5 Best DJ Mixers In The USA With Buying Guide May 2022

Updated: April 3, 2021
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If you are a DJ and want to buy a new mixer then you are in the right place, here we have listed 5 best DJ Mixers in the USA which comes into your budget.

DJ mixers are the most important element that helps an individual to create a particular kind of beat. The beat that is created by a DJ is a combination of two or more music tracks which are mixed together. 

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The music tracks that are used for creating the beat are from the previous songs that were being played by the DJ. The beats that are created by DJs vary in style and the essence of the music. 

The DJ mixer basically is a device that helps the DJ manipulate sound, change the speed of a song and alter the pitch. 

With the help of an external sound system, the DJ mixer can be connected to create a loud sound. These devices are very important for people who want to mix songs professionally.

In this article, we will discuss the best DJ mixers which are available. We will also discuss the criteria in our buying guide that is used to select these best DJ mixers so that you can get the best one for your work.

Here’s The List of The Best DJ Mixers

1. GoXLR DJ Mixer
2. YAMAHA MG06X 6-Input Compact Stereo Mixer
3. Mackie ProFX12v3 12 Channel Professional Effects Mixer 
4. Audio2000'S AMX7372 Six-Channel Audio Mixer
5. Weymic Professional Mixer

GoXLR DJ Mixer

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The GoXLR DJ mixer comes with a stylish design that is easy to carry around. It is made of aluminum material and hence is lightweight. 

The durability of the product is guaranteed by the solid metal construction. The product has shock-resistant rubber buttons and hence is safe for use.

This DJ mixer is compatible with most of the modern day devices and hence is an ideal choice for professionals. 

It is compatible with MP3 players, iPad, iPhone, Android, and many other devices. 

It comes with two-channel USB powered speakers that are suitable for a variety of occasions. 

The internal sound card of the product enables transfer of audio files from one device to another without any problems. It also offers real-time visual mixing and it has a bass boost option that enhances the overall sound quality.

The product also features automatic beat matching technology that helps you create the perfect mixes. 

It is powered by a standard USB port that makes it convenient to connect to any computer or laptop. It also has a headphone jack that allows you to listen to the music while mixing. 

The product has a compact design which makes it user-friendly and it can be easily carried around. It also has a detachable power cable and hence is easy to set up and use.

Primary Features

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Professional design
  • Solid metal construction
  • Shock resistant rubber buttons for safety
  • Compatible with most modern devices
  • USB powered speakers
  • Has an automatic beat matching technology which helps you create perfect mixes
  • Has a bass boost option that enhances the overall sound quality

YAMAHA MG06X 6-Input Compact Stereo Mixer

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YAMAHA MG06X 6-Input Compact Stereo Mixer

The first of the best DJ mixers under 100 in the USA comes from an industry giant Yamaha. 

The MG06X is a 6-input compact stereo mixer that is designed to be easily portable. It has two mono channels and four stereo channels. 

Each of these channels can be used to input a microphone, cassette deck, CD player, or media player.

The channel inputs can be switched between line and phono signals as well. The channels are all controlled through Yamaha’s familiar one knob for each channel design. 

The MG06X also has a 3-band EQ and a high/low pass filter for each channel.The mixer also has a 3-band EQ and a high/low pass filter for each channel.

The MG06X is powered by the Yamaha SPX effects processor that allows you to add reverb and echo to your music and even control the amount of the effect. It also has a 3-band equalizer on every channel to give you complete control over your sounds.

Primary Features

  • Great price
  • Very easy to use
  • Lots of inputs and outputs
  • Powered by SPX effects processor

Mackie ProFX12v3 12 Channel Professional Effects Mixer

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Mackie ProFX12v3 12 Channel Professional Effects Mixer

This mixer is high on our list of best DJ mixers because it is an advanced 12 channel mixer with built in effects and boasts a very powerful performance.

As a matter of fact, it is designed to be a live show performer which means that it can do wonders during a live performance as compared to other DJ mixers.

In addition to this, the Mackie ProFX12v3 is also designed to be used in professional studios and hence, can be used for both studio and live performances.

Furthermore, it is also very affordable and hence, falls into the category of cheap DJ mixers. This is important as it makes the mixer available to many people.

This mixer is also very compact and lightweight making it extremely portable and easy to use. This is very important as you might want to carry it along with you during your gigs.

It comes with a very good quality built in sound effects which can make your job as a DJ much easier since you will not have to worry about carrying all your effects separately with you.

If you are looking for a good DJ mixer with built in effects which is also affordable, then this is definitely the one you should consider getting.

Primary Features

  • 12 Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB
  • 1 year warranty
  • Onyx mic preamps offer 60db of gain

Audio2000'S AMX7372 Six-Channel Audio Mixer

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Audio2000'S AMX7372 Six-Channel Audio Mixer

The Audio2000's AMX7372 is an outstanding product that comes with a price tag of just over $170. It's a 6-channel mixer that comes with a built-in DSP processor and a digital LED display. 

The unit features a total of 3 inputs and 3 outputs, 6 channels are included in the mix, and there are 12 different effects and filters that you can use to add variety to your mix.

The unit also features a total of 6 band equalizers, 3 for the master and 3 for the channels. 

The master EQ also has a crossfader, and there are 2 headphone jacks for DJ monitoring. But wait, there's more! This mixer also features a USB interface for recording purposes, and it also comes with 2 smart mixers that can be used to run the effects from both the master and the channel EQs.

This mixer is really versatile, it's got a lot of great features, and it's decently priced. For about $170, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. The sound quality is as good as you'll find in this price range, and there are plenty of options to keep any DJ entertained.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this mixer is that it's a little heftier than other units in its price range. It weighs in at around 20 pounds, which isn't bad compared to some other units on the market, but it does mean that you'll need to put some effort into lugging it around.

Primary Features

  • Great sound quality
  • USB interface for recording purposes
  • 6-channel audio mixer with built-in sound processor
  • Built-in 320 DSP sound effects
  • 24-bit AD-DA converter

Weymic Professional Mixer

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Weymic Professional Mixer

Weymic DJ Mixers are designed to create a new era of DJing. Their unique and stylish design, the professional features and the high quality components they use have made them the choice of many DJs around the world. 

The Weymic Pro7 is especially designed for professionals who want to create a club atmosphere in their homes, parties or weddings.

It comes with 7 input channels which is more than enough for any professional DJ to perform at his best. It also comes with 2 microphone inputs which make it ideal for karaoke parties and other such events. 

You can also connect any device with a headphone socket to the USB port and play your favorite music. So, if you are looking for a top-notch, stylish DJ mixer, you should definitely consider the Weymic Pro7 as an option.

If you are a professional DJ who wants a high-quality mixer that will last you for a long time, the Weymic Pro7 is the one for you.  It has two microphone channels and two stereo channels which gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for your audience.

It also comes with a USB port that lets you play any media device that has a headphone port. So, if you want a good quality mixer that lets you play your favorite music whenever you want, this is the one for you.

Primary Features

  • 7-channel mixer
  • High headroom
  • 2 mic/line input with studio-level audio quality.
  • 48V Phantom Power

Best DJ Mixers-Buying Guide

Buying guide is very important when you are choosing a quality device for mixing songs as not all devices are made equal and some of them might not produce high-quality sound. 

So here are some features which you should consider before buying any DJ mixer:

Sound Quality: 

The sound quality is one of the primary factors that you should look at while buying any device as if the sound produced by the mixer is not up to your expectations then there is no point in buying it. 

So ensure that you choose only those devices which have high-quality sound output and meet all your requirements in terms of sound quality.

Ease of Use: 

The ease of use is also another factor that you should look at when buying any device as if you are not able to use it properly then there is no point in buying it as nobody likes to use products which are difficult to use. 

So make sure that you choose only those devices which are easy to use and you do not need any kind of technical knowledge to use them.


Connectivity is another thing that you should look at when buying any device as if the device you buy does not have proper connectivity options then there is no point in buying it as you will be unable to connect it with external speakers or laptops etc. 

So make sure that you choose only those devices which have proper connectivity options such as USB ports, RCA ports, MIDI ports etc.

Best DJ Mixers-FAQ

Q: What is the difference between a DJ mixer and an audio mixer?

A: The main difference between a DJ mixer and an audio mixer is that a DJ mixer can be used for DJing purposes while an audio mixer can be used for recording purposes as well.

Q: What are the best features of the Numark MIXDECK Quad?

A: The best features of the Numark MIXDECK Quad are compact size, built-in multi-colored LED lighting effects etc.

Q: What are the top 5 best DJ mixers in the market?

A: The top 5 best DJ mixers in the market at present are Numark MIXDECK Quad, Denon DN-MC6000 MKII, PIONEER DDJ-SB3, Pioneer DDJ-SX3, Pioneer DDJ-SZ.


So here is the list of 5 best DJ mixers that you can buy for your mixing needs from at present as these devices have all the required features that make them ideal for professional use. So if you are looking for a quality device that is available at an affordable price then you should choose any of these devices without any delay.

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