing over losing your grasp or dependability. 6 mm thick padding that guarantees you stay happy during all sorts of activities. 

A standard length of 6 feet. The Eva material is thick just as delicate and simultaneously thick enough to give a decent surface to floor works out. Accessible in numerous hues to suit individuals' various tastes and inclinations.


  • It is made of sturdy and lightweight Eva material. 
  • Accompanies a convey sack that makes it simple to convey the mat. 
  • The mat can be moved up effectively and conveyed to and from yoga classes. 
  • The counter slip structure which wounds because of slipping mishaps. 
  • Agreeable because of the nearness of a thick pad.


  • Nearness of a solid "substance" kind smell that leaves with time.


Regardless of the distinction in the quality, estimate, or even shading, all yoga mats fill one need; to assist you with easy and comfortable yoga practice. We can’t stress this enough that you need to consider all the highlights before purchasing a yoga mat. Try to purchase the mat that will stay for the long term and helps you in practice.

Written by Sumit Pandey

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