Generating Free SEO Content Briefs In Minutes

SaaS tool that lets you manage your content production process, Contenteum, has launched a new free SEO content brief generator that enables content teams to create SEO content briefs that are ready for use by an SEO content writer. The tool is designed to quickly and easily create content briefs on the choice of primary keywords.

Content briefs are a key part of the content production process and are used to structure the content creation process and create a set of deliverables for the content team. Contenteum now lets you create a content brief for SEO content writing in just a few minutes for free, without signing up.

Generating a Content Brief Using Contenteum’s Free Tool

The content brief generator only requires your primary keyword and target country, which then analyzes live SERPs to understand what is ranking and create a brief that you can send to your writer.

Here’s what the brief’s content structure looks like for the keyword ‘example brief’ and US as target country:

This tool is designed to help content writers create content briefs that are optimized for SEO. The brief generator will help businesses quickly create SEO content briefs that will save them time and money by enabling a clear and consistent brief to be created that can be sent to SEO content writers. The SEO content brief generator is part of Contenteum’s content management platform.

Contenteum is a SaaS tool that helps you create and manage your content production process.

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