14 Best 16GB RAM Laptops in USA May 2022

Updated: July 10, 2021
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Welcome to the rundown of the best 16GB Laptops!

Whether you’re searching for a laptop for writer or laptops for engineering students or best gaming laptop 16GB RAM laptops are best for all-purpose It's optimal for performing multiple tasks and genuine gaming and should give you a smooth and without glitch processing experience in general.

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Be that as it may, for the vast majority, it's as much memory as you should require — and overspending on RAM to get 32GB is regularly simply squandered cash except if you have a veritable requirement for that much memory, for example, concentrated video editing.

Trust me: Unless you work expertly in video creation or some other very figuring serious field, you just needn't bother with more than 16GB of RAM. 

Fortunately, 16GB laptops are normal, and numerous laptop producers offer their laptops in different memory setups.

So on the off chance that you see a laptop you like, you might have the option to get it outfitted with 16GB. In any case, which laptop is directly for you?

Continue perusing; I've gathered together the best pre-designed 16GB laptops I could discover, and toward the finish of the article you'll locate some extra laptop purchasing exhortation.

Here’s The List of The Best 16GB Laptops

1. Dell Precision 3520 i7 Laptop
2. HP Envey x360 Laptop
3. HP 17.3" 17-by3697nr Laptop
4. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop
5. Acer Predator Triton 300
3. New Apple MacBook Pro MVVL2LL/A
7. ASUS ROG G531GT Laptop
8. Dell Inspiron 15 5593 Laptop
9. New 2020 HP 15 Touch Laptop
10. Lenovo ThinkPad E595 Laptop
11. MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 Laptop
12. Razer Blade 15 RZ09-02386E92-R3U1
13. Lenovo Legion Y540 81SX000SUS
14. Apple MacBook Pro

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

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Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

You can rely on Acer to offer reasonable, mid-went laptops, and the Predator Helios 300 is actually that.

It's furnished with a strong exhibit of segments that position this laptop as a workhorse for both profitability and gaming — it has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. This is an extraordinary equipment setup for the laptop's 15.6-inch full HD display (1920×1080 pixels).

The GTX 1660 Ti, for instance, is a reasonable mid-went video card that, while it's bested by more up-to-date cards like the RTX 2070 and RTX 2080, can deal with most games at this current laptop's resolution. 

The framework is situated as a gaming laptop, so the keyboard is illuminated with four zones of configurable RGB lighting, and the touchpad is askew — that is a matter of taste whether you like this series, however whichever way it'll most likely take a bit of becoming accustomed to.

You get three USB 3 ports and one USB-C, alongside HDMI, DisplayPort, and even an Ethernet. It is ideal to see extra USB-C ports, yet it's difficult to whine with the availability by and large — particularly since the laptop has Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax, as yet something of an irregularity in laptops today. 

Here's something different bizarre: The Acer Predator Helios 300 has a one-contact overclocking mode.

A "turbo" button on the keyboard in a split second overclocks the laptop's GTX 1660Ti graphics chipset and laughs out loud the fans simultaneously to manage the warmth.

That is an extremely decent touch, however, it doesn't significantly expand the display of the laptop.

Furthermore, in case you're anxious to expand execution — and your work process legitimizes it — you can include extra memory by means of the vacant RAM space.

Specifications of Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

ProcessorIntel Core i7-9750H
Display15.6 inches FHD
GPUGeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Storage256 SSD
Dimensions14.2 x 10 x 0.9 inches
Weight5.3 Pounds


  • Memory is expandable
  • It has 4 zone RGB lighting
  • It has a turbo button for overclocking its graphics


  • It has of the off-core touchpad
  • Graphics quality can be improved
  • Number of ports are less

Acer Predator Triton 300

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Acer Predator Triton 300

Acer covers its bases with Predator laptops at the two finishes of the range — unassuming, moderate models with mid-level designs, and passages like this Acer Predator Triton 500, which regardless of estimating only.

The 7-inches thick is wearing the impressive Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max Q, a half and half form of the very good quality 2080 that makes some little settles on clock speed and power utilization to fit in the tight requirements of a slight laptop.

So while it is as yet named a 2080 and can perform ongoing beam following and the various treats the RTX 2080 is known for, it won't get so hot that it softens an opening in the base of your laptop and consumes to the focal point of the earth. 

The exchange off appears to be justified, despite all the trouble. While as yet pressing top-of-the-line graphics, this laptop is overly slim and light, making it truly versatile.

It's controlled by an Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM. A framework this well-prepared would profit by a full 1TB of capacity (however to be reasonable, that choice exists for somewhat more cash).

The 15.6-inch display is supported with a 144Hz IPS board that flaunts a minor 3ms pixel reaction — this framework is truly intended for gaming. Truth be told, it even has Nvidia G-Sync, which forestalls tearing and butterflies in quick-moving gaming designs. 

In spite of the lightweight structure, this framework is made with heaps of aluminum, so it has a strong and rough feel to it, regardless of whether the general style is somewhat every day. All things considered, Acer gets a great deal of stuff right.

There is an abundance of ports (two USB 3 and a USB-C on the right, with another USB 3 and Ethernet on the left), and an RGB keyboard with per-key programmable lighting.

Dissatisfactions? The sound is dreary (bring earphones) and a significant number of the ports are on the right side where links will meddle with your mouse.

Specifications of Acer Predator Triton 300

Processor10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H 6-Core
Display15.6 inches FHD IPS display
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
Dimensions14.1 x 10 x 0.7 inches
Weight4.6 Pounds


  • Thin and lightweight gaming laptop
  • Built with aluminum
  • High-end graphics support


  • Speaker quality can be improved

New Apple MacBook Pro MVVL2LL/A

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New Apple MacBook Pro MVVL2LL A

There's just a single Apple laptop on this rundown. Not on the grounds that Apple doesn't make magnificent convenient laptops — it unquestionably does — but since gratitude to its new keyboard, the new 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro is the most deserving of consideration.

Truth be told, with regards to the new MacBook Pro, it appears to be everything anybody can discuss is the new keyboard.

Be that as it may, in all actuality, this says a great deal regarding the keyboard it's supplanting.

A year ago's MacBook Pro clients a butterfly keyboard that was horrifying — and individuals despised it.

Fortunately, the keyboard in the latest laptop utilizes time-tested scissor switches and is an invite improvement. Of course, the laptop likewise incorporates Apple's Touch Bar, which puts normal and most loved orders directly readily available. 

The MacBook Pro is much something beyond a keyboard, however, and most would agree this might be the best MacBook that Apple has ever discharged. It has an 8-core, eighth-era Intel Core i9 CPU, obviously, alongside 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD for capacity.

It includes a 16-inch display fueled by an AMD Radeon star 5000M GPU, which means this framework is husky enough for escalated video-editing and design work.

The resolution is an imposing 3072 x 1920 pixels, with a Retina-quality 226 pixels for each inch.

Also, despite the fact that the screen is an inch bigger (on the inclining) than a year ago's 15-inch MacBook, the laptop itself is generally similar in size and gratitude to a much smaller bezel.

It's likewise maybe the splendor laptop screen you're probably going to discover at 500 nits. 

It's likewise worth getting out the MacBook Pro's brilliant sound. A monstrous six speakers create an amazing mass of sound, however, a couple of "power dropping" woofers produce a great deal of bass without making a lot of vibration.

It likewise incorporates a variety of three amplifiers for food quality sound without including an outer mic.

Also, obviously, you get four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. What's more, everything weighs a little more than 4 pounds.

Specifications of New Apple MacBook Pro MVVL2LL/A

Processor6-Core Intel Core i7 9th Gen Processor
Display16 inches Retina display
GPUAMD Radeon Pro 5300M Graphics with GDDR6 memory
Storage512GB Ultrafast SSD
Dimensions9.7 x 14.1 x .6 inches
Weight4.3 pounds


  • Best performing Macbook
  • Keyboard is improved
  • Crisp Retina display quality
  • Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports
  • Ultrafast SSD


  • No-touch screen

ASUS ROG G531GT Laptop

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ASUS ROG G531GT Laptop

The Asus ROG G531GT is a mid-run laptop that is intended to engage any individual who's searching for a decent worth — some key display highlighted with enough trade-offs to keep the cost low.

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A valid example: You'll discover an Intel Core i7-9750H procedure, counterbalanced by the more unassuming Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 CPU.

It is anything but an awful spending graphics card, however, it's far exceeded by GPUs like the GeForce 2060 and higher.

Asus sets that graphics with a 15.6-inch full HD (1920×1080) IPS board, so it should give you no difficulty for less requesting games, yet remember the display has no enemy of tearing highlights. 

One invite update is the capacity. Notwithstanding the 16GB of RAM, Asus incorporates a double hard drive — a 512GB SSD framework drive for data.

It's an extraordinary trade-off that conveys speed where you need it most — for Windows and running projects — while giving all of you the extra room you need on the turning hard drive.

The port story isn't exactly so acceptable, however. Asus incorporates a trio of USB 3 ports alongside HDMI, Ethernet, and sound, yet there's no USB-C association by any stretch of the imagination. 

On the off chance that you can neglect the absence of USB-C (which is a grievous oversight, genuinely), you may welcome the RGB illuminated keyboard (however no per-key lighting) and the way that the right side of the laptop is totally away from ports, so nothing will get tangled in your mouse zone.

Specifications of  ASUS ROG G531GT Laptop

ProcessorIntel Core i7-9750H
Display15.6-inch FHD
GPUGeForce GTX 1650
Storage512GB PCI-e SSD
Dimensions12.8 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches
Weight5.3 pounds


  • Value for money product
  • Fast SSD
  • Chassis is thin


  • No USB Type C port
  • No per-key lighting keyboard

Dell Inspiron 15 5593 Laptop

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Dell Inspiron 15 5593 Laptop

Only one out of every odd laptop should be stuffed with the most recent, quickest equipment for gaming and video creation, so there's no compelling reason to burn through $2000 or even $1000 on execution you'll never utilize and won't notice is absent. 

That is the thought behind the Dell Inspiron 15 15.6-inch Touchscreen, which backs off of the specs: it has an Intel Core i3 processor and Intel's ready UHD designs.

Be that as it may, in case you're accomplishing normal profitability take a shot at this laptop, that is a bounty.

Particularly since the display case is a 15.6-inch touchscreen.

You won't discover a touchscreen in numerous better quality laptops, since touchscreen tech meddles with conveying too excellent, quick reaction screens for gaming.

In any case, as a profitability instrument, the included touchscreen is wonderful. I simply wish it were to some degree higher resolution — the screen is only 1366 x 768 pixels. 

The main noteworthy grievance with this laptop is that Dell went somewhat low on capacity. Truly, it includes a 512 GB SSD.

For availability, you get HDMI, Ethernet, a trio of USB 3 ports, and a media card peruser, so the vast majority of the bases are secured — except for no USB-C port.

Specifications of Dell Inspiron 15 5593

ProcessorIntel Core i7-1065G7
Display15.6-inch HD
Storage512GB SSD
Dimensions14.3 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches
Weight4.52 pounds


  • Touchscreen display
  • Value for money product
  • 512GB Solid-State Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce MX230 2GB Graphics support


  • Resolution can be improved
  • No USB Type C Port

New 2020 HP 15 Touch Laptop

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New 2020 HP 15 Touch Laptop

The HP 15.6-inch Touchscreen Widescreen laptop is a thin and lightweight laptop that should speak to spending purchasers.

HP has inclined toward the tenth Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1, which is generally equal to the mid-level Intel Core i5-7200U CPU.

It has 16GB of RAM, obviously, and a little 512GB SSD.

This is certainly one territory in which HP has undermined specs for value a lot; while the $700-ish cost is directly for this framework, you should seriously mull over changing to one of the different series to get a bigger hard drive, except if most by far of what you do are in the cloud. 

The 15.6-inch display offers an unassuming 1366 x 768-pixel HD display, however more critically, it's a touchscreen, which is a boon for profitability work.

This laptop will be at last baffling if you will probably mess around, yet as a general home office or school workhouse, the touchscreen makes this framework a champ. You're likewise secured on ports.

The laptop incorporates a couple of USB 3 associations and one USB-C, just as an HDMI port. It is pleasant to likewise get a media card peruser, however, it's reasonable that HP couldn't exactly fit one. 

It's likewise very compact. Only .7-inch thick and under four pounds, it's anything but difficult to carry anyplace. The battery additionally conveys a good nine hours.

Specifications of New 2020 HP 15 Touch Laptop

Processor10th Generation intel core i5-1035 Processor
Display15.6-inch HD
GPUIntel HD Graphics
Storage512GB SSD
Dimensions19 x 12 x 3 inches
Weight4.49 pounds


  • Touchscreen Display
  • 10th generation powerful processor
  • Fast boot SSD Storage


  • No media card reader
  • Screen resolution can be improved

Lenovo ThinkPad E595 Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad E595 Laptop

Lenovo has exchanged the design in the E590 series — the Lenovo ThinkPad E595 now has completely grasped AMD with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700U 2.30GHz CPU and the onboard AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics chipset. That gives strong mid-level execution while permitting the laptop to sell at a frugal cost. 

Truth be told, you get a decent series of highlights for about $750.

The 15.6-inch display is a full HD (1920×1080 pixels) display, and the memory can be enhanced, whenever wanted, to 32GB.

There's an HD webcam in the top bezel, and it's additionally entirely convenient, tipping the scales at under five pounds. 

The port exhibit, sadly, is somewhat powerless. The right side of the body has a USB 2.0, Ethernet, and a small-scale SD media card peruser.

The left side is home to a couple of USB 3 ports, HDMI, and one USB-C — yet the USB-C port is the force port for charging the laptop.

That is truly baffling on various fronts; Lenovo is fouling your mouse workspace with significant connectors, and there's no USB-C port for the connection — a significant oversight. In addition to the side, the laptop is prepared for the street with a MIL-STD-810G accreditation for roughness.

Specifications of Lenovo ThinkPad E595 Laptop

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 3700U 2.30GHz
Display15.6-inch FHD
GPUAMD Radeon RX Vega 10
Storage512GB PCI-e NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD
Dimensions9.9 x 14.5 x 0.8 inches
Weight4.7 pounds


  • It has a media card reader
  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700U 2.30GHz powerful processor
  • AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics Support
  • 720p Webcam
  • Dual Storage


  • Average battery backup

MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 Laptop

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MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 Laptop

You don't have to spend a fortune on an elite laptop. The MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 is an incredible case of that saying, checking in directly down the core between underpowered spending frameworks and stratospherically estimated top-of-the-line gaming rigs.

This laptop accompanies a bulky Intel Core i7-10750H CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX2070 GPU. Together, these are more than equipped for playing most execution escalated games. 

The display itself is likewise upgraded; MSI has manufactured this laptop around a 144Hz IPS board, which implies that in case you're utilizing this framework for gaming, you'll have less tearing and visual ancient rarities.

Going with the visuals is a bigger than normal sound framework for incredible sound when you're not connected with earphones.

Inclining toward the gaming vibe, the framework additionally has per-key RGB lighting, so you can program the keyboard to illuminate basically any way you like.

The touchpad is a little askew, which is consistently an inquisitive structure decision — it'll likely take some becoming acclimated to. 

On the connection front, MSI gets practically right there. Sadly, you'll despite everything discover a couple of USB 3 ports on the right, precisely where the mouse needs to be. In addition to the side, there's an SD card peruser also.

Specifications of MSI GL65 Leopard

ProcessorIntel Core i7-10750H
Display15.6-inch FHD 72%NTSC Thin Bezel
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
Dimensions14.08 x 9.76 x 1.08 inches
Weight9.23 pounds


  • Per-Key RGB lighting
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8G GDDR6 graphics support
  • It comes with Giant Speakers 3Wx2


  • A bit heavy
  • Average battery backup

Razer Blade 15 RZ09-02386E92-R3U1 Laptop

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Razer Blade 15 RZ09-02386E92-R3U1 Laptop

Razer has fabricated this form of the Razer Blade 15 around the Max-Q variant of the RTX 2080 designs card.

Near the quickest GPU cash can as of now get, it's estimated for the generally meager casing of the Blade 15.

This laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-8750H and a 512GB hard drive — presumably enough extra room for most clients.

In the event that you ever discover 16GB of memory isn't sufficient for you, this laptop is effectively expandable to as much as 64GB. 

The laptop itself is dazzling, with sharp, clean lines everywhere throughout the laptop.

Now and then when a laptop has a sticker price over $2000, the cash is all within.

And keeping in mind that you get a huge amount of genuine execution esteem in this framework because of the Intel Core i7-8750H processor and previously mentioned graphics, Razer unmistakably ensured the laptop looks like it also.

Razer is notable for quality forms, and this laptop feels premium start to finish.

It has a unibody all-aluminum case and the top has a generally thin bezel ensuring the screen.

Talking about the bezel, the laptop incorporates a Windows Hello-good webcam, so you can open it with biometric face acknowledgment. 

Moreover, the ports are practically all here, however they're in strange spots.

You'll discover HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3,0, and USB-C ports on the right side of the case, with more USB 3.0 ports on the left.

All things considered, there are some other invite highlights in the Razer Blade 15.

Hope to draw near to five hours of runtime when utilizing the laptop for customary profitability errands, and that is in any event, including utilizing the keyboard's per-key RGB lighting. 

In addition to the fact that this is an impressive gaming laptop, it has all that could possibly be needed highlights and torque to support as a stage for innovative applications — fashioners, craftsmen, and understudies can utilize this framework for media creation and video editing, for instance.

Specifications of Razer Blade 15 RZ09-02386E92-R3U1 Laptop

Processor8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H 6 Core
Display15.6-inch FHD 
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
Dimensions9.25 x 13.98 x 0.66 inches
Weight4.56 pounds


  • 240 Hz display
  • Hello Biometric Lock
  • Body built with Aluminum
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics support


  • SSD storage can be enhanced

Lenovo Legion Y540 81SX000SUS

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Lenovo Legion Y540 81SX000SUS

Lenovo as of now sells a few variations of the Y540-15IRH, with the organization giving individuals two CPUs and three GPUs from which to pick.

The base model accompanies a Core i5-9300H and a GeForce GTX 1650, despite the fact that you can move up to a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti while holding a similar CPU.

The last can likewise be combined with a Core i7-9750H, yet Lenovo offers the GeForce RTX 2060 as well, as we talked about in our past Y540-15IRH survey. 

You can likewise pick up to 3 TB of capacity with a 1 TB SSD and a 2 TB HDD.

By chance, the base model accompanies 8 GB of RAM, with Lenovo saving 16 GB of RAM for the Core i7-9750H forms. 

15.6-inch IPS board as its Y540-15IRH kin. The display works locally at 1920x1080 with a 144 Hz refresh rate as well, which remains the standard for midrange gaming laptops.

The display accomplished a normal most extreme brilliance of 290 disc/m², as indicated by X-Rite i1Pro 2, while additionally being 89% equally lit.

Our audit unit drives our examination gadgets with the last mentioned, however, it is somewhat dimmer than the CUK Model Z and HP Gaming Pavilion 15.

The display doesn’t utilize beat width adjustment (PWM) either, which is the most despicable aspect of numerous laptops and cell phones 

Lenovo outfits with a Core i7-9750H, the replacement to the well-known Core i7-8750H.

The Core i7-9750H is a Hexa-core chip like its forerunner, which Intel additionally bases on its Coffee Lake Refresh design.

The CPU has somewhat higher clock speeds than its ancestor, however, with its 2.6 GHz base clock being 400 MHz more than that of the Core i7-8750H.

The Core i7-9750H can likewise support up to 4 GHz on all cores on account of Intel Turbo Boost, while it can likewise get 100 MHz quicker for each less core it utilizes, with it topping at 4.5 GHz on a solitary core.

Not all gadgets keep up their turbo clock speeds for a similar measure of time, however, the period that they can do so contingent upon the nature of their cooling framework.

Specifications of Lenovo Legion Y540 81SX000SUS

ProcessorIntel Core i7-9750H
Display15.6-inch FHD display
Storage256GB SSD
Dimensions14.2 x 10.5 x 1 inches
Weight6.01 pound


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB graphics supports
  • i7-9750H 2.6GHz powerful processor
  • 60 Hz refresh rate display
  • Good performance with New Games


  • A bit heavy
  • Average battery backup
  • SSD storage can be enhanced

Apple MacBook Pro

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Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar replaces the function keys that have since quite a while ago involved the highest point of your console with something substantially more flexible and able.

The touch id sensor was embedded in the power button, which ensures that even if a new user logs in you can connect fast. 

The Retina Display has a resolution of 2880 x 1800 and has a brighter LED backlight than its previous iteration. 

The Retina Display has an improved contrast ratio, offering darker black and brighter white.

Specifications of Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz 
RAM16GB DDR3-2133 MHz
Display15.4” Retina Display, LED Backlit IPS Display
GPUIntegrated: Intel HD Graphics 630Discrete: AMD Radeon Pro 555 w/ 2GB GDDR5 VRAM
Storage256GB PCIe-based Solid State Drive
Dimensions13.8" x 0.6" x 9.5"
Weight4.02 lbs


  • Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad-Core 2.8GHz
  • 256GB PCI-E Solid State Drive
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 720p FaceTime HD camera
  • 2880 x 1800 Resolution


  • No Optical Drive

Dell Precision 3520 Laptop

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The Dell Precision 3520 is another best 16 GB laptop. It has a 15.6" HD anti-glare LED-backlit display. The screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768. The Dell Precision 3520 also has plenty of processing power. 

It comes with an Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz quad-core processor and 16 GB of RAM. This is enough power for all your work and tasks.

The Dell Precision 3520 also has plenty of storage. It comes with a 256 GB solid-state drive, which is great. You can store all your work on this drive and still have plenty of room. 

The Dell Precision 3520 also comes with Windows 10 Pro, which is very good for most of your work and tasks. 

The Dell Precision 3520 also comes with a few apps, such as Microsoft Office and OneDrive. This makes it easy to do some work on it. The Dell Precision 3520 has average battery life.

It comes with a 7-hour battery life, which is one of the best on the market. This is plenty of time to do all your work on. 

It weighs 4.81 lbs. The Dell Precision 3520 is great for most of your work and tasks. It is easy to use and has plenty of power. It also has a great screen size and long battery life. Overall, it is an excellent 16 Gb Laptop.

Specifications of Dell Precision 3520

ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz (Turbo up to 3.8GHz) 6MB Cache
RAM16GB DDR (2 DIMM Slots) 2400MHz
Display15.6-inch HD Anti-glare LED-backlit
GPUIntel HD Graphics
Storage256GB Solid State Drive
Dimensions14.8"(W) x 0.96"(H) x 9.9"(D)
Weight4.81 lbs


  • Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor
  • It has a dual integrated noise-canceling digital array microphone
  • 16GB DDR (2 DIMM Slots) 2400MHz RAM support


  • A bit lag in screen resolution

HP ENVY x360 15-ee0047nr

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HP ENVY x360 15-ee0047nr

Last longer, use less power, and warm up quicker, the HP Envy x 360 enables users to make, associate, and team up, utilizing endeavor class execution innovation that helps keep you beneficial all through the workplace. 

The ultraslim and light HP Envy x360 accompanies 1 SuperSpeed USB Type-C® 10Gbps signaling rate (USB Power Delivery, DisplayPort™ 1.4, HP Sleep and Charge); 1 SuperSpeed USB Type-A 5Gbps signaling rate (HP Sleep and Charge); 1 SuperSpeed USB Type-A 5Gbps signaling rate; 1 HDMI 2.0; 1 AC smart pin; 1 headphone/microphone combo.

It accompanies AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500U (2.3 GHz base clock, up to 4.0 GHz max boost clock, 3 MB L2 cache, 6 cores) with the goal that you can get dependable data.

For the exhibit's motion pictures and games in dazzling clearness, it has a 15.6" diagonal FHD IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

In storage, it has 16 GB DDR4-3200 SDRAM (2 x 8 GB) and 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD for storing your files.

Specifications of HP Envy X360

ProcessorAMD Ryzen™ 5 4500U (2.3 GHz base clock, up to 4.0 GHz max boost clock, 3 MB L2 cache, 6 cores)
RAM16 GB DDR4-3200 SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)
Display15.6" diagonal FHD IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass (1920 x 1080)
GPUAMD Radeon™ Graphics
Storage512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD
Dimensions35.8 x 23 x 1.89 cm (WxDxH)
Weight2 kg


  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500U powerful processor
  • 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD storage
  • 15.6" diagonal FHD IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit display
  • It has HP Wide Vision HD Camera with camera shutter
  • It comes with Audio by Bang & Olufsen; 3 speakers


  • Some users feels that it lags in cooling

HP 17.3" 17-by3697nr Laptop

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HP 17.3" 17-by3697nr Laptop

This new HP 17.3" 17-by3697nr Laptop is the perfect combination of beauty and power.

With Intel Core i7-1065G7 1.3GHz (up to 3.9GHz) 8MB Cache chipset (most powerful CPU in this price range), 16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (2 x 8 GB), and 1TB SATA HDD, it can quickly complete your heavy work task.

HP 17.3" 17-by3697nr is one of the best laptops in its segment. It weighs 5.43 lbs along with a 45W AC adapter Lithium Ion that lasts up to 7 hours and 45 minutes.

Other excellent features include the advanced cooling technology to keep the CPU and GPU at ideal temperatures, thereby enhancing its lifespan.

In input-output ports it has 1 HDMI, 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 RJ-45, 1 Headphone and 1 Microphone. It comes with a Full-Size island-style w/ Multi-touch Touchpad keyboard.

Specifications of HP 17.3" 17-by3697nr

ProcessorIntel Core i7-1065G7 1.3GHz (up to 3.9GHz)8MB Cache
RAM16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)
Display17.3" HD+ (1600 x 900)
GPUIntel Iris Plus Graphics
Dimensions16.33 x 10.72 x 0.96 in.
Weight5.43 lbs


  • 17.3" HD+ display
  • It comes with DVD Writer
  • It has (2) USB 3.0 ports


  • Average battery life


16GB laptop is the sweet spot for all laptop tasks. In the event that you do a great deal of performing various tasks, running enormous projects like Photoshop and the Microsoft Office suite simultaneously, alongside keeping a ton of program tabs open, at that point, 16GB is a keen decision.

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