Updated: July 28, 2021

12 Top Instagram Tools September 2021

Written by Robin

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that you can use as a marketing platform. There are billion monthly active users you find each month on this media management platform. If you want to increase your fan following and grow your business revenue you need Instagram tools for marketing your social media accounts.

Why choose Instagram for enlisting your Ecommerce Business?

Instagram provides you a social platform where you connect with your follower and tell them about your business. Instagram recently reported that they have 600 million users out of them, 25% of users live in the United States of America. So this is the single platform where you can target 25% of Americans to follow your brand.Instagram allows you to make live videos that help you announce sales over your website, promote your products in this real-time, also allows you to answer your customer's questions.

How to increase followers on Instagram Business account?

  1. Do regular posting in your account.
  2. Try to post live videos and stories to account.
  3. Use the best software tool that gives you real-time hashtags benefits.
  4. Share the best user generated content to your account.
  5. Use Instagram analytics tool for selecting the best timing for your post.
  6. Try to engage with your followers.

What products you can sell on Instagram?

On your Instagram shoppable post, you can sell beauty products such as Skincare, hair, bath, makeup, and body care products.In clothing categories, you can sell Men, Women, Girls, Boy and baby clothing. You also sell travel bag packs, luggage carriers, jewelry, watches, and home decor products on this social media platform.
In this post, you will find the best Instagram tools that manage your Instagram posts, social media listening, manage hashtag, and works as an Instagram scheduler that schedules your post and Instagram stories.

Here's the List of The Top Instagram Tools

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Unbox Social
  3. HashTagsForLikes
  4. Buffer Publish
  5. Tagboard
  6. Planoly
  7. Iconosquare
  8. HypeAuditor
  9. Kicksta
  10. Invideo
  11. Crello
  12. Rocket Social

Let's see in detail.



Hootsuite is used as an Instagram scheduler and Instagram publisher tool that shares and schedule the Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Instagram videos directly from its dashboard and mobile app.This Instagram tool contains several other tools that allow you to compose and edit your post, image size, and texture.
Hootsuite saves your valuable time, helps you get more followers and increase your engagement overall this is a perfect Official Instagram scheduler tool.

Benefits of Hootsuite

  1. You can monitor various social media marketing platforms on a single window.
  2. You can schedule your post in advance for Instagram.
  3. Easy to use and understand
  4. It allows you to share your data easily


The paid plans start with 1260 INR per month (individual plan) and end at 45000 INR per month (business plan).

Unbox Social


Unbox Social is a trustworthy and popular social media management tool that helps agencies to grow their business by providing them marketing solutions for their business.
This Instagram tool comes with features such as social media monitoring, brand tracking, multi-account management, reporting and analytics.Unbox Social Instagram tools support various social media platforms including Instagram.

Benefits of Unbox Social

  1. It provides you social listening.
  2. You will get in-depth analytic support for your Instagram account.
  3. It helps you improve your post engagement.
  4. You can create buckets and analyze your post-performance.


The price starts for this Social Media management tool is 3,50000 INR/year.



It is a manual Instagram tool that helps you grow your Instagram account and add more followers to it. HashTagsForLikes has an advanced search engine that finds the relevant Hashtags for your post and images that helps you grow your business.
HashTagsForLikes helps you target genuine audiences for your content that gives you organic searches and more clicks on your post.

Benefits of HashTagsForLikes

  1. It provides you real-time hashtags for your post.
  2. It helps you find the right audience for your content.


You will find it paid plans start from $4.99 for one week and for monthly subscription th price starts at $14.99.The free version of this social media tool is also available with limited hashtags.

Buffer Publish


For your Instagram growth, you can also go with Buffer publish that works for you as a go-to Instagram tool for scheduling your Instagram post, and stories that helps you list your Instagram business profile on the social media platform.
Buffer helps you to schedule your post and stories by adding photos and content videos.

Benefits of using Buffer

  1. You can advance schedule your post.
  2. You can make valuable metrics for your post
  3. Buffer has a free image creation tool called Pablo.
  4. For Chrome it also comes as an extension.
  5. Ir provides you the analytics for your past post.


You will get the monthly subscription of this social media marketing tool at $15. You can also use it as a free Instagram tool for a limited period of time.



Tagboard gives you real-time using hashtags for all sizes of business. It provides you features like automated publish of your content video and images, Customer engagement support, post scheduling, social media monitoring, and content management.
You can use this media listening tool as a web-based, cloud, and Saas platform. You can run your social media campaigns in visual formate to engage your followers.

Benefits of Tagboard

  1. It is a live tool.
  2. You can add keywords filter to it.
  3. Tagboard can be viewed on mobile as well as on a big screen.
  4. It helps you to engage higher audiences toward your post.


Tagboard offers 3 pricing plans starter plan cost $500 per event, premium plan cost $1250 per event, and the ultimate plan cost $2500 per event.



Planoly is a social media management tool that is used to design Instagram posts, content. It is easy to use Instagram tool comes with drag and drop feature. Additional features of this Instagram tool are post scheduling, share with the Facebook tool, Instagram analytics, and comment inbox.

Benefits of Planoly

  1. Planoly free version allows you to share 30 images in one month.
  2. It has drag and drop feature.
  3. You can find your scheduled content in calender form by week or month in the free version.


The pricing of this social media sharing tool is divided into 2 parts its SOLO plan comes in $9 for one month and $84 for an annual subscription.
The duo plan of this social media sharing tool costs you $19 per month and $180 for an annual subscription.



Iconosquare is a magic social media tool used for monitoring and scheduling of Instagram and Facebook post. Iconosquare has more than 10 million users.
The main features of Iconosquare are comments and like count, real-time post-performance, and hashtags, daily lost gain followers.

Benefits of Iconosquare

  1. You can find here the advance scheduling feature.
  2. It supports 20 different languages.
  3. Best Instagram tool for small, medium, and large enterprises.


The pro version of this bio link tool you can buy at $29 and the advanced version of this Instagram tool is available for marketing teams at $59 for one month.



HypeAuditor has a comprehensive set of features that gives you the ultimate analytics service for Instagram. You will get a buying guide with this social media tool live Online, on Web, and in document form.
It provides you ROI tracking, Influencer tracking, Campaign Analytics, Social media metrics, and Influencer discovery.

Benefits of HypeAuditor

  1. This Instagram tool helps you track and analyze influencers.
  2. It helps you to analyze engagement growth.


The free trial of this software is available for 30 days, and at $299 you will get a monthly subscription.



Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool that comes with 14-days money-back guarantee. It has 8085 followers on Instagram. It helps you grow organic traffic on your business website, supports you to gain targeted followers with an auto-pilot flow process.

Benefits of Kicksta

  1. It gives you a feature of video onboarding
  2. Email and Live Chat Support options are available.
  3. Gender and location targeting options available.


You will get a monthly subscription of this social media tool starting from $49 and a maximum range of up to $99.



Invideo helps you transform your content into video forms and share it on Instagram and other social media accounts for your business promotion.The main features of Invideo are Audio tool, Media library, split and merge, it supports HD resolution, text overlay, unlimited character length, special text boxes, copy-right free music, and 60-days money-back guarantee.

Benefits of Invideo

  1. It helps you transform your content into video form.
  2. It comes with a chat support option.
  3. It runs smoothly.
  4. You will find constantly update for templates and other tools.


The monthly subscription of this social media sharing tool is available at $29.



Crello is a graphic design tool that attracts the audience to stay at your website for a long-lasting time. This tool is best for listing your business because it provides you the varieties of templates, formats, and more than 50 million photos to share on Instagram platform.
The main features of the Crello graphic tool are that it creates, stories, covers, ads for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube.
It also provides you to make and download videos in MP4 formate for YouTube and social media posts.

Benefits of Crello

  1. Free graphic design tool.
  2. You will find various social media platforms on single window.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. It does not require any special skill to work on it.


The Pro version of this tool available in under $8 for one month. The free version of this Instagram tool provides you 10000+ graphic templates, access to 140 stock images, and you upload your own fonts and images to it.

Rocket Social


When Rocket Social Instagram Tool launched in 2019 they only have 10 followers and they use their own account as an example to generate organic traffic over their account and set an example for you.Rocket Social provides you features to add hashtags, add stickers and doodles, post stories on your Instagram page.

Benefits of Rocket Social

  1. Ease to use the product.
  2. Rocket Social claims that generate organic and targeted followers for your post.
  3. You will get 24 X 7 Support with this tool.
  4. They do influencer marketing for your post.
  5. You will find a verified payment gateway.
  6. Https secure site.
  7. Compatible with Andriod, Mac, and Windows.


Rocket social tool commits they offer the best price to their customers.You will get the weekly subscription of this tool at $20 (up to 800 followers every week), and if you want to purchase its monthly subscription you will have to pay $40 (3500 followers each week). In its turbo package which costs $60/month, you will be able to target 5000 followers per month.


The best social media sharing tool helps you to make a proper strategy for growing your business. Instagram is one of the best platforms to enlist your business.For best results always select the tool that suits your basic requirement. If you want to track your competitors and want to do detailed analytics you should go with Unbox Social. You can use Buffer for automatic scheduling of your contents, Tagboard helps you to pull out user generated contents for your specific product. For making video advertisement for your business, you can go with Invideo. For instant hashtags for the Instagram post, and stories you can select the HashTagsForLikes Instagram tool.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is Instagram is an E-Commerce platform?

No, Instagram is a social media platform where you can create and promote your posts, stories, videos, and generate traffic toward your e-commerce website.

What is Shoppable Instagram?

Shoppable Instagram is a social media platform where you can share your E-commerce product images, descriptions, and price range so that buyer's influence and visit your website to buy your products.

How can I sell over Instagram?

To sell on Instagram you should have a business account on Instagram, which is connected to your Facebook page.

What is the Instagram Professional tool?

The Instagram business tool is a platform that includes your contact information and allows you to share and promotes images, post, stories to your Instagram account so that your followers visit your website or contact you directly.

What is Instagram Schedular?

The Instagram scheduler is an application that allows you to schedule your post that post in your account automatically. It also provides realtime hashtags and saves your precious time.

Which is the best free Instagram tool for small business?

The Combin scheduler is the best free Instagram tool for small business, this scheduler works on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. It comes with features like Unlimited stories, post, tagging, and hashtag management.

Written by Robin

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