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Realme 2 Pro Starts Receiving With May 2020 Andriod Security Patch

Written by Sumit Pandey

Realme 2 Pro receives a new software update that brings the May 2020 security patch for Android. Realme started to drive the Realme 2 Pro smartphone through a new OTA update. The updates include camera quality enhancement and battery life under the latest security patch. During the announcement of Realme 3 and 3i updates, the Realme group only mentioned the Realme 2 Pro update.

According to the changelog shared in the Realme Community forums, Realme 2 Pro has started to receive an update with the firmware version RMX1801EX 11 C.31. As announced in the official release, the system will receive Android 10 based on Realme UI 1.0. Realme does not follow a set schedule of updates, but the company regularly updates their customers.

Updates Rolled Out For Realme 2 Pro

  1. 15-May-2020 Realme released RMX1801EX 11 C.31 with the May Andriod security patch. Weighs 347 MB.
  1. 27-March-2020 Realme released RMX1801EX 11 C.29 with the March Andriod security patch.  Weighs 347 MB.
  1. 25-March-2020 Realme released RMX180EX 11 C.28 with the March Andriod security patch. Weighs 660 MB.
  1. 17-March-2020 Realme released RMX180EX 11 C.27 with the March Andriod security patch. Weighs 660 MB.
  1. 8-January-2020 Realme released RMX180EX 11 C.26 update with the January security patch. Weighs 643 MB.

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Written by Sumit Pandey

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