Updated: April 30, 2021

LG vs Sony TV: which is better?

Written by Sumit Pandey
LG vs Sony TV: which is better?
LG vs Sony TV: which is better?

Sony and LG, who are both leading television brands in the global market, have many similarities, such as the use of Internet TV (Smart TV) and Ultra HD television technology. 

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However, there is still a difference between the two brands, from the exterior and interior of the TV to the proprietary content and services. And the Sony TV is the most prominent representative of Sony's original content, which is the main reason to buy Sony TV. Let's take a look at the comparison between Sony TV and LG's TV.

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The price of Sony TV is more than LG TV:

Sony TV is usually more expensive than LG TV, but its price is not too high. The new Sony TV is sold with a price of 25,000 yuan to 45,000 yuan, which is really a good choice to buy Sony TV with a relatively low price.

As for the LG TV, new TV is recommended to buy the 32-inch TV with a price of 55,000 yuan, and the 55-inch TV with a price of 99,000 yuan.

Sony TV is better than LG TV in picture quality:

In the field of 4K resolution, Sony TV has a comprehensive advantage, and the resolution is 4K X-Reality PRO. At the same time, Sony TV has been leading in the field of sound quality.

Sony TV is better than LG TV in the field of smart TV:

In the field of smart TV, Sony TV also has a lot of advantages. Sony TV has a built-in web browser, and the search results are as good as Google TV.

In addition, Sony TV has more professional apps, such as Amazon Video and Netflix, which have more professional content and are easier to use.

Sony TV is better than LG TV in the field of audio technology:

Sony TV has a great reputation in sound technology and audio technology. Sony TV is not only the world's first 4K resolution TV, but it also has a new sound system: BSP, which is the perfect combination of audio and video technology. Sony Smart TV's TV sound system also has a built-in subwoofer.

Sony TV is better than LG TV in terms of the original content:

Sony TV is the most representative of Sony's original content. Sony TV's original content has a variety of topics, such as the games "Uncharted 4", the film "Spider-Man", the TV series "Good Girls" and so on.

It is worth mentioning that Sony TV has a lot of exclusive partnerships, such as PlayStation, and therefore it has a lot of excellent content that you can't find on other TVs.

Conclusion, Sony TV is better than LG TV.

Sony's TV is more expensive than LG's TV, but its price is not too high. For a brand, Sony TV is worth buying, because it is better in technology than LG TV.

In addition, Sony TV's original content and proprietary services are also more prominent. This is the reason why Sony TV is more attractive than LG TV. If you want to buy a TV in the future, you can consider Sony TV.

Written by Sumit Pandey

My name is Sumit Kumar Pandey and I’m a content writer and blogger who specializes in writing about technology, web design, and online marketing.

After working as a research scholar in the engineering field for many years, I’m now a full-time content writer, helping people get more exposure and generate more leads for their businesses.

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