Lenovo Ideapad 3 82KU017KIN

Lenovo Ideapad 3 82KU017KIN Full Specifications

The Lenovo Ideapad 3 82KU017KIN is a 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 5 5500U laptop with a speed of 2.1 GHz (Base) - 4.0 GHz (Max). It has 6 cores and 12 threads with 3MB L2 & 8MB L3 Cache. The Ideapad 3 comes with pre-loaded Windows 11 Home with Lifetime Validity and pre-installed MS Office Home and Student 2021. It has 8GB RAM DDR4 which is upgradable up to 12GB and 512 GB SSD. The Ideapad 3 has a connector type of Wireless (USB receiver connects to laptop/desktop) and a pointing device resolution of 1000DPI. The Ideapad 3 has a 3 Button USB Laser Mouse.

laptop brand Lenovo
laptop budget Under 50000
laptop budget Under 55000
laptop budget Under 60000
release year 2022
laptop display type LED
cpu brand AMD
cpu type AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
laptop operating system Windows 11 Home
laptop storage type Solid State Drive
laptop storage size 512 GB SSD
laptop type Notebook
laptop graphics processor Intel UHD Integrated Graphics
laptop connectivity Bluetooth
laptop connectivity HDMI
laptop connectivity USB
laptop connectivity Wi-Fi
laptop screen size 15 Inch
laptop display resolution 1920x1080
laptop human interface input Touch Bar
laptop biometric security Not Available
laptop ram size β€Ž8 GB
laptop ram technology β€ŽDDR4
laptop use case General Use
laptop use case Student
laptop battery life β€Ž7 Hours
laptop cellular technology 4G

laptop cellular technology: 4G

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Most of the latest laptops, netbooks, and tablets offer a mobile broadband option, where you can have a 5G or 4G card or chipset built into the laptop when you order it (for an additional cost).

cpu brand: AMD

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AMD's highest-end chip takes the outright win in terms of the ultimate performance in threaded productivity and content creation applications in a few workloads.

laptop brand: Lenovo

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Lenovo graphics are better than ever. They're being equipped with powerful processors. And, perhaps most importantly, they're getting smaller and easier to travel with.

laptop type: Notebook

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Notebook laptops, on the other hand, are generally manufactured to be sleeker, smaller computers with screen sizes of 15-inches or less.

laptop storage type: Solid State Drive

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An SSD, or solid-state drive, is a type of storage device used in computers. This non-volatile storage media stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory.

laptop budget: Under 50000

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In case you’re looking for the best laptops under Rs. 50000, this list can help you out. This useful bagittoday page shows you the latest laptops available at a price less than Rs. 50000 in India. The laptops you see on top were most recently added to the bagittoday laptop database, and have the highest price (with an upper limit of Rs. 50,000).

laptop budget: Under 55000

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Buy best laptops under 55000 in India for Programming, Everyday uses, business, gaming, editing, travelling, students, investment, and more best laptops under 50k

laptop budget: Under 60000

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With the advent of modern technology, even those with a limited income can have access to technologically advanced consumer products. Affordable laptops under 60000 INR from the world's leading computer brands are an excellent example of this, meeting a user's need for basic and advanced computing tasks and internet browsing including high-quality video streaming.

laptop operating system: Windows 11 Home

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Windows 11 Home comes with all the features and creature comforts you can expect from Windows 11, including Windows Hello, Secure Boot, Windows Security, parental controls, device encryption, and more.

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