7 Best Electric Bicycles In The USA (Review & Buying Guide) June 2022

Updated: November 30, 2021
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The electric bicycle has become the most preferred mode of transportation for many. It has enabled users to travel faster, farther, and with less effort to peddle.

The electric bicycle is popular among commuters who live in urban areas, but also for individuals who wish to take it to the trails. The cycle is also used by individuals who suffer from medical conditions such as arthritis, heart disease or asthma. This is because it assists them in performing basic tasks while staying active.

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Electric bicycles are available in different styles, designs, and prices to suit anyone's needs. It is important to consider your needs before settling on the best electric bike for you. This article buying guide will guide you through the many features to consider when purchasing an electric bicycle.

Here’s The List Of The Best Electric Bicycles In The USA

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike
Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike
ZPAO-ZP1000 26-inch Fat tire Electric Bicycle
SAMEBIKE 20" Folding Electric Bike
DJ Folding Bike Step Thru
SAMEBIKE MY-SM26 26" Electric Mountain Bike
Gyroor C3 Electric Bike for Adults

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike

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PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike is a high-performance bike with a stunning design. The bike is specially designed for riders who need an e-bike with the highest standards of quality. The bike has a lightweight, aluminum frame that makes it easy to ride even on the steepest of paths. 

The Paselec Electric Mountain Bike has a lithium-ion battery which provides a range of 40-45 miles per charge and an impressive speed of up to 28 mph.

The bike is designed in such a way that it can provide you with a comfortable and safe ride. It has a high tensile strength aluminum frame which provides strength and durability while the 26x4 mm tires allow you to ride smoothly on rough terrains. The Shimano grip shifters allow you to change gears easily and smoothly, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide top-notch braking.

Moreover, this bike is designed in such an ergonomic way that the bike's control panel is easily accessible and you can easily control all the functions of the bike by using it. The bike weighs 32 kg and is available in 3 different colors including black, green and white and red and black and white and red (both of which are very attractive colors).

The Paselec Electric Mountain Bike comes with a 14.5 Ah lithium-ion battery which provides up to 40-45 miles range per charge. The battery can be charged within 5 hours for your convenience.

The bike also features an LCD display panel which provides you with information about the remaining battery life, speed, odometer etc. You can use this display panel to control all the functions of the bike as well.

The Paselec electric mountain bicycle comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer so in case you face any problem in its functioning you can simply get it repaired by contacting the customer care service offered by Paselec, the manufacturer of this cycle.


  • Body weight-32 KG
  • Meter- Colorful display
  • Damping- Double
  • Mileage- 40-45 Mile
  • Tire- 26x4.0 MM
  • Motor-750 W
  • Torque- 65NM
  • Transmission- 9 Speed
  • Frame- Aluminum
  • Brake- Hydraulic disc
  • Battery- 14.5Ah
  • Rear Shock- HLT-100
  • Charging Time: 5Hrs
  • Speed- Max 28MPH

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike

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Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike is a high-quality and high-performance electric hybrid bicycle. It is the perfect blend of design and technology. This is a powerful bicycle that does not require any kind of physical effort to get you to your destination. You can get to your destination with very less amount of effort and time.

It offers quick acceleration. It comes with a 350W brushless motor that provides speeds up to 25 mph. If you are looking for a bicycle that can get you to the destination in less time and with more fun, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike comes with a steel frame and aluminum alloy wheels and frame. The frame is strong enough to withstand any type of impact or shock. The frame is also lightweight which makes it easy for any person of any age group to use it. The wheels are equipped with air-filled tires which makes the ride smooth.

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike is very easy to use and operate. All the features and controls on this bicycle are designed for user-friendly experience and performance. The product comes fully assembled and ready to use so there is no need to spend hours upon hours trying to assemble the bicycle before using it.


  • Type: Electric Hybrid Bicycle
  • Body: Aluminum alloy
  • Wheels/Tires: 20” front/rear air-filled 
  • Tire Pressure: 20 PSI | 1.4 BAR
  • Max. Load: 264 lbs/120 kg 
  • Motor: 350W
  • Battery: 36V 7.8 Ah Li-ion 
  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours 
  • Mile Range: 20 mi / 32 km (varies with individual use)
  •  Max. Speed: 18.6 MPH / 30 km/h (throttle only)
  • Climbing Capacity: 25˚ (throttle only)
  • Gearing: Shimano SIS 7-Speed Indexed Gear Shifting
  • Freewheel: Shimano MF-TZ21 Cycling Freewheel, 28 Teeth, 7-Speed
  • Gold Standard Support: 1 Year Limited

ZPAO-ZP1000 26-inch Fat tire Electric Bicycle

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ZPAO-ZP1000 26-inch Fat tire Electric Bicycle

ZPAO-ZP1000 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle with Shimano 21-speed tray is a special variant of the previous ZPAO-ZP1000 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle. This time the electric bicycle has upgraded the fat tires to 26 inches, which can help riders get a more stable and smooth riding experience. 

The tires are also wider than 20-inch tires, which can cover more area on the ground. So there's no doubt that the ZPAO-ZP1000 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle with Shimano 21-speed tray is one of the best mountain bikes in the world.

Using the latest technology, ZPAO-ZP1000 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle with Shimano 21-speed tray not only can let riders ride more smoothly but also makes the electric bicycle closer to the appearance of a mountain bike. It definitely brings more fun to your riding experience.


●Shimano 21-speed tray with Shift

●1000w ZPAO independently developed performance monster high-speed brushless motor

●48V 14Ah ZPAO independently researched and developed high-efficiency and energy-saving lithium batteries to increase the endurance and durability by 10-15% compared to other electric bicycle batteries.

●26-inch aluminum-alloy cross-country power frame

●Folding design (folding size: 120x 55 x 95cm), easy to carry

●The PAS model of each range can be up to 60 MPH(It belongs to the performance mode, please do not use it for daily riding, it will increase the power consumption after turning it on)

● The age range is wider, from teenagers to adults, ride your electric bicycle performance monster, and have a perfect holiday spree with friends

SAMEBIKE 20" Folding Electric Bike

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SAMEBIKE 20" Folding Electric Bike

SAMEBIKE 20" Folding Electric Bike is a super cool bicycle with a stylish design, which features a folding mechanism and an aluminum frame.

In addition, this electric bike has all the features of a standard mountain bike with the addition of a lithium battery that powers the brushless motor.

SAMEBIKE 20" Folding Electric Bike is designed to be suitable for both men and women. From the design standpoint, the mountain bike is ergonomic with a comfortable seat.

The 7-speed system will help you get started easily while the 350W motor has the power to offer you an exciting riding experience.

The aluminum frame is lightweight and durable, while the saddle is extremely comfortable. The rear shock absorber improves the stability of the bike while riding it over rough terrains.


  • 48V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • 350W stable brushless motor
  • 7 speed system
  • LED front light & horn
  • 10.4Ah / 48V Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Phone holder with a USB port
  • Aluminum Frame

DJ Folding Bike Step Thru

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DJ Folding Bike Step Thru

It is a perfect bike for mountain bike lovers. It can be folded like a bag, which makes it portable to carry around. It is with high-quality frame, which makes it with high endurance and long-term use. It has 7 speeds, which makes it with high speed and reliable performance. It has 21-speed settings which means it can go up the hills easily.

The foldable design makes it easy to carry around, especially for those who love traveling. It is a good choice for those who don't have much space at home and need a folding bike to travel with.

The contour handlebar design makes it with a comfortable hand feel. The alloy rims with high quality can provide great endurance and long-term use. The strong and powerful 750W motor can help you ride up the hills easily. The multi-gears can help you climb up the hills at high speed.

It is the best mountain bike for those who love traveling.


  • Frame: 6061-grade aluminum frame
  • Fork: Alloy aluminum with suspension, MOZO brand, adjustable pressure
  • Brakes: Tektro or JAK disc
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney Seven-speed
  • Gears: Shimano Freewheel, 7 Gear, 14-34T
  • Controller: 48V 20A, waterproof plug
  • Riding Range: 40–60 km (25-37 miles)
  • 120-240V with LED light status display
  • Lithium-ion 48V 13Ah, 624Wh, removable battery
  • 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor

SAMEBIKE MY-SM26 26" Electric Mountain Bike

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SAMEBIKE MY-SM26 26" Electric Mountain Bike

SAMEBIKE MY-SM26 26" Electric Mountain Bike is the best electric mountain bike you can get in this price range. It is perfect for people who are looking to buy their first electric bicycle. The bike has an affordable price with good performance. 

This bike is powered by a 350w motor that reaches a maximum speed of 18mph. The bike has a 5-speed electric/assist adjustment with an option of 3 working modes. 

It is equipped with a 48V 8Ah Li-ion battery that takes 4-6 hours to charge fully and lasts for 5-6 miles per charge. It comes with a lot of features including fenders, chain guard, and adjustable handlebars. 

The bike weighs about 21kg and has a dimension of 63*11*34 inches. The bike comes with a one-year warranty on the motor and frame, 12 months on the battery.


  • 350W 48V Motor
  • 15-18mph Max speed
  • Weight: 21kg
  • 48V 8Ah Li-ion battery
  • 4-6 hours Charging
  • 5-speed electric/assist adjustment
  • 3 Working Modes-Pedal mode, moped mode, or pure electric mode
  • 1 year warranty on motor and frame, 12 months on battery

Gyroor C3 Electric Bike for Adults

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Gyroor C3 Electric Bike for Adults

The Gyroor C3 is a lightweight electric bicycle with a top speed of 30km/h. It is a good option for people who want to get around the neighborhood quickly and easily. 

The bike has a step-through frame, which makes it easy for most riders to mount and dismount. It is loaded with a 10Ah lithium battery, which can provide a range of 30km at a maximum speed of 30km/h.

The C3 is equipped with an LCD screen that displays the current speed, battery level, distance traveled, and other useful parameters. This screen is located in the center of the handlebars so that you can easily view it while riding. In addition, the C3 has a headlight with LED lights on both ends. 

The headlight will automatically turn on when the battery level is low or when you ride at night. The tail light will also activate when braking or when you turn on your right-hand signal.

The C3 is a pedal-assist electric bike. This means that you can press a button on your right grip to engage the motor and help you ride up hills and go faster. Simply release your grip to deactivate the motor and continue pedaling normally. The C3 also has three different levels of pedal assistance (E-Bike, Pedal assistant, and Bike) for all types of riders.

The Gyroor C3 uses full coverage alloy rims and puncture-resistant tires that can withstand rough terrains and long distances without wearing out too quickly. The 43mm suspension fork and front hydraulic shock absorber provide better stability and comfort for more enjoyable rides. 

The Shimano 7-speed hub helps you cycle through multiple gears seamlessly while riding up hills or going fast on flat land. 

The bike has disc brakes on both front and back wheels for better stopping power in any situation. It also comes with an adjustable handlebar so that you can find the perfect riding position for yourself.


  • Battery: 36V/10AH
  • Head & Tail Light
  • Max:30KM/H
  • Medium: 20KM/H
  • Low: 10KM/H
  • 14 Inch Tyre
  • 3-Riding Modes- E-Bike, Pedal assistant, Bike
  • Dual Disc Brake
  • Adjustable Saddle

Best Electric Bicycles-Buying Guide

Essential features of the electric cycle:


The electric motor is the most essential part of the electric bicycle. The motor provides power to the bicycle. The motor of the bicycle is designed in such a way that it does not add any extra weight to the bicycle, and there is no requirement for maintenance. The motor is designed in such a way that it is durable and lasts for a long time without any hassle.


The battery is the second most important thing in the electric bicycle. The battery provides power to the motor of the bicycle. The battery needs to be charged before using it. The battery has a life of its own depending on how you use it. If you use the battery to full potential, then it will drain out quickly. But if you do not use it to its full potential then it will last for a long time.

Type of battery:

There are two types of batteries available for electric bicycles.

· Lithium-Ion Battery

This type of battery is good for storing energy and it is light in weight as compared to other batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are costly as compared to other batteries, but they have a long life span.

· Lead Acid Battery

This type of battery is commonly used in electric bicycles because it is cheap and easily available. The lead acid batteries are heavy in weight as compared to other batteries but they are durable. The lead acid batteries also have a good storage capacity as compared to other batteries.

Battery life:

The battery life of any electric bicycle depends on the motor and the controller that has been used in the bicycle. If you choose a motor which has low power consumption then your motor will consume less electricity and hence your battery will last for a longer period of time. If you choose a controller which optimizes your speed and acceleration, then your battery will last longer because you will not be using too much power while riding the bicycle.


The controller is another important part of the electric bicycle which you cannot ignore. The controller helps in optimizing the speed, power and battery life of the electric bicycle. If you choose a controller which has low power consumption then your battery will last for a longer period of time.

Cable Harness:

The cable harness helps in controlling the electric motor while riding the bicycle. The cable harness also helps in providing power to the electric motor of the bicycle. The cable harness is easily available in the market and you can get one at your local bicycle shop.


The display on any bike is an important part that you cannot ignore. The display keeps a record of all your rides with details like how much battery is left, how fast are you going, etc. You can change the settings on your display according to your style of riding. There are many types of displays available on the market so do some research before investing in one.


The range depends on various factors like how much electricity you use per charge, how fast you ride, etc. For example, if you ride for more than 5 miles per hour then you will have to charge your batteries more often because it consumes more electricity than usual. If you are riding at a slower speed then it will consume less electricity and hence your battery will last longer.

Frequently Ask Questions- Electric Bicycle

How long does it take to charge?

4-5 hours for most of the models out there

How far does it go per charge? 

Depending on the model, anywhere from 20-30 miles, but this will vary based on terrain, the weight of the rider, etc.

What is a throttle? 

A throttle is a button that is used for controlling speed, just like the gas pedal in a car or a motorcycle

What about braking? 

There are two types of brakes – regenerative and mechanical braking

How fast can they go? 

Depending on what speed setting you have it at, anywhere from 15-20 mph

How heavy/difficult are they to pedal? 

Most electric bikes weigh between 48 – 80 pounds – that's as much as a bag of sugar! They are pretty easy to pedal as compared to a regular bike as you don't need as much energy as a regular bike does

What's maintenance like? 

It pretty much takes care of itself because there aren't any parts that wear down or need to be lubricated

How much do they cost? 

There are different models out there ranging from $500-$2000 but most fall within the price range of $1000-$1500 depending on what model and accessories come along with it

What's their range? 

Most electric bikes have a range between 20-30 miles before needing recharging but again this will depend on the terrain and how hard you're pedaling


Nowadays, electric bicycles are becoming very popular because they do not require any fuel and hence they cause less air pollution as compared to other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. 

These bicycles also need less maintenance as compared to other vehicles and hence they save your money and time as well. So if you want to reduce air pollution and save money and time then an electric bicycle is the best option for you.

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