Washing Machine Type: Top Load

A top-load washing machine is a washing machine that has its washing drum located at the top of the machine. Top-load washing machines are typically more affordable than front-load washing machines, and they are also easier to use since you do not have to bend down to load and unload the machine.

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Voltas Beko 8.5 kg WTT85DBLT Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

With a capacity of 8.5 kg, the Voltas Beko semi-automatic top loading washing machine is ideal for large families. Its 5 star energy rating makes it one of the most efficient washing machines in its class. It comes with a 2 year comprehensive warranty and 5 years warranty on both motors.

Voltas Beko WTL90UPGB Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The Voltas Beko WTL90UPGB 9.0 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a fully-automatic top-loading washing machine that comes with a capacity of 9.0 kg. With a maximum spin speed of 700 rpm, this washing machine helps you to wash your clothes quickly and efficiently. It also comes with a 5-star energy rating […]

Voltas Beko 8.5 Kg WTT85DB Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The 8.5 kg Voltas Beko Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine has a double waterfall that efficiently mixes the detergent and water for a thorough cleaning process. The special pulsator technology helps remove tough stains easily. The IPX4-rated control panels are resistant to water splashes from any direction, ensuring effective washing of your clothes.