6 Best Bar Stools in USA June 2022

Updated: July 28, 2021
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If your kitchen is the most visited hub of your home and you spend your leisure time by unwinding back on the island bench, then you know the value of the bar stools.

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Kitchen islands are the primary spots for beginning your cooking journey. This spot is incomplete without delicious food, humorous moments, and a PERFECT bar stool! Whether they are crafted with sleek and shiny metal, or made from rustic, fine wood, there’s a way to organize and manage the bar stools at your cooking space.  

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The perfect alignment of bar stools gives the wholesome look together. Many people have been puzzled by the quest for the perfect bar stools for their homes.

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If you’re one of those people who find it hard to find the perfect bar stool, then don’t fret, we’ve come to your rescue. In this article, check out our guide to buy a bar stool and six of our favorite bar stools of all sizes, styles, and choices. To sum up, there’s something for everybody! 

Top Tips for Stool Success

Get that perfect height

Usually, the height of the bar stool depends on the height of your kitchen island.

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Before you scour through the internet, measure your kitchen island’s height, and consider it while purchasing the bar stool. Also, don’t forget that you should ideally keep almost 25 cm space between your seat and the top of your island or table. Or, you can also consider the space your legs would take up while sitting. 

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Width of the bar stool

Again, this would depend on two things - the size of the kitchen space and the island. If you’re planning on creating the kitchen space, then you can manage the plan of kitchen platform, island, bar stools from the beginning. But, if you already have an existing island bench, then consider buying bar stools that leave a space (12-15 cm) amongst each other.

Or ideally, consider 50-75 cm for each stool and an additional 12-15 cm per stool to maintain space for the armrest and easy access.

Consider feet space

It might go unnoticed but consider the width of the base of your bar stool. This space is important to manage the space around the kitchen island or it would look messy.

Material matters

Even if you’re low on budget or purchasing a bar stool casually, don’t forget that your investment reflects in your product’s quality. To get a durable bar stool material, analyze if you’re going to use it for a long haul or the daily usage of it.

6 Best Bar Stools in USA

1. AmazonBasics Saddle-Seat Counter Stool
2. FDW Metal Bar Stools Set of 4
3. Ball and Cast Swivel Bar Height Stool
4. Signature Design Bar Stool
5. Amazon Brand - Rivet Whit Bar Stool
6. Christopher Knight Home Ogden Barstool

AmazonBasics Saddle-Seat Counter Stool 

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AmazonBasics Saddle-Seat Counter Stool

Looking for something which complements your kitchen’s aesthetics? Get these comfortable bar stools from AmazonBasics. These saddle-seat counter stools come with a Foot Plate 2-pack.

The meticulously crafted saddle-seat stools bring a sophisticated look to your kitchen space with their A-frame design and square legs. The surface of AmazonBasics bar stools comes with a black satin finish and the texture is not harsh. 

When it comes to placing this with other settings of the house, you might have to think deeply. This kind of bar stool looks better with beige or white colors or dark-washed themes. The colors should complement each other and gel with the overall environment surroundings.

You can keep it minimalistic with fewer accessories, but if you want to include something, you can place mats beneath the stools or beautify them with extra covers or flat cushions. 

These AmazonBasics bar stools come in two sizes - 24” and 29”, you can select it according to your room settings. Select from three colors - black, walnut, and white. It has a saddle-seat setup which has a measurement of 9 x 17 inches.

After receiving the product, you can assemble it, check its performance. This 21 pounds stool can hold up to 220 pounds. Get these 2 pieces in a single buy, and make the best out of it! 


  • Strong wood
  • Perfect design
  • Reasonable price


  • Assembling problem
  • Corrosion in metal foot plate
Editor Choice

FDW Metal Bar Stools Set of 4 

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FDW Metal Bar Stools Set of 4

Get attention-grabbing furniture with FDW metal stool bars. These stools look aesthetic and offer a chic look. These bar stools level up the entire look around your island top and other composition in the room. These sturdy bar stools come in different colors - black, gun, red, orange, and white. 

These bar stools from FDW look best in every area. You can keep it around the kitchen or dining area, or if you’re having a party then shift it near the poolside.

But you have to be careful regarding the texture of the floor to avoid slippy areas. For extra accessories, you can keep a carpet beneath and pair it with some plants, etc. Also, select the colors of the barstools according to the theme of the place where you want to keep it.

Go for bright colors if you want your space to pop out, or monochromatic colors to complement the calm look of the space. 

The FDW bar stools are available in 24 inches and 30 inches. With this purchase, you will get a set of 4 bar stools. The best part about these stools is that you don’t need to assemble it, just receive the package and take it out to place at your favorite spot.

To ensure your safety, these stools are equipped with non-slip rubber feet, it ensures stability and won’t damage the floor.


  • Great quality
  • Easy to clean


  • Material chips off
  • Some dents after using

Ball & Cast Swivel bar Height Stool 

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Ball & Cast Swivel bar Height Stool

If you’re looking for comfort and style, this bar stool from Ball & Cast would be the best for you! Embellished with a cushion and fine wooden material, this bar stool levels up the overall theme of your house. Also, you don’t have to worry, if you’re not satisfied with one, then you can also buy the 2-pack bar stool purchase too. 

This bar stool would suit better with dark washed wooden setup. The black leather and cappuccino brown body of the stool resonate with subtle and sophisticated vibes.

It would suit better in offices or coffee houses as it has a minimalistic style. Pair it with perfect kitchen tops or chic tables to satisfy your quest for an aesthetic look. Also, make full use of the open-concept space and place these stools on a streamlined island. 

This pack comes in two sizes and packs - 24 and 29 inches, 1-pack and 2-pack. The best part about these Ball & Cast bar stools is that it swivels 360 degrees and is outfitted with premium ball bearing. This swivel component is hidden beneath the seat band of the cushion.

Also, it has comfortable padded seating with black faux leather. Its measurement ranges by 17.5 x 20 x 43 inches. Assemble the stool according to the instructions and cherish its usage. 


  • Good craftsmanship
  • Sturdy and well built
  • High quality


  • Wobbly
  • Poor instructions

Signature Design Bar Stool

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Signature Design Bar Stool

Get a modern facelift with walnut-colored metal bar stools. The Signature Design by Ashley Challiman has the trendiest look in the dining decor’s space. This metal stool comes with a thick dark brown and black body, with a unique style. Also, it has two heights - counter height and pub height.

If you’re confused about where you would put it, then don’t stress, these bar stools would look perfect with a blend of beige and other solid colors.

Place the bar stools with a round and black lacquer base kitchen island. Or, if you want a laid-back look then you can place some printed carpets too. Its look would glow with a warm light lamp and some plants. These bar stools complement the interiors of a cafe or a rustic setup. 

This unique bar stool from Signature Design by Ashley has L-shaped feet which form an industrial-inspired surface. Also, the seat is rustic yet fine finished wood accompanied with black metal.

You don’t need to worry about assembling the stool, as the manufacturer packages and delivers the required tools and instructions. The measurement of the bar stools is 19.5 x 19.5 x 29 inches. 


  • Strongly built
  • Good quality wood top
  • Adjustable screw settings


  • Not for heavy use
  • Need more drills

Amazon Brand – Rivet Whit Bar Stool 

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Amazon Brand–Rivet Whit Bar Stool

Expand your kitchen’s design with these pale blue-colored bar stools from Rivet. These barstools have a velvet look with back support. This gorgeous velvet beautifies the entire look and brings the drama to your personal space.

If you want a contemporary look then you can select other colors as well, like chalk, felt grey, and flannel grey. Or for a vibrant look, you can try lemongrass yellow, light brown leather, or the evergreen navy velvet.

If you want to create a contrast with the navy velvet bar stools, then place them with marble-clad kitchen islands. The difference between the shade and light would create a perfect place to plan a little cozy dinner.

If you’re thinking of buying these bar stools for your workspace then choose from the monochromatic hues. You can always experiment with extra rugs and mats, or you can install a semi-open island with golden embellishments to pair with the golden rings around the legs.

To ensure comfort and support, Revit has a dual-height stretcher bar acting as a supportive footrest. The legs of the stools have a dark brown finish embellished with gold accents. These legs are 30 inches high and the overall measurements are 20 x 20 x 41 inches.

Along with a 1-year warranty, you also need to take care of the cleaning methods. You need to follow the guide and avoid moisture as much as possible.


  • Sturdy and well built
  • Fully assembled


  • Low quality fabric

Christopher Knight Home Ogden Barstool

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Christopher Knight Home Ogden Barstool

Christopher Knight Home fashioned your spacious kitchen with a saddle stool seat. This bar stool provides extra comfort and support with the cushioned seat.

Enjoy your leisure time by unwinding with the support of these stools and at the same time, make your kitchen space the best place for meals to be cooked and cherished. These backs have a tufted chair back detail with sleek beige hues. 

These bar stools would look perfect with a gray-black kitchen setup. The Christopher Knight Home bar stools look sleek with whitewashed or wooden furniture. You can also set this up near the poolside or garden area to plan a Sunday brunch.

Regarding the cushion’s back support, these bar stools offer a padded cushion providing support to decrease the pain and pressure around your lower back. Also, with its small armrests, you can easily unwind and embrace the tranquility in your kitchen space. 

This sleek Christopher Knight Home has a swivel functionality seat too. Also, the espresso-stained legs complement the rustic nature of the house.

The height of the bar stools goes up to 29 inches and looks better with the kitchen island. For this purchase, you will get 2 pieces set, with an assembling guide. 


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Fabric is soft and thick


  • Quality of material


This article lined out the trendy and durable bar stools for your home. These top choices reflect what you need to consider before buying a bar stool and how it will complement your kitchen’s design. Check out these products in detail and give a deep thought before buying that perfect bar stool!

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