A Complete Calendar of October Global Holidays 2022

Updated: March 11, 2022
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This is a complete list of all the dates of Global Holidays in the month of October. Some of these holidays are not available in all countries, but they are still celebrated in many countries around the world.

October is the tenth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendar, the fifth of seven months to have a length of 31 days, and the fourth of five months to have a length of less than 31 days.

In October, there are many vibrant festivals and celebrations, such as Navratri puja, that continue until Diwali and Bhai Dooj. These festivals bring happiness and joy to everyone involved. Families gather together during this month to celebrate and enjoy delicious meals.

1. Thimphu DrubchenOctober 1st
2. Mahatma Gandhi BirthdayOctober 2nd
3. Navaratri & DussehraOctober 3-5
4. Thimphu TshechuOctober 5-7
5. MawlidOctober 8-9
6. Valencian Community DayOctober 9th
7. Day of respect for cultural diversityOctober 10th
8. Friday after Eid e-Milad-un NabiOctober 14th
9. Alaska DayOctober 18th
10. DiwaliOctober 24-26th
11. Greece National Anniversary DayOctober 28th 
12. Chhath PoojaOctober 30-31

International October Global Holidays List 2022

1. Thimphu Drubchen

1. Thimphu Drubchen

The Thimphu Drubchen is an annual Buddhist festival that takes place at the Thimphu Tashichhodzong monastery. 

The festival features sacred mask dances dedicated to the chief protective deity of Bhutan, Palden Lhamo, and is believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who attend. While tourists are now allowed to attend the Drubchen, they must pay for tickets and must be accompanied by a local.

  • Place of Celebration – Thimpu, Bhutan
  • The Reason For Celebration – Thimpu Drubchen is a three-day festival that takes place in Thimpu, Bhutan. It is preceded by the Thimpu Drubchen, which is a three-day religious festival. The Tshechu is an important three-day festival and it is held in each district of Bhutan.

2. Mahatma Gandhi Birthday

mahatma gandhi

The International Day of Nonviolence is celebrated every year on October 2nd to commemorate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. 

This holiday is a dry day in India when the sale of alcohol is not permitted. Activities that take place on this day include prayer meetings and commemorative ceremonies in various cities by colleges, local government institutions and socio-political institutions. 

Painting and essay competitions are often held as well, with awards announced for projects in schools and the community that focus on peace, non-violence, and Gandhi's effort in the Indian Freedom Struggle.

  • Place of Celebration – India
  • The Reason For Celebration – Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday in India celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, a great Indian freedom fighter.
3. Navaratri & Dussehra

Navratri is a nine-night festival celebrated in October. People in the northern states follow a religious fasting regime, while people in Gujarat celebrate with a more vibrant fiesta. The people of Gujarat celebrate by dancing to honor and worship Goddess Amba in nine different avatars.

Dussehra is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated in October in India, and marks the demise of Ravana, Meghnath, and Kumbhakarna. The 10th day – Dussehra – is celebrated with the enactment of Ravan Dahan.

  • Place of Celebration – India/Nepal
  • The Reason For Celebration – The festival of Dussehra in India celebrates the triumph of good over evil, symbolizing the legend of Rama and Ravana. 

4. Thimphu Tshechu

Thimphu Tshechu

Thimpu Tshechu is a three-day religious festival held in the city of Thimpu, Bhutan. The festival is popular and attended by thousands of people from all over Bhutan. 

It features religious mask dances, blessings, and other forms of entertainment.

  • Place of Celebration –  Thimphu, Bhutan
  • The Reason For Celebration – The tshechu festival is a religious event that is celebrated annually in Bhutan by all of the districts. The Thimpu tshechu is a three-day festival that is considered to be very important.

5. Mawlid


This day is celebrated as a public holiday by many Muslim-majority countries in commemoration of the birth of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. The Sunni and Shia branches of Islam have different ways of marking the day. 

The Shia community believes that on 12 Rabiulawal, the Prophet Muhammad chose Hazrat Ali as his successor. The Sunni community holds prayers throughout the month and does not practice mourning on this day.

  • Place of Celebration –  Around the world by Muslims
  • The Reason For Celebration – The 'Mawlid' is a holiday celebrated by Muslims in the month of Rabiulawal. This day commemorates the anniversary of the birth of the founder of Islam and the proclaimer of the Qurʾan.

6. Valencian Community Day

6. Valencian Community Day

The Valenciana region of Spain celebrates its public holiday on October 9th. If October 9th falls on a weekend, the holiday may be substituted by another.

The Fallas festival is a celebration that takes place in Valencia, Spain. The most famous activity of the festival is the civic procession, which has been held since 1338. The purpose of the procession is to celebrate the centenary of the Kingdom of Valencia and to ask for protection to Saint Dionysius in the middle of a famine.

  • Place of Celebration –  Spain
  • The Reason For Celebration – Valencia. Anniversary of King James I of Aragons capture of the city from the Moors in 1238

7. Day of respect for cultural diversity

Day of respect for cultural diversity

The day commemorates the date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas. 

Some people in Central and South America celebrate this day as the Día de la Raza, which celebrates the diversity among Native Americans and Europeans. In the USA, this day is observed on the Second Monday in October.

  • Place of Celebration –  Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Venezuela
  • The Reason For Celebration – The holiday commemorates the indigenous people of the Americas and celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World.

8. Friday after Eid e-Milad-un Nabi

8. Friday after Eid e-Milad-un Nabi

The Friday following Eid-i-Milad-ul-Nabi is a holiday in Jammu and Kashmir. This day commemorates the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and is celebrated as a public holiday in many countries with a large Muslim population. The first Friday prayers after Eid e-Milad-un Nabi are particularly important in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Place of Celebration – Jammu & Kashmir, India
  • The Reason For Celebration – Eid e-Milad-un Nabi is a day to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. It is celebrated on the 12th day of the month of Rabiulawal, the third month of the Muslim calendar.

9. Alaska Day

9. Alaska Day

Alaska Day is a holiday observed in Alaska, USA. It commemorates the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States, which took place on October 18th 1867. 

Russia sold its expensive-to-maintain territory in North America as a way of raising some much-needed funds after suffering defeat in the Crimean War.

  • Place of Celebration – Alaska
  • The Reason For Celebration – The Treaty of Cession was an agreement between the United States and Russia that transferred ownership of Alaska from Russia to the United States on October 18th 1867.

10. Diwali


Diwali is a major Indian festival celebrated by Hindus in October and November. The festival celebrates the return of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Devi Sita after 14 years of exile. 

The houses and streets are decorated with lights, diyas, and rangolis. People perform pujas, burst crackers, and distribute gifts on the occasion.

  • Place of Celebration – India, Nepal, Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Reason For Celebration – On this day, Hindus celebrate the return of Lord Rama, who rescued his wife from the demon Ravana. They light candles to celebrate his victory and to light his way home. In the evening, many people set off fireworks.

11. Greece National Anniversary Day

11. Greece National Anniversary Day

This is a public holiday in Greece and Cyprus that celebrates Greek Independence. It is usually celebrated on October 28th and is characterised by military parades, folk dances, and special church services. Most public buildings and residences are decorated with Greek flags. Many shops will be closed, but restaurants and bars will be open. In Athens, a large military parade takes place and is followed by a busy nightlife.

  • Place of Celebration – Cyprus, Greece
  • The Reason For Celebration – On October 28th, Greece celebrates its refusal to yield to the Axis powers in 1940. This day is also known as 'Ochi Day' or 'Oxi' Day anniversary.

12. Chhath Puja 

12. Chhath Puja 

The Chhath/Surya Puja is a Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun god, Surya. The festival is celebrated over four days, and during this time, devotees perform the puja in order to thank the Sun god for providing life on Earth and seek his blessings and protection.

  • Place of Celebration – India
  • The Reason For Celebration – This Hindu festival is dedicated to the sun god and his wife and is popular in eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is also an important festival in Nepal.

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