Fujifilm Announces a Magnetic Tape That Can Store 580 Terabytes

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Fujifilm announces 580 TB magnetic tapes that can store up to 120,000 DVDs In a joint research with IBM, Fujifilm has developed a magnetic tape that could record up to 580 TB per cartridge.

The new technology would enable large volume data centers to store massive amounts of cold storage data for decades without any degradation in quality and performance.

The company also mentions its advanced nano cubic particle technology called Strontium Ferrite (SrFe).

This is said to be the world’s highest recording density used in magnetic tapes for computer data storage so far.

It is estimated that if one were to use these tapes today, they could replace more than 3,500 15TB hard disk drives or 10 times more than 1PB of SSD drives.

Fujifilm mentions that it had already produced particulate magnetic tape media using SrFe particles at its existing coating facility as well as conformed the ability to support mass production and commercialization with the new strontium ferrite (SrFe) particles.

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