5 Sewer Problems Only A Sewer Camera Can Find

Updated: August 5, 2021
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A sewer camera inspection is a video inspection of your sewer lines. This is done by first using a sewer machine to clean out your sewer lines and then removing the clog using the camera.

The inspection of the pipes is done by a camera that is placed inside the sewer lines.

The video inspection is used to find problems with sewers. It can be used to find broken or cracked pipes, tree roots, clogs, and major blockages. A sewer camera inspection can find problems before they become major problems.

Problems That Only The Best Sewer Camera Can Find Are:

Clogs in Pipes:

Clogs are very common in sewers. Clogs can be caused by grease, food, or baby products such as diapers. It is important to know that the sewers that have clogs are the ones that are connected to your house. It is also important to know that it is illegal for a company or plumber to try and unclog your sewer without doing a video inspection first. The reason for this is because it can be very dangerous due to the bacteria that is found in your sewer lines.

The sewer machine is used to clean the sewer lines. A small best sewer camera is placed inside of the sewer lines and the sewer lines are inspected. The video inspection can be used to find out if the clog is thick or if it has cracks. If the clog has cracks, then it will need to be replaced.

Tree Roots:

Tree roots growing into sewer lines is a common problem in homes. This can cause many problems such as clogs, cracks, and even completely breaking the pipe. A tree root growing into a sewer line can cause a blockage in your sewer line. If the tree root is not removed, it will eventually break the pipe causing it to break or crack which will cause the sewage to leak out into the yard or street.

Broken or Cracked Pipes:

Unfortunately, sewer lines do break or crack due to the ground shifting over time. The soil shifts around pipes causing cracks and breaking them over time. A broken or cracked pipe will allow dirt and other items to get into the pipes. Over time, the items will build up and cause a major blockage. A major blockage is when there is enough material that it forms an almost solid mass inside of the pipe. This means that it is impossible for water and waste to flow through the pipes.

Bellied or Sagging Pipes:

Bellied or sagging pipes are caused by the soil shifting or settling around the pipes. This causes the pipes to bend downward causing them to protrude out of the ground. This can cause major problems because it can allow dirt and other items into the pipes which will then cause clogs, and major blockages.

Major Blockages:

A major blockage is when there is enough material that it forms an almost solid mass inside of the pipe. This means that it is impossible for water and waste to flow through the pipes. Unfortunately, a major blockage can be very dangerous and can cause health and safety issues for your family.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a sewer camera inspection is a great way to find out what is going on with your sewer lines before they become major problems. It can save you time and money in the long run by preventing problems before they occur rather than dealing with a large-scale problem later on down the road.

It is good to have a drain inspection camera inspection done every two years or when you have a new home built on your property or before you have any major projects done around your property like landscaping, construction, or pool installation. This will help ensure that you do not have any problems with your sewers and that you will not have any major flooding or damage done to your property from broken or cracked pipes, tree roots, or major blockages from the build-up of debris inside of your sewer lines.

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