5 Best Light Truck Tires In USA With Buying Guide April 2021

best light truck tires
best light truck tires

Light truck tires are the best option to improve the performance of your vehicle without any other expense. Light truck tires are made for different vehicles, from SUVs to pickup trucks and vans.

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If you are looking for the best and affordable light truck tire that can give you the best performance, to help you in this we enlisted the best light truck tires with a buying guide you can buy for your vehicle. Let’s start with the listing of the best light truck tires. 

Here’s The List OF The Best Light Truck Tires

1. Tensor Tires 30x10R14 UTV Tire
2. Toyo Tires LT285/75R-17
3. Tensor Tires 32x10R15 UTV Tire
4. Toyo 33×12.50R20LT Tire
5. Goodyear 245/75R16 Tire

Tensor Tires 30x10R14 UTV Tire

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best light tuck tires

This premium quality product has been created to deliver a blend of a balanced architecture and high degree of craftsmanship, in accordance with strict industry standards. 

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It performs well in rough and hard terrain, as you might imagine in the name suggested rock crawling. Pro Armor built these tires with an 8-ply to be severely durable and tough to punch.

The built-up quality gives these tires an unbelievable operating life. These tires work with most vehicles, but they are ideally suited for higher-performance UTV sports.

Specification of Tensor Tires 30x10R14 UTV Tire

Part No.MRWTR301014AT
Side wallBlack Letters
Tire height30
FitmentUniversal Fit
Tire typeUTV
Ply8 Ply
Tire Width10
Rim Diameter14 Inches

Toyo Tires LT285/75R-17

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best light truck tires

The Open Country A/T III is Toyo’s all-terrain on/off tyre for drivers who want to use off-road tractors combined with responsive, predictable on-road handling of selecting cars, jeeps, crossover and sweaters. 

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The Open Country A/T III wet traction-focused compound with 3D Multi-Wave Sipes improves moisture traction and stability. Generous lateral rainbows improve the resistance to hydroplaning while improving snowy traction and help the pneumatic achieve the 3PMSF symbol.

With a sturdy, dual-ply polyester case, the inner structure of the A/T III Open country provides a strong base for top resistance twin steel belts. for extra toughness and high-speed ability, a nylon reinforcing ply is added.

Specification Toyo Tires LT285/75R-17

Part No.TOY360430
Side wallBlack
Thread TypeMud Terrain
StyleOpen Country M/T
FitmentUniversal Fit
Tire height285
Tire Width75
Rim Diameter17 Inches

Tensor Tires 32x10R15 UTV Tire

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If you’re searching for high-quality tires for your ATV/UTV or golf cart, you can’t go wrong with TENSOR tires. It is made with expertise and proved by consistency.

This top-class product is specifically designed to deliver a combination of balanced architecture and a high degree of craftsmanship in accordance with rigorous industry standards. 

This commodity is marked by absolute guarantee of consistency, which is unmatched by anything else. The Tensor Regulator is the all-terrain you were waiting for with a wide 8-ply structure, DOT approval, and a tread system based on camion pulls instead of ATV pneumatics.

Specification Tensor Tires 32x10R15 UTV Tire

Part No.MRWTR321015AT
Side wallBlack Letters
Tire height32
FitmentUniversal Fit
Tire typeUTV
Ply8 Ply
Tire Width10
Rim Diameter15 Inches

Toyo 33×12.50R20LT Tire

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Toyo 33x12.50R20LT Tire

Toyo Open Country M/T tires are designed to perform well on  pavement,  muddy, snowy, and rocky – or when there are no roads at all. Additionally this tire provides extra ground clearance to your vehicle, carries extra capacity load and has great ability to crawl through any mess.

Its  low noise and aggressive tread pattern makes it ideal for light truck radials that are specifically designed for lifted pickup applications.

Specification Toyo 33×12.50R20LT Tire

Part No.TOY360330
Side wallBlack
Tire height33
FitmentUniversal Fit
Tire typeOpen Country M/T
Tire Width12.5
Rim Diameter20 Inches
Tread TypeMud Terrain

Goodyear 245/75R16 Tire

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This Goodyear R16 tire comes with the Durawall Technology that protects the tire from sidewall cut and wear. This tire has an open tread pattern that makes this tire perform superb in wet and muddy conditions.

Tire tread compound and biting edges that help grip the road in snow or in the rainy season. The Goodyear Wrangler AT Adventure tires come with a 60,000 mile tread life limited warranty.

Specification Goodyear 245/75R16 Tire

Part No.GDY758059571
Side wallOutlined White Letters
Tire height245
StyleWrangler AT Adventure
FitmentUniversal Fit
Tire Width75
Rim Diameter16 Inches
Tread TypeAll Terrain

How To Choose The Best Light Truck Tires

Type of Tire

One of the most important features to consider when buying tires is the type of tire you need. A light truck tire is a special kind of tire with a higher load carrying capacity than passenger car tires, which makes them ideal for use on light trucks and SUVs. 

The load carrying capacity of a truck tire is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This PSI rating is important when buying light truck tires because it determines how much weight in pounds a tire can carry on its surface before the rubber deforms enough to cause damage. 

Most light truck tires have a load rating between 10-15 PSI, so they usually hold more weight than passenger car tires, which usually have ratings of 6-8 PSI. Load ratings are also important when considering which size tire to buy for your vehicle. 

Each vehicle has specific wheel and tire size requirements that are determined by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

There are 3 types of light truck tires, namely:

1. All-Season or Radial Light Truck Tires

All-season tires provide better grip on wet and dry surfaces. They are not suitable for off-road use and also tend to wear out faster compared to other types of tire.

2. High Performance All-Terrain Light Truck Tires

High performance all-terrain tires deliver good traction on all surfaces. They are capable of carrying heavy loads on both dry and muddy surfaces but provide less traction on ice and snow surfaces compared to other types of tires. 

This type of tire is not suitable for highway use and should only be used off-road or in adverse weather conditions.

3. Mud-Terrain or Off-Road Light Truck Tires

Mud-terrain tires are designed for off-road use only, they provide better traction on soft surfaces such as mud, sand, snow and rain but have less grip on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete compared to other types of tire. 

They maintain their shape and have deeper treads compared to other types of tire which makes them ideal for off-road use but not ideal for highway driving as they do not provide enough grip to keep vehicles stable at high speeds on highways. 

Mud-terrain tires are also suitable for heavier loads than other types of tire but do not perform well in heavy rain or snowfall.

Vehicle Size

When deciding which tire size to buy for your vehicle, it is important to consider the overall size of the vehicle. 

Since light truck tires are larger than passenger car tires, they may cause problems if you install them on a vehicle that is smaller than the recommended tire sizes. 

If a tire is too big for a wheel, it may cause vibrations or rubbing and eventual damage to the vehicle’s chassis.

Tire Brand

Another thing to consider when you are buying tires is the brand of tire you purchase. There are several different brands of light truck tires, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Tires in the same brand tend to have similar designs and construction so they can be interchanged on vehicles in case one gets damaged or worn out during use. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different brands of truck tires so you can choose the right one for your vehicle.

Tire Style

Tires come in a variety of styles and tread patterns, including regular and all-season tires, as well as tires with all-terrain treads for off road use or deep snow driving conditions. 

Most light truck tires have a specific purpose; for example, many have an aggressive style that is used for off-road driving on surfaces such as loam or clay soil that would ruin other styles of tire treads if driven on regularly, whereas others are made specifically for dry conditions on paved surfaces such as roads or highways. 

Before buying light truck tires, decide what kind of conditions you will be driving in and what kind of driving you will be doing with your vehicle before selecting the right style of tire for your needs.

Price Of Tires

The price of each tire depends on where you buy it and what kind it is; however, there are many factors that determine what kind of price range they fall into before you even go shopping for them in stores or online. 

The price range varies from brand to brand and type to type; however, most prices fall between $120-$300 per tire depending on where you buy them from and what kind they are (for example: all-season tires tend to cost less than all-terrain). 

The price also varies based on whether they fit a front or rear axle, whether they come with rims or not (rims can cost extra), how many there are per set (two or four) and how new they are (newer tires can cost more than used ones).

Most retail stores charge more than online stores because they have higher overhead costs that make their prices higher than online stores; however, online stores often have sales during which their prices may be lower than retail stores so it is wise to shop around before buying anywhere else just to get a better deal. 

Always check out the store’s return policy before buying any products from them because some stores will only allow certain time periods in which you can return items if they prove defective or don’t work properly instead of letting customers return them at any time if something goes wrong with them after purchase so read up on store return policies before making any purchases at brick and mortar locations .

Thread Design

The thread design is the first thing you should look at. The thread design will play a crucial role in the performance of the light truck tires. The tread design also has an important role in how easily the tires can get damaged.

Sidewall Design

The sidewall design is what makes your tire unique and better than others in its category. You should look at the design and see if it is unique or not. The sidewall design will also determine how durable the tire is and also how long you will drive your tires before you replace them with a new one.

Size And Load Rating

The size and load rating are two things that should be considered when buying light truck tires. The size of your tire will determine its weight capacity as well as its speed rating, while the load rating will determine its maximum weight capacity. 

You should always look at these two to ensure that you are buying a high-quality tire that can last for a long time without needing to be replaced often. You should always compare these two to ensure that you get value for your money when buying your tire.


The tires listed above are some of the best light truck tires in the market that you can find. They are all quality products that will deliver excellent performance regardless of the conditions they are used in. 

If you pick any of the options on this list, you will be getting one of the best light truck tires that money can buy. 

Make sure to consider the factors and considerations we have mentioned in this article before making your purchase and you should be able to find something that is suitable for your needs.

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